Lucid’s SpongeBob Build

by Vera Dias on March 6, 2014
Control Wizard

Alright guys let’s begin.

I am sure a lot of people out there have been thinking of a build like this and it may be not much different from some others but I find it fun and exciting for what I like to do. Besides who said a CW can’t tank in PVE.

This build is centered on being offensive and defensive with a mixture of DPS with survivability. I find that being able to survive is the most important thing a CW can bring to the table for the party besides CC and some debuff/buff’s. Some people like glass canon builds and they have never worked for me. I will start by saying this build is highly dependent upon gear and definitely helps if you have an aggressive play style like mine.

So if you’re the CW that like to get up in their grill maybe this is the build for you.

So let’s start off with races:

Human: a 3% increase to defense and 3 addition feat points with a plus 2 to anything.
I choose human because the variability to builds it brings the 3 additional feat point can be used effectively with the CW tree and the defense is something that a CW lacks. So this was the obviously choice for me.

Tiefling: %5 increase damage with enemy below 50%, +2 in INT and CHA, and chance to lower the power of attacker when struck.

Another viable choice but it much more offensive oriented for classes which didn’t fit my play style.
I will only mention these two races because it is usually the go to for PVE. Now races won’t make it or break it but it just amplifies what you want to do with your build.

Initial Stat Roll:
There are so many combinations out there but the most used for PVE is 18 INT, 16 CHA for Human or 18 INT and 18 CHA for tiefling. However I have been doing a lot of thinking and would presume 20 INT roll would be the best due to damage increase and the feat Learned Spell Caster which increases INT effectiveness but haven’t been able to test it out since you can’t reroll your scores. If you want more control roll more into WIS and more crit go more into CHA. I choose between CHA and INT myself and rolled 18 INT and 16 CHA for my human mage.

Now lets go over powers:

Now Feats:

You will notice I did not take a normal route some mages have taken. I don’t like to use chilling cloud which a lot of PVE wizards use it just to slow for me and doesn’t mix well with my aggressive playstyle. Since I didn’t take chilling cloud I also passed on frozen power transfer naturally. I just felt magic missile was easier to stay mobile while keeping arcane stacks up which is extremely easy to do with magic missile. With max arcane stacks your arcane spells do some great damage.

Notice I have 3 extra feat points that I used to max out my area effect powers for more damage which is used on Focused Wizardry and Wizard’s Wrath. Does pack a nice punch and I didn’t have to sacrifice anything for it really.

The rest of the feats are pretty self-explanatory why I choose them but people always ask why not Bitter Cold to increase my damage more. Well back to what I said earlier the best thing a CW can bring to the table is survivability as well as debuff/buff’s. Nightmare Wizardry proc’s all the time for me adding to my parties’ damage. Plus the fact that I could take Critical Power was a bonus. Critical Power is a large AP gain I originally wasn’t using it but when I repec’d I picked it up and now I can’t live without it. It allows me not to worry so much about recover for AP gain which is a nice benefit where I can spend score elsewhere.

A lot of people might be asking why Destructive Wizardry. You have to charge storm pillar to get the damage buff which wastes some time. Well you only have to charge it half way technically especially when there are enough mobs close to one another to get the damage buff which is rather easy and quick especially if you are using singularity constant. And I tab COI so chill is almost always present so Snap Freeze isn’t a good choice either especially if you run 2 CW’s chill is almost always there.

My standard rotation consists of COI tabbed, Shard, Sudden Storm, and Steal Time. Daily’s are Singularity and Oppressive force. A standard rotation starts with COI and make sure you are picky about who you are targeting with it. You want it to do its max damage so make sure you place it on a tanky enemy worst thing is to put it on an enemy that will be the first to die. The tabbed ability gives it a larger radius thus more debuff across all mobs as well as chill. So once you have figured who your going to COI you place your singularity then quick call out your shard. Once shard is out you should have time for a half Storm Pillar then then flow right into Sudden Storm. Once the animation of Sudden Storm is done throw your shard and jump right in the middle of all them and drop your steal time when they start getting up. Spam some magic missile building arcane stacks and rinse and repeat.

why people have low DPS, either they didn’t set up COI properly or they didn’t set up the rest of their sudden storms to get all the mobs. Placement is everything after the first singularity and mobs may be split everywhere but when you see a singularity think sudden storm and shard immediately.

Now the Gear and Boons that complete this build:

So why is this build so great for an aggressive tanking playstyle. Well CW can pull some agro and the problem becomes staying alive a lot with inexperienced CW or someone to not pull the agro back. If you look closely my defensive sits at 2.3K with 1K Regen and 1.3K life steal. This is huge for staying alive taking hits and coming right back. 1 shard can heal for 20K if crits due to the life steal. But, even if my encounters are down I am still always healing due to my regen which heals me every 3 seconds. I find a mixture of both extremely effective for survivability.

Also Rampaging Madness which proc’s frequently adds to regen and life steal which is great because if you were all life steal 300 regen is no biggie but since I am both the addition is very noticeable. Not to mention the power I get from both end boons I’ll sit around 5.7k power when all said and done.

With a crit chance of 34.4%, damage resistance of 33%, deflection 12%, 8.8% life steal , and 7.9% regen I am one wizard that is hard to bring down.

So ultimately the build is to reach the magic number of 1k Regen and 1k Lifesteal with either defense or HP. I think I may be trading in some defense for HP in the future due to the amount I heal which is large. I almost always finish 2nd in healing, 1 or 2nd in tanking, and 1 or 2nd in damage.

Now weapon enchants and armor:
I have a greater soulforge which is the go to choice for PVE really can’t be beaten since it’s a get out of jail free card.

Perfect Vorpal was my choice not because of the offensive capabilities it brings to the table but the life steal you can achieve from a crit shard or steal time. If I am getting 8.8 life steal well a 50% crit severity on AOE targets = Monster heals. I barely and I mean barely use potions ever since made this build I just use an encounter and can almost full heal.

Other choices:
Lightning: great for damage but haven’t checked if the splitting allows life steal and lacks single target that vorpal brings to table.

Greater Plague: Great Debuff for the party 9% damage increase if all stacks are present but again I like the heals I get that come from my vorpal just can’t be beaten.

Last Words:
This build can be achieved in many different ways I did the easiest and cheapest method I could think of with the gear. I have seen other mages accomplish the 1K Regen and 1K life steal with High Viz and the Dread Legion Orb with the proper artifacts that gives lifesteal eye of lathander, and emblem of seldarine. I don’t get that kind of money for the seldarine artifact plus I probably could use that money for enchants since I am only using rank 8’s on myself. In the future if I ever get the eye of lathander then I may switch back to high viz.

You could also do full Dread set with formorian weapons and probably reach the same outcome but I just found the extra 450 power better than the Dread Legion set bonus for damage output. Also most things may not live 10 seconds for the dread legion set bonus to really do its damage.

If you have any questions or anything that might improve my build fell free to post I would love to hear it and respond thank you for reading.

Why did I name it the spongebob build well that because I soak up all that damage baby and keep on trucking.

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  • March 17, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    Where did you get the numbers on greater plaguefire?
    3×15% defensereduction is a lot more than just 9% damage.
    getting 3 stacks on target is not that hard, especially if you put steal time
    in the rotation since every hit can proc the PF, even the non damage hits.
    Takes about 2-3 second for my flame cw to have 7 PF stacks on the center dummy
    in the side room @ trade of blades, only 3 stacks work at a time though.

  • Tristano
    May 29, 2014 at 2:55 am

    hey man, i was just wondering what runestones you used? if you can please get in touch with me at [email protected] Thanks.

  • May 31, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    I really like this build thanks for it, But you should update it with ice wind dale mod. The wizard was my first toon i played, So this guide has really help me the damage is really good better then most and now i always place sec or first on the paingiver. I was having trouble with damage in the new module mainly snow bears. I don’t have that problem enaymore thanks for the build. I like being up there in every buddys face, so the build worked out great.

  • molly
    September 20, 2014 at 10:43 am

    Where are you the photos? I started playing a week ago and was using your tips and all of a sudden there is no photos only a photobucket ad.

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