My GWF DPs/PvP Build by Forsakenlich

by MMOMinds on May 18, 2013
Great Weapon Fighter

My GWF DPs/PvP Build

Here is my build that doubles for PvP quite effectively

it differs from the builds posted so i wanted to put it up

the dps is just as effective if not more if played properly than the ‘other’ builds, and it is all round powerful and not just a min-max build like most have been trying to find

At Wills: Sure Strike 3/3, WMS 3/3, Wicked Strike 3/3

Wicked strike is insane damage on groups of 3 or more. WMS is an excellent spell because it debuffs, does good damage, hits multiple targets, and most importantly has a single click commitment. Sure Strike has a 4 hit commitment. This means in fights where there is a lot of aoe that needs to be dodged or you need mobility to run around and draw add aggro/peel for your cleric, your dps will be sub maximal. With WMS, you have to commit one click only. You are, indeed, bound by the animation of your ‘clone’ for a little longer while it gets the second hit in, but it allows for way more mobility and relaxed attention so that you can preemptively move between swings. And in all honestly, i haven’t found a really big boost in damage from SS over WMS.

Encounters: (for dungeons)

Roar: 3/3, Indomitable Weapon Strike 3/3, Punishing Charge 3/3

Roar is an excellent spell, does good damage, brings an interrupt for pesky casters, and builds a HUGE amount of action points if you hit enemies properly with it. Your most powerful ability, Slam, can be up 50% of the time if you learn to use roar. With the 25% power increase from the destroyer feats, this really helps make you unstoppable.

Indomitable Weapon Strike is an excellent nuke. Unlike flourish, and unlike its tooltip, you have no ‘target’ but a target area. If a group of enemies is lined up, you hit them all for full damage. If you crit on one you crit on all. You can be critting for around 15k on 5-6 enemies at once with this ability with an 8k GS.

Punishing Charge – most guides are taking flourish or some other spell. They are overlooking the need for mobility. Speed rush/sprint is clunky to use in fights and often doesn’t give you enough reaction time to get out of red circles or to move around peeling for your cleric and such. Punishing charge has excellent range – not too much or too little, does a good amount of damage to every enemy you pass through, almost always has charges up – has 3 charges inherently at max rank, and breaks your attack animation. This is very important as being stuck in attack animation is the number one reason you get caught in AoE and die. Sprint doesnt break it fast enough and is clunky. This spell is a MUST for a pure DPS GWF in high end dungeons. You WILL die without it and in fact the sticking power that it gives you and the dps it adds will provide you with far more dps than flourish.

Encounters: For pvp:

Indomitable Battle Strike 5/5 still a great nuke here

Takedown 5/5: Good damage, short cooldown with Relentless Battle Fury, and knocks your target prone. This is the strongest cc in the game – as it is a stun but has a recovery period after. Use this first then Indomitable Battle Strike to land it guaranteed

Come and Get It 5/5: Your now Darius from league of legends. Enjoy the fear that getting pulled into melee range of a Great Weapon Fighter invokes. Abuse the psychological power of it, and abuse your ability to pull running squishes into your team or into yourself – you one man team you 

Dailies: Slam 3/3, Crescendo 3/3

Slam is a must get. The boost in the Destroyer tree that gives you +25% power is insane, especially since SLAM lasts something like a total of 10 seconds. It does a lot of AoE damage, slows, and best of all, does not lock your character up. You are free to move around and keep doing damage with encounters and at wills, and free to dodge enemy attacks. With Steel Defenses as a pvp class feature, you are now doing tons of damage, being mobile and doing your normal dps + 25%, AND IMMUNE TO ALL DAMAGE FOR A WHOPPING 5 SECONDS. It doesnt get much better than that

Crescendo – because its the only other daily worth a ****. Slam takes care of AoE take this as a single target nuke for isolated targets in PvP or Boss/Elite mobs in dungeons

Class Features: Steadfast Determination 3/3, Steel Blitz 3/3, Steel Defenses 3/3

Steadfast Determination is a given. You need determination to get your Unstoppable up, and this increases it naturally in combat. Consider that there are no other abilities to increase your determination in this build, and this becomes a natural choice

Steel Blitz: Destroyer gives a max of 6% extra damage, Steel Blitz is way better consider the GWF strikes many opponents at once. Steel Defenses and Steel Grace are your third options as Class Features. Steel Defenses is a little gimmicky but can be a very powerful gimmick. Activate Slam and tear up your enemies for 5 seconds of immunity and boosted 125% damage. Or if you choose to be ‘safer’ and less gimmicky, CC reduction is always a good thing.

Feats: Heroic

Unstoppable Action 5/5: Self Explanatory. You need action point game to SLAM as much as possible in pvp and pve

Steely Defense 5/5 : Some say it is bugged, perhaps it is. I doubt it will be forever though. It is a good double dipping feat giving you power based on your defense – up to 20% at max rank

Weapon Mastery 3/3: Needed to fill up the Heroic feats, and 3% extra crit chance is not bad at all for a passive

Disciple of Strength 5/5: Self explanatory. Especially as a human who chooses strength as his primary attribute, you will get a nice boost in damage from this.

Endless Assault 3/3: 6% more damage on encounters? Yes plz

Devastating Critical 3/3: 15% extra crit damage is quite excellent. You get plenty of crit in end game gear, so you do crit a lot. In conjunction with the Paragon feats Deep Gash and Student of the Sword, your criticals are a very dangerous thing

Toughness 1/3: A little more HP. Needed to fill the Heroic tree. The only thing worth getting with a single rank in it.

Feats: Paragon

Great Weapon Focus 5/5: 10% extra damage on At Wills. Self explantory.

Staying Power 5/5: Makes your WMS reduce enemy target mitigation to your Encounters by 10%, in addition to the debuff applies to your on wills. Awesome!

Deep Gash: Does 15% of your power in damage over time when you crit. With a gear score of 8k i have 4.1k power with an Ioun Stone. This translates into roughly 525 damage additional (before mitigation) with each crit. When you crit, you crit everything as this game appears to calculate crit on your swings and not on the damage the enemy takes. Very powerful on a GWF

Relentless Battle Fury 5/5:

Self explanatory. Allows your Roar to be up plenty of times in PvE, in turn allowing you to generate action points faster and in turn allowing you to have slam and your power boost/ damage immunity up more often. Also allows you to have Takedown up more often in PvP A must have…

Battle Awareness 5/5: This is the feat that gives that big boost to you when you are running SLAM. Excellent feat

Destroyer 1/1: As needed. Improves damage of Encounters by 10% when unstoppable is active (not that great as to maximize DPS during Unstoppable you want to burn your encounters BEFORE becoming unstoppable, then use at wills only during Unstoppable, then use the refreshed cooldowns again after), but gives you determination for attacking which is good. The Titleic feat isnt that great, in truth, and Instigators Titleic feat is WAY better. To make up for it, the instigator tree itself is trash for DPS, while the destroyer tree is easily the best and most viable

Student of the Sword: 5/5

Makes your crits even more deadly

For gear ‘prioritization’, well, you cant prioritize anything. You get what you get end game. In tier 1, I prefer Bladestorm’s set as recovery is a super valuable resource and I prefer it over crit especially since it helps slam be up EVEN MORE often, and your 25% boost on power from slam with the feat easily outweighs extra criticals.

I havent gotten to play around with enchantments much yet but I am using Plaguefire right now and it seems to be fine. I use Power enchants on all offensive slots and HP enchants on all defensive slots. This is because I find that it is high burst damage that is really your enemy in encounters and boss fights, and HP mitigates it better and allows you to pot after CC or get healed better than defense or deflect would. Utility i put movespeed because – really, what the **** are the other ones for?

General Comments/Advice about pve

Open with your Encounters ASAP. You want them to get on cooldown then off again ASAP.

Use punishing Charge to reposition yourself when enemy skills target the ground under you, to chase enemies that have gotten displaced from you (the less time you miss getting to them = more dps), to clean up slightly scattered low health enemies that wicked strike would not reach and to position yourself to peel for your squishies.

Use WMS on 1-2 enemies and Wicked Strike on 3 or more. Use WMS first any way to get the debuff, and add it in to the rotatio nevery 2-3 seconds to keep the debuff on.

Your primary goal is to maximize your godlike AoE DPS. Refrain from getting caught up DPSing the boss/elite and instead reposition yourself with Punishing Charge into the thickest density of enemies and use WMS to debuff then wicked strike to burn them down. for really large, really sparsed encounters you can use punshing charge multiple times in conjunction with WMS and Wicked Strike to cover a much larger area.

Contrary to what is being said, do not ‘save’ your Indomitable Strike for ‘dying’ enemies. It is a waste of dps and the debuff is junk any way. The range is poor and you often dont debuff nearby enemies, and the worst part that you forget is that they lose the debuff if they attack you – whic hthey very well might. Instead, use it at the start of your rotation to get it on and off cooldown asap, and try to position yourself with lined up enemies to hit them all with it. Contrary to its tooltip, it has no target but a target area and will hit as many enemies as will come under it

Enjoy! GWF is a great class and plenty of fun

Additionally, you dont need to have a facefull of enemies to use slam. even 2 elites is a perfect time to use slam or 1 super elite (savage or similar). On boss fights, use it instead of crescendo. Especially combined with the 25% power boost, you are going to do way more damage than with a crescendo. Crescendo is only slightly less worthless than the other dailies. This is the only daily you need, I am still trying to figure out where i would use it over SLAM

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