[PVE] Healer Cleric Guide

by Living on August 12, 2013

This guide is for a PVE healer cleric I will not talk about PVP or DPS Cleric on this guide.


20 STR
20 WIS
20 CHA

I use 20/20/20 in order to have Astral Shield always up, and also a good crit chance. Unbalanced stats suffer more from diminishing return.




Heroic Feats[/CENTER]

[B]Healing Action[/B]: Very good feat you can max it if you want but if you do you will need to remove some points somewhere else.
[B]Greater Fortune[/B]: A very important feat for any healer.
[B]Toughness[/B]: Do not waste points here.

[B]Holy Resolve[/B]: Saved my life many times, spend 1 or 2 points here, but you don’t need to max it.
[B]Domain Synergy[/B]: Also a good feat, but we can’t max everything… Use points here to open the next level
[B]Weapon Mastery[/B]: A must have! Max it.

[B]Initiate of the Faith[/B]:Waste of points. (0.2% Ratio sucks)
[B]Repurpose Soul[/B]: Other very important feat! Max it.
[B]Battlewise[/B]: Do not put points here.

[B]Cleanse[/B]: A very important feat. You MUST HAVE at least 1 point here.
[B]Templars Domain[/B]: Waste of points for healer.
[B]Bountiful Fortune[/B]: Good feat but only spend points here to go to the next tier.

[CENTER]Virtuous Feats[/CENTER]

[B]Desperate Renewal[/B]:We will not use our divine power in Soothing Light. Do not spend points here.
[B]Bountiful[/B]: Spend 1 point here. I have 3 in my build but it is too much.

[CENTER]Faithful Feats[/CENTER]

[B]Deepstone Blessing[/B]: My build is not focused on temporary hit-points, so I don’t use any point here.
[B]Enduring Relief[/B]: Very good feat. Helps a lot the healing of our main healing skill “Astral Shield” Max it

[B]Benefit of foresight[/B]: Didn’t test it but if it gives foresight +5% damage reduction you will end up with 11% damage reduction, what is great!
[B]Linked Spirit[/B]: This feat is amazing, max it.

[B]Invigorated Healing[/B]: Improves your main spam healing skill (Astral shield, and Sun Burst) Max it.
[B]Power of Life[/B]: This build do not use temporary hit points. Do not spend points here.

[B]Mark of Mending[/B]: This feat is good but I don’t have points to spend here. If you wish you can can change points from other feats to add some here.
[B]Moon Touched[/B]: Hallowed Ground is amazing with this feat, max it.

[B]Greater Divine Power[/B]: Just one point and is always good to have 1 more backup divine power pip.

[CENTER]Righteous Feats[/CENTER]

[B]Divine Advantage[/B]: I think this is a PVP feat.
[B]Righteous Rage of Tempus[/B]: Good feat, add your extra points here.




Keep Astral Seal debuff on the target, and after that spam sacred flame.

Always keep Astral Shield up with divinity.
Spam Sun Burst on cool-down, use it with divinity only on emergency! Is very annoying to the other players when you knock-back the mobs.
Use forgemaster’s flame with divinity when you need some more healing close to a mob.

Hallowed Ground is great with the moon touched feat, try to keep it up as much as you can, in some cases is important to replace forgemaster’s flame with prophecy of doom to get more Action points to use it more times.

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  • Rogde
    August 12, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    Power before crit before egeneration right?

    • August 12, 2013 at 7:22 pm


      You MUST HAVE recovery until you can keep Astral Shield always up. After that you want crit because of your feats, power will give you over-healing 80% of the time.

  • Teoz
    December 13, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    What companion did you use?

  • Silverkelt
    January 23, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    This is a old guide, DC’s can no longer keep astral shield up 100% of the time, going deep into recovery now will return less results then before.

    If your going pure healing spec, anything that generates divinity is pretty good, as more divinit =’s more heals.

    There are several ways to increase AP generation, including a boon, take them all and spam skills , you should be able to keep HG or use Divine Armour most of the time, I dont save it, unless Im right near the boss, use moontouched HG , astral shield with burning guidiance as well.

    Most DC’s use either the stone or the cat, I prefer the stone, but some will say cat becuase of belt slot.

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