PvE TR Scoundrel Build by Warzog

by Vera Dias on November 28, 2013
Trickster Rogue

1). This build is meant for, and designed for, the casual PvE player who desires simplicity of play, and general usefulness.
2). This build is not designed for, or recommended for, PvP.

1). Half-Orc: The Half-Orc is the best choice for this build for several reasons: First off, you can get a bonus to both Dexterity and Strength, which are paramount for this build. Secondly, they get a 5% bonus to critical severity, which increases your severity from 75% to 80%, a huge increase.
2). Halfling: The Halfling gets a boost to Dexterity and Charisma, a 3% increase to deflection, and a 10% increase in your resistance to crowd control affects.
3). Drow: The Drow gets the same Dexterity and Charisma boosts as the Halfling, and gets a 5% chance to apply Darkfire, which reduces your targets defense by 10%.

(Of these three races, only my Half-Orc hasn’t had to do Foundry missions to maintain their level to do the normal quests.)

These are guidelines, and are what I’ve found to work the best with this build.
Having said that, any race can be used, each with it’s own benefits.

1). Strength: a TR’s secondary ability-affects the amount of damage you will do-Recommend a 16 before racials.
2). Constitution: affects the amount of Hit points you have-Recommend a 10 before racials.
3). Dexterity: a TR’s primary ability-affects your critical hit chance, your AoE resistance, and your deflection chances-Recommend a 16 before racials.
4). Intelligence: affects the recharge rate of your powers-Recommend a 10 before racials.
5). Wisdom: affects your resistance to crowd control-Recommend 10 before racials.
6). Charisma: a TR’s secondary ability-affects your critical hits chance, combat advantage, and companion stat bonus’-Recommend a 12 before racials.

As you level, increase Strength and Dexterity every time.

These are guidelines, and are what I’ve found to work the best with this build.

For simplicity sake, this build makes use of the skills that you have access to early on, and simply makes them more effective.

1). Sly Flourish– Your first skill-by level 60 it does 1,585-1864 damage.
2). Cloud of Steel– Your second, and only ranged skill-by level 60 it does 739-869 damage.
3). Dazing Strike– Your third skill-dazes an enemy, especially those creating red areas, and can kill groups of lesser bad guys in a single hit-by level 60 it does 5,194-6,107 damage.
4). Bloodbath– Your fourth skill-attacks all targets in your vicinity, keeping you from taking damage while it’s in affect, and gives you time to get potions and other skills to recharge-by level 60 it does 1,441-1694 damage.
5). Deft Strike-Should be your fifth skill-it allows you to jump behind an enemy, usually killing most bad guys in one hit, and helps you to avoid red areas-by level 60 it does 1,441-1694 damage.
6). Lashing Blade-Should be your sixth skill-provides one massive strike, and can hit multiple bunched up targets-by level 60 it does 7,333-8,622 damage.
7). Whirlwind of Blades-Should be your seventh skill-it throws out daggers in all directions and is useful in destroying most lesser mobs and adds-by level 60 it does 5,764-6,896 damage.

(Damage figures are based on my level 60 Drow TR with a 10k gear score.)

For your Master Infiltrator Paragon Class powers I recommend First Strike which increases the damage your first attack does, and Tactics which increases your action points gained, which increases how often you can use your Bloodbath and Whirlwind of Blades daily powers.

For your Whisperknife Paragon Class powers you can use the same Class powers as the Master Infiltrator Paragon, or use Tactics which increases your action points gained, and Razor Damage which flings daggers into nearby targets after using a daily power.

As to any other powers, select the ones that you feel might be useful.

HEROIC FEATS – Max all of these feats, except Toughness and Scoundrel Training.
1). Action Advantage – increases the action points gained for dealing combat advantage damage, increasing your chance to use your Bloodbath and Whirlwind of Blades daily powers.
2). Weapon Mastery – Increases your chance of getting a critical hit.
3). Toughness1 point – Increases your maximum hit points.
4). Cunning Ambusher – Increases your damage output for 6 seconds after leaving Stealth.
5). Endless Assault – Increases the damage of your Dazing Strike, Deft Strike, and Lashing Blade Encounter powers.
6). Disciple of Strength – Increases the bonus damage from your Strength ability.
7). Scoundrel Training2 points – At-Wills increased vs foes not targeting you.

If you choose the Human race, I recommend placing your 3 extra feat points into Scoundrel Training (At-Wills increased vs foes not targeting you), Toughness (Increases your hit points), or Lucky Skirmisher (deflection), or Improved Cunning Sneak (longer Stealth mode).

Select the one who’s powers you feel might be useful.

PARAGON FEATS – MAX all of these Scoundrel feats.
1). Underhanded Tactics – Increases the effectiveness of combat advantage damage.
2). Nimble Blade – 35% chance to deal additional damage on a non critical strike.
3). Mocking Knave – Increases the damage from Sly Flourish and Dazing Strike.
4). Catspaw Style – Dazing strike reduces the target’s defenses.
5). Action Rush – 35% chance of your Dazing Strike, Deft Strike, and Lashing Blade Encounter powers generating more action points.
6). Brutal Wound – Whirlwind of Blades also deals 50-250% of your weapon damage over 5 seconds.
7). Whirlwind Sneak Attack – For 10 seconds after stealth ends, the first hit with Dazing Strike, Deft Strike, or Lashing Blade deals 15% more damage.

These PARAGON FEAT recommendations work well with both the Master Infiltrator Paragon, and the Whisperknife Paragon.

1). CRITICAL STRIKES – You can NEVER have to much of this! (Most of your damage comes from critical hits.)
2). Power and Armor Penetration – Power determines how hard you hit. Armor Penetration determines how well you get past their defenses-especially useful against boss’.
4). Defense – Not as important as the other three, but the more you have, the less damage you take, and the fewer potions you’ll use.

While leveling up, Lethal Evader gear, Lethal Evader or Smiting Evader armor, and Smiting Evader Daggers will pretty much cover your gear bonus’.
(Enchantments will fill in the gaps, or improve the bonus’ you prefer.)
In the event that you can’t get the above items, or they don’t have enchantment slots, Piercing Evader gear will work too.

1). Utility slots: Dark enchantments (movement) preferred, but Azure enchantments can help you as you level up.
2). Defense slots: Azure enchantments (defense) preferred, but the others can be useful.
3). Offense slots: Azure (criticals), Dark (armor penetration), and Radiant (power) can be used to balance your build.

If you can afford it, rank 5’s should be the bare minimum.

1). Choose a companion with a ranged attack. (They last longer, and help you to get combat advantage more often.)
2). Use 2xProfane (defense) and 1xArcane (deflection) Runestones (in any order). If you can afford it, rank 5’s should be the bare minimum.
3). Choose gear, and gear enchantments, to balance out the rest of your companion’s skills.

Of the free companions, the Cleric (which can heal and do ranged damage), and the Wayward Wizard (which does ranged damage) are your best bets for this build.

If you use the Cleric I recommend using a Lethal Blessed Icon & Lethal Blessed Amulet with Dark enchantments to balance it’s stats.

Your companion’s gear should be level 60 as soon as you can afford to do so. And, yes, it will work no matter what level you or your companion is.
(And… They can use ANY class’ gear, as long as it matches the slot you’re putting it into.)
And… For those who don’t know it, You CAN get a companion at level 4, if you, an alt, or a friend, buys/gets one for you, or your account has a pack which gives an account-wide companion.

Most combat starts with entering stealth, attack with Cloud of Steel, use Deft Strike to attack them from behind, followed by Dazing Strike, and Lashing Blade, then finishing with Sly Flourish.
Against tougher opponents, when they get ready to strike with their red zone attacks, use Dazing Strike if it’s recharged, or use Deft Strike to get behind them again, or dodge them if it hasn’t recharged, then attack with Cloud of Steel if you dodged, or with whichever powers have recharged.

A note on Combat Advantage: combat advantage occurs when:
1). The target is targeting no one, or someone other than you. (normally occurs with your first strike, or when mobs or boss’ are targeting someone else, like your companion.)
2). You are in Stealth. (They can’t see you.)
3). The target is between you and an ally or companion. (most often occurs after using Deft Strike).

1). I’m not an expert, by any means, but, my Drow TR is the 9th TR I’ve gotten to level 60, and this build is the one that works best, for me. (I kept deleting my oldest TR’s after getting a new build to level 60.)
2). I welcome any constructive criticism from those more knowledgable then me, but please remember the purpose of this build before doing so.
3). And lastly, please remember that these are guidelines, and are what I’ve found to work the best with this build.


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