Think out of the purple box[DPS Guardian Fighter build] by wingser

by Vera Dias on December 12, 2013
Guardian Fighter

First things first, this is a cheap replacement guide if you cant get the gear that you want.(Timeless)

So i’ve been playing this game for a while and i used to run a GF with Stalwart, i had like 33K hp and this got me really tanky and pretty high DPS. Eventually i quit and came back a few weeks ago and i realised that STalwart got nerfed to the ground. It was time to find quick replacement and i didnt have alot of money.

I specced conquerer and i was like, **** dis **** im going to stack me some bigass power. So i did.

The downfall is:
Fewer HP
0 Recovery, you’ll have to use way more potions or just spam fighters recovery
No enchantment in Armor.

Plus side:
12K Power permanently when your block is full.
Even 6 K without guard.
The set does have alright defense, thank gaaahd.

This summarizes in; it’ll require some skill to stay alive. Time your fighters Recovery and make sure to kite the attacks that dont give alot of AP only block big attacks etc.

Why take these feats you ask? FUN!!
So the only real question is, why did you take Staggering Challenge? Easy. This will enhance my DPS on any boss. +20% isnt a joke. This is a painful matter when we’re in Knights CHallenge. Not to mention that together with crushing pin this makes a good +30% damage.

Personally i’ve never seen anyone do as much damage on a boss as me, this is because i use Knights Challenge and Griffon’s Wrath. Not to mention it also buffs KC, this is madness and way overlooked if you want to dps.

Skill order is easy, wait til everything is off cooldown, use knights challenge and lunge. This way you can lunge any boss twice in 1 knights challenge. Yay.

Dont use Griffon’s Wrath unless KC is on. This way you’ll have way higher dps than the usual Guardian who uses 1 bullrush every KC. We get 2 Griffon’s Wraths in everytime.

Rule 1: Try to not lose your guard meter when attacking boss, or anything for that matter.
Rule 2: ****.

Its quite a fun build.. just squishy. Try it!

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  • LaJukes
    February 25, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    according to the stats i’ve gathered, i can only cap about at 10k power. can you s/s what enchants etc etc do you have?

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