Fury of the Feywild CW

by Vera Dias on January 28, 2014
Control Wizard

Previous guides at the time of publication became partially irrelevant due to the release Fury of the Feywild on the same day . What has changed and what is the CW now? Defiance of all , contrary lived through global nerf class became really imboy – understand this quite interesting.

People resented the success of CW, its popularity , good control and damage (although in truth, to damage the wizard is just noticeably inferior to all four classes). Developers this time something did not deign to say clearly that there own head , and decided to demonstrate how they are sensitive to the feed – Beck – took a cut in CW and everything that might seem working well . Critical Hits? Daily Powers? Buffs and debuffs ? It’s too upset people to stay as good as it is = ) These ubiquitous pesky wizards , preemptive -consuming role in the group in other classes – that they do now without his control? Having lost control , wizards will … kill !

For this we need to build AOE debuff terminator

full set High Vizier

Thaumaturge and specialization with the following fitami

You should not confuse stats – yes, they are unsuccessful High Vizier , but Paver never been to CW in the price , and the deficit is critical strike Renegade should not bother you too much – really upset will only downside defense . 2k ????? ????????????. “>Stat of offense dial should first > 2k armor penetrating .

The trick is to debuff that allows you to overlay High Vizier in this build . The description refers to three Stuckey lowering defense . By the way it works – more like a drop Mitigation. Maybe the developers themselves are not quite ready now to explain the mechanics of what they did , but whatever it was – set bonus works and very positive impact on the damage at more than the effect of CW in this Sete / build, – develops .

Shard of the Endless Avalanche, Steal Time, Chill Strike, Shield – all these encounters impose stacks set High Vizier, on top of that , all these encounters – AOE , ie they are subject to passivki Evocation and … they are a very high chance to trigger the Eye of the Storm ( by calculation chance to proc on several purposes – of course, this is an obvious bobble , but this way, thanks to a few blunders and took perhaps the most destructive in the history of the build CW). Thus, in this build you impose unbelievable value and apply debuffs fairly private / stable crits .

In this build a support – not HV-CW, and the rest of the team , a wizard – is the main damage. Best of all, if the group is 2-3 HV-CW ( huge damage, and they know how to build their works and therefore less likely interfere with each other ) . Trickster Rogue can bring more or less noticeable favor a raise Critical Teamwork and help with single targets . The Frozen Heart – the only place where you can come in handy GF or GWF, in other cases they are completely useless .

You will almost not useful Arcane Singularity – only in situations where you have to lose in the pit , heap or pull too far / fragmented / uncomfortable facing mobs. Almost always – it is better to use Oppressive Force – more damage does not stop throwing Shard of the Endless Avalanche, has no phase invulnerability. Wizards in other builds you might very interfere with using Arcane Singularity, sometimes even deliberately stung performance rating Paingiver – if you can not with them to reach an agreement / cooperation , the next time it is better not to waste time playing with them. When the group is present clearly weaker trailing damage by CW, the group will win if he will use Entangling Force Spell Mastery in slot for tightening mobs under your Shard of the Endless Avalanche.

In situations where you need to shoot the boss, and we must not cling to thrash their AOE , you certainly will not look as great. Have to go back to the usual single – targetovomu Ray of Enfeeblement, but stacks of HV you will Repel.
Other options?

First priority when choosing to build encounters was: Action set – points > animation speed Cast > cooldown > Done > positive effects (control, debuff ) . Now CW is no quick regen action- points and hence no permanent control. Shield no longer gives 5 ??% AP per affected target, he gives just 5 . Total . This means that for a set of 100% AP you have in any case apply 3-5 times (depending on how close and how many mobs are ) AOE AP- the encounter ( which , by and large remained only Entangling Force) – this is unacceptable poor control , and if they will not kill you – mobs certainly kill you. What follows from this? – The value has only recharge speed; on action points gain attention can not pay , that will be typed by recovery – will be enough. The third column in Boons more useful to spend 700 hp – will kill you at least a little longer . Kill them , kill you – may feel that this all got caught . Yes, autumn leaves fall from the trees , the birds fly south , and the Hulk , spiders and all sorts of hefty thick Elementals – awakens jet thrust , they will not fall and will not fly away. The game is constantly being added stupid invisible walls that do not allow to go anywhere or to push someone , mobs stop falling , and in some places – stupidly spawn . No, what you were smart and cool as a particularly able to handle the mobs – is gradually disappearing . Other way than as simply increase dps – remains.

In Renegade emphasis on the bearing of the critical damage in combat advantage damazhnymi Encounter and Daily 4 seconds to proc Eye of the Storm. That was the way in which the most convincing in CW single -target build. Now these 4 seconds No general Eye of the Storm in the single -target rotation is unlikely and trudnoulovim . Anything left alive ? Even Reaper’s Touch is cut from 30% to 15%.

Full Set Shadow Weaver – with the best stats and buffs , great for Renegade, to damage it pretty convincingly superior combination of 2 +2 (18 % Critical Severity Lifesteal and 678 in build – up on the regen in Renegade worked well ) – now he got a cooldown . Buffs triggered a couple of times , then go to the rollback. Damage difference if not defected to the 2 +2, then at least just disappeared. So 2 +2 has at least a fashion advantage – higher girskor .
Veapon enchant

Plague Fire is defective, it is the worst of your choice. Moreover, in HV instant damage looks more convincing + arithmetic damage in HV already overloaded mogochislennye pillboxes and every additional effects can cause unnecessary lag. Vorpal – out of competition. Lightning – in doubt.

As with regen action- points we no entries no longer come , and is only important damage , to a maximum of intelligence and a lot of charisma – what we need. Yes, you may not like tiefling , but have to love the ugly .

Unchallenged , all the same ” little bottom with a fascinating tactical opportunity – pulnut to 80 feet and run back even further .” Just before you could catch chetyrehsekundy 100% crit from the Eye of the Storm put a Ice Knife, reinforced by 20% fit of Snap Freeze for a moment and feel Trickster Rogue, and now – you can not.

In the future, waiting for CW global nerf , because Now , he is shocking and upsetting to other classes like never before. High Vizier in case of loss debuff become a trinket. Eye of the Storm can easily find any ten-second cooldown and a 3% chance to proc from AoE , excluding number of purposes (just 3% per cast for both single -target ) . Probable and nerf Evocation, because it is the only more or less distinctly working passivki at CW, which makes it “too popular ” at the moment. With high probability can be reduced damage AoE encounters . It is not clear what would constitute a new class warlock , depending on the specialization, some of the parties CW stabbed , and some – a little apnut . HV- terminator – it’s very effective , productive and fun, but most likely – is short-lived . If you decide to spend money on it last – you are very risk . I would recommend to others in the order of ” exploring the T2 had nothing to do ” to collect and preserve alternative sets – who knows, maybe in a week or a month to make some imboy Magelord, and in all the dungeon – built from invisible walls insurmountable death row =) .


Translated from Russia

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  • February 12, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    This so much! I love being forced to play my pisret to her full potential, using 12 or more different spells per pull!! ^^ and indeed DPS CC is so critical now, it really doesn’t matter what it is and which class, every little bit helps! =D

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