PvE GWF Swordsmaster Destroyer Build by helloz2

by Vera Dias on February 24, 2014
Great Weapon Fighter


Pros and Cons

– Good DPS
– Lifesteal in PvE
– Mobile
– Relatively Squishy
– Not as viable in PvP compared to Sentinels
– No Iron Vanguard Powers

Recommended Races

+2 DEX
+2 CON or +2 STR
+5% Critical Severity
+10% Run Speed for 3s when you enter combat which can only occur once every 20s
Seems to be the most viable option for this setup due to the Critical Severity bonus as well as 2 more CON or STR compared to Humans. STR is recommended for this build though.

+2 Any Ability Score
+3% Defense
+3 Heroic Feat Points at Levels 10,15 and 20
On the bright side, Human has more character customization options than Half-Orc.
Other than that, the additional Defense adds a little to the Power Steely Defense gives and you get more Heroic Feat Points which are useful. Chose this as my race but Half-Orcs should be a much better option.

Ability Scores

STR: 18(+2)(+6)
+16% Stamina Regeneration
+16% Damage Bonus
+16% DoT Damage Resist

DEX: 13(+6)
+9% Critical Chance
+9% AoE Damage Resist
+4.5% Deflection Chance

CON: 13(+2)
-5% Resistance Ignored
+10% Maximum Hit Points

PvE Character Sheet (With Stone)


For armor, Avatar of War 4/4 is strongly recommended as the set effect is really good to have to increase DPS output. (+450 Critical Strike at 2/4 and +1350 Recovery/Power upon proc at 4/4).

For weapon, some weapon sets (Ancient, Dread Legion, Fomorian, Fallen Dragon) give +450 Critical Strike which could be very beneficial, but not necessary.

For rings, neck and waist, you might want to focus a little bit on Power, along with other stats on the side to keep it balanced.

For shirt and trousers, if you need:
Armor Penetration and Deflection => Gemmed Exquisite Gambeson and Gemmed Exquisite Trousers
Recovery and Critical Strike => Gemmed Exquisite Shirt and Gemmed Exquisite Pants

You might also want some Life Steal to get better sustain while DPS-ing.


This setup currently has 2 Defense, 7 Offense and 3 Utility slots.

x1 R7 Dark (+185 Armor Penetration)
x3 R8 Dark (+220 Armor Penetration)
x1 R7 Radiant (+185 Power)
x2 R8 Radiant (+220 Power)

x2 R8 Azure (+220 Defense)

x3 R5 Dark (+120 Movement)

Weapon Enhancement Slot:
Vorpal recommended

Armor Enhancement Slot:
Soulforged recommended (PvE)


Currently have the following: (not final though)

Bloodcrystal Raven Skull (rank 60)
+183 Recovery
+300 Regeneration
+166 Stamina/Guard Gain

Waters of Elah’zad (rank 75)
+300 Recovery
+228 Defense
+256 Regeneration

Lantern of Revelation (rank 73)
+300 Critical Strike
+222 Armor Penetration
+244 Combat Advantage Bonus

As for the actives, I like to use Bloodcrystal Raven Skull the most among these three as the temporary HP boost could prevent my character from dying at some point, Lantern of Revelation is also a good choice since it speeds up DPS, while the active of Waters of Elah’zad does not seem to be as effective at this point.



Sure Strike 3/3
Must have. Good single target DPS At-Will.

Weapon Master’s Strike 3/3
Must have. Good AoE DPS At-Will which applies mitigation debuffs.

Wicked Strike 3/3
Optional. Good AoE DPS when Unstoppable.

Reaping Strike 1/3
Not viable in this build. Point spent here is automatic though.

Class Features

Destroyer 3/3
Must have. Class Feature which gives bonus damage useful for Destroyer spec.

Bravery 3/3
Must have. Class Feature which gives Run Speed and Deflect Chance useful for PvP.

Weapon Master 3/3
Must have. Class Feature which gives Critical Chance per stack.

Steel Blitz 3/3
Optional. Class Feature which gives a chance for extra attack based on enemies hit.

Steadfast Determination 0/3

Steel Defense 0/3
Most of the time, there will be better options.

Steel Grace 3/3
This might be negligible since there’s Unstoppable already.


Not So Fast 3/3
Must have. AoE DPS Encounter with fast animation cast time.

Mighty Leap 3/3
Must have. Good mobility Encounter as well as having a dodge mechanic to it.

Restoring Strike 3/3
Must have. Good sustain Encounter which deals quite a lot of damage.

Takedown 3/3
Must have. The prone effect of this Encounter is useful in PvP.

Roar 3/3
Must have. Most likely the only ranged Encounter for Swordmaster paragon and has CC effects to it.

Indomitable Battle Strike 3/3
Must have. High burst Encounter with massive Action Point generation upon kills.

Daring Shout 0/3
Optional. Encounter which marks nearby targets and good defense buff for a duration.

Come and Get It 0/3
Optional. Gathers monsters and gain a flat damage buff after for one attack.

Battle Fury 0/3
Optional. Immediately regain full stamina and Damage/Action Point gain buff for party. (25% for others)

Punishing Charge 3/3
Optional. Good for charging up Action Points and mobility.

Flourish 0/3
Optional. Good damage but animation time and rather long cooldown gets in the way sometimes.


Avalanche of Steel 3/3
Must have. Great AoE Daily, seems to have no target cap and also has prone CC effect to all targets hit.

Crescendo 3/3
Must have. Great multiple hit Burst Daily on a single target which deals a lot of damage.

Slam 3/3
Must have. Daily which deals damage over time applying damage debuffs to targets hit, has a target cap though.

Savage Advance 3/3
Optional. Single target daily which pushes target away and prones it, useful in PvP in some cases.

Spinning Strike 1/3
Not recommended to have. A point has to be inevitably spent here though.

1) Referring to the image, there are two extra points in the end, which can be spent wherever.

2) Referring to the image, Steel Grace, Savage Advance and Punishing Rush 3/3 are not core Powers in this setup, so you may want to redistribute them to other Powers if you like.

Powers Used (PvE)


Weapon Master’s Strike
Sure Strike

Class Features

Weapon Master


Not So Fast
Restoring Strike
Indomitable Battle Strike


Avalanche of Steel

1) Sometimes for more AoE DPS, you might want to switch Sure Strike for Wicked Strike for At-Wills and Weapon Master for Steel Blitz for Class Features. (optional)

2) Not So Fast is sometimes switched to Takedown or Mighty Leap, whenever they are suited best.



Heroic Feats

*Extra 3 feat points since Human race, adjust where necessary.

Disciple of Strength: +2/4/6% damage Strength gives
Endless Assault: +2/4/6% Encounter damage
Steely Defense: Gives Power equal to 4/8/12/16/20% of Defense
Weapon Mastery: +1/2/3% Critical Chance
Devastating Critical +5/10/15% Critical Severity
Feats to improve overall DPS.

Toughness: +3/6/9% HP
Armor Specialization: +5/10/15% AC and Defense effectiveness
Feats to improve survivability, even if slightly.

Unstoppable Action: 5/10/15/20/25% Bonus AP Gain while Unstoppable
The AP gain is quite high, but I prefer more HP though. Choose this for faster AP gain.

Fast Runner: -3/6/9/12/15% Stamina loss while Sprinting
Not viable in PvE and there’s better options.

Constitution Focus: +5/10/15% CON effectiveness
Not useful since this build adds DEX and STR instead of CON.

Destroyer Feats

Great Weapon Focus: +2/4/6/8/10% At-Will damage
Increases DPS.

Deep Gash: Damage over time effect upon critical hits, dealing 3/6/9/12/15% Power as damage over 5s
Might be broken or something, but the DPS of this is really high. Must-have nonetheless since it crits.

Staying Power: -2/4/6/8/10% Encounter Mitigation debuff by Weapon Master’s Strike
Good debuff addition to Weapon Master’s Strike.

Focused Destroyer: 5/10/15/20/25% chance to proc Destroyer when hitting lesser than four targets
Helps in targeting bosses or elite monsters.

Destroyer’s Focus: Determination gain upon dealing damage, +10% Encounter damage when Unstoppable
Capstone feat, must add.

Disciple of War: Gives Armor Penetration equal to 5/10/15/20/25% of Recovery
Since Recovery will not be stacked much, the feat will not be really effective in this case.

Executioner’s Style: +0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2% Max AP per Reaping Strike kill, +2/4/6/8/10% IBS damage based on missing HP
Reaping Strike is never used, and the IBS aspect is very minor in PvE.

Relentless Battle Fury: 5/10/15/20/25% lesser cooldown for Roar, Takedown and Battle Fury
Viable in PvP, but not that useful in PvE.

Battle Awareness: +5/10/15/20/25% Power during Slam, 5/10/15/20/25% short cooldowns upon using SA
Not good since you will not be using Slam or Savage Advance frequently.

Instigator Feats

Student of the Sword: 5s 3/6/9/12/15% Defense debuff upon critical hits, stacks up to 3 times
Defense debuff which will be helpful especially in party settings.

Vicious Advantage: +1/2/3/4/5% Critical Chance and Damage when having Combat Advantage
No good in PvP, but if you utilize Combat Advantage this feat helps.


Sharandar Boons

Dark Fey Warder: +250 Defense
Dark Fey Hunter: +250 Power
Defense would be better since you get 20% of it to Power with the Steely Defense feat.

Fey Elusiveness: +250 Deflect
Fey Precision: +250 Critical Strike
Crtical Strike will be quite high, thus adding some Deflect might be better.

Feywilds Fortitude: +700 HP
Elven Haste: +2% Action Point Gain
More HP would be better in this case.

Elven Tranquility
Elven Ferocity
It’s OK to choose any.

Elven Resolve
Fey Thistle
Elvish Fury
Redcap Brew
More power is always good to have. Elven Resolve is also a viable option.

Dread Ring Boons

Reliquary Keeper’s Strength: +125 Power/+125 Movement
Conjurer’s Gambit: +125 Critical Strike/+125 Movement
Power’s the better option here since Critical Strike is already quite high.

Evoker’s Thirst: +250 Life Steal
Illusory Regeneration: +250 Regeneration
Since this build is more PvE focused, Life Steal should be better than Regeneration.

Illusion Shimmer: +3% Deflection Severity
Forbidden Piercing: +250 Armor Penetration
Definitely choose Armor Penetration as your Deflection Chance will not be high.

Enraged Regrowth
Personal preference for this one.

Augmented Thayan Bastion
Rampaging Madness
Endless Consumption
Burning Guidance
Chose Rampaging Madness for the Power increase during the buff. Endless Consumption might be suitable too.


Active Companions

Currently have the following: (not final though)

Ioun Stone Of Might: +2%/+3%/+5% Stamina Regen
Cannot be replaced even though there’s better options since it’s the Summoned Companion. The bonus Stamina Regen helps though.

Skeletal Dog: +25/+100/+190/+300 Life Steal
Increases sustainability. Might swap this out for Wild Hunt Rider though for more DPS.

Dancing Blade: +3%/+5% Critical Severity
Amplifies critical damage.

Galeb Duhr: Deals up to 10% more Damage based on missing Health
Good to have since you will be taking damage during battles.

Fire Archon: Deals 5% more Damage to targets lesser than 30% HP
Adds to overall DPS and helps strike a killing blow with IBS with a higher chance.

Summoned Companion

An Ioun Stone of Allure (1200 ZEN) or Ioun Stone of Might (1000 Tarmalune Trade Bars) is recommended since it will give you a significant boost of stats to your character in PvE.

For this case, I use the Ioun Stone of Might since it has all Offense slots for Runestones and Ring, Waist, Ring for equipment slots.
(third ring slot unlocked at Rare, so an upgrade cost of 500K AD is required)

Purpose for the stone is to stack Power as high as possible, to increase DPS further.

For the Offense Runestone slots, I use Empowered Runestone, Rank 7 which gives 185 Power each,

For Equipment, I use Smiting Nefarious items which adds 243 Power and 133 Critical Strike each slotted with a Radiant Enchantment, Rank 7 which gives a bonus 185 Power for every piece.

Currently, the stone gives 1,966 Power along with some other stats as shown above.


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  • heiltdo
    February 26, 2014 at 11:32 am

    Thanks you got writing this guide!
    Question, what’s the best AoE at will to use WMS or wicked strike?
    I have read some very conflicting information on the forums and I’m confused.
    WMS seems to do a lot more damage pure hit than wicked, but wicked strike is slightly faster from what i can observe.

  • Gruumsh
    May 13, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    How does the module 3 changes of the feats affect your guide?

    deep gash seems to be repaired or nerfed.
    student of sword gives now -5% damage reduction non stackable ins tead of up to 3 stacks with -15% defense.

    executioners strike and and disciple of war got reworked.and many others.

    i may take executioner and Disciple, and let deep gash and or student of sword (and vicious advantage) go. i am just usnure of i should let student of sword or deep gash stay?

    I am curious about your opinion. is the blled attack (without crits and boost from encoutner pwoer which was used) better or the 5% reduction of the enemys damage reductiona t a crit?

  • NoOne CanFail
    May 17, 2014 at 9:24 am

    is that build still viable in module three or is isnt it good because of the nerf ?

  • gm
    August 28, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    The change from hitting 3 targets to hitting more than 3 targets has a nerf effect for feats built on multiple targets. Not so fast is the easiest way to get the first stack, if there are 4 targets. I run Destroyer build and notice I seem to have a slight dps drop in dungeon runs. I typically do not stand on the boss during the big fights as I use my AoE attacks to aggro the mobs swarming the healer. So I typically use leap and not so fast just for the AoE aggro during boss fights.

  • zios007
    December 26, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    Could you upload the pictures again? I was following your build and now I cannot see it 🙁

  • mardock
    June 1, 2015 at 1:32 am

    On the level60 to 65 and 65 to 70 powers . Which ones do you recommend for both lines ? I am strictly pve and really don’t see much benefit in those choices.
    Thanks in advancs

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