Sorta Hybrid Build

by Vera Dias on February 17, 2014
Hunter Ranger

Sorta Hybrid Build

Not sure if this build has been posted up yet or not but I am enjoying it quite a bit so I thought I would post it up. I threw together a video of the build so you can see it in different settings. It focuses on crit/cd reduction and using both stances quite a bit.

Build Type:
Hybrid – Some what encounter dependent on GS (13k+ should have no problems cycling your CD’s)

Hybrid – Competes with CW/GWF equal and greater GS
(CW can screw your DPS if they use a ton of knock backs instead of grouping)

Play Style:
Very Aggressive up front in and out type combat. If you play like a glass cannon this build will not work for you. Damage output = healing and refreshed CD’s which is a beautiful thing!

PvP Role:
Make CW’s quit, Ranged HR’s reroll and GF cry about their shield vanishing.

You excel in 1v1 situations because your damage is more focused but group situations benefit you as well with steel breeze and ghost.


Fox Cunning/Shift: Bread and butter high single target DPS/CD reduction skill.

Constricting Arrow/Steel Breeze: This skill is more useful than you might think. Ranged gives you a stun on a timer you can keep track of and time skills accordingly. Melee is a nice refresh on your stamina bar used with 2 targets around you it restores about half your stamina.

Hindering Shot/Strike: I use this when you come across a really geared/good DC that you just can’t kill.

Marauders Escape/Rush: This will save your life in so many ways you can’t even imagine. With this skill you feel pretty ballsy to do stupid stuff with high confidence of being able to escape. But don’t be narrow minded with this skill both melee and ranged can be used offensively and defensively.

At wills
Rapid shot/Strike: Main filler skill decent damage.

Aimed Shot/Strike: Ranged drops people that like to camp points and melee helps kill those tanks and healers but really is useful for all classes.

Class Features:
Storm Step Action: Helps massively reduce your CD’s with Disruptive Shot!

Aspect of the Lone Wolf: Mitigation is always good.

Twin Blade Storm:Works great for PvE.

Disruptive Shot: Free DPS, Interrupt on call at anytime with a really short CD, Great CD reduction.

Forest Ghost: Great escape and engage ability. Also helps you get stuff off that can be the difference of a win and loss in battle like an aim shot for 20k to the face.


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