Seisem’s PVE DPS GWF Guide

by MMOMinds on October 12, 2013

Seisem’s PVE DPS GWF Guide

I’ve had a lot of requests to post a guide on the forums for my GWF. This guide is set as a Human GWF and is a direct build of my character on the Dragon Server. With this build I am able to out dps every class I play against, except for a few elite CWs. No Rogue or GF can come close, most CWs are millions behind, and I have yet to play with another GWF that does even close to the damage that I can pour out. This is a build that works. So here we go:

First of all, here is a link to the powers/feats build:…zu51:b0000&h=1


Heroic (23 points):
3/3 Disciple of Strength
3/3 Toughness
3/3 Endless Assault
3/3 Armor Specialization
5/5 Steely Defense
3/3 Weapon Mastery
3/3 Devastating Critical

Destroyer (26 points):
5/5 Great Weapon Focus
5/5 Deep Gash
5/5 Staying Power
5/5 Disciple of War
5/5 Focused Destroyer
1/1 Destroyer’s Purpose

Sentinel (5 points):
5/5 Student of the Sword

Powers *There are several powers that we don’t actually care about, but we need to put points in them in order to unlock the next tree. Here are the powers that you need to max:

At Will:
3/3 Sure Strike
3/3 Weapon Master’s Strike

3/3 Not So Fast
3/3 Roar
3/3 Battle Fury
3/3 Indomitable Battle Strike
3/3 Takedown

3/3 Destroyer
3/3 Weapon Master
3/3 Steel Blitz

3/3 Spinning Strike
3/3 Slam
3/3 Cresendo

So while playing your character, here will be your main setup during dungeons:

At Will:
1. Sure Strike – This is our single target attack. I only use it when all encounters are on cooldown and there is only one mob up.
2. Weapon Masters Strike – You will be spamming this skill 85% of the run you are in. The best way is to get unstoppable and off you go. The damage is incredible.

1. Battle Fury – We will pop this every time it is up for the increased damage and determination gain
2. Indomitable Battle Strike – This is our hardest hitting single target hitter. It builds a ton of AP (esp when it crits) and is good to use at the last second of Unstoppable
3. Takedown – This is the best skill for interrupts on single targets. It is also a good skill to pop before unstoppable comes up for extra damage.

You can rotate Not So Fast and Roar depending on the dungeons. The reason I don’t really care for Roar is because it knocks everything away. Even though it doesn’t knock far, we want to keep mobs grouped up so we can spam our AOE at will attack.

1. Spinning Strike – Usually when mobs are grouped up either before or after unstoppable is when I pop this. Tons of aoe damage. I was using Slam in this spot but since it has been nerfed I have been using this instead with success.
2. Cresendo – This is one of our most powerful attacks period. I always save this for high hp mobs and bosses when there is no AOE needed.

1. Destroyer – We are spec’d into this so this one remains at all time
2. Steel Blitz – There is a lot of debate between this one for the enhanced damage and the extra hit and the other one (Weapon Master) that gives you extra chance to crit. Personally I prefer the Blitz.


For your ability score you want to get all Strength and Constitution. This will raise your base power and base armor pen.
-On my GWF I am using the Ioun Stone. I have dumped all my runes into that character as Eldritch for increased Armor Penetration and the defensive slot I slotted defense. I have tried to put Eldritch in the stone for an increased % given back as stats but it does not work on my character.
-You want to get 19-24% Armor Penetration. I know some guides say to cap off at 24%, but I feel honestly having 19% is enough when you dump the rest into power.
-For Crit you may have to sacrifice some here. I am sitting at 31% crit. I prefer to stack Power over crit in my open slots. You get so much crit naturally from your gear.
-For Defense you can easily obtain high numbers based on gear. However, in defensive slots we will stack +defense instead of +deflect.
-All open offensive slots you will want to dump Rank 7+ Powers. I know at first you may only have Rank 5’s, but eventually your long term goal will to be slot Rank 7+.


Here is what my character is currently using for gear:

Every Offensive slot is slotted with a Rank 7 Radiant Enchantment for power. My weapon enchantment is currently a Greater Lightning. I chose lightning because it stacks lightning damage and since we are all about spamming AOE it just adds up a ton of DPS. Greater lightning gives you 2 chains and a perfect will give you 3 chains.

For those of you wondering, I have tried 4/4 Avatar of War but I feel that the two separate piece bonus is better.

Here is what I am currently using on my companion:

My next project is to change out the rank 6 Eldritch stones and replace them with Rank 8’s. This will add 140 extra armor pen to my character and move me up 1%.

**My guide is still in progress. Boons and tips for playing are coming soon**

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