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by MMOMinds on May 18, 2013
Devoted Cleric

I have moved away from the builds presented here. They still work and I completed all T2s with each build. In fact after 2.0 I returned to something closer to my original build. I used my 2.0 build to farm all the gear I use in my current build. I’ve also completed most T2s with my regen tank build (those I haven’t are ones I simply haven’t done since the respec).

This is my final build for this cleric* and I’m pretty happy with it. The major changes are in gear choices though I’ve changed some feats around.

The goal was the same as always, I wanted to be as tanky as possible while still being an effective healer. The way i achieved this goal was by stacking Regeneration up to 1,400 which is 10.2% regen (it’s possible to get up to at least 1,800 or 11.9% regen). I then hunted for things which produce a synergy with Regeneration.

Regeneration Synergy:

  • Toughness (more health, more regen)
  • Defense Slot Radiant Enchantments (more health)
  • Holy Resolve (have a lot of health and time to regen)
  • Greater Soulforged (safety net and gives time to regen)
  • Miracle Healer Set (assuming bonus works, alternates suggested in video)
  • Invigorated Healing
  • Moontouched

That’s the basis of the build anyway.

Here’s the video showing the gear/build and providing a bit more detail:

PvP with this same gear/build:

Obviously you lose most of the regen since the cat can’t be used in PvP. I only link it because some really care about PvP and I was using this build/gear for it. PvP in this game isn’t really my thing though.

I haven’t recorded any dungeon runs with this gear load-out yet but it works wonderfully.

Edit: *While I’m done with THIS cleric I’m not done trying new stuff. I have another theory for a build I want to test but it’s not possible with a 20/20/20 stat distribution and I can’t get the stats I want on this cleric. I am very happy with the Regen Tank build though. I just get my fun out of trying/creating new builds and testing things. I just don’t feel I can really make a significantly better Tanky-Healer so I’m moving on to another project.
As always, take my videos and opinions as information, not instructions to be followed.

I spent a few hours running Epic Cloak Tower and Cragmire Crypts today to test my build before I go and make build videos (tomorrow!). I frapsed the last run of each I did with my group today, who were all a bunch of strangers this morning. Neither run is exactly “perfect” but for this type of thing I prefer the imperfect because it shows what can go wrong. Regardless, the fault wasn’t with the build it was with me being tired and stupid.

I do open my character panel and go through each tab at the end of Cragmire Crypts Part 2 so you can get a general sense of the build I’m using. However there are a few things in powers I will likely be changing tomorrow when I do a full respec for the build video. The feats are set the way I want them and won’t be changing that at all.

Epic Cragmire Crypts Part 1:

Epic Cragmire Crypts Part 2:

Epic Cloak Tower Part 1: 

Epic Cloak Tower Part 2: 

These next 2 videos are really just my opinion on things. They’re aimed at people who like discussing this stuff, hearing other opinions, and creating builds. That’s not to say people who don’t enjoy those things won’t get something out of it but they are pretty long (40 minutes and 30 minutes). I also go and use almost every power on some random trash in the world to demonstrate how they work. Feats can’t really be demonstrated the same unfortunately. If you just want my build you can safely skip these two if you really don’t care.

Thoughts on Powers: 

Thoughts on Feats: 

Note: I don’t believe for a second my build is “perfect” or “the best.” I had 2 days to figure it out and this is what I came up with. It seems to work well, especially speed runs of Cloak Tower and Cragmire Crypts. I’m sure in the coming weeks different, and possibly superior, builds will come out.

My Build 1-60: 

Build 2.0 and Gear/Stat Discussion
As many of you are probably aware I’ve respecced since the build posted above. I still believe that is a good build, it just isn’t optimal for a variety of reasons. This video is not as in-depth as some of my previous videos. I only cover things I have changed my mind about and/or were removed/added to my build. The second half of this video is all about gear, stats, and diminishing returns.

I’ll do my best to answer any and all questions here or on the videos themselves, though you have a much better chance of getting quick response here. Also you will likely get a much wordier response here 

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  • Marco
    December 20, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    Great guide, thanks! Quick question though…I re’specc’d to get my recharge up to 33.5% but still have 5 seconds between my Astral Shield going down and can be cast again. Did they change something since your post. It’s 12/20/2013


  • July 10, 2014 at 6:47 am

    Hey, how did you add videos?

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