Sentinel GWF Build – PvP Focus – LEEROY JENKINS Jr.!!! by kolatmaster

by Kolat on February 27, 2014

Sentinel GWF Build – PvP Focus – LEEROY JENKINS Jr.!!!

Greetings all!

After spending weeks on end perusing the Preview Shard Forums, and after having pretty much maxed out my PvE GWFs, I decided to create a purely PvP spec’d GWF for the upcoming Mod 3 changes. Without further ado I present…


Just a note, for those who may not be aware, I have been purely PvE focused since the beginning of the game and all my other GWFs are PvE spec’d. I’ve PvP’d a bit just for lulz over the months, and also to grind out the Blood Crystal Raven Skull. Recently I’ve kinda got hooked, and am enjoying it more… It’s the competitive nature within me and the fact we’ll soon have legit match making/ranking system, so I thought, why the hell not? *wink*

NEWS FLASH: Con/Dex Halflings are the hawtness for GWFs in PvP! Film at 11…

Ok, just to put this out there this ‘guide’ won’t have anything ‘new’ or particularly ama-za-zing as there are plenty of better PvPers and/or builds out there. This is hardly original, so be forewarned! Lol

My base stats were:

16 Strength
16 Constitution
16 Dexterity
11 Intelligence
10 Wisdom
10 Charisma

I placed 6 points in Con/Dex as I leveled, and here are my final stats (PvP Gear):

My chosen/current PvP gear is as follows:

Pretty self-explanatory, though I went with a Defensive slotted neck piece for an extra Radiant Enchantment, and I also have the Rings of Repulsion to use if I want. Currently grinding out my Blood Crystal Raven Skull which will probably take the place of my Lantern of Revelation initially, and we’ll see how that goes from there! I’ll also be grinding out VT/MC for the Fallen Dragon Swordknot and the Fomorian Fabled Swordknot as time goes on to upgrade my weapon. I do have the Greatsword of the Titan, but I really like the extra +450 Crit Strike from the set bonus.

Enchantment wise I am rocking Perfect Soulforged and Perfect Vorpal, duh!

Boon wise I picked/will pick…

Dark Fey Warden, Fey Elusiveness, Feywilds Fortitude, Elven Tranquility, and Fey Thistle

Dread Ring:
Conjuror’s Gambit, Illusory Regeneration, Forbidden Piercing, Enraged Regrowth, and Endless Consumption

Here are more of my PvP stat numbers:

You can see the distribution above, and again this is more for viewing pleasure, but any suggestions let me know!

This is my PvE look with a Perfect Frostburn for Armor and a Perfect Frost for my weapon:

Why the Cold focus? Because it looks effing amazing that’s why!

I’d like to note the Frost Enchantment has been pretty darn snazzy from a CC perspective as the slow/recovery effect is really noticeable and lets me hit things more before they hit me. Not that I do a lot of damage, but it’s cool… Pun! Lol

Also I may eventually test it out in PvP just for fun to see if it actually does anything of important and I will report back here!

Here are my PvE stats:

And more along with my companion thrown in!

Here are my Powers/Feats, and again no major surprise as its obvious what to take given all the other awesome guides out there:

My PvP Encounter Rotation is…


Threatening Rush
Sure Strike


Indomitable Battle Strike
Frontline Surge


Indomitable Strength
Avalanche of Steel


Weapon Master

Please note this was written well before Mod 2 went live, so a lot has to be updated!

The Tao of Disengaging – PvP Theorycrafting for GWF

What I have begun to do is quite simply really… At the beginning of the queue I suggest that I (if the only GWF in the group) go just beyond Flag 2 while the other four members of the team go to the actually cap the mid Flag 2. My role here is to kill/disrupt the CWs/HRs that tend to stand off the point. I’ll run around other GFs/GWFs and focus those specific classes and/or the DC. Then I continue on to the opponents Flag 3, and camp it until one or two members of the opposing team come to interfere. When they do come, I am looking to make the fight last as long as possible while having my opponents use as many of their abilities as they can. Once I am down to 25% or lower hitpoints, I start paying close attention to their level of hitpoints/what they have used/if reinforcements are coming/etc. Once the determination is made that I believe my defeat is inevitable, I disengage w/Sprinting away. Immediately going to the nearest Health Pot, or my teams DC (if we have one).

Disengaging can have people chase you or spend time capping the flag you were already on. Thus taking points away from the opposing team. I then heal and make a determination to return if I feel there is a single opponent I can take out (after previously damaging them), or swing back through Flag 2 to assist my teammates as necessary by ‘sniping’ out someone low on HPs. Once that is done, I begin to roam around again. Constantly trying to engage someone 1v1 or even 1v2 (if they are cumulatively low on HPs) thereby tying them up as the rest of my team controls the mid Flag and/or engages in battle at another flag.

The ability of the GWF to be able to resist CC with Unstoppable, Sprinting away from any fight we want to, and be able to take a healthy amount of damage, is something we must strive (particularly in PvP) to use to our advantage. The goal is to cost the opponent more then it is worth to kill you. If you 1v1 a TR or a CW that is one less TR/CW that is engaging the rest of your team. You CAN survive them, and also put a healthy amount of damage to them, and kite them away from more ‘valuable’ targets. We are insanely mobile when you look at Unstoppable/Sprint. To be a true asset to the team, we must utilize this to our utmost advantage.

Please feel free to use this tactic, the Tao of Disengaging, as you see fit. Thus far I have been pleasantly surprised, and I feel it is a valid topic of discussion!


Greetings all!

Just another random update from my adventures in PvP…

After two days I got enough Glory for the Blood Crystal Raven Skull, which I’ll be getting up to Level 99 ASAP as more Regen and Stamina % Increase is good times!

Still have a LOT to learn, but some things are getting better. My rotations are steadily getting more systematic. By this I mean I’m trying to be focused on my rotations while still fighting against my natural urge in PvE to do as much DPS as fast as possible! It’s quite tactical that you must be aware of your cool downs and do your utmost to maximize rotations in the order that they are available.

Example: Threatening Rush then Takedown then Threatening Rush then Frontline Surge then Threatening Rush then Indomitable Battle Strike and then Threatening Rush followed by Sure Strike

Now, that’s the standard I am trying to set. As yet I am not sure if I need to weave some Sure Strike rotations in the middle of that as still getting used to the exact time my opponents are Prone, etc. By standard I mean habit, kind of like in PvE when you know the specifics of a boss fight and you know the Witherers in the 1st Boss of Malabog’s Castle get respawned in X time, you get a general ‘feel’ of when they should be coming up again. That’s the kind of rhythm I’m trying to get into with PvP. Now that doesn’t mean I should remain static in what I am doing, my movement needs a lot of work. Knowing that when fighting GFs/GWFs they can/will knock you back/prone, so try and stay away from the edges of the platform at points 1/3 to avoid falling off the ledge when that happens as that will simply lead to the enemy capping free points as you recover and run back up to contest again.

Had a random pug the other day where I faced a premade from Exodus and they had two really good GWFs on their team. Was a pleasure watching their movement/rotations. I think we lost 1000-400ish or something like that… I went 3-1, but the lack of dying wasn’t really based on any grand skill on my part, I just utilized the ‘Tao of Disengagement‘ when I got really low versus more then one opponent. Both GWFs got me 1v1 for a few minutes each a few times, the majority of those fights they had the advantage as their rotations were much better then mine. No wasted Encounter Powers when someone is Unstoppable, good position on the point, good use of knockback effects and then moving back to the point to contest control, etc.

So definitely a good time, and the education continues as my butt continues to get kicked…

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  • mobydik
    June 1, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    Why not rush, roar, rush, takedown, rush, strike.
    After 2 seconds you can use roar again.
    If you have the feat of 50 procent cooldown

    • July 17, 2014 at 3:31 pm

      Yeah, that is a fact.
      But then he IS able to do his rotations, but he is NOT able to do much damage at all. If he is going to focus more on PvP, he has to do some damage, or you are just stuck to getting assists and caps. I would suggest his old setup.

      And please please please get trample the fallen,
      Good job on the armor and enchantments though…

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