Marcus HR Serpent Archer build

by MMOMinds on January 27, 2014
Hunter Ranger

This is one of mine HR builds. The idea behind this one is to change stances as much as you can.

My race is Drow with max dex and wisdom

Basically, what you do is do some range damage, flash in the melee range, do some damage, and then back out for some more damage. Rinse and repeat until all dead.

I used this when was leveling toon

Powers I use:

Rapid Shot (left mouse)

Split Shot (right mouse)


Marauders Escape (Q)

Thorn Ward (E)

Rain of Arrows (R) (replace later with i.e. Hawk Shot, but I like AOE powers)


Aspect of the Serpent

Aspect of the Pack (replace later with Twin-Blade Storm)


Daily put what you like.



Weapon mastery 3

Predatory Action 4

Agile Combatant 3

Endless assault 3

Lucky skirmisher 2

Disciple of Dexterity 3

Extra Action 2



From Archery Tree:

Black Arrow 5/5

Bloodthirsty 5/5

Correcting Aim 5/5

Sniper Aim 5/5

Master of Archery 5/5

From Melee tree:

Retreat Technique 5/5

Agile Hunter 5/5


How to play this setup: (or how I play it 🙂 )

First I do a change stance (usually from melee to range)  to get the 3% damage bonus, and then I do a little right click AOE to build up Serpent passive, then put a E encounter to build up Bloodthirsty. Then I swoop in with Q, do a E and R after that, (maybe add some at-wills too), switch to range and press Q to retreat, then do a R… and repeat.

Now what are the benefits of this: we get 3% more damage, serpents passive which increases it even more, we get 5 action points per switching stance, and using one encounter from melee reduces cool down of all range encounters by 1 second and vice versa. Also melee attack have a 15% more damage. We also get a passive from Aspect of Pack (almost always we have combat advantage), or twinblades gives us +4% bonus for AOE wich we keep always.

Not to mention other cool feats we have taken.


You can change powers as you like, but remember to switch stances. Idea is to damage from a far, go in for more damage, and go back and finish em 🙂


This is not a full guide, just an idea I had and developed to some degree.

Ty for reading

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