Hunter Ranger Guide by voltomey

by Vera Dias on December 16, 2013

Hunter Ranger Guide

Hello Everyone Voltomey Here I am going to give you guy a overview of the HR Class The class It’s Far from Perfect BUT The class is flexible enough to fully support 3 Style Of play The Ranged The Hybrid And The Melee Style Of Combat. The Class will not penalise you for playing the way you like most. But to Play in any of the play-style you must be knowledgeable. Before we get started i would like to thank obsidiancran3 for his part and the many test he has done on the class as well and for his excellent write up on the skills i will be using the information he has given in this thread as apart of My OP now lets get started. I am reposting This Here so it may serve as a base for other HR players All thing stated here are my opinion any way enjoy

I will Like to Credit obsidiancran3 For this section of my rewritten OP i EDIT his post about the dailies and atwills Tee Hee Hee.

Class Features
Aspect of the Falcon: if you plan to go Archery and are looking to maximize shooting 3/3, the extra 9′ matters as its basically another shot (or 2 of rapid).
Aspect of the Lone Wolf: atm does not function however this should be a great feature for leveling shooters, I guess we will see when it works.
Aspect of the Pack: at level 16 get a Man-at-Arms and then stay within 1-2 shifts of him for CA on all attacks and +1% damage for each point of Cha over 10. I run 3/3 while leveling and recommend it for Nature Builds at all times basically.
Aspect of the Serpent: This is a great feature for Hybrid and Melee builds. While the enemy is closing, shoot 5 times. When they are in melee range make 10 melee attacks (5 to use your buffs and 5 to stack 5 ranged buffs) and then move back to range to finish the encounter and start a new stack of buffs. For ranged builds I don’t find it as useful, I rarely ever end up with a ranged buff from this power making it less effective. So ranged 0/3, melee & hybrid 3/3.
Blade Storm: great for melee builds as you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting 5-15% damage in an AoE; particularly nice with Electric and Rapid. Ranged and Hyrbid can ignore it.
Stormstep Action: Disruptive shot will be used in any fight with an elite or any dungeon fight. 3/3 recommended for Buffing and Archery (and could be useful for Melee as well because 3s less cooldown is always nice).
Twin-Blade Storm: despite its name works on ranged as well, recommended for everything 3/3 because 12% more damage for hitting 2 or more enemies is good. (ie if you have Split Shot in bar you should have Twin-Blade as well because its basically handing you a 12% damage bonus for shooting AoE and a lot of the melee encounters are mutli-target as well).

Daily Powers
Note: all dailies work regardless of the stance you are in.
Seismic Shot: at least 2/3. Not as reliable as CWs pushes but its a great short range push power and nicely bunches things up for a range of tactics derived from our encounter powers. This is a ranged attack.
Forest Ghost: 3/3 even for Archers. For melee the applications are obvious, for archers not so much so let me explain; first you don’t need to change stance, second it only uses 50% AP so its generally not available when its on cooldown only (unless you used Seismic), thirdly stealth so you can run past the mob and put some damage on them get away and take a potion and still have time to fire off 1 or 2 encounters or an encounter and aimed shot. Its also good for just avoiding a fight, but you cannot stealth run past everything like perma-stealth TRa.But you can Attack in this stealth without breaking it Making Melee Style Build’s very effective with it.BTW forest Ghost procks storm step action each time it does dmg to nearby foes you can completely refresh your skill bar with forest ghost.
Forest Meditation: 3/3 Max this skill for 100% deflection and CD immunity and If you Run Fey Thistle Boon or a Melee Build. Not only will natures blessing boost the healing this skill provides by 20% Fey thistle will turn you into a meditating fortress of death so this skill can actually be used in a very offensive manner.
Disruptive Shot: for Buffers and Archers this is a 3/3 power if for no other reason than the crazy interaction with Stormstep for cooldowns. Its dazing/interrupt effect is just gravy for hosing elite mobs and bosses not immune to CC.
Cold Steel Hurricane: is a melee sort of ranged sort of power that’s just bad, or perhaps just not working. Maybe for melee spec builds its good but otherwise 0/3.

Rapid Shot/Rapid Strike: 3/3
Split Shot/Split Strike:3/3
Depending on what Style of ranger you run Some of these at will will be you main Instead of the Above two Bread and Butter At Wills
Aimed Shot/Aimed Strike: 3/3 for Archer/Nature. It takes a couple of seconds to fire but when you can start a fight by killing any non-elite in areas where they are tough enough to weather a Split-Shot spray (so Vellosk is where I start using it) and it crits for enough that 3 shots will take out most elites with 1 crit this is a hard power to pass over entirely; just don’t expect it to always be on your bar, but sometimes its better than Split Shot.The Melee Version of this skill is kinda like TR’s DF Its a bleed atm this is Best used while in forest ghost In a pvp melee Build IMHO it still needs a bit of work.
Electric Shot/Clear The Ground currently is only useful to Melee builds it has high synergy with master of Combat and Bladestorm/Twin Bladestorm

Encounter Powers
Marauder’s Escape/Rush: 3/3 if you plan to use melee a lot, 2/3 otherwise. its a great power while leveling Archery through the first 20, but after that I find it struggles to get a spot on my rotation.
Hindering Shot/Strike 2/3 at least. Solid for leveling and the melee power works wonders with Marauder’s for Archers. It stays in my rotation well into the 30’s because its a fast 3 charges reasonable damage Encounter with a very handy melee power. Note Weak Grasping Roots is often irrelevant, strong grasping roots on the other hand is generally good.
Rain of Arrows/Swords1/3…because you have to, 2/3 once you figure out how to use it, 3/3 maybe for melee because Rain of Swords is actually pretty solid and has higher burst damage than Rain of Arrows (which is DoT).
Thorn Ward/Strike3/3 for Archery and for Nature leveling. Not sure about melee but its got reasonable burst damage. Note that until you have at least 2/3 for Archers it is not that strong (so if you put a point in it and wonder why you would put 2 you will have to trust me that at 3/3 its quite a nice damage boost).
Constricting Arrow/Steel Breeze 3/3 for Archery and Nature leveling. Its an AoE melee power, but the strength is in the interrupt/stun that Constricting Arrow has, those few seconds make a big difference for more ranged focused characters and timed right can wreck the big attacks of things that are not CC immune. Steel Breeze also gains stamina for hitting enemies, which is handy for getting out of there for Archers.
Boar Hide/ChargeThe first buffing power and a good melee power. If you are an Archery build skip it, Nature and Combat have a lot more use for it.
Split the Sky/Throw Caution3/3 for Archers. ?? for everyone else. Split is useful for setting up a zone for fights with a boss who spawns a lot of mobs, layering Split and Thorn Ward then mixing in Rapid/Split and Constricting/Commanding is usually enough to deal with those harder boss encounters. Throw Caution doesn’t seem to be particularly strong as a buff considering it debuffs you as well (in theory not sure it even works as its hard to observe any changes with it).
Hawk Shot/Hawkeye: This is a tough one. However for a Nature build 3/3 as its a party wide DPS buff. Its ok for Archers as well, but even at maximum range the damage isn’t that impressive.
Binding Arrow/Oak Skin: The ranged attack works by applying grasping roots to enemies close to you so you can move away, instead of stopping them while they are away in the first place, so for pure Archery skip this power or go 3/3 for 25-30′ range. For Nature builds the buff is good, when you apply it at 100% effectiveness to a party. For melee its pass.
Commanding Shot/Stag Heart: 3/3 for Archery and Nature. Pretty sure its a skip from Melee again. Commanding Shot is a debuffer for shooting bosses and elites, Stag Heart at 3/3 gives 12% of target’s total HP as temp HP, which is just less work for the DC and often provides others a buff.
Fox’s Cunning/Fox Shift3/3 for everyone! The buff, Cunning, is a free 100% dodge for 5 people. Shift is an impressive DPS melee attack which hits multiple targets (thus benefiting from Twin-Blade) and also reduces their run speed while buffing yours. So for Archery, you take less damage and when they reach you 1 pass of Shift can end the fight or gives you enough movement advantage to open a gap for shooting again. For melee…dps. For nature, you are going to take the feat to drop the cooldown by 5s as well, meaning you will probably be able to run the buff every 3-5s if you set up your cooldown reduction right.

Abillity Rolls
Ok Now that we got the basics out of the way Let get right to it Time for Rolls Many people want to know what stat is Important or help the HR most well Lets talk about them. The HR Main stat’s roll are DEX WIS STR as a HR you should have no more than 17 STR and at minimal you can live with having just 14 STR. The class is so good at stacking Armor pen its not funny we also have quite a few stamina regen feats as well so STR is kinda irrelevant IMHO. Your main two Stats will be WIS and DEX you will want to have at least 20 Minimum Of both Unbuffed by campfire there are a few build’s that put DEX at 19 unbuffed but thats ok. Now depending on what kinda Build you want to run HR can also dip off into INT CHA and CON Depending on your race. Certain races at better at certain HR Builds Then Other races and i will talk about that in the race part of the OP.

Stat’s What stats Should MY HR stack well what you stack will depend on what kind of Build you run but lets go over some things.The HR armor comes with an abundance of some of the best Offensive stats for PvP/PvE and have some of the best set bonuses i have seen in on any class. So it would be slightly better for you to hit your Offensive milestones with gear alone then Go for more defensive slots and stats for your rings but thats just my opinion.

Offensive Stats
The HR by far has the easiest time stacking Armor Pen You can hit the cap with little to no effort on your part Crit Strike is another easy to stack Stat not as easy as Armor pen but so easy enough that you can max it out with gear alone with t1 PvP gear you can get 2k+ without breaking a sweat. Power is even easier than Armor pen to stack. Almost all HR gear give High Amounts of Power ok lets move on. Recovery is The Last Offensive stats its by far the hardest thing to stack on HR Unless you’re rolling in Forest Lord Gear or a mix of Forest lord/Warden gear.

Recovery: We have feats that help lower the CD of skill and gain AP so this is the least important stat for us to worry about. This is only really useful in nature builds

Crit Strike:This stat is important for rangers Get at least 40% crit chance thats possible with boons and gear alone.If your gear doesn’t give enough of it for you stack it

Power: This is the stat that never seems to diminish so if your caped in crit and armor pen stack as much as you can.

Armor Pen:Its easy to get armor pen cap for PvE with gear alone there is no need to stack this if possible.

Summary: Hit your Milestones for Crit and Armor Pen then stack Power If any of your gear gives you Recovery take its as a sweet bonus as its only realy useful in nature Builds and even then we have Better Options Forest Lord and Royal Guard.

Defensive Stats
While its very easy to max out your HR Offensive stats and i mean easy. Their defensive stats are a bit harder to hit the Milestones for.I am not gonna sit here and tell you i know everything about what’s good for HR but i will tell you that their Best offensive stats are so easy to hit the caps for i usually use defensive rings with defensive slots so is not to go overcap on a offensive stat.Try finding that zen between Offence and defence to get the HR you desire.

Deflection: This Stat is Good It can Mitigate Most the dmg you take from a single Blow Having a High Deflection chance can also be a good offense thanks to Fey thistle boon. This stat as well as having High defense will make surviving a lot easier.Having a 20% deflection chance is like adding 10% more dmg resistance that can’t be touched by Armor Pen.

Defense: This is a good stat Ups your DMG resistance but armor pen slices though this stat like butter that why having good deflection is important.

Life Steal: This stat will be way easier to hit the cap in When the patch Drops get 10% and your golden Comes on a few select gear choices also.

Regeneration: This will also be easy to stack once the patch drops and artifacts are Introduced you’ll want at least 900 to 1.3k worth This is very good for you Archers who want to sit back and PEW PEW

Hit Points: If you stacking Regen Having more hit points makes it better this will make you even harder to kill if you max out your deflect and regen stats.

Summary: I find Hit Points Defence Deflect The Three most Important defensive stats to prioritise Regen can be caped with specific Pets Boon’s Armor and Artifacts So can Life steal

People want to Know what Boon are good for HR i really don’t think many Know how good they are and what you can do with boons so Lets start. Boons are permanent character bonuses that can be obtained by progressing through campaigns. They were introduced with Module 1: Fury of the Feywild. Boons function much the same as feats – permanent character effects that stay with you forever. There are five tiers, and only one buff can be chosen at each tier. The first four tiers have only 2 choices, while the final fifth tier offers 4 choices. Unlike feats, your choices cannot be reset direct with Astral Diamonds, but reseting feats reset them too. They can be reset by a Retraining Token too. That was a recap taken from the wiki sue me.

Ok So Let me List what Boon i think are gonna be Big for HR some boons Up stats personally i like boons that can boost my deflection/Crit rate i will point out a few Boons that you Guys should keep a eye out for.

Shurandar Boons

T1 Boons
Dark Fey Warden: You gain 250 Defense.
Dark Fey Hunter: You gain 250 Power.

T2 Boons
Fey Elusiveness: You gain 250 Deflect.
Fey Precision: You gain 250 Critical Strike.

T3 Boons
Get the HP Boon we get enough AP as it is

Feywilds Fortitude: Your Max HP increased by 700.
Elven Haste: You now gain Action Points 2% faster

T4 Boons
Both These Boons are Meh get what ever floats you boat

Elven Tranquility: When being struck by a foe you have a chance to heal yourself for 400 HP. (Internal Cooldown of 60s)
Elven Ferocity: When striking a foe you have a chance to deal 400 Arcane damage. (Internal Cooldown of 60s)

T5 Boons

Fey Thistle: When you Deflect an attack you deal 400 damage to your attacker. (Proc on every deflected attack. Debuff on attacker and his Damage Resistance affect damage). This Boon is so ****ing good it makes you want to slap your mother This Boon Alone and Forest meditation Daily is like dropping a nice fat DoT spell on a area. Its a permanent NO CD Reflect that will make Players think twice about attacking you. i will have to say its staple for High deflect Melee/Hybrid rangers Not so much though for Archer Spec rangers But Still good.

Elvish Fury: When you kill a foe you gain 20 Power for 45 seconds. This buff stacks up to 30 times. I wouldn’t wast time on this boon we get enough power as it is from gear.

Redcap Brew: Potions now heal you for 10% more. Good For any ranger But not necessary

Elven Resolve: Your Stamina or Guard Meter regenerate 10% faster in Combat. We already have feats that do this don’t wast your time Unless your Shift freak ranger then this is right up your alley.

Dread Ring Boons
T1 Boons

Reliquary Keeper’s Strength: You gain 125 Power and 125 Movement.
Conjurer’s Gambit: You gain 125 Critical Strike and 125 Movement.

T2 Boons

Evoker’s Thirst: You gain 250 Life Steal.
Illusory Regeneration: You gain 250 Regeneration.

T3 Boons

Illusion Shimmer: You gain 3% Deflection Severity.
Forbidden Piercing: You gain 250 Armor Penetration.

T4 Boons
Both boons here are good get witch ever complements your build best

Enraged Regrowth: When taking damage you have a chance to heal 1000 Hit Points over a few seconds. After this effect ends you have 250 more Defense for 10 seconds.
Shadowtouch: When dealing damage you have a chance to deal 1000 Necrotic damage over a few seconds. After this effect ends the target receives 25% less healing from spells for 10 seconds.

T5 Boons
Augmented Thayan Bastion: When taking damage you have a chance to generate a shield that absorbs 500 incoming damage and redirects that damage to a nearby foe. This shield lasts 6 seconds. Less attractive version of fey thistle But this mite be better for the purely ranged HR

Rampaging Madness: When you deal damage you gain a stack of “Madness”. When you reach 50 stacks of “Madness” you gain 600 Power, 300 Life Steal, and 300 Regeneration. 10 seconds after gaining this bonus your stacks are reset. You may only gain one stack of “Madness” per second. If you Not caped already in any of the stats mentioned I gues you can get this Boon

Endless Consumption: When you steal health from your Life Steal stat, it has a chance to steal 3 times as much. If you stacking Life steal get it it will heal you for Good amounts

Burning Guidance: Your healing spells have a chance to burn enemies near the target for 120 Radiant damage. WE got No spells

Ok All that sums it up for the Boons List If you see some you like get it dont let me decide whats right for you.Btw There is More to Come

Part 2 Baby

Hunter Ranger Companion Artifact and Armor Choices

For HR there are 6 T2 armor sets armor sets you can pick from 4 of them are straight forward 2 of them are Meant for CC One of the two CC armors has a 40 second CD which makes its Meh IMHO Any way all of the armor sets and bonuses are subject to change whenever cryptic desire’s remember stalwarts gear.

T1 armors and stats

Forest warden
Set1 Bonus 400 Recovery
Set2 Bonus When you Buff a Ally you have a chance to grant them 500 Power Armor pen Crit Strike Or Recovery You always grant the stat of theirs thats is highest.
8 AC
1148 Deflection
1148 Recovery
733 defence
492 power
432 Life Steal

High Sentry
Set 1 Bonus 400 Crit Strike
Set 2 Bonus When ever you critically hit with a at will there is a 20% chance you next encounter will deal over 1k more Physical DMG
1148 Crit Strike
1148 Power
492 Recovery
492 Armor Pen
733 Defence

Glade Stalker
Set 1 Bonus 400 Armor Pen
Set 2 Bonus when ever you deal dmg there’s a chance you lower the CD on all powers By 20%
1148 Armor Pen
1148 Power
492 Deflection
432 Regeneration
733 defence

T1 PvP Brutal Hunter
Set 1 Bonus 400 Armor Pen
Set 2 Bonus You Run 10% Faster and when you deflect you have a chance to Regenerate 1% of your hit points
1148 Power
1148 Crit Strike
733 Defence
492 Life steal
432 Regeneration

T2 Armors And Stats

Forest Lord
Set 1 Bonus 450 Recovery
Set 2 Bonus When you Buff a Ally you have a chance to grant them 500 Power 500 Armor Pen Crit Strike Or Recovery You always grant the stat of theirs thats is highest.
1271 Recovery
1271 Deflect
766 Defence
574 Power
504 Lifesteal

Grand Warden
Set 1 Bonus 450 Crit
Set 2 Bonus When ever you critically hit with a at will there is a 20% chance you next encounter will deal 1735 more Physical DMG
1271 Crit
1271 Power
766 Defense
574 Recovery
574 Armor Pen

Royal Guard
Set 1 Bonus 450 Armor Pen
Set 2 Bonus when ever you deal dmg there’s a chance you lower the CD on all powers By 30%
1271 Power
1271 Armor Pen
766 Defense
574 Deflection
504 Regeneration

T2 PvP Master Predator
Set 1 Bonus 450 Armor Pen
Set 2 Bonus You Run 15% Faster and when you deflect you have a chance to Regenerate 1.5% of your Hit Points
1271 Armor Pen
1271 Crit Strike
1216 Defense
574 Power
126 Movement

T2.5 Armor and Stats

Set 1 Bonus 450 Crit
Set 2 Bonus You Direct damage Encounter Powers apply Grasping Roots To The Target. This can only happen once every 40 seconds
1239 Crit Strike
1239 Armor Pen
772 Defence
606 Recover
606 Deflection

Dread Legion
Set 1 Bonus 450 Crit
Set 2 Bonus When dealing dmg you have a chance to apply Illusionist grip to a target.Illusionist grip roots the target in place for 2 seconds. When the effect expires It will Jump to a new nearby target it will jump twice.
1312 Power
1312 Armor Pen
799 Defence
637 Crit Strike
637 Life steal

T2 Weapons and Total Stats

CN Bow set My fave Set Btw
Set 1 Bonus 450 Armor Pen
1848 Power
442 Crit Strike
206 Armor Pen
206 Deflection

T2.5 Weapon and Total Stats

Fallen Dragon Bow Set
Set 1 Bonus 450 Armor Pen
1872 Power
434 Life Steal
232 Crit Strike
232 Recovery

Fomorian Bow set
Set 1 Bonus 450 Armor Pen
1888 Power
405 Life Steal
206 Crit Strike
206 Recovery

Dread Legion Bow Set
Set 1 Bonus 450 Armor Pen
1866 Power
450 Armor Pen
218 Crit Strike
218 Life Steal

List Of Artifacts

Provided By fondlez

Here is a list of Artifacts, essentially what appears to be an extra Power slot that takes an item that grants Powers and stats instead. Think WoW-style trinkets. Yes, your interface is changed so that you get a new button at the bottom next to your normal action bar.

I have color-coded the stats on the the first item to illustrate the rank progression, i.e.


Waters of Elah’zad
Bind on Equip
Recharge Time: 180s / 160s / 140s / 120s.
– Heals you for 4,370 / 5,810 / 7,250 / 8,690 over 6 seconds and removes any harmful damaging effects such as poison.
Equip: +42 / +213 / +300 / +300 Recovery
Equip: +0 / +64 / +183 / +300 Defense
Equip: +0 / +0 / +166 / +400 Regeneration
Rank 1 (0/20 to next rank) / Rank 30 (0/1,650 to next rank) / Rank 60 (0/18,700 to next rank) / Rank 100 (maximum).
Requires Level: 20.
Vendor: 50 copper.
You can find this in: Quest Artifact Facts.

Lantern of Revelation
Bind on Equip
Recharge Time: 180s / 160s / 140s / 120s.
– Deals 874 / 1,162 / 1,450 / 1,738 damage to nearby enemies, and increases the damage they take by 10% / 12% / 14% / 16% for 6 seconds.
– In addition, for the next 6 seconds, you can see hidden targets an additional 10 feet away.
Equip: +42 / +213 / +300 / +300 Critical Strike.
Equip: +0 / +64 / +183 / +300 Armor Penetration.
Equip: +0 / +0 / +166 / +400 Combat Advantage Bonus.
Rank 1 (0/20 to next rank) / Rank 30 (0/1,650 to next rank) / Rank 60 (0/18,700 to next rank) / Rank 100 (maximum).
Requires Level: 20.
Vendor: 50 copper.
You can find this in: Quest Artifact Facts.

Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue
Bind on Equip
Recharge Time: 180s / 160s / 140s / 120s.
– Creates a portal for an adventurous Shopkeeper who will assist you if you are in combat.
– If in combat will throw a fiery concoction at an enemy, dealing 2,649 / 3,306 / 3,963 / 4,620 damage over 2 seconds before fleeing. Shopkeeper will also leave after 30 seconds if no one is interacting with him.
– Shop: Consumables / Consumables, PvP / Consumables, PvP, Distilled Healing Potions / Consumables, PvP, Major Distilled Healing Potions.
Equip: +42 / +213 / +300 / +300 Movement.
Equip: +0 / +64 / +183 / +300 Deflection.
Equip: +0 / +0 / +166 / +400 Gold Bonus.
Rank 1 (0/20 to next rank) / Rank 30 (0/1,650 to next rank) / Rank 60 (0/18,700 to next rank) / Rank 100 (maximum)
Requires Level: 20.
Vendor: 50 copper.
You can find this in: Quest Artifact Facts.

Blood Crystal Raven Skull
Bind on Equip
Recharge Time: 180s / 160s / 140s / 120s.
– Grants 10% of your maximum Hit Points plus 30% / 50% / 70% / 90% of your missing Hit Points as special Temporary Hit Points, but these Temporary Hit Points will drain away.
Equip: +42 / +213 / +300 / +300 Regeneration.
Equip: +0 / +64 / +183 / +300 Recovery.
Equip: +0 / +0 / +166 / +400 Stamina/Guard Gain.
Rank 1 (0/20 to next rank) / Rank 30 (0/1,650 to next rank) / Rank 60 (0/18,700 to next rank) / Rank 100 (maximum).
Requires Level: 20.
Vendor: 50 copper.
You can find this in: The Trade of Blades.

Emblem of Seldarine
Bind on Equip
Recharge Time: 180s / 160s / 140s / 120s.
– Buff yourself and nearby allies with Seldarine’s Blessing for 15s, during which time they will be Healed for 437 / 581 / 725 / 869 every time they are hit.
Equip: +42 / +213 / +300 / +300 Defense.
Equip: +0 /+64 / +183 / +300 Life Steal.
Equip: +0 / +0 / +166 / +400 Companion Influence.
Rank 1 (0/20 to next rank) / Rank 30 (0/1,650 to next rank) / Rank 60 (0/18,700 to next rank) / Rank 100 (maximum).
Requires Level: 20.
Vendor: 50 copper.
You can find this in: Malabog’s Castle [Epic].

Eye of Lathandar
Bind on Equip
Recharge Time: 180s / 160s / 140s / 120s.
– Resurrects an ally or your companion from afar and restores 20% / 35% / 50% / 65% of their Hit Points.
Equip: +42 / +213 / +300 / +300 Life Steal.
Equip: +0 / +64 / +183 / +300 Defense.
Equip: +0 / +0 / +166 / +400 Incoming Healing Bonus.
Range: 80′.
Rank 1 (0/20 to next rank) / Rank 30 (0/1,650 to next rank) / Rank 60 (0/18,700 to next rank) / Rank 100 (maximum).
Requires Level: 20.
Vendor: 50 copper.
You can find this in: Arcane Coffer.

Shard of Valindra’s Crown
Bind on Equip
Recharge Time: 180s / 160s / 140s / 120s.
– The hand of Valindra swipes twice for 874 / 1,162 / 1,450 / 1,738 damage each, and knocks targets back on the second hit.
– While casting, you are immune to damage and can not be controlled.
Equip: +42 / +213 / +300 / +300 Power.
Equip: +0 / +64 / +183 / +300 Life Steal.
Equip: +0 / +0 / +166 / +400 Control Bonus.
Rank 1 (0/20 to next rank) / Rank 30 (0/1,650 to next rank) / Rank 60 (0/18,700 to next rank) / Rank 100 (maximum).
Requires Level: 20.
Vendor: 50 copper.
You can find this in: Valindra’s Tower [Epic].

What ever you chose its up to use There’s no right or wrong one personally i will get ones that help me cap out my defensive stats and move on i hate getting killed so ill have the Waters of Elah’zad Blood Crystal Raven Skull and Eye of Lathandar Blood Crystal will be my Artifact on use.

Companions List Provided Byedardove

This is mainly for people who are curious about the bonus abilities, but aren’t logged into preview server for one reason or another.

Groupings are done by the collection the companions are in.

The Divine and the Abyssal

  • Angel of Protection – On Resurrection: You are shielded for 10% of your total Hit Points
  • Book Imp – +2% recharge speed

Beasts of Faerun

  • Rust Monster – On Damage Taken: 25% chance to inflict a 5% damage debuff on attacker. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Phase Spider – Reduces the damage effect of Combat Advantage against you by 10% (25%)
  • Tomb Spider – On Encounter user: 1% (3%) chance to inject deadly poison into target
  • Panther – Increases damage against Prone target by 10%
  • Honey Badger – Damage taken reduced by 10% when your HP is less than 35% of max
  • Cave Bear – +400 Hit Points
  • Boar – Affects Companion: +50% Critical Severity

The Dogs of War

  • Armored Orc Wolf – +100 (+190 +300) Critical Strike
  • Wolf – +55 (+105 +165) Armor Penetration and Recovery
  • Vicious Dire Wolf – 5% chance to interrupt your target.

Domesticated Animals

  • Damaran Shepard – Affects Companion: +2% Critical Chance
  • Hunting Hawk – On At-will Use: Damage bonus increases as the range increases with a maximum of +7% (+10%) bonus damage at 100′.
  • Cat – Reduce falling damage by 25% (50%); +125 (+200) Deflect
  • Dog – +25 (+100 +190 +300) Armor Penetration
  • Hawk – +55 (+105 +165) Armor Penetration and Critical Strike
  • Pig – 1% (1.5% ?%) of your max HP healed every second you are controlled

Elemental Fury

  • Phoera – On Resurrection: +1000 Regeneration and Power; Duration: 10 seconds
  • Galeb Duhr – Deal up to 10% more damage based on the percentage of damage you have taken.
  • Fire Archon – Increase damage against targets with less than 30% Hit Points by 5%

Protectors of the Wild

  • Sylph – +50% Control Resist
  • Sprite – +2% Action Point Gain
  • Leprechaun – +5% AoE Damage Resist
  • Aranea – 3% chance to have lightning strike target

Beasts of the Feywild

  • Blink Dog – +2% (3% ?%) Combat Advantage Damage
  • Pseudodragon – 20% chance to restore some Stamina/Guard when attacking
  • Portal Hound – +100 (+190 +300) Deflect

Clerics of Neverwinter

  • Cleric Disciple – +25 (+100 +190 +300) Regeneration
  • Acolyte of Kelemvor – +3% (+5%) Incoming Healing

Warriors of Neverwinter

  • Wild Hunt Rider – On Encounter Use: 2% chance to increase damage by 10% for 5 seconds
  • Blacksmith – On Damage Taken: 15% chance to reflect 10% of damage taken. If the same target is hit 4 times it will reflect 3 times the damage taken
  • Con Artist – On Critical Hit: Foes nearby target will bleed for level based damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds
  • Shieldmaiden – +25 (+100 +190 +300) Deflection
  • Sellsword – +25 (+100 +190 +300) Power
  • Neverember Guard – On Damage Taken: 1% (2%) chance to heal 1% of Max HP
  • Man at Arms – +25 (+100 +190 +300) Defense
  • Cold Iron Warrior – Affects Companion: +20% increased damage versus Fey creatures

Mages of Neverwinter

  • Thay Renegade Evoker – On suffering a critical hit: Does fire damage to nearby enemies
  • Wayward Wizard – +25 (+100 +190 +300) Recovery
  • Cantankerous Mage – +15% Control Bonus

Rogues of Neverwinter

  • Lightfoot Thief – +25 (+100 +190 +300) Critical Strike
  • Wererat Thief – On Encounter Use: 3% (5%) chance to poison target
  • Slyblade Kobold – Increases damage against Rooted or Stunned targets by 3%

Magic Items

  • Ioun Stone of Might – 2% (3% 5%) Stamina Regen
  • Ioun Stone of Allure – On Encounter Use: 7% (10%) chance to slow target
  • Icosahedron Ioun Stone – +10% XP bonus
  • Dancing Shield – 1% (2%) Deflect chance
  • Jagged Dancing Blade – Affects Companion: 5% (10%) chance to reduce target’s Defense
  • Dancing Blade – +3% Critical Severity

Beyond the Grave

  • Skeleton – +55 (+105 +165) Life Steal and Power
  • Helmite Paladin Ghost – +55 (+105 +165) Recovery and Regeneration
  • Ghost – Affects Companion: +5% damage bonus
  • Skeleton Dog +25 (+100 +190 +300) Life Steal

Not in a collection

  • Lillend – One Daily Use: Heal nearby friends 2% of their MaxHP once every 30 seconds
  • Archmage’s Apprentice – +55 (+105 +165) Life Steal and Power
  • Faithful Initiate – +55 (+105 +165) Recovery and Defense
  • Mercenary – +55 (+105 +165) Power and Critical Strike
  • Quickling – +100 (+190 +300) Movement
  • Mystic Phoera – On Resurrection: +1000 Defense and Recovery; Duration: 10 seconds
  • Mystagogue – +55 (+105 +165) Recovery and Power

Part 3 Kids
LvLing up and path selection

Leveling up a HR From 1 to 30 is easy and it down right Feels OP at times From Its from 30 onward and what Path you pick + Gear Drops That will make or break your experience. Again i will take A post from obsidiancran3 just cause i find a lot of his post very informative and more well i should say well written then mine lolz.

Note if you can get the Ancient Mulhorand Longbow SET ( Epic that grows with your level ) This is a god send for leveling up and erly lvl PvP

Quote Originally Posted by obsidiancran3 View Post

What will make or break your HR leveling experience is gear drops.

My tiefling got good consistent drops and aside from level 30-40 it was pretty much as expected based on leveling every class to 60. Level 30-40 is an odd patch for the HR, probably the hardest 10 levels.

Leveling my Dwarf during double XP weekend was a nightmare, I was consistently being beaten to a pulp because of gear drops just leaving me in the cold. Every bit of bad HR gear I could want would drop, the actually useful stuff…. Nope. I ended up buying stuff from AH and stores just to keep her geared in a level appropriate way.

Which leads me to some quick comments on gear; while leveling Power/Crit/Recovery/Regen are your friends. HR gear is however full of deflect and defence and basically you can never get enough of it while leveling for it to matter. Oh and ArP is everywhere. If you can get a good selection of Power and Crit supplemented with Recovery and Regen on your gear you will have a better time leveling. (Yes Regen > Lifesteal because regen always tics and the more damage you have taken the more it heals for while Lifesteal needs to be huge and have you pulling big numbers on your damage to get even close to what you will get from 100-200 points of Regen.)

TY obsidiancran3 for your advice and Overall experience your hardship will not go Unheard Now time for Me to break down path choices and difficulty lvling with them It can be difficult depending witch one you pick.

LvL Difficulty Easy Dailies Forest Ghost/Seismic Shot/Disrupting Shot Encounters Raged ME/StS/TW Hybrid ME/StS/Hindering
Archery Ranger IMHO is by far the easiest Path to lvl up with Put your first points into Black arrow the crit Sev will turn Split Shot into a killer skill you should be Using Aspect of the pack and Falcon at this point. Make sure your gear has a lot of Crit the more you have the more that crit sev melts mobs. Your Encounters should be Thorn Ward ME And Constricting Arrow. It should Be easy LvLing from 30 to 40 with this Build If you find yourself getting beat on Try Using split the sky and Kite around Inside it’s AoE.

From 35-40 If you a pure archer i suggest leveling up Ghostwalker Or Stormcaller Arrow Feats Hybrid’s Should Take BloodThirsty its good stuff. The Trek From 40-45 Should not be a hard one you’re basically still using the same skills encounters but take the Stormstep action class feature you should also have Disrupting Shot Now as well and at 45 All Archers Should Take The Correcting Aim Feat At this point You will Crit more consistently now.

From LvL 45-50 my man at arms pet kept getting killed so i switched to the healer she kites realy good now imho. But now that you’re using the healer pet you can drop pack aspect she kites To much now to get full use of it like man at arms now pick up Falcon aspect till 50. When you hit 50 if you were having problems looking for gear vender gear works just fine The last 10 Lvls in my opinion are the hardest. Feat wise For Hybrid’s Its a Shoot out You can take sniper aim or prime crit its up to you Then all you have left is you capstone feat master of archery Then you can spec into combat or nature how ever you wanna do it. For You strictly Archer Guys Sniper Aim is better feat at this point the more dmg the better also be sure to take Twinblade storm that with sniper aim and split shot dose a lot of dmg.

Dailies Should Be Disrupting/Seismic Shot Encounters For Ranged ME/Fox/StS and for Hybrid ME/Hindering/Fox
50 to 60 are the most boring last 10 lvl imho But its all downhill from here you should have your capstone feat so It should be good from here on out the last 10 feat points are up to you but for archer though i would put the last 10 in Prim crit and Natures Blessing.

LvL Difficulty Medium Dailies: Forest Meditation/Forest Ghost Or Seismic Shot Encounters: MR/Hindering/Split the sky
Combat Ranger Harder to LvL Up then archery Imho From lvl 30 You have Split The sky Lay that down and fight in it at all times and mobs will melt. At LvL 35 You should get Clear the Ground You should have a good Melee pet like Man at Arms out and have Aspect of the pack and Bladestorm . Also make sure you have the seeker feat shifting will keep you alive cause atm your deflection isn’t that high to mitigate a lot of dmg so be make sure you have a combination of deflection and crit gear. Ok same pattern Kill Mobs with clear the ground and Rapid Strike Inside split the sky And you should be good.

40-45 Start getting more crit on your gear you should have gotten a feat called Retreat technique so you can use forest ghost and Forest meditation to keep yourself alive. Make Sure that when you hit lvl 45 you start packing more regen in you gear and that you have 5 points in elusive hunter at this point thats 10% deflection chance letting you free up for more regen gear your encounters will pretty much stay the same till 50.

Dailies: Forest Ghost/Seismic shot or Forest Meditation Encounters ME/StS/Fox
50 to 60 When you hit 50 make sure you have lethal Hunter feat that’s 15% more dmg while in melee stance AT 51 Unlock you capstone Feat master of combat slot as much crit as you can along side regen make sure you get bleeding precision and Natures blessing when you hit 60 other then that is all down hill from 50 nothing to talk about really.

For nature Ranger its harder then the the Top two they dont have much in the way of Offensive buffs my advice is Get a healer pet and lvl up in the same manner as the archers path dose.Other then that it really will come down to gear choices for you guys.

I am going to post several Sections from the Wiki here i don’t think many people use it for basic things such as roll information so here we go.

Racial Trait

Racial Traits are characteristics of given races that reflect the most innate strengths of members of those races. Racial Traits come in three typical varieties:
A +2 bonus to a predefined Ability Score. Most races have one such bonus.
A +2 bonus to a choice of Ability Score. For most races, it is a choice between two options, but Humans can apply this to any Ability Score.

Human: +2 any Ability Score
Half-Elf:+2 Constitution+2 Charisma or +2 Wisdom
Half-Orc:+2 Dexterity+2 Constitution or +2 Strength
Halfling: +2 Dexterity+2 Charisma or +2 Constitution
Moon Elf: +2 Intelligence+2 Dexterity or +2 Charisma
Sun Elf: +2 Intelligence+2 Dexterity or +2 Charisma
Drow: +2 Dexterity+2 Charisma or +2 Wisdom
Tiefling: +2 Charisma+2 Constitution or +2 Intelligence
Dwarf: +2 Constitution+2 Strength or +2 Wisdom
Wood Elf: +2 Dexterity+2 Intelligence or +2 Wisdom

Races with Racial Trait’s that give 2 in Dex have a automatic dps advantage over races with none Dex Racial Traits. But Non Dex Racial Races Have the advantage of being able play more exotic Builds then their DEX Counterparts.

Ability Score Rolling

When creating a character, starting ability scores (prior to racial adjustment) are randomly determined by choosing from among several predetermined sets of values.
It is possible to reroll until desirable scores result. Each reroll randomly selects from the same pool of available combinations as the initial roll.

Ability scores are not rolled individually. Instead, all six values are selected simultaneously, by randomly picking a row from the following table:

I color Coded the primary secondary and None Class Attribute rolls
None Class Attribute

18 13 13 10 10 8
18 13 13 10 8 10
18 13 13 8 10 10
17 14 13 10 10 10
17 13 14 10 10 10
17 13 13 11 11 10
17 13 13 11 10 11
16 16 12 10 10 10
16 15 13 11 11 9
16 14 14 11 10 10
16 13 15 11 11 9
16 12 16 10 10 10
15 15 13 12 11 10
15 15 13 11 10 12
15 14 13 12 12 11
15 13 15 12 11 10
15 13 15 11 10 12
15 13 14 12 12 11

Order of the HR Ability Scores

The table above gives all possible ability score combinations for a generic character. Depending on a character’s class, the values selected will be automatically reordered as follows:
The primary ability score is always the highest.
The secondary ability scores are the second and third highest, in no particular order.
The remaining three scores (A B and C) will be placed in a specific ability, according to the character’s class:

Hunter Ranger:Dex Wis Str Cha Int Con

With the Said The Highest a Primary Stat can go is 26 thats with the racial trait and with campfire thats 27. The Highest A Secondary Attribute can go is 24 with racial Trait and with campfire 25. The Highest a None Class Attribute can go is 20 and thats with Racial Trait with campfire Buff Thats 21.

OK with all this Said we have a pretty good idea on How rolls work yes.

Choosing a race for your Ranger!

Lets start By talking about the Three Best races for DPS Half-Orc Drow and Wood Elves.

Half Orc Can Run tanky Builds As well Balanced ones

Half-Orc: Note i didn’t list the 20Dex Build for This race its just Two weak In Wis to make it worth wild
This race has a Dex and Str Trait Bonus
For a Balanced DPS Build HR Roll 18Dex 15Str 15Wis.25Dex22Wis18Str Buffed
For a More Tanky HR Roll 17Dex 15 Str 14Con 13Wis All in Con/Wis for 20Dex 18Str 21Con 20Wis Buffed
For PvP High Dex DPS Roll 18Dex 18Str 12Wis Put everything in Wis and Dex 25Dex 21Str 19wis Buffed
Balanced PvP DPS 20Dex 15Str 13Wis Put 4 Into Str 6 into Wis 2 into Dex Thats 23Dex 20Str 20Wis Buffed

Wood Elves and Drow are in the same Boat they can Run Very High DPS output Builds They can even up ther two best DPS atributes also overload on it.

This Race Has Dex Wis and Cha Traits Bonus
Hard DPS Roll 20Dex 15Wis 13Str This gives 27Dex 22Wis 16Str Buffed
Balanced DPS Roll 18Dex 15Wis 15Str This Gives 25 Dex/22 Wis/ 18str Buffed
Even Wis/Dex Build 18Dex 18Wis 12Str This gives 25Dex 25Wis and 14Str Buffed
High Cha Build Roll 17 Dex 14 Wis 14 Cha Put everything in Wis and Int for 20 Dex 21 Wis and 21Cha 16Str Buffed

Wood Elf:
This Race Has Dex Wis and Int Trait Bonuses
Hard DPS Roll 20Dex 15Wis 13Str This gives 27Dex 22Wis 16Str Buffed
Balanced DPS Roll 18Dex 15Wis 15Str This Gives 25 Dex/22 Wis/ 18str Buffed
Even Wis/Dex Build 18Dex 18Wis 12Str This gives 25Dex 25Wis and 14Str Buffed
High Int Build Roll 17 Dex 14 Wis 14 INT Put every thing in Wis and Int for 20 Dex 21 Wis and 21Int 16Str Buffed

Half-Elf is a pretty balanced Race to pick a HR with If ther racial gets fixed for the class and if it a con bonus they can have the highest Con Roll with this class.

Half-Elf :The racial Bonus for This race seems to be broken for the HR I
This Race Has Con and Wis Traits.
For a Balanced DPS Build Roll 14Con 15Dex and 17Wis 13Str Put 6 In Con 5in Dex and 1 In Wis for 21Con/Dex/Wis and 16Str Buffed
For More Str Roll 16Dex 15Wis and15Str for 23dEX 22Wis and 18Str
For Almost Even DPS roll 16Dex 18Wis and 12Str For 23Dex 25 Wis and 14 Str Buffed

Moon and Sun Elves can get High INT maintaining Balanced Dex and Wis with Buffs. If you do stack recovery in any of your Build They will only Enhance you Build speed and Performance.

Moon Elf
This Race Has Dex Int and Cha Trait Bonuses
High In Build Roll 17 Dex 14 Wis 14 INT Put every thing in Wis and Int for 20 Dex 21 Wis and 21Int 16Str Buffed
Int Balanced Build 18Dex 15 Wis and 13 IN 13 Str Put all in Wisdom and Int For 22 Dex 22 Wis 20Int 16Str
Int Str Balanced Build 18Dex 15 Str 13 Wis 13 Int All in Wis and Int for 22 Dex 18 Str 20 Wis and 20 Int

Sun Elf
This Race Has Dex Int and Cha Trait Bonuses
High In Build Roll 17 Dex 14 Wis 14 INT Put every thing in Wis and Int for 20 Dex 21 Wis and 21Int 16Str Buffed
Int Balanced Build 18Dex 15 Wis and 13 IN 13 Str Put all in Wisdom and Int For 22 Dex 22 Wis 20Int 16Str
Int Str Balanced Build 18Dex 15 Str 13 Wis 13 Int All in Wis and Int for 22 Dex 18 Str 20 Wis and 20 Int

Tiefling Are a Odd race But They can Run a few Builds Involving Cha/Con/Str.

This race Has Con InT and Cha Bonuses
High Dex Con/Cha and Int DPS Build Roll 18Dex 13Str 13Wis 12In/Cha Put Everything Into Wisdom and Int/Cha/Con for 21Dex 20Wis 19Int/Cha/Con Buffed.
Balanced Dex/Cha Build Roll 15Str 15dex 14Cha and 13Wis Put 2 in dex 4 in wisdom and 5 in Cha that will give you 18 str 20/dex/Cha and 18 wisdom.

Dwarf There another Good HR race unfortunately their racials are quite broken They can Run Tanky and High Wisdom/Strength Builds They make up for not having a dex Roll By having a Str and Wis Roll sadly you can’t have both at the same time.

This Race Has Con Str and Wis Traits
Balanced Str Build Str Roll 18Dex 15Str 13Wis Put every thing in Wis and Dex for 24Dex 20 Wis and 18 StrBuffed
High Wis Build Roll 18 Dex 15 Wis 13Str 25Dex 22Wis AND 16Str Buffed
Totally balanced Build Roll 18Dex 15Wis and 13Str everythingg in STR and wisdom for 21Dex 22Wis 20Str Buffed
High Con Build Roll 14Con 15Dex and 17Wis 13Str Put 6 In Con 5in Dex and 1 In Wis for 21Con/Dex/Wis and 16Str Buffed

Humans Are Ok the extra feats are sweet they can run almost anything Just stick you using generic DPS Builds with them TBH

This Race can Put two in any abilitys Score
High Wis Build Roll 18 Dex 15 Wis 13Str 25Dex 22Wis AND 16Str Buffed
Totally balanced Build Roll 18Dex 15Wis and 13Str everything in STR and wisdom for 21Dex 22Wis 20Str Buffed

Halfling Master Of Deflection Builds They have a very good racial that allows Them to rock Deflection Builds Like no other Sadly its the only kind of build i would run with one or a con build

This Race Has Dex Con Cha Bonuses
High Dex Deflection Build Roll 18 Dex 15Wis and 13 con Thats 25Dex 22 Wis and 16Str Buffed
Con Build 17dex 14con and 15str with 13wis Put everything in Con and Wis and that will give you 21con 20wis/Dex and 18str Buffed

Ranger Tricks and Tips

Hello All Voltomey here with some Tips and tricks to the HR Class in this section i am going to explain some little tricks to help you pull off even more crazy **** with the HR class. Now some of you all might know all of the tricks listed here and some of you might not but its all good you will after you finish reading this post.

Tips and Tricks

Forest Ghost/Stormstep Action Combo: Now i have taught a few rangers in game about this combo its easy all you need is forest Ghost daily and Stormstep Action Class feature. Ok how this works is When you activate forest ghost you will lose 3 second of your encounter CD this is were its gets good Forest Ghost second Effect The effect that causes it to strike nearby targets counts as a individual activation for each target struck Triggering Stormstep Multiple Times. So for a single target you will get 3 more second on top of the 3 second lost by the Activation of the daily. You can refresh all of your encounters this way this is especially good for melee Builds as it lets you trigger Fox Shift twice in a row for massive dmg. You can also cast double thorn ward and split the sky thanks to this trick.

Fox Shift Animation Combo: This is the Melee Version of fox Cunning its a fun skill and can strike a single target Twice for high spike dmg. But did you know that while you’re in the attack animation of this skill which is also a Immunity frame you can also use at wills other encounters mid animation for even higher amounts of dmg. This works well in PvP because i bring aimed Strike and while going through the 2 shift animation of the skill i can cast that and hit a target with additional dmg or i could just rapid strike/Hindering strike during the animation or even boars charge for a KD.

Forest Meditation VS Shocking Execution/Ice Knife:For some Odd reason i mite just be seeing things But this Daily will cause these two daliys to fail as with any skill with a CC immunity will cause ice knife to fail and if ice knife can’t KD a target it does no dmg as far as i know. But why this causes shocking to fail no idea but it seems just outright ignore the dmg and all. But i just mite be seeing thing if any one can confirm this plz correct me.

Master Of Combat: This Feat Triggers on Forest Ghost even in ranged stance and will also cause forest meditation to dmg you dno why it just dose.

Forest Walks Lovely Brokenness: If there ever were a HR So broken its Forest Walk Currently how exactly is this broken well it doesn’t trigger on any of are buffing skills BUTIt will trigger On Feats such as Agile Combatant Bloodthirsty and The new Master Of Archery meaning this skill is quite nice for Hybrid Archers Until its is eventually fixed.

Master Of Archery Brokenness: While some of you mite not like the new master of archery But it is still quite Broken why you say well it does and simultaneously Does not consider Rain of Arrows Thorn Ward and Split The sky as Encounters so they will not use up the buff Split the sky gains no benefit but rain and thorn ward will crit every single time.

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