Cleric Healing Build and Guide, with videos by Mewbrey

by MMOMinds on May 18, 2013

My Cleric Build and Videos.

  • Introduction
  • Build stats & Gear
  • Companion
  • Power & Feats
  • Healing dungeons
  • Videos


[Build: 1.04]
I have since stopped playing this game, sorry!
This guide will no longer be updated as of 04/Aug/13

Due to a requests I have decided to make a post with details on my build and just about anything I do with my cleric, with the hope to help others find a build they are comfortable with and allows them to enjoy the game as much as possible. This build is designed around healing, with that said you should not expect to be doing much damage as it is not the focus of this build, you will however be able to solo while leveling and farming at high end with little to no issues.

Please note this build is subject to change, and may be adapted upon new findings I am not responsible for your astral diamonds and/or Zen used. Please take your time when deciding what build you would like to use.
Build stats & gear:
20 WIS, 13 CHA, 13 STR, 10 INT, 10 CON, 8 DEX

I started out with 13 charisma and strength along with 18 wisdom bringing it up to 20 wisdom from the human optional stat increase. From there on every 10 levels I selected to increase both wisdom and charisma.

You are looking to obtain the miracle healer set from tier 2. If you’ve just hit 60 you can get by using seal based gear or dropped gear in general, don’t get too caught up on gearing until you are running tier 2’s, ideally you want critical and recovery primarily, however the value of these two stats will start to drop drastically once you reach set points, these points are fairly irrelevant as you are aiming to use the miracle healer set, this will give you the stats that you need.

If you’re critical is sitting at 2000 and above, you no longer need to worry about this stat.
If your recovery is sitting at 2750 and above, you no longer need to worry about this stat.

However, while it is safe to avoid these stats once hitting the above numbers, there is nothing wrong with continuing to build on them, they will still continue to increase your healing output just at a slower pace, the tar like diminishing returns for each of the above stats begin at 1000 for critical and 2000 for recovery.

Once you’ve managed to cover the above stats, you can begin to focus on power, as this will increase your general healing, including healing from repurposed soul as your critical damage/healing will become larger with higher amounts of power. Ideally we are aiming for 5000 and above in power, as it is a fairly easy stat to obtain. With the high end tier 2 gear, including castle never main hand and off-hand weapons you will have no trouble breaking past the 5000 power and stretching into 6000 power and beyond.

When adding enchantments to gear we are looking to add power, as long as you are above the critical and recovery stated above. If you are below 2000 critical or 2750 recovery, I would suggest using the respective enchantments to increase your critical and recovery.

Offensive slots are radiant enchantments, defensive slots are azure enchantments and your utility slots will be dark enchantments to increase your movement speed.

Companion pet:
Cat or Ioun stone of allure

Currently the best pet to use is the Ioun stone of allure, if you have a cat it will make do but it is recommended to use the Ioun stone as it does not use belts, for this build the icon slot on the stone will serve you much more than anything you will get from the cat’s belt slot.

The Ioun stone of allure will give you a moderate amount of power, critical and recovery on top of this any items or rune stones you put onto the companion will be received by you, please keep in mind that these pets are augment pets and will not fight this does however mean that they cannot die apart from falling damage.

Powers and Feats:

Build for Humans:…uuz0:6u000&h=1
Build for Others:…uuz0:6u000&h=1

Healing dungeons:

When healing for your group make sure you are attempting to keep healing word on your main tank throughout the dungeon you can also use this to help top up players that have gradually taken damage through an encounter, try to apply it to people when they are about 75% health. You can also use healing word in divine mode if the target is continuing to take damage to give them an additional top up of health however it is not ideal and you should try to avoid using this skill in divine mode, the best time to use this in divine mode is if you have three pips of divine power.

Astral shield should be used with divine mode at all times the increased healing it gains from being used in divine mode is rather high and it scales with increased healing from healer’s lore and deepstone blessing if the healed ally has any temporary health. Make sure you always save one divine pip for astral shield, you can use this skill when you see people not getting out of red circles or when you know that area of effect damage is in coming, it can also be used for general blanket coverage if your groups gear is a little sub-par keeping this skill up for a great deal of time can result in a large amount of mob damage being reduced.

Bastion of health is great to use with linked spirit, try an use bastion of health when you have two divine pips available, but keep in mind that last divine pip must be reserved for astral shield usage, linked spirit will increase your groups damage as well as survivability, bastion of health’s cool down is fairly long so you should have little issue reserving it for two divine pips before usage. Try and target as many people as possible when using bastion of health to get as much value as possible from using this skill.

With divine fortune you will be gaining 33% divine power from using bastion of health and 10% divine power from using healing word (30% with three usages), this in conjunction with sacred flame should generate enough divine power for you to use skills as you need them.

Divine armor can be used to increase survivability during down time of astral shield, and it can also be used to help increase you’re healing from deepstone blessing. Try marking all non-minion based targets with astral shield and then proceed to use sacred flame, this should cover most splash damage due to repurpose soul, keep in mind that having healing word on your tank is fairly important also.

Some skills can be switched out such as bastion of health for forgemasters but if you do, do this linked spirits value will drop greatly along with divine fortunes. You can also swap out healer’s lore for foresight but it has been my experience that the 20% healing increase out weights 11% damage reduction across the entire dungeon, however if your groups general gear is poor and they cannot cope with the damage in the first place, it may be more benefiting for you to take foresight and benefit of foresight over healer’s lore and mark of healing.



Tier one dungeons.
[Full run] Cloak Tower

[Full run] Cragmire Crypt

[Full run] Throne of Idris

[Full run] Gray Wolf Den

[Full run] Lair of the Mad Dragon

Tier two dungeons.
[Full run] Lair of the Pirate King

[Bosses] Spellplague Caverns

[Full run] Temple of the Spider

[Full run] Crypt of the Dwarf King

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and watch some videos! I hope they help in some way, I will continue to update this post with new videos when I make them, and update any changes to the build, each new build will have its build number at the top and each video will have its build number displayed with it.

And a special thanks to everyone on the forums to supporting one and other to improve the cleric class and helping each other, the more the cleric community sticks together and supports each other the better the gaming experience will be for all!

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  • Azorin
    June 19, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    Well done! i haven’t watched any of your video’s yet but the guide itself seems to be verry helpfull!

  • Gia Lane
    October 9, 2013 at 2:15 am

    I just have one question, I noticed that both Solo and Healing you’re using Flame Strike. May I know why? Thanks for sharing your DC Build. Its easy to understand.

  • October 14, 2013 at 4:53 am

    What about Epic Dread Vault? That dungeon requires you to have more points for cleanse.

  • December 27, 2013 at 7:36 am

    This is VERY helpful. My only issue is companions. I dont have the C-Store Points to get the super awesome one. I am saving up for the Cat or the C-store (which I will probably get both).

    What I have found is that when you are a new player, leveling your first character, the Shepard is tops for a cleric with a stat sharing rune. You get power, crit, defense. Best for leveling and if you can manage the time it takes to sell a ton of stuff to get your AD up to train.

    I just personally like the extra kick you have with a combat companion while leveling up.

    Also… Do you have any suggestions for PVP? I keep trying every day and get bottom of the list even on a winning team. I dont know if that is a Cryptic bug they havent worked on yet. It seems they dont like Healers in pvp like all their other games in the beginning.

  • July 10, 2014 at 6:48 am

    Hey, how did you add videos?

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