Steel Cannon Weapon Fighter Destroyer Tank Build (PVE Only) Updated by chocobofarmer

by Vera Dias on February 3, 2014
Great Weapon Fighter

Originally posted here, but reposted due to new mod 2 paragon path choice:…ild-(PVE-only)

The purpose of this build is to make a GWF that can deal enough damage to hold a good portion of aggro, while having high defensive stats to be able to rush into the next group of mobs to deal damage and absorb damage for determination before teammates attack. GWF received a lot of DPS buffs in mod 2, and the only time I am outdps’ed it is by pure DPS destroyers or pure DPS CW’s with Perfect vorpals, so I consider this a perfectly viable build for end game for a class that is now what I consider to be quite good as of 12/2013 anyway. Destroyer is chosen because it is the highest DPS tree for GWF’s, and coupled with unstoppable, high constitution roll, defensive stat accessories, enchants, and companions, a GWF destroyer can keep 90% of its highest DPS potential while also becoming a good tank and also being very forgiving to play. The build uses some minor gear swapping in order to go more towards more damage (such as with GF or other GWFs in team) or more survival (such as tough boss+trash mob tanking).

It is perfectly possible for a low constitution GWF to respec into this build, just the GWF will have a bit more potential for damage and a bit less potential for tankiness, but 90% of the time you won’t be wearing equipment and passives for either extreme anyway.

Race choice is a bit hard to decide for me, but imo the most suitable are:
1. Halfling (good deflect, con and dex racial bonus)
2. Human (More crit severity feat and some trash feats)
3. Half-orc (5% crit severity, briefly more runspeed at start of fight).
Starting stats:
4. Tiefling (5% more damage on mobs under 50% hp, good indomitable battle strike synergy, enemy dmg debuff)

13 str, 16 con, 15 dex, 11 int, 11 cha, 9 wis. In order of importance, pick racial attribute points for con first, dex, str, cha, int, wis last.
Add to con and dex every ten levels.
Feywild Boons:
Power, Critical Strike, Max HP, Elven Ferocity, Fey Thistle
Dread Ring Boons:
Power, Regeneration, Armor Penetration, Enraged Regrowth (OR if you pvp Shadowtouch), Endless Consumption…0000&h=0&p=ivn


If Human: 3/3 Devastating Critical, 2/5 Steely Defense (tiny bit more power) OR 2/5 Ubiquitous Shield (weak, but most other feats left are weak too) OR 2/5 Fast Runner (run more?)

Damage gear:
Avatar of War armor set, soulforged armor enchantment
Ancient/MC/VT weapon set, vorpal weapon enchantment (for tanking) OR Greater Plague Fire (fixed in mod 2, for 9% increased damage taken on mobs you keep using wicked strike on, teams love it)
Ancient Necromancer’s Necklace of Undeath
Ancient Priest’s Ring of Burning Light
Thickgristle’s Sturdy Belt
Alternatively, full Hrimnir jewelry set for neck and ring slots for a bit more damage and self-healing but less defense and hp.

Tanking gear:
Swap out two Avatar of War pieces with Titan pieces for the 1800 HP set bonus, preferably not the chest piece so as not to need to swap the armor enchantment inside.

PVP gear:
This build is NOT meant for pvp, but gwf’s are quite strong in pvp at this time, even destroyers, especially a tanky destroyer build like this. The tanking gear above may be adequate against most opponents, but full vigilant warlord set is quite better for PVPing with this build.

Ioun stone gear:
2x Empowered Runestones in offense slots
Profane Runestone (preferable if rank 8 or less enchantments in stone or points in steely defense feat) OR Eldritch Runestone in defense slot
Ring of Sildeyur OR Glacial/Frozen Ring of Hrimnir
Cloak of Sildeyur OR Icy Amulet of Hrimnir
Prophet Champion Icon (do gauntlgrym for 75 grym coins to buy it at grym vendor)
Alternatively, defense can be stacked on Ioun Stone if 2 points or more are in Steely Defense feat. NOTE: It is now possible to stack HP on augment pets!

Slot defensive slots with Dark Enchantments or Savage Enchantments until you have about 700-1000 lifesteal, then use Azure enchantments until you have 2k-2.4k defense, then Radiant enchantments for HP. Slot offensive slots with Radiant enchantments after reaching 20-24% total armor penetration. In T2 dungeons, bosses have 24% damage reduction, and brutes have 22%. Your constitution will be 25 with campfire buff, giving you 17.25% armor penetration. With 0 armor penetration you will have 12.8% armor penetration, and with 971 you will have 24% armor penetration. Keep adding dark enchantments in offense slots until you reach the desired armor penetration but no point to exceed 24%. Alternatively you can swap for the Ancient Excorcist necklace slotted with Dark enchantments during boss fights. Armor penetration data from here:…=1#post3910442


Please see this link before dumping refining points into your artifact . Also keep in mind, shards and enchantments fed into artifacts get double RP, but refining stones such as power/stability/union stones and RP items such as peridot DO NOT give double RP. It is good to break down your different RP options into AD to RP ratio, for example Flawless Sapphire is 30k AD in Wondrous Bazaar vendor, giving 5K RP, so 6 AD:1 RP ratio. Lesser tranquil/indomitable/serene runestones give 12960 (25920 for artifacts) and costs about 80k AD, so 3.08 AD: 1 RP ratio. Rank 66 artifact give 80% of the stat points of a rank 100 artifact, and costs about ten times less AD to upgrade. Upgrade Blood Crystal Raven Skull first since its first stat is regeneration and its power is very good for GWF’s.

Waters of Elah’zad from level 21 artifact finding quest: Recovery, Defense, Regeneration
Blood Crystal Raven Skull from PVP vendor in town for 24K glory: Regeneration, Recovery, Stamina/Guard Gain

One of these three for the final artifact. I list three because I think all three of the powers are very powerful, and also because the last three may be ridiculously rare and most of us may have to just use the Lantern. Emblem of the Seldarine may have by far the most powerful ability.
Lantern of Relevation from level 21 artifact finding quest: Crit, Armor penetration, Combat advantage bonus
Eye of Lathandar from arcane coffer with final adamantine gauntlet: Life Steal, Defense, More incoming heal
Emblem of the Seldarine from Malabog himself, binds on pickup: Defense, Life Steal, Companion stat boost

Companion options for active bonus:
1. An augment pet. If you fight dracolich a lot, cat is quite decent and should be your choice, 200 deflection and 50% less fall damage. Ioun stone of Might gives more stamina regeneration which is nice, and with the current 470 AD:1zen ratio it costs about the same after upgrading to blue quality as the Ioun stone of Allure from zen store. Ioun stone of Allure seems to have a very bad active bonus, but it’s probably what most people have and is just fine.
2. Acolyte of Kelemvor. At epic, 5% more incoming heal. Works on potions too. Yum yum.
3. Sellsword. Power is required for deep gash damage. Very important companion.
4. Blink Dog. Combat advantage damage. You’re a tanky gwf, you can run through blobs of enemies to the opposite side, and help give the entire team combat advantage.
And one of the following (I prefer Cavebear or Rust Monster personally):
5. Skeleton Warrior: at epic, 165 power and 165 life steal. For deep gash damage and gearscore.
6. Cavebear, 1200 hp at epic. MMM HP.
7. Rust Monster (350K-400k AD epic companion in AH!!!), 25% chance when damaged to apply 5% damage debuff on attacker for 5 seconds, healthy for you and the team during tough fights.

Normal fighting:
At-Wills: Sure strike (OR Threatening Rush if marking enemies for team for 8% damage taken debuff), wicked strike
Encounters: Not so fast, frontline surge, indomitable battle strike
Dailies: Indomitable Strength, slam
Passives: Destroyer, weapon master

Boss fighting:
At-Wills: Sure strike, wicked strike
Encounters: Frontline Surge (if adds around during fight) OR Battle Fury (situational power, but quite good), restoring strike, indomitable battle strike OR daring shout if somehow you are dying
Dailies: Indomitable Strength, slam
Passives: Destroyer, weapon master’s strike if easy boss OR bravery if hard boss or you need runspeed

CN running:
Encounters: Mighty leap, restoring strike, punishing charge (optional)
Passives: Bravery (not optional)

Some information about potions just in case you want a little more umph if the team keeps getting raped by dracolich or something (no more bumping in mod 2).
Caprese (will add 1400 hp)
Hero’s Feast (1000 hp)
Potion of Heroism (500 hp)
Major Flask of Protection (1000 hp)
Major Flask of Potency (you will have excess vitriol from other flask, might as well make this)
Distilled Potion of Major Healing (4900 HP over 12 seconds and 8500 instant heal) OR Greater Stone of Health

Potions that boost HP are even more important for you than other classes because unstoppable temporary HP and regen rely upon it, and you stack these things like a madman. You can get well over 40k HP with this build and some of the potions above. They don’t need to be used to make this build survive well, but it is still quite noticeable, and may make your chances of surviving lag-induced multiple dracolich hands much much much greater.


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