Cupcake pve destroyer gwf dps guide.

by Vera Dias on February 9, 2014

Cupcake pve destroyer gwf dps guide.

Updated as of 1/29/2014This guide is built strictly for PvE. I’m writing this because i get asked alot by fellow GWFs whenever i pug MC or T2s.The build is nothing new and its mainly focused in endgame dungeons(CN,MC,VT) and it may require some AD. This is not permanent as i will try to upgrade it from time to timeRace:
Half-Orc – The Master Race. I simply believe half-orc is the best race for dps pve gwf because of racial feats: +5% Crit Severity(its like an extra epic dancing blade) +2 STR +2 DEX(the only Ability scores you need to stack)

Other acceptable races are: Dwarves, Human and Halfling

Ability Scores:

Starting rolls are: 18STR/15CON/15DEX. Obviously max on STR and DEX(for crit) second for dps, do not stack CON as it is useless if youre aiming for dps only, it may give armpen but that stat can be easily stacked to soft cap.


I chose Swordmaster Path. Nothing new.


I’m non human. I didn’t put any points towards Unstoppable Action mainly because AP is very easy to fill with last hits from IBS And also no points in Disciple of War since armpen is so easy to stack.

5 points in Vicious Advantage, the other remaining feats in the destroyer tree can’t compare with the dps increase this feat gives


Typical dps boons, but for the 3rd one on sharandar, I chose the HP instead of the +2% AP Gain because our dailies aren’t really that much and gaining AP is very easy with the help of IBS.

For the 2nd boon in dread ring, i took the lifesteal over regeneration, lifesteal is so much better for us and we get more health back compared to regen because we get heals from EVERY damage we do (that includes our OP bleeds), and we hit fast specially when unstoppable is up, instead of the heals every 3 seconds.Gear and Stats:

Avatar of War 4/4 is the best set for GWFs

Fomorian Fabled – has same damage with Fallen Dragon Set but it is better stats wise, more power and has 444 extra crit. Fomorian Fabled>Fallen Dragon

Radiants(Power) on every offense slot, and Azure(Defense) on every defense slot(to get power bonus from Steely Defense: 20% power from defense).

If you have the same amount of CON as me and wearing the same accessories including in the augment(see below), you won’t be needing to slot any Armpen enchants anymore, you can go all out to power, thus more dps.

You can wear the “Grand” version of the rings and neck if you’re saving AD, or if you’re really in tight budget you can use “Minor Grand (Drake Seals)” versions of the accessories.

I always use Potion of Heroism and i have it up permanently whenever i dungeon, that way i hit 24% armpen. 16%(Stats) + 7%(CON) + 1%(Heroism), I cannot depend on the campfire buff because you can never be too sure if you’ll die or not, you’ll lose the campfire buff even if you have soulforge whereas the Potion of Heroism stays with you even if you die.

Do not stack crit and recovery, you’ll get enough points from the 4/4 Avatar of War and 2/2 weapon set.You’ll only have 1k+ recovery but that is fine because the set bonus from Avatar of War will give you 1350 point and that effect is so easy to maintain(almost forever as long as youre in combat).

Currently wearing Lantern and Waters as artifact, I’m still farming for the Shard of Valindra’s Crown, Use Lantern as your main and upgrade it as much as possible, this will be very helpful in clearing trash and boss fights.

If you have the 3 artifacts, you can leave the 2 secondary artifacts at level 99 because making them to 100 doesnt really benefit you at all, it only affects the cooldown from that point on, you don’t need to replace Lanterns as your main, its simply the only artifact youre going to use in any dungeon.

Armor Enchantment is lesser soulforge, it has saved me many times and has avoided the whole party wiping, upgrading it doesnt really make any change but if you have nothing else to spend on then go ahead buy a perfect one.

Weapon Enchantment is Perfect Vorpal, I believe this is the best enchant for GWFs for overall dps output, one reason is our OP bleeds is always critting and vorpals are making it even more OP.

Other weapon enchants that can bring decent amount of DPS: Lightning(Must be greater/perfect), Flaming, Greater Plaguefire.

Augment and Companion:Radiants and Empowered Runestone(Power) on every offense slotI chose Ioun Stone of Might over Ioun Stone of Allure because you can get more power from Might Stone:
It has 3 Offense slot vs Allure’s 2 Offense slot + 1 Defense slot,even if you put 3 Smiting Valiants(+243 Power +133 Defense) and have R10 Radiants, R10 Empowered + R10 Eldritch(Defense slot) on Allure, you’ll still get more Power from the extra offense slot in Might. Might>Allure

Must have dps companions, Dancing Blade(Epic) and Fire Archon

Wild Hunt Rider(On Encounter Use 5% chance to increase damage by 10% for 5 seconds): Doesn’t really proc that much on boss fights(less than 10 times during Dracolich fight – assuming you kill it in less than 5 minutes) but good for clearing, going to replace this with the lightfoot thief, but I’m using it for now since its still a boost in dps. MUST be upgraded to Epic to be useful.

Aranea(On attack you have a 3% chance to have lightning strike your target doing 50% weapon damage): Its very good for GWFs since we do AOE and we hit fast with unstoppable, the damage is also weapon based, and since we have the highest weapon damage, i believe we are the best class suited for this companion. Its also affected by attack modifiers, it can crit up to 5k per proc. No cooldowns.

Other companions that are viable or better depending on situation:
Tomb Spider – very strong DoT, can make boss fights shorter(Dracolich, Valindra, etc.)
Blink Dog – DPS boost, since its easy to get combat advantage.
Sellsword(Epic) – 300 power

I take out Aranea and replace it with Blink Dog(Epic) for single target DPS fights(Valindra, Fulminorax, etc.)

DO NOT get Galeb Duhr, it doesnt suit us since we are glass cannons, you want to stay at full health as much as possible, staying at around 30% HP just to get the damage boost isn’t worth it with the risk of wiping.

Encounters, Dailies, Class Features and playstyle:

Dailies: Crescendo/Spinning Strike and Avalanche of Steel.
Spinning Strike and Avalanche of Steel for clearing, Crescendo for boss fights.

At-Wills: Sure Strike/Wicked Strike + Weapon Master Strike
Wicked Strike for clearing and Sure Strike for bosses

Class Features: Weapon Master & Destroyer
You may want to switch Destroyer with Bravery during Valindra’s Fight to help you get to caskets faster
If youre not using Vorpal, it would be better take out Weapon Master and switch with Steel Blitz

Encounters: For clearing – IBS, Not So Fast, Restoring Strike (this setup can also be used in Dracolich fight) For Single-Target DPS(Valindra, Fulminorax, etc.) IBS, Flourish, Restoring Strike.

For Dracolich fight, i use IBS, Not so Fast and Restoring Strike but if the party needs help with control, you can switch out Restoring Strike with Roar

Spinning Strike and Avalanche of Steel are both better than Slam in my opinion, since both of them can crit(can benefit from our vorpals and also procs bleeds). And Avalanche of Steel hits more than 5.

Decision making is key here, on which daily to use, If the CWs casts singularity in the middle of the fight, Spinning Strike will be the better choice, but for initiation and big pulls Avalanche of Steel will be the best.

If timed right, Avalanche of Steel can also clear a wave of Dracolich hands, and also used as a dodge and enjoy the temporary immunity if your potion/health stone is on cooldown. With the current amount of Life Steal stat i have, hitting 10+ mobs with this daily heals me back to almost full health(from 50% HP) then the bleeds will heal the remaining health to full HP.

For those big pulls in CN and VT, it would be better to use Avalanche of Steel instead of Spinning Strike since it doesnt have a cap on how many targets it can hit and has a big target area specially when the adds are spread out in the area.

Unstoppable when you can(try to make use of the +10%damage to encounters whenever possible), and always save IBS for last, if you have the Wild Hunt Rider, use the 2 other encounters first for a chance to proc the ‘Wild Hunt’ and Get 3 stacks of Onslaught(Avatar of War) and time your Rampaging Madness procs before using Dailies or IBS for bigger crits = bigger bleeds = bigger dps

If you have 0 stack of Onslaught(Avatar of War) and you hit 3 or more enemies with Not So Fast it will give you 3 stacks of onslaught, but you still have to hit with another encounter to receive the +1350 Power and Recovery Bonus, not sure if this is a bug or not.

Always look for any adds that can be killed with IBS, doesn’t matter if its a trash or elite mob, the marks from it procs bleed.

I’m open to any questions and suggestions, feel free to contact me @erikiki1

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  • May 3, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    love your views something for me to follow and keep up on since noob to this game .. but i have a level 60 TR decided to switch and try GWF ..

    since its been months would ti be possible for you to update this at any point .. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  • GTare
    May 17, 2014 at 8:07 am

    With MOD 3 out, an update would be great!

  • Michael
    June 9, 2014 at 2:12 am

    Hi!i have some (?).about Summoning bonus!it dosnt work?
    IF i summon comp….I must see summonig bonus(in stats,),dosnt?
    i put runstone(rank 7,5)it must show me bonus?

    • Moria Mitsu
      June 14, 2014 at 2:30 pm

      Summoning bonus does work. Of course, it depends on whether or not it’s Ioun stone or a different companion. If it is regular one, do not forget you have to put in Eldritch Runestone so you will get your companion’s stats. If you are talking about Ioun stone, then I have to say that the game is kinda awkward and lots of the times your stats jumps up and down without you changing anything, For example my Attack/Healing keeps jumping up and down from 10,7K to 10,6K and back. So don’t worry about it much, your stats are surely there and it’s only game’s fault they are not able to show it to you.

  • Moria Mitsu
    June 14, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    Hello Cupcake, I would appreciate an update, your guide was a good starter for me, but with new mod out and with changes in our feets, I would rethink few feats you have here, for example Disciple of War no longer adds up ArmPen, but power, also I would rethink combat advantage feat in Instigator. With GFs dropping their popularity, I happen to tank lots of dungeons now, for example VT, and combat advantage is so hard to get this way, so it might be more beneficial to put them feats into Executioner’s Style for triggering more damage from Sure Strike and Indomitable Battle Strike.
    But I have to admit that I love this guide really much, it gave me perfect idea about what should I be doing. Thanks a lot!

  • mostafa
    June 24, 2014 at 4:57 am

    wow cool man thank u for ur advice

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