Dakkon Blackblade – PvE Destroyer Build by kolatmaster

by Kolat on November 2, 2013

Dakkon Blackblade – PvE Destroyer Build

Greetings everyone, I hope your day is rocking well thus far!

LEEROY JENKINS(!!!), my main character, is basically exactly where I want him to be minus Rank 9/10 Enchantments. So I dusted off my other level 60 GWF and here you go…

I’ve decided to share my current Destoryer build of my GWF – Dakkon Blackblade, along with my general opinion of the class and how it plays. Now this build is simply how I do things, it fits my play style, and I greatly enjoy it. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, nor necessarily right, for you, but it is hella fun!

My power is as vast as the plains; my strength is that of mountains. Each wave that crashes upon the shore thunders like blood in my veins.—Dakkon Blackblade, Memoirs

This guide will start off with his stats, then gear, and then powers/feats.


I started with: 16 Str/12 Con/16 Dex/10 Int/10 Wis/10 Cha

Put the +2 Strength and +2 Dex from the Half-Orc Race, and my final stats look like this…

He was made a while ago, and if redoing it probably would have liked higher Con, but demz the breaks… lol

Now moving on to some offense/defense stats, the following are my current stats.

Gear Score Stats:

Here we see I am lower on power then most upper tier GWFs, but I’ve focused on a bit more survivability with Lifesteal and Regen. It comes to 9% Lifesteal and 4.5% Regen, which isn’t too shabby and keeps me alive during the 12 Sec cool down on Pots/Health Stone. My theory is that when I die that is 5-15 seconds of lost DPS from me, and that doesn’t count who rez’s me either. So I’d rather stay alive a bit longer, particularly the 12 seconds cool down timeframe, and be able to manuever as necessary but also to regain HPs as fast as possible. Basically the longer I am in the fight, the more useful I am to the party as a whole. This is a team game, so I figured I should maximize that as much as possible while still being able to hit hard.
This post will have more on the gear I use…

Here you see my gear set up. I’m currently using the Ancient Castle Champion weapon/offhand, and I am currently farming Malabog for the offhand and parts for my mainhand. Aside from that all my offensive slots are Radiant, and the defensive slots are Dark, with the Utility being Dark for movement.

I am using the Avatar of War 4x set as in my testing it has been the best for Destroyer spec and

On my Armor slot I am using a Normal Soulforged Enchantment, and I am happy with it. Saves my bacon, and would eventually like to upgrade to a Perfect.

On my Weapon I have a Perfect Terror. It was originally chosen as a goal for the fact it’s a uber bad *** looking enchantment and it matches my characters name perfectly… However in testing it has been surprisingly effective for damage production. I’ve become quite fond of it. What it does is this, you deal an additional 12% of weapon damage as Necrotic damage with every swing and induce terror in your foe, reducing their Defense by 20%.

So if you’re already over ArmPen of the mob, which I am except for bosses (which I need campfire for), so the 20% damage reduction get’s converted into extra damage. It’s been pretty dang nice honestly, as can be seen in the following graphic where I (just barely!) out DPS’d Mr. Perfect Vorpal PandaPaul in the Straight to Helm CtA Skirmish Event, the enchantment can hold it’s own!

This is my companion…

My companion here is a 30th level Ioun Stone of Allure. The Seal of the Executioner is where I get my Regen stat, and its fitted with a Dark for ArmPen and the other Offense slots are Radiant. I might consider taking our one of the Arcane Rank 8s for a Empowered, depending on how the testing goes. Aside from that I am happy with the Companion as is, only changes would be upgrading enchantment ranks/items as I can.This post will be about my Feats and Powers.

To begin I’ll start with my Feats, though I don’t believe their is anything particularly different about them comparatively to other Destroyer GWFs out there.


So ya, fairly typical honestly, nothing earth shattering there.

My power rotation is a bit atypical, and PandaPaul has helped a great deal with theorycrafting (so thank you bud!), and the following rotation was inspired by him.

At Will:

Sure Strike
Weapon Masters Strike


Steel Blitz




Come and Get It
Not So Fast
Indomitable Battle Strike

The real gem here is the Encounter Power rotation… You start with CaGT, then follow with a WMS, then IBS, and finally NSF before going back to WMS until cool downs end. You can do NSF before IBS, but I find the first way better at least thus far.

The timing is important, and keeping things together can take time to learn, but I’ve had a ball with this guy thus far.

So feel free to ask any questions you have, and I’ll be happy to answer them… Keep rocking!

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