StevieJee’s HUNTER RANGER Hybrid Build

by MMOMinds on February 21, 2014
Hunter Ranger

Recently, I’ve been coming to this site often to get ideas about builds for the different classes in Neverwinter.
However, I’ve been noticing that there is a slight lack of coherent Hunter Ranger builds, especially in comparison to the material available on all the other classes.

Hunter Ranger is by far my favorite class in Neverwinter. After some time of messing around with different builds, I’ve come to one that works quite well.

Stormwarden Path (currently the only path available)

At-Will Powers
Rapid Shot (3/3): Significantly underpowered, but this skill is more reliable than both Aimed Shot and Electric Shot.
Split Shot (3/3): For every ranged & hybrid HR, this is the go-to skill. Outstanding range, spread, and damage. Clean out clusters of mobs within seconds in PvE, or dish out punishment to grouped enemies in PvP.

Encounter Powers
Marauder’s Escape (3/3): Essential for every HR build. Useful to quickly step out of danger’s reach, and just as well to jump back into it.
Hindering Shot (3/3): Depending on what you want to accomplish, this skill or Constricting Arrow could be utilized. This skill is great if you want to create space between yourself and the enemy. It is also great if you want to keep the enemy in a specific location. The best aspect of this skill is, however, the three charges. This skill can be thrown out three times before you’ll have to wait for its cooldown.
Rain of Arrows (3/3): Only useful in PvE, and only when you are not the enemy’s target. The AoE range of this skill is very small, and it takes a few seconds to take effect after its activation. As long as someone else is holding the enemy’s attention and keeping them stationary, this skill will dish out heaps of damage.
Constricting Arrow (3/3): Unlike Hindering Shot, this skill does not contain the enemy to one area. Instead, this skill interrupts the enemy every few seconds after they are hit with it.This skill is better used in situations where you want to interrupt the enemy’s attacks, which makes it quite useful in PvP.
Split the Sky (3/3): This skill is great for setting up an advantageous fighting zone for you and your allies. It should only be used when you are in a team of five, otherwise it will not be effective enough to make up for its utilization of one of your encounter power slots.
Binding Arrow (3/3)
Fox’s Cunning (3/3)

Feature Powers
Aspect of the Lone Wolf (3/3)
Aspect of the Serpent (3/3)
Stormstep Action (3/3)
Twin-Blade Storm (3/3)

Daily Powers
Forest Ghost (3/3)
Disruptive Shot (3/3)
Cold Steel Hurricane (3/3)

Weapon Mastery (3/3)
Toughness (3/3)
Swift Footwork (3/3)
Battlewise (3/3)
Endless Assault (3/3)
Disciple of Dexterity (3/3)

Archery Feats
Black Arrow (5/5)
Bloodthirsty (5/5)
Correcting Aim (5/5)
Prime Critical (5/5)
Master of Archery (1/1)

Combat Feats
Seeker (5/5)

With your last five paragon points, I’d recommend either placing them into Stormcaller’s Arrow or Agile Hunter.

*work in progress*

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