Merlyn’s nature spec HR tanky PvP build

by Vera Dias on March 3, 2014
Hunter Ranger

I’ve tried it all, Archery, Combat, Nature, and bit of hybrid, and for my playstyle, I’ve come to a conclusion that Nature spec is the best for tough premade matches. With all builds, you’ll have to choose between more dps or survive a bit longer. Personally I choose to stay alive for longer to hold the point.

With my experience, I have been able to hold the node against 99% of the player base, the only ones that I have problems with are tough hard hitting sent GWFs (eg. Steamroller). I can even hold the point against 2 people for a while until I get some backup, and sometimes even kill both of them if I’m lucky. I think of myself as a hybrid between a DC and a dps’er.

Here’s a link to my build:…u5u1&h=0&p=swd

and my character sheet:

I have spec’ed to have Max CON, all my defense slots are all radiant, currently just over 34k hp. This is important, and the key to this build. My other points are all into DEX for max damage.

You will notice my crit to be very low, yes more crit is good if you want to kill stuff, but this build is made to outlast whoever you’re fighting against, and not so much on burst damage. I’m currently using 3 Greater Tenebrous and 1 Azure in my Offense slots. You can switch them all to Azures to keep your crit up, especially if using vorpal.

[edit] – 27/02/2014, currently swapped a Radiant out for a Brutal enchantment, and also got Eye of Lathander artifact to get my defense up a bit higher. Also planning to swap some Greater Tenebrous out for Azures.

My encounters include:
Commanding Shot/Stag heart – This never leaves my bar, although I hardly ever use commanding shot due to long cast time, stag heart is just too good. I’m constantly giving myself and my team over 4k temp hp which last forever, and as long as they have that temp hp, they also get 10% extra defense. This synergies with GF’s and DC’s feats too. I always keep my eyes out and see who needs that buff to be topped up.

Constricting Arrow/Steel Breeze – Time this right after a CW uses shard, and when GWFs are not in unstoppable.

Fox’s Cunning/Fox shift – I think 99% of HRs runs this, just make sure you have used a range encounter first to get 15% more damage for fox shift.

Binding Arrow/Oak Skin – Also a pretty good skill, to hold enemies off the node, and Oak skin to give everyone some regen and more defense.

Boar Hide/Boar charge – More defense for everyone, and Boar charge is fun, and crucial if you want to take a GWF down. This is a skill which is very good for combat spec HRs.

HRs have so many options to what skills we use, just need to pick some to create some good combos. I have chosen a defensive route to make sure myself and my team last a bit longer in the battlefield.

Disruptive Shot – Pretty obvious

Forest Ghost – Situational, as it has an animation, it’s good to sneak onto the home and enemy base if there’s enemies on them already

Class Features:
Aspect of the Lone Wolf – The less players you face, the more bonus mitigation you get

Stompstep Action – Althought Fox shift stompstep action bug is fixed, this is still great to reduce your cooldowns

Armor Set:
I’m using 4 piece Royal Guard, will I still use this when Tenacity is introduced? probably. I’ll have to see if I can stay alive better on this set vs PvP sets. The reason I choose this set is to reduce my cooldown for encounters, namely Stag Heart. But we’ll have to see how much temp hp this will give in next module with healing depression. If you’re using another set, then you’ll need to get quite a lot of recovery wherever you can.

Weapon/Armor Enchants:
I’ve been playing around with different weapon enchants. Perfect Feytouch and Greater Plague fires are good.
PF is a bit more effective if you’re using Tenebrous to help proc it, and gives everyone a 9% more damage if you can get 3 stacks on someone.
Feytouch is good to reduce your opponent’s damage while increasing your own. This is a very good enchant that most people don’t seem to know or care about. It only half about half the uptime, and only encounters can proc it. When it does, your enemy is doing 12% less damage, while you’re doing 12% more.

Otherwise Vorpal is good as long as your crit % is high enough. So for your offensive slots, you can choose between Greater Tenes, Azures, or Silvery.

For Armor Enchants, I switch between a soulforge and a perfect negation, the good thing is that you can switch between 2 armors in battle, so if 1 is on cooldown, then switch to the other. Negation is quite good when it procs and you’re tanking against 3 players. For all defensive slots, just have radiants, as high rank as you can.

Emblem of the Seldarine – This is one of the best PvP artifact, and you can save your teammates when they’re low on health.

Blood Crystal Raven Skull – Great stats, and useful if you don’t have Emblem.

Waters of Elah’zad – I think all HRs should be choosing this as their starting artifact, the stats are so good.

Lantern of Revelation – good offensive stats if you’re lacking some, I usually use this instead of Blood Crystal Raven Skull as I’m lacking some crit points

Eye of Lathander – This is one of the hardest artifact to get, but if you can finally get one it can boost your Defense and Life Steal up, I swap this in if I’m fighting against a GWF 1v1, and depending on team compositions in both parties.


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  • _Antiyas
    July 27, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    Nice Guide, but there’s something wrong with your build. i can’t see all the Featpoints you have given. Sorry for my english 😀

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