Future Guild Presents: The Official Standby For Heals DPS PVE DC Build! by willfoot

by Vera Dias on February 5, 2014
Devoted Cleric

Greetings, Neverwinter! I hope you’ve had fun adventuring away and getting your epic gears! I’m Will, aka “@willfoot,” aka, “Standby for Heals,” The loud-mouthed DC that always seems to have an opinion. Whether I’ve fussed at you or sang your praises to the Zones, a lot of you know me (or the guild I’m a part of.)

That being said, I’ve been requested many many times by too many players to post my “DPS DC” build onto the official forums. They’ve been on a popular social networking site since Feywild was released, and I’ve slowly tweaked and twerked various stats to get more bang for my Cleric buck. Some have taken the build and made some AMAZING variations of it, and I tip my hat humbly to those who dared to try something different.

And so, I provide directly to this community, who has entertained me greatly for many months, the chance to, “Dare to be different!” I provide to you, the “Shotguns FOR THE LORD (Amen)” build!

DISCLAIMER: You will see trains of logic that will not make sense, initially. For instance, this build does not use Recovery as a priority stat. This is unheard of with this class, and it considered controversial. However, if you choose to try this build, feel free to sacrifice some stats to get a higher Recovery.


Phase 1: Explanation
To begin, I must explain what I mean by a “DPS DC” build. When I began designing this build, my goal was to create the most efficient support character that would not have to rely so heavily on healing in order to keep a party going during dungeon runs – or skirmishes/lairs – while trying to prevent burning the player out on a singular role. (Healing)

A “DPS DC” is simply a glorified debuff/buff specialist. The extra damage that this build generates is more a byproduct from party-wide buffs and mass enemy debuffs than selfish “pew pew I DPS LOL” damage. With this build, you’re still fulfilling the role of a support-class, but you’re given more flexibility on how you want to perform this role while also amplifying the overall damage output of the entire party via higher critical strike chances. And it’s a lot of fun to play.

Phase 2: Elaboration
So how does this build work exactly? It’s a pretty simple principal – your primary purpose will be to strip the enemy of all possible defense while your party tears apart your target(s). When utilized correctly, you will offer at least 20% higher damage output to every member of your party, regardless of their gear or skill rotations while raising your own by 40-45%, regardless of who/what is in your party.

Also, this is a very cheap build, AD wise and is easy to begin building. It may be the cheapest DC build to start, actually. With the right guild, you can farm your beginner gear within a day or so. It is also one of the best solo builds for Clerics currently available.

So how does all this buff/debuff madness work, anyway? By combining Class Features, Encounters, Dailies, and At-Will powers, you will progressively destroy your enemy group while still sustaining your own HP comfortably. In other words, the longer you focus on an enemy, the less its defense becomes – and the higher your crit chance becomes.

Phase 3: Character Stats
Firstly, I must offer a slight disclaimer. I have only tested this build with one race (Dwarf), but I have considered that other races could offer a higher benefit. For instance, because of the Half-Orc’s passive ability to raise its critical severity, it may become a better choice for players who want to see higher “Earthy Colored Numbers” in their crits. I chose Dwarf, however, simply because they look pretty cool in Tiered Armor.

This build also relies heavily on Strength. As you may or may not know, Strength increases the chance of a Cleric’s Critical Strikes, so while making your character – please take this into consideration.

My Attributes are as follows along with their explanation.
Strength: 21 – Higher Strength means higher crit rates.
Intelligence: 12 – This increases Recharge speed – If you’re an encounter spammer, raise this some.
Constitution: 12 – This increases Max HP – Optional to boost but a little extra HP always helps.
Dexterity: 12 – This raises your Deflection Chance as well as AoE resistance. Optional to boost.
Wisdom: 24 – This raises Dmg, Healing, Control Resistance and Control Bonus. Raise as much as possible.
Charisma: 17 – This raises your Action Point gain, Companion Stats, and Recharge Speed. Optional but very handy.

In terms of stats, you’re going to want to specialize in Power. Power is the bread-and-butter of this build, particularly when mixed with Critical Strike and/or Armor Penetration. More on that further down as I start speaking about gear.


Phase 4: Powers
Clerics have to be versatile. As such, we have been provided with a great amount of powers that compound this versatility. Our main crutch is how to generate Divine Power to fuel our encounters. What is listed below is my current powers and what remains equipped in what situation.

Solo Play:
Divine Glow: This should be your opener on a group of mobs. It’s an AoE defense debuff. If you use it while “Tabbed,” You’ll also get a spiffy increase to your offense. However it’s recommended that you use it “untabbed,” because it’s a wonderful generator of Divine Power (You’ll get a little over half-a-pip per cast).

Chains of Blazing Light: Since you’re going to be healing via pots during solo play, you’re going to need some sort of CC. Chains is perfect for this role. While “Tabbed,” it does a little extra damage and holds the target(s) in place for an extra second or two. Recommended to use it “Untabbed,” because it also is a wonderful Divine Power generator (You’ll get nearly a full pip per cast.)

Daunting Light: This is what you save your Divine Power for. This encounter, once you have fully debuffed your enemy, will begin critting for massive amounts of damage. This encounter should be equipped at all times.

Lance of Faith: It does a pretty good amount of damage and generates a good amount of Divine Power per hit. It’s slow, but effective in solo play.

Astral Seal: This will be your alternative to using pots. If you have a DC, you know how it works already, so there’s no use in explaining it.

Holy Fervor: Self explanatory. It makes you generate Action Points faster. It’s a trigger for your Hammer.

Terrifying Insight: A priority. This adds to your damage as you debuff enemies. With your AoEs like [COLOR=”#FF8C00]Chains[/COLOR] and [COLOR=”#FF8C00]Daunting Light[/COLOR], you’ll be compounding your debuffs with extra damage all at once.

Hammer of Faith:You will be spamming this Daily as soon as your main enemy is fully debuffed.

Hallowed Ground/Armor of Faith: Useful during boss fights. It debuffs on a huge AoE while boosting your own Attack. It’s not as much of a debuff as a “Tabbed” Divine Glow, but stacking this along with that encounter will give you a nice boost.

Party Play
Forgemaster’s Flame This will be your primary healing tool. When used while “Tabbed,” You’ll offer the party a healthy heal over time effect while debuffing a single enemies’ defense. Try to use this on the main target if possible, or a monster near the party that has a lot of HP left.

Daunting Light Again, you’ll spam this “Tabbed” as fast as you can. Fully buffed, you’ll be doing the same amount of damage as most ungeared Control Wizards.

Searing Light I know what you’re thinking already, “….SEARING LIGHT?!?! DAFUQ, WILL?!” Yes, Searing Light is HIGHLY recommended while in parties; particularly if there is a control wizard in the party. While “Untabbed,” this skill will generate nearly a full pip of Divine Power. If used while “Tabbed,” it will target one monster, then hit any monster in a straight line behind it. However, it will also perform splash damage to any monster near whatever was inside that line! This splash damage does not have a limit on how many monsters it will hit. If you are equipped with a Terror enchant or a Plague Fire, you could potentially nerf the defense to EVERY MONSTER IN THE ROOM YOU ARE IN! That means you could strip 10+% of defense to 25, 30, or even 50 monsters at once!

Astral Seal: This is common sense. If you’re in a party, you have to spam this on every mob the party is attacking. This generates HP for them, and with the right equipment (see below), you’ll also be nerfing defense.

Sacred Flame: You’ll want to use this for three reasons. One, it’s quicker than Lance of Faith. Next, it generates Divine Power faster; something you’ll definitely need in dungeons. Finally, it generates temporary HP, which will come in handy with the right feats.

Terrifying Insight: Again, this should be equipped at all times. Extra damage is extra damage, and though this is a fairly selfish Class Feature; the fact that monsters will be dying faster will make your healing a little easier.

Healing Lore: You’ll want to use this for two reasons. Firstly, you’ll get a Feat that will raise your attack during critical heals (which the “Tabbed” Forgemaster’s Flame does a LOT!). Secondly, your overall heals will be higher, making you more viable in “party mode.”

Hammer of Faith:You will be spamming this Daily as soon as your main enemy is fully debuffed.

Hallowed Ground/Armor of Faith: Useful during boss fights. It debuffs on a huge AoE while boosting your own Attack. It’s not as much of a debuff as a “Tabbed” Divine Glow, but stacking this along with that encounter will give you a nice boost.

Phase 5: Feats

This is the meat of the build. With the right gear and the right Encounter Rotation, you’ll be really hard pressed to find someone matching your Gear Score that will be able to outdamage you in dungeons. Please note the lack of using the “Locked” feats. This was intentional, as this build will work for both Divine Oracles and Anointed Champions


I’ll explain the reason for each Feat at a later time (because time is something I’m running out of IRL, currently. ) Most of them are self explanatory, and a pretty basic Feat build.


Phase 6: GEAR!

Remember when I said that this was a cheap build to make? Well, all you do is farm the Tier-1 Dungeons until you have a full High Prophet set http://neverwinter.gamepedia.com/High_Prophet. Once you have a full set, you will receive a passive Defense Debuff to anything you hit. When you compound this with a weapon enchantment such as a Terror or a Plague Fire, you will be stacking a 20% defense debuff to anything you hit. Stack these two with Divine Glow, and then unleash your Daunting Lights or Searing Light to unleash a debuff to everything in the room. I promise, if you have this set, you will see a lot of Critical Hits, as will your entire party.

Once you have that set, you are free to farm any Tier-2 dungeon with ease. Using the High Prophet set, I’ve managed to grab a full Beacons of Faith set as well as a Grand Templar set. I’ve also farmed most of the Iliyanbruen Set as well, as this build is wonderful to play inside of Malabog’s Castle.

Your goal for your Weapon Enchant should be the Plague Fire (or a Vorpal if you’re rich and are feeling greedy.) If you’re just starting the build, a Terror will do just as fine. Regardless, the defense debuff is instrumental to the success of your massive amounts of Crit Strikes.

For your Armor; you have a choice between a Negation Enchant or a Soul Forged. You’re going to be squishy, and you will be one-shot in dungeons. Both offer good benefits.


So there you go! That’s the basics of this build! We at Future have spent a lot of time experimenting with the stats and encounters, and we believe that this was the best balance. As I have more time, I’ll elaborate more and more on this build, as well as answer any questions you may have about this build.

Lastly but not leastly; beware. This is NOT a pvp build, and you WILL get smeared around by Great Weapon Fighters and Hunter Rangers if you are not cautious. This is also a very squishy build, so taking hits can become a hazard to you as both a healer and a debuffer.

Thanks for reading, Neverwinter! Hope to see you in game soon!

With Fond Regards,
Will (Standby For Heals)


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  • June 18, 2014 at 8:52 am

    build worx great..will there be an update now that Icewind Dale is out? the special gear needed there for Kessel’s Retreat kinda stuffs up the stats.

  • soulkitchen
    October 20, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    sorry but sole fact you’re telling ppl to use lance of faith as primary at-will and not even a word of dc most powerful class feat foresight makes this ‘guide’ pretty much garbage and says you know pretty much crap about the class’ mechanics

  • ValentineW
    October 16, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    This is a great article, but the link for the Feats – the “meat” of the build – simply takes me to the Neverwinter Build calculator, but does not show me a build. Any way that section could get updated?

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