Abaddon Hellreaver – PvE Instigator Build by Kolatmaster

by Kolat on November 9, 2013

Greetings everyone, I hope your day is rocking well thus far!

LEEROY JENKINS(!!!), my main character, is basically exactly where I want him to be minus Rank 9/10 Enchantments. Then I built up Dakkon Blackblade to a level I am content with, so I now bring you the third installment of my GWF Guide Series, that focused on the Instigator Paragon Path!

Here I will share my current Instigator build of my GWF – Abaddon Hellreaver, along with my general opinion of the class and how it plays. Now this build is simply how I do things, it fits my play style, and I greatly enjoy it. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, nor necessarily right, for you, but it is hella fun!

This guide will start off with his stats, then gear, and then powers/feats.

Base Stats:

I started out with: 16 Str/12 Con/16 Dex/12 Int/12 Wis/12 Cha

I put the +2 in Con and +2 in Cha from the Tiefling racial bonus, and my final stats look like this…

Now moving on to some offense/defense gear score stats…

Gear Score Stats:

Here we see tried to mantain a relatively decent level of Power, to make the most of the Instigator Capstone ability. I focused less on survivability (Lifesteal and Regen), wanting to do as much AoE damage as possible. It comes to 6.7% Lifesteal and 0% Regen, though I have a decent Defense rating of 37.2% which isn’t too shabby and keeps me alive during the 12 Sec cool down on Pots/Health Stone. I also went very light on the Recovery as I wanted to focus on maxing out ArmPen/Power for damage. This leaves the character to be focused on strategic maneuverability more so then my Destroyer and Sentinel Spec. This leads to more use of Potions for HP, and/r ‘Close Calls’ with Dying. However it does lend itself to a fun way of playing as I constantly remain focused on small angled movements to get out of dangerous red circles, and maximizing the use of Wicked Strike/WMS. This keeps me focused on generating the most AoE damage, and keeping on the adds/baddies, as much as possible.

Here you see my gear set up. I’m currently using the Ancient Castle Champion weapon/offhand, and I am currently farming Malabog for the offhand and parts for my mainhand. Aside from that all my offensive slots are Radiant, and the defensive slots are Azure (to increase Damage Resistance and my Power), with the Utility being Dark for movement.

I am using the Avatar of War 4x set as in my testing it has been the best for the Instigator Spec as it gives a massive boost to Power, and keeps my Recovery stat ‘respectable’ in combat.

On my Armor slot I am using a Normal Thunderhead Enchantment, and I am happy with it. It’s been fun so far, sometimes I don’t even really see it proc until things kinda stop moving around me momentarialy as I’m constantly looking for the next angle for my attacks, but I would eventually like to upgrade to a Perfect.

On my Weapon I have a Greater Plague Fire. It’s been decent so far, though I’m sure a Perfect Vorpal/Lightning/Terror would be more optimum. Slowly saving up, and will eventually make a decision on that… Always welcome to suggestions!

This is my companion…

My companion here is a 25th level Ioun Stone of Allure. It is to convey as much Power as possible really, with a little Lifesteal thrown in for a smidgen of survival. I am happy with the Companion as is, only changes would be upgrading enchantment ranks/items as I can.

Though I don’t believe their is anything particularly different about them comparatively to other Destroyer GWFs out there.


So ya, fairly typical honestly, nothing earth shattering there.

My power rotation is the same as Dakkon’s as I’ve come to enjoy it thus far. It’s good to be able to keep the Adds around me for maximizing damage output.

At Will:

Wicked Strike
Weapon Masters Strike


Weapon Master
Steel Blitz




Come and Get It
Not So Fast
Indomitable Battle Strike

The real gem here is the Encounter Power rotation… You start with CaGT, then follow with a WMS, then IBS, and finally NSF before going back to WMS/Wicked Strike until cool downs end. You can do NSF before IBS, but I find the first way better at least thus far.

The timing is important, and keeping things together can take time to learn, but I’ve had a ball with this guy thus far.

So feel free to ask any questions you have, and I’ll be happy to answer them… Keep rocking! 


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