Steamroller – Sentinel GWF UnKillable Node Build

by Carlito on January 17, 2014

Hey there guys Steamroller here.

Here is my Sentinel GWF Build Made specifically for Premade matches in order to do your job done correctly, and make it look good.

Sadly, as of today, Neverwinter does not offer many choices if you do decide to play the GWF class. I say this because once you hit 60 and you get a set of “decent” gear, you are forced to choose a path to take. And those paths are simple

Destroyer or Sentinel. (PVE or PVP) ( DPS or no DPS)

I will get into a Destroyer Build Sometime in the future, but for now this is My Sentinel Build I’ve been using in PVP, against some of the best on the shard.

Where to Begin. Feats:

Keep in Mind this is a straight TANK build and nothing more, other great GWF’s would disagree with “Fleet Footed”. But it suits my play style. If you have the footwork required to be a Top Notch Sentinel, You will see how “Fleet Footed” comes into play, specially against high caliber players on enemy point. Example’s: CW’s running away from you, TR’s Shadow striking and stealthing, Getting behind a Gaurdian Fighter for a takedown, other GWF’s faking you out, or DC Hopping all over the place like rabbits 🙂 (gctrl <3)


Cookie Cutter Enounter Combos:

The In Your Face Combo : Roar, Indomitable Battle Strike, Takedown.     (Start with Roar as soon as you see enemy or enemy’s coming to the point, Sprint, Takedown, Battle Strike……Rinse and Repeat.

The Cocky Combo : Flourish, Indomitable Battle Strike, Takedown      (Run up to The Enemy that you know dies first (CW,DC) start with Flourish (since its the longest cast time of the 3), as soon as Flourish is complete, Takedown, then Battle Strike. Rinse and Repeat

Class Features : Bravery and Weapon Master.  Straight Forward no explanation Required, Hands down Best Passive’s to have slotted. Bravery increasing Rune speed and Deflect Chance (OP) , Weapon Master increasing your Critical Chance, Deflect Chance, and Armor Class, per stack.

Daily’s: Savage Advance and Crescendo. The Reason why I have both slotted is because of the different uses depending on the situation and the class you are up against. In a Live Premade match, you will more then likely be facing multiple people 1v1 through out the match. I use Savage Advance mostly on Control Wizard’s, Guardian Fighter’s, and Great Weapon Fighter’s. Simply because its annoying. Neverwinter gets more In-depth then simply Out-Gearing the other player. Once you get into your enemy’s head and you know you have them in a scared place. Thats when you have the advantage. More then once you will be up against multiple enemy’s on point which will feel overwhelming But the truth is. Your doing your Job. And your doing it well.


Remember your Job on the battlefield as a GWF, and that is to be a Hybrid in and out of combat. Whether its Holding a point. And if you get enough practice, being able to go head to head against ANY class 1v1.


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