Jaylo’s PVE DC Healer – Beacon of Faithful

by Jaylo on February 19, 2014

GUIDE: Devoted Cleric – Healer Beacon of Faithful
By: <Genocidal Tendencies>

Notes: This guide is just a reference to anyone looking for insight. Everyone’s play styles differ, and some things might not work for all. A lot of the things explained are based off of play style and coordination with the group. My stats, equipment, feats, ect are just what worked for me based of said variables. I’d like to also say I am not carrying an Ion Stone of Allure yet in these screenshots. Since then i’ve acquired the stone, as well as upgraded to all Rank 7 enchantments, and this build works even better. My basic theory is balance of the sort in this build. Instead of stacking power or crit so heavily, I go with a little more survivability. Also this build is based off the Beacon of Faith armor set. That being said let’s get started

I go with the Beacon of Faith set (900 Recovery/Crit Proc). The 60second cooldown on the proc is long, but it basically goes for the beginning of every fight. It also works well with my build and play style. I sacrifice some power/crit to help raise defensives in my core stats.

Power: 4667 + (700 from Rising Hope) = 5367
Critical: 1985 + (900 Beacon of Faith) = 2885
Recovery: 2472 + (900 Beacon of Fath/360 Rising Hope) = 3732

Ability Scores:

Stat Balance

It’s never a bad thing to have too much power for any class. The stat is non-diminishing, however it is certainly ok to hold back at a certain point to help other stats catch up for this build. Especially with FEAT: Bountiful Fortune (15% Recovery/Power Proc). Again coupled with the Beacon of Faith (900 Recovery/Crit Proc), it can make for some great synergy to help make up for pulling some numbers out of power, and into another stat. Once you hit 3500-4000ish, its ok to spread the stats.

Critical Strike:
The same theory is applied to critical strike as talked about with power. With crit floating at about 2000ish, I am getting 28.6% crit chance. Anything over 30% in my opinion is too much. 1/4 to 1/3 chance isn’t too much of a difference, especially with Beacon of Faith & FEAT: Bountiful Fortune kicking in. Try to keep this stat at 2000.

Armor Penetration:
Not important on this spec

Recovery:Third times a charm with this spec as recovery gets the same treatment with the Beacon of Faith andFEAT: Bountiful Fortune. This is a very important stat that I wish I could pull up a little more. I would like to have this at about 2500ish, but anything close to this number should suffice with the amount of synergy happening. With the diminishing return at 3300ish, you can always push for it, but in comparison to other stats, you can hold off and make a slow climb toward it.

These three stats should be prioritized, and everything else should work around gear to make sure you have at least these essential numbers. The three numbers are 2000Defense/1000 Deflect/1000 Regen. Hitting these numbers will create a synergy again with this spec. As a halfling you get 3% increased deflection already (so non-halflings stack a little more for magic number). 15% Chance to mitigate 50% damage. What is nice is deflect will act first, and then defense comes into action. Regen is often overlooked, but i’ve come to realize the importance. It heals 5.5% of your MISSING HEALTH. This means the less life you have, the more you heal, which works nicely in times of chaos in battle.

At Will / Encounters / Passives / Daily

Healer Defensive
Group Composition (Tank DPS, DPS Glass Cannon x2, DPS CC/Support)

At Wills
Astral Seal
Sacred Flame

I usually do my best to hit every regular to elite mob you can with Astral Seal for your high AE DPS glass cannons to get extra health off of. Weaker mobs die too fast to take advantage. When you get chances between encounters, spam sacred flame on mobs to help clear. Your DPS will suck, so thats the best you can do.

Healing Word/Chains of Blazing Light
Astral Shield

Position yourself closer to the ranged. Should they take aggro, Divine Sunburst the aggro mobs back towards the rest of the group of mobs. Should you have Chains of Blazing Light slotted, you can even combo it with the Divine Sunburst. Position the target ring underneath the anticipated landing area of the mobs. BAM! They are now rooted and your ranged DPS who aggroed does not have to move.

Healers Lore/Divine Fortune/Holy Fervor

Keep Healers Lore and Foresight up usually. Certain boss fights may require interchanging, but those are the two I generally keep up. Divine Fortune will come up on fights I have to move around more on, where its more challenging to gain divine power. I also will even use Holy Fervor depending on the boss or group composition. While the AP gain isn’t much, it’s enough to cycle Hallowed Ground a little more frequently.

Hallowed Ground

I really don’t even use any other daily skills. Hallowed Ground is my go to Daily. I most frequently will cycle this with my AS, overlapping the last couple seconds of AS. This way there is a continuous sustained heal going for your group. It’s important that you time this correct to keep everyone topped off. On occasion, depending on the encounter/CC situation at the moment, I will opt to use a Flame Strike in lieu of Hallowed Ground. For example: If the mobs are coming down from a singularity, coordinate with your CW so you can use Flame Strike upon their landing, to continue the CC chain.

Healer Balanced
Group Composition (Tank Balanced, DPS Glass Cannon, DPS CC/Support, DPS Balanced)

At Wills
Astral Seal/Brand of the Sun
Sacred Flame

Astreal Seal and Sacred flame should be slotted mostly. Brand of the sun will help create divine power when you are running the foresight/healer’s lore passive combo and generate a little extra DPS since you are running with a more defensive group. With the low to moderate DPS coming from your group, you can give it up to help balance your group should the situation call.

Sunburst/Divine Glow
Healing Word/Chains of Blazing Light
Astral Shield

I personally mostly run Sunburst, Chains, and Astral for this group composition. If your group has no CW, keep Chains of Blazing Light up. This will help keep mobs controlled. You can even slot Divine Glow should you have a melee heavy group, and rely more on Astral Shield / Hallowed Ground rotations for your heals.

Foresight/Holy Fervor
Healers Lore/Divine Fortune

Keep foresight and healers lore up usually, unless you feel as if the group has more defense than normal to variate. I would slot Divine Fortune to help generate divinity if you are having problems.

Hallowed Ground

Group Composition (Tank Defensive, DPS CC/Support, DPS Balanced)

At Wills
Astral Seal/Brand of the Sun
Sacred Flame

Divine Glow/Daunting Light
Chains of Blazing Light
Astral Shield

With the extra CC and defensives from balanced class builds, you can deviate to a hybrid healer DPS by switching around your passives. I usually run this build with the above described group composition, or if another cleric is in the group with me.

Foresight/Terrifying Insight/Holy Fervor
Healers Lore/Terrifying Insight/Holy Fervor

Again all based off group composition and certain boss fights. You can switch out your passives as long as your group is balanced enough for your to go more DPS.

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  • Gotharic
    February 20, 2014 at 1:00 am

    Great spec…one of my favorite healers in the game!

  • Aragos
    February 25, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    would be great if you had a link for your build of powers/feats. A lot easier to see for a beginner like me haha (:

  • Lionnix
    February 27, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    Your build is not a bad one, the only chance I would make is, you don’t need domain synergy you have enough recovery with you final Tier 2 build, so you don’t really need that 5% extra, the stat points is better spend on Holy resolve which is a must for any cleric build.

  • April 16, 2014 at 9:01 am

    Hello, I ‘d like to know if this build can work with other armor sets.

  • David Thomas
    October 3, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    Even though the beacon of faith is one of the nicer set this build is no where near based on facts at all Regen is not really important as it has a very significant and very rude cap Regen actually only heals you for up to half of the tool tip percentage per tick (every 3 seconds)

    dat been said the essential encounters specified do not include FF which is the best healing skill out there and minimizes the need for regen.

    Flame strike is virtually worthless unless u r soloing mobs.

    Using daunting light will get u booted out of the well exp players cause not only does it not stack enough damage it also is usually missed by most DC out there.

    There are better guides out there then this and people should really look towards other before going for random stats like this one discusses.

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