Hunter Ranger PVP Archery focus guide

by Vera Dias on January 24, 2014
Hunter Ranger

Hi everyone!

I know that I asked a little while ago and then haven’t been around to really follow up on this. I did a respec of my HR and have been testing out the various setups I selected to see how it works out. Now, while I am level 60, I’m hardly someone with high level.. anything. I currently have R5s in my gear and only a lesser terror. That said, I still give those who aren’t into the r10s and perfects a good challenge when fighting.

Just so it’s clear and up front: This is a PVP ONLY guide. Yes, it works in PVE, I’ve done plenty in PVE with it, however, it’s focus and goal is PVP.

Specific stats and build will be edited into this post once I am at home. Key highlights of stats:

Str: 16
Int: 19
Wis: 19
Dex: 19
Con: 14
Cha: 14

Note: This is before the campfire buff. With the campfire they are at 20s. If it is wanted to be assumed no campfire buff, then I would make sure dex and int are both 20.

The main skills I use:
Daily: Forest Meditation 3/3
Daily: Disrupting Shot 3/3
Encounter: Fox shift/Fox cunning 3/3
Encounter: Hawk Shot/Hawk Eye 3/3
Encounter: Marauder’s escape/rush 3/3
Class: Falcon sight (the +range and the name is escaping me atm)
Class: Lone wolf | twin blade storm

My feats will be put into here. Ran the standard archery path, not taking sniper’s aim as I don’t want to be dependent on range. I took the + speed buff if I buff anyone as I use fox cunning and hawk eye a lot. Both of these can cause that to proc. Unfortunately I think there may currently be a bug with this, which means I’d grab the + heal. I also grabbed the 50% strong roots proc for hawk shot. This has actually helped in matches several times as TRs/GFs/GWFs that were expecting a regular hawk shot get stuck at range for me to line up an actual aimed shot.

Standard rotation in PVP: do fox cunning/hawk eye while leaving spawn (or when between fights). When getting to a point, start with split shot to try and catch potential TRs in a wide range shot while picking the DC/CW that is going to be main target. First aimed shot should be protected by fox cunning still. Follow up with either another aimed shot or hawk shot if they start to target you. As they try to get closer do 2 more split shots, both to keep pressure on them and hit the team in general, once they reach ‘close’ range, stance switch, marauder’s rush to them, use fox shift as soon as you land, follow it with aim strike, then stance switch, and escape a different direction than they are facing. This sets up hawk shot/split shot to be fired at them. Depending on what class it is, fox cunning -> aimed shot can also help. If they get put into soulforge death, immediately aim shot. With correcting aim, this will usually kill them just as they come out of immune and before they can do anything like an artifact to heal.

Some specifics for classes:

CW – With the timing of dodges for an HR not mirroring the animation, it’s very important to know what they’re going to do so you can dodge the CC. If they catch you in something, it’s not completely over. Disrupting shot as soon as you come out of the stun will stop their routine. Switch to melee and rush them. Most CW tend to panic if you get in their face. They’ll try to flee. Use fox shift to pound them hard, as the majority of CW aren’t tanky. Watch the direction they’re fleeing, go range stance, escape out and slam them with aimed shot > hawk shot. If you aren’t able to disrupt their cycle, then just like any other squishy class, dead is dead.

TR – Stealth is rough to deal with, Try to lure out the impact shot with hawk shot to make them use it outside of stealth. Even if they IS you, the hawk shot will go off. Split shot tapping is important here as it’s short, fast attacks that will suppress their stealth. If the hawk shot works and roots them, then rush to them and use fox shift. That + aimed shot dot + split shot spam will end most of them. If you aren’t able to catch them in the root, then switch to melee and start spamming your fox shift. As soon as the stealthed TR is ‘visible’ fox shift will jump to them and hit them a few times. It’s a hard hit, burns through stealth quickly and leaves you in prime location to do aimed strike dot. Even if they roll away, aimed strike will home in on them. They may try ITC from stealth to resist everything. This is where you ME, force them to waste time. The TR will either try to range you, which split shot will slam them for, or they’ll try to run to re-stealth. If they flee, switch to melee and MR to them. Force the TR into a defensive response and you can burn them down. They will of course try to use their high power skills on you, be prepared to dodge the IS/LB as much as you can. If it’s a path rogue, then stay outside of the field as much as possible and shoot them.

GF – This can be either a hard fight or easy fight. The thing you have on them is range. (obviously) so you have to use it. They have the ability to resist any attacks until you break the shield. To do this, you need to mix split shot with melee moves. Watch for them to rush you and dodge the prones. While it is possible to survive the prone chain, it will put you at a very very high disadvantage if it happens. If they rush you, try to get in 3 split shots. Switch to melee and use MR to get to them first. This will usually have them try frontline/bullrush. So as soon as you MR, dodge. Expect a follow up prone and dodge again. Then fox shift. They either eat the damage, or what usually happens is they block, which tears up the block. Hit them with the dot that will burn block/hp and then ME out. As long as they’re constantly chasing you, they will have moments that they drop guard to get more speed. Watch for this and throw the disrupting shot to stop the block. While they’re dazed, use aimed shot. If you are fast enough at the combo, you’ll get an aimed shot off before they come out of the daze and can block again. This is your ultimate test of being a hit and move skirmish class.

GWF – The white elephant in the room. Tanky sents try to hold points. You can stand off point and aim shot them down. They can’t regen faster than back to back aim shots can burst them. MoA + hawk shot at full range = a LOT of damage. They won’t have a choice but to come after you, or if they don’t, they’ll be low by the time they’re willing to leave the point. When they come at you, expect either the roar to stun, or the takedown. ME can NOT dodge takedown, it’ll still hit if you try to ME away. Make sure you safe a dodge for one or the other. TD is easy to read, roar is not so much. Also make sure to avoid the IBS as it can take a solid chunk of life away + deep gash can quickly put you in critical condition. Otherwise, do not be afraid to aim shot them even if they’re unstoppable. A good 12k crit from aim shot will generally make them reactively pop unstoppable. HR innately have a lot of ArP, which means that the extra DR they get doesn’t do that much against our hits. Because aimed shot is a big single target strike, it’s using the fact that deflect is a % chance against them. If they have a 25% deflect (as an example) that means 1 in 4 of your aimed shots get deflected. Considering 4 aimed shots can be 40k damage, even 1 missing can still kill. The best way to fight a GWF is with someone else, even a little pressure from another class is enough to make most of them fall down and stay down. A GWF would be a valid reason to switch hawk shot to boar rush. If they rush in at you, you can MR to them, fox shift to throw off their targeting, then boar rush them. This is a knock down. Switch to range, ME, start aimed. They’ll have to get up, then chase you, resulting in at least 1 aimed shot.

DC – Both the weakest and strongest class in PVP. A good DC with a good team is a nightmare. A good DC with a weak team is just annoying and a poor DC with anything will just fail. Much akin to the GWF, our aimed shots can eat through their DR. The issue with a DC is they can out heal you initially. However, this burns their divinity quickly. When they are without divinity, they’ll fall much faster. Make sure to watch for potential hallow ground/AS casts and use disrupting on them. This denies them the DR/healing. Watch for their main attack. Usually it’s sacred flame, which is a have to keep pushing the button to use, or BotS which is a fire and forget dot. SF can be disrupted by mobility. BotS will force the switch to split shot. If a DC is pushed into defensive measures, then it’s possible to get off an aimed shot. This is another that having another class with you is very important. If a party member isn’t with you, then switching to the boar rush can be key to killing them. They don’t have spike heals, but they do have rapid recovery of HPs. So in the end this is your ultimate DPS race.

HR – The mirror fight. It should be rapidly very clear what sort of ranger it is. If they’re ranged, they’re trying to get the aimed shot off on you just like you are trying to aim shot them. For those type, rush them without using MR and wait for the ME use to MR them. The other main skill that most use is binding shot. This is the hard stone every 3 seconds, 3 times. If they use it, immediately use fox cunning as soon as possible. Expect the aimed shot to be following the binding shot. If the HR doesn’t move, a lot, you can use your mobility against them to force them into running and then take them down. If they are in your face, then expect a combat spec and do your best to throw them off. Watch for the MR to ME away, expect them to root you as often as they can, even if they strong root you and you ME away, you can charge aim shot while you slide back and hit them with it. In general, HR fights come down to who gets the spike first.

Alright, so it’s a rough outline of HR vs as well as my current setup. I’ll fill out feats and full powers selected once I am at home. Is there anything else people would like to see/know about?


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