Crit-Sent PvP GWF Guide (Mod 2) – By Diamond Krass Mustang

by MMOMinds on January 27, 2014
Great Weapon Fighter

Welcome to my first ever guide!

A little about myself …

I started playing NWO more than half a year ago as a humble TR seeking glory in the PvP arena. Realizing that I preferred to go all out on the front line screaming like a maniac, I switched to a DPS GF. There was a problem here … I could slaughter most of my enemies in one rotation, however, I was as resilient as a wet pancake. Then I rolled a GWF.

The purpose of this guide is to impart my experience as a PvP’er that has had a blast playing as GWF – through the good times and the bad.

By the way, I’m not a number cruncher (too lazy), I’m just a guy recalling what I learned from my substantial time as a PvP GWF. My stat and power choices are based on a combination of my own trial and error and the experience of fellow players. I’d like to give a shout out to guildies, ex-guildies and the many helpful threads/guides on this forum.


Let’s begin!


My aim in building a GWF sentinel was to use high critical chance and severity as the primary source of damage output. This type of GWF is perfect for team play as you will have access to fantastic crowd control, dps, tankiness and speed; all of which are vital aspects of taking and holding nodes in PvP.


Character Race:

As the build utilizes great survivability and burst damage, your class should somewhat reflect these choices. The best three classes for this build are …

  • Human (gotta love the three extra feat points)
  • Half-Ork (5% extra crit severity, 2 points extra for Con/Str)
  • Halfling (3% more deflect chance, 10% CC resist chance


Attribute roll:


Con and Dex should be high as possible, making sure Str is reasonably high also. Con is fantastic and is the most valuable stat for this build, granting higher HP and damage in the form of resistance ignored. Dexterity provides deflect chance, a stat perfect for survivability and one of my favorite stats. Strength just allows you to make the most of feats such as Desciple of Strength and Deep Gash.


Paragon Path:

Iron Vanguard




I think the feat choices are pretty self-explanatory, but I will cover the notable ones.


-Deep gash is an excellent feat because it actually does not do damage based solely on power. To my knowledge, It takes into account damage dealt and your Str stat. I certainly do more damage the higher my crits are and so should you.

-Powerful Challenge gives 15% more dmg Vs marked targets. Whats not to like? Weave Threatening Rush between your Encounters and At-Wills for maximum damage output.


Powers/Class Features:


When picking my powers/class features, I all I wanted access to were the following:



  • Sure Strike
  • Threatening Rush


  • Frontline Surge
  • Takedown
  • Roar
  • Restoring Strike
  • Indomitable Battle Strike

Class Features:

  • Bravery
  • Trample the Fallen
  • Weapon Master


  • Avalanche of Steel
  • Indomitable Strength
  • Savage Advance


These skills are what I believe to be the best for this build. Currently I’m using weapon master (too good to ever slot out) and Trample the Fallen (15% more dmg on targets under cc is better than 10% more deflect I reckon). The other choices were based on PvE viability; such as Wicked Strike (great AoE dps on mobs) and Restoring Strike (great single target dps which increases survivability).

And here’s my Character Sheet, showing gear choices and stats:


This build possesses high armor pen in order to deal with rival tanks as well as life steal, in anticipation of the coming module 3, which is rumored to bring great disadvantage to stacking regen. My crit chance is 33%, resist is 43% (before Sentinel’s Aegis adds 20% to defence!) and deflect is at 25%. I would highly recommend you try to get close to these numbers whilst having 36-38k HP.


So there you have it! That’s how I roll, but don’t take it as the be all-and end-all build. Experiment as I have, and you never know what new builds you might come up with!

I will try to reply to all responses and questions about this build and how I play it, however, I can’t promise I’ll answer every post so please don’t take offense. Lastly, keep this thread civil and related on this type of GWF build. No QQ’s or flaming please  Enjoy!


Coming soon …


GWF PvP Eliminator Guide: A tutorial on how to take any class out

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  • Jon
    January 29, 2014 at 7:09 pm

    Hi, I’m currently running a GWF with AoW set, ancient castle champion weapons and gear for crit power and AP, and specced for destroyer swordmaster PVE dps. Is it viable to just respec to your current build or something similar without having to obtain DL set?

    I rather not put too much grind into it since it’s just an alt, so just wondering if putting 100k AD into respec token might work out to make him more viable in PvP.

  • Krass
    January 30, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    Hey there. A pve dps gwf is far more different than a pvp sentinel. If you took your current build to a match against decent opponents, you would get kills, but also a lot of deaths due to low HP and defensive stats. As you don’t have access to DL gear, I’d recommend going titan 2 piece and scrapper 2 piece.

  • Xantsha
    February 18, 2014 at 11:26 pm

    Hi got some question my initial roll where 16/16/16 by lvl 60 those are 18/22/22, is the 1% Resistance Ignored worth rerolling?

  • Caesar
    February 24, 2014 at 10:21 am

    is there a way to get waters of elah zad apart from auction or the quest(i took the lattern with the quest)?

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