Voltomey’s Survival Combat PvP Build

by Vera Dias on December 22, 2013

Voltomey’s Survival Combat PvP Build

Hello All Voltomey here Bringing you a PvP Combat Ranger Melee Build. This is a PvP Build that relies on you out maneuvering your Opponent with shifts and bursting them down with Fox Shift+Hindering strike and a Flurry of At wills. The Build can take on More than 2 people at a time. The build thrives on causing major panic bye doing a vast amount of Unmitigated AoE dmg In Short Period of time i will explain this in the later parts.

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Build Type:
Melee Combat/Hybrid
Endgame PvP DPS Build

Play Style:
Infiltrator Style Play

Shock tactics Style Combat

PvP Role:
To Provide Rapid Amounts of AoE and Single target dmg to pressure a Enemy Team
Grasping Roots Provided By skills help kill kiting clerics

Can Provide back up ranged DP thanks to split shot

Excels in 1v1/Out maneuver your opponent circling it like a shark and make sure you use forest ghost when possible to confuse the target even more. Be sure to shift to avoid high dmg skills like frontline and Bulls strike and in 5v5 Situations just make sure you get in do your dmg forest ghost and do another spike of dmg potentially killing at least 2 people and critically damaging others

The Only skills you need to worry about and Max Are:

ME/MR: What do i say your main get in and get out skills melee version is a nice hard hitter you can also kill a fleeing target with this.

Fox Cunning/Shift: This is TR insurance since its been nerfed its less effective against CW but can still Avoid a TR lashing with this.

Boars Hide/Charge: This is more mitigation for you and you party its melee version is also a hard KD thats good for killing the ever to loveable cleric kiter.

Constricting Arrow/Steel Breeze: Sometimes i swap out Hindering for this its ranged power is a nice stun its melee power is nice stamina management.

Hindering Shot/Strike: PvP CC support from ranged you can spike quite nicely from ranged with this as well as well and A quick stance change to kill a running target. Its melee version is a hard hitting spike skill that applies strong roots so you can beat on a target Or use it to escape.

At wills
Rapid Fire/Strike: Your main Atwill dps comes from this use it

Split Shot/Strike: its a nice AoE and Split show works just as well In PvP as it dose PvE

Aimed Shot/Strike: Hits hard and its ranged version can still do massive dmg even for a combat ranger the bleeding ticks from aimed strike can crit for massive dmg. This skill can be used during the fox shift animation to prevent it from being interrupted.

Class Features:
Blade Storm:More dps on top of master of Combat feat
Storm Step Action: Until this bugged storstep get fix Bring this for that exact reason

Aspect of the Lone Wolf: This feat is working i just dose not show up in the character sheet. Any way **** trying to kill you from ranged will now have to get past you 50% dmg resistance 60 if you carry boars. and your high deflection and regen countering DoT. In shot this makes surviving 1 v1 encounter on points from TR ect easyer.

Aspect of the Pack: Very good if your group carries lantern Artifacts and if your fighting at mid with multiple teammates.

Forest Ghost:Atm this and storm step refreshes you skills dont get pigeon toed into this combo though any way forest ghost is good for sneaking past people and can be used as a speed boost and get the hell out of dodge If things go south for you.

Forest Meditation: On demand Heal Combines Nicely with fey thistle it can also be used to bait a TR’s Shocking witch it negates the dmg right out from also can save you from ice knife so tips and Tricks below.


I Took 5 out of the 10% Run speed trait put it in natures blessing all of my Incoming heals heal me for 20% more including regen life steal. It dose not work on potions or artifacts.

This character Sheet atm is out of date and i have almost completed my new gear set my new gear set consist of Fable Shurandar Set and its 2 piece bonus of 450 crit and forest lord gear and its 2 piece bonus of 450 recovery.There is not a set bonus impresses me enough to use for a melee build you could possibly use grand wardens if you’re mindful of when it procs. Any way use the pegasus seal vender regen rings as Regen is fantastic for this build and it is our main defensive stats along with deflection i will explain in a later post.I calculated all the stats from the mixed gear artifacts boons enchantments and the CN bow set Below.

The artifacts i use bring a lot of utilities to the table and can be interchanged depending on what you see out on the battlefield.

Waters of Elah’zad
Bind on Equip
Recharge Time: 180s / 160s / 140s / 120s.
– Heals you for 4,370 / 5,810 / 7,250 / 8,690 over 6 seconds and removes any harmful damaging effects such as poison.
Equip: +300 Recovery
Equip: +300 Defense
Equip: +400 Regeneration

This is standard for ranger gets rid of stuff like plague fire and Poison ticks its also a nice hard counter to CoI Ray Of Enfeeblement and anything That has a hard DoT effect.The more regen you have te better right not a bad artifact for people wanting to maximise this stat.

Lantern of Revelation
Bind on Equip
Recharge Time: 180s / 160s / 140s / 120s.
– Deals 874 / 1,162 / 1,450 / 1,738 damage to nearby enemies, and increases the damage they take by 10% / 12% / 14% / 16% for 6 seconds.
– In addition, for the next 6 seconds, you can see hidden targets an additional 10 feet away.
Equip: +300 Critical Strike.
Equip: +300 Armor Penetration.
Equip: +400 Combat Advantage Bonus.

Slot this baby in if you see any perma stealth TR running around this is a nice counter to them helps a lot its also damaged them and puts a nice debuff on them so you can potentially burst then down harder.This also has combat advantage boost so if you rolling with a premade it only serves to boot your over all dmg more with aspect of the pack.

Blood Crystal Raven Skull
Bind on pickup
Recharge Time: 180s / 160s / 140s / 120s.
– Grants 10% of your maximum Hit Points plus 30% / 50% / 70% / 90% of your missing Hit Points as special Temporary Hit Points, but these Temporary Hit Points will drain away.
Equip: +300 Regeneration.
Equip: +300 Recovery.
Equip: +400 Stamina/Guard Gain.

My main slot If someone manages to kill you and you have soulforge pop this and they will **** themselves while you burst them down from the grave. This artifact also gives more stamina gain which is nice considering how mobile you must be.

Forest Lord x2
FiE x2
CN Bow set

Combined Stats

Deflection 1185

Crit 1460

Armor Pen 790

Power 2170

Recovery 1429

Regen 814

Defence 774

Rings Belts Shirts and Pants
Ring of the noble beast x2
Ancient Necromancer Belt of the Undeath
Ancient Guts necklace
Gemmed Shirts and pants

Total Stats from Gear Boons Artifacts and Rank 8 Enchantments rank 7 enchants are also just as viable i just had a il more AD to spend soo… yeah

Deflection 2593 5 Rank 8 Silverys

Power 3069 1 rank 8 Radiant

Crit 2854 3 rank 8 Azure

Recovery 2029

Armor Pen 1908

Regen 1764

Defence 1452

Character Sheets
The picture below is out of date my stats atm are much higher will post after i am done with my charcter

Recommended stats

Regen:Having Regen is a must IMHO for any ranger it works well with deflection and life steal

Recovery: If you get this from gear and artifacts good its boost the AP gained from the RT feat also shaves a few second of CD’s dont stack it though get as much as you can from gear alone.

Defense you can stack this cause i belive rangers are the only class that can get up to a 100% dmg resistance or neer it with negation enchantment boars hide and lone wolf.

Deflection: At minimum if you’re a melee ranger you should have at least 30% its an important stat for us and procs fey thistle.

Life Steal: This is also a choice stat for you to stack get about 1.5k wurth and you’re golden.

HP: For people who want more HP more HP makes regen heal more. I believe a melee ranger can become super tanky if geared right.

Consumables: To Maximize This Build even more i use two important consumables

Caprese. This gives you 3% deflection and over 1k extra hit points

Waters of life:Gives 1 in every ability score

Recommended weapon Enchants:
Life drinker:Currently my enchantment i dont have alot of lifesteal so this is a nice alternative

Plague Fire:Lowers def you can also provide party support with this thanks to split shot

Terror: I dont really like this but it is what it is alternative to P Fire

Vorpal: This should be your goal you high crits take good advantage of this and it turns you at wills into face melters.

Recommended Armor enchantments
Negation: Stack’s with Lone wolf Boars Hide what’s not to love about a 80% dmg resistance

Soulforge: Insurance Combines nicely with blood skull artifact.

Barksheild: This is Ok you have to wait a little bit to build up charges

Blood Theft: Not a bad enchantment. but there are better picks

Elven Battle: If you hate getting CCed get this and go wild.

Shurandar Boons:
Dark Fey Hunter: You gain 250 Power
Fey Precision: You gain 250 Critical Strike.
Feywilds Fortitude: Your Max HP increased by 700.

Elven Tranquility: When being struck by a foe you have a chance to heal yourself for 400 HP. (Internal Cooldown of 60s)

Fey Thistle: When you Deflect an attack you deal 400 damage to your attacker. (Proc on every deflected attack. Debuff on attacker and his Damage Resistance affect damage).

Dread Ring Boons:
Conjurer’s Gambit: You gain 125 Critical Strike and 125 Movement.
Illusory Regeneration: You gain 250 Regeneration.
Forbidden Piercing: You gain 250 Armor Penetration.

Enraged Regrowth:When taking damage you have a chance to heal 1000 Hit Points over a few seconds. After this effect ends you have 250 more Defense for 10 seconds.

Rampaging Madness: When you deal damage you gain a stack of “Madness”. When you reach 50 stacks of “Madness” you gain 600 Power, 300 Lifesteal, and 300 Regeneration. 10 seconds after gaining this bonus your stacks are reset. You may only gain one stack of “Madness” per second.

Tips and Tricks

Forest Ghost/Stormstep Action Combo: Now i have taught a few rangers in game about this combo its easy all you need is forest Ghost daily and Stormstep Action Class feature. Ok how this works is When you activate forest ghost you will lose 3 second of your encounter CD this is were its gets good Forest Ghost second Effect The effect that causes it to strike nearby targets counts as a individual activation for each target struck Triggering Stormstep Multiple Times. So for a single target you will get 3 more second on top of the 3 second lost by the Activation of the daily. You can refresh all of your encounters this way this is especially good for melee Builds as it lets you trigger Fox Shift twice in a row for massive dmg. You can also cast double thorn ward and split the sky thanks to this trick.Note this is a bug and so it mite get nerfed do not build your melee ranger around this trick.

Fox Shift Animation Combo: This is the Melee Version of fox Cunning its a fun skill and can strike a single target Twice for high spike dmg. But did you know that while you’re in the attack animation of this skill which is also a Immunity frame you can also use at wills other encounters mid animation for even higher amounts of dmg. This works well in PvP because i bring aimed Strike and while going through the 2 shift animation of the skill i can cast that and hit a target with additional dmg or i could just rapid strike/Hindering strike during the animation or even boars charge for a KD.

Forest Meditation VS Shocking Execution/Ice Knife:For some Odd reason i mite just be seeing things But this Daily will cause these two daliys to fail as with any skill with a CC immunity will cause ice knife to fail and if ice knife can’t KD a target it does no dmg as far as i know. But why this causes shocking to fail no idea but it seems just outright ignore the dmg and all. But i just mite be seeing thing if any one can confirm this plz correct me.

Master Of Combat: This Feat Triggers on Forest Ghost even in ranged stance and will also cause forest meditation to dmg you dno why it just dose. This feat also deals armor Ignoring dmg when proced on skills like Fox shift you can completely ignore a GF block thanks to this and bladestorm it also seems to let you do substantial dmg to TR in ITC also watch makes it even more amazing.

Fores Ghost: this also functions as a speed boost to get away or assault a target even more

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    can you tell what affects melee damage output? it is something disappointing to launch a 500+ dmg from a bow and up to 100 by swords. I have tested a HR with high STR and low STR – nothing changed. The DEX tells that it affects, but does it really?
    or how to increase damage output from melee at-wils?

  • Randy
    October 21, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    How viable will this be for mod 4 and how will it be in mod 5?

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