StevieJee’s Hunter Ranger (Hybrid) Build

by Stevie on March 17, 2014

StevieJee’s HR Hybrid Build

Overview & Background

With any MMO, I have always been immediately drawn to the archer/ranger-type class. With Neverwinter specifically, the Hunter Ranger is a very unique, fast-paced, and consistent class that I have learned to enjoy playing. I am going to show you how to optimize your Hunter Ranger with my Hybrid build set.

The first thing that should be notes is that, at around level 10, you again the ability to swap between ranged and melee weapons at will. The different stances each come with their own versions of your selected At-Will and Encounter powers. This class is MEANT to be played by utilizing both stances.

Of course, there are always players who prefer to stay ranged. And that’s fine, if that is how you prefer to play. However, you are not utilizing everything that is at your disposal. First off, Hunter Rangers build most of their Action Points from using encounter powers. If you stay in one stance, you are only gaining half as many Action Points. That means it will take you TWICE as long to use a Daily power as it would if you had constantly been swapping between ranged and melee.

Additionally, as with most classes, many of the Hunter Ranger’s skills have unsettlingly long cool downs. While these cause been reduced through a variety of methods, it is better to just swap to melee while your ranged attacks are on cool down, and visa versa. By doing this, the Hunter Ranger is the ONLY class in the game that can keep up consistent attacking damage. Other fighting classes in this game have very strong ‘burst’ damage. The unleash all their abilities at once, dealing massive damage in a small burst, then wait for some amount of time before they can burst again. The Hunter Ranger is able to constantly deal impressive damage by utilizing both of their stances.

If you’re a ranged-only kind of player and you still need more convincing, try using Marauder’s Rush and Fox Shift just once. You’ll fall in love. These two attacks are very vital to the following build.

Hunter Ranger Hybrid in PvP

This build, as you could imagine, is extremely effective in PvP. If used correctly, you will end up dominating most other players, even if they have higher gear scores than you. When I play PvP, I usually rank towards the top of the list with a quite large kill-to-death ratio. However, as with all pug matchups, if your team in dragging you down too much, there will be nothing you can do. This build is very efficient, but you are only one player. You cannot engage more than 2 opponents at once and expect to come out alive.

This build is most efficient at dealing with ‘squishier’ classes. However, it can handily deal with tanky classes like the GWF as well. In a 5v5 brawl, you should prioritize your targets. Single a player out, and keep up your consistent DPS until they drop. Most of the time they will not know what is happening until it is too late. Then you switch to your next target. Your priorities should be as follows:

1. Hunter Rangers: You’d think trying to fight your own class would typically be rather challenging, right? Wrong. Most Hunter Rangers try to utilize the ‘Ranged-Stance-only’ fighting style. They sit back and pew pew while all the fighters cluster up the center. They are prime targets for this build. HRs will drop almost immediately.

2. Trickster Rogues: Sometimes players are intimidated by TRs due to their very strong single-target damage and their ability to cloak. Don’t worry about all that, they are pushovers. They try to get a fighting advantage by going invisible as soon as they see you and then sneaking up behind you for a backstab. If you avoid that, then you will win the fight. This is done very easily by using Fox’s Cunning as soon as you see the TR go invisible. Then cycle through your combo, and stay with them when they try to cloak and run away. Invisible targets can be seen if you stand close enough to them.

3. Control Wizards: CWs are easily the squishiest class in the game, and can be brought down faster than other HRs and TRs. However, you have to get the drop on them first. If they get you in their burst-control cycle, you better start praying. They typically try to grab you with Force Choke, then burst you away with their single-target ice spells. If you catch them looking the other way, they won’t have the chance to set you up in their cycle.

4. Devoted Clerics: These players have access to gear and abilities that make them slightly more tanky, and therefore can take some time to kill. However, they are easy targets for this build. They scarcely have any skills that do significant damage, and you are able to catch them with abilities that will interrupt their buffs and heals. Just by keeping the DC preoccupied, you are immensely helping your team.

5. Great Weapon Fighters: When you first encounter a GWF in PvP, it seems like an awful experience. They appear unstoppable. This is ALL just an illusion. GWFs rely HEAVILY on burst damage. As soon as they see you, they try to charge in and knock you down. If they succeed, they continue to knock you back with each successive attack. It can be VERY difficult to recover from this situation, HOWEVER, if you avoid the initial burst, GWFs have nothing to fall back on. After you dodge it, keep moving around and cycling through ranged and melee stances, and the poor GWF won’t even be able to keep track of where you are. It can actually be quite amusing how lost they get when their burst fails.

6. Guardian Fighters: These buggers will give you the most issues in PvP. If you try to engage them directly, they have an arsenal of powers that can interrupt you. Additionally, they just take too long to widdle down. Try to avoid fighting a GF by yourself. If you find yourself in a situation fighting a GF and some other class, just focus down the other class. Completely ignore the Guardian, taking advantage of how slowly they move. Alternatively, if a GF is engaged with another one of your teammates, feel free to target him. His defenses will be down and he will be surprisingly easy to drop.

Hunter Ranger Hybrid in PvE

There isn’t much to say about this in particular. PvE is not difficult with almost any Hunter Ranger build, but this build specifically provide you with the same, if not better DPS output than other builds, and also offers much higher survivability. You’ll find yourself almost always at the top of the damage charts, only occasionally being outdone by a GWF that has 4,000 more gear score than you do.


Currently the only Paragon Path available (though I hear there is a new one coming out!)

Ability Scores

First off, I encourage you to pick whichever race you enjoy playing as. While some races have HR-oriented advantages, it doesn’t make a big enough different and should not influence your decision. Personally, I picked the Wood Elf. Ideally, you’ll want to be able to put your 2 extra points into either DEX or WIS, with STR as a very, very far afterthought. Simply roll your stats so that DEX and WIS are as high as they can be, and then every 10 levels dump all your Ability Points into DEX and WIS until you hit 60.


(3/3) Rapid Shot/Rapid Strike: Not as good as I’d like, but the only decent single-target At-Will power that the HR has at its disposal currently.

(3/3) Split Shot/Split Strike: This power is beautiful, and will generate most of your damage in dungeons and other PvE situations. It does notable amounts of damage to a large spread of targets.

Aimed Shot/Aimed Strike: The charge time is too long to make this At-Will useful at all.

Electric Shot/Clear the Ground: The AoE of this skill is too small, also making it useless.

(3/3) Marauder’s Escape/Marauder’s Rush: This power should be used in every build set, it is that good. Marauder’s Rush does outstanding damage, and Marauder’s Escape is great for movement as well as generating A LOT of Action Points.

(3/3) Rain of Arrows/Rain of Swords: This power is ONLY useful for boss fights where the boss is large and rather stationary. Otherwise, the AoE is too small to be useful. Additionally, Rain of Swords generates some decent DoT for longer boss fights.

(3/3) Constricting Arrow/Steel Breeze: This power is especially handy in PvP. When maxed out, Constricting Arrow interrupts the target THREE TIMES. This makes it EXTREMELY annoying for enemies to try to attack you. Steel Breeze is also a nice touch if you are low on stamina.

(3/3) Split the Sky/Throw Caution: I rarely use this power. It’s moderately helpful in PvE and PvP to set up an advantageous zone for you and your allies to fight in, but the slot is typically better used if replaced with another power. Throw Caution allegedly increases your damage output, but the buff is not very noticeable and doesn’t last nearly long enough.

(3/3) Fox’s Cunning/Fox Shift: THIS SKILL. It’s literally the icing on the cake that is Hunter Ranger. The ranged and melee stance version complement each other extremely well. I will go into more detail on this later in the build.

Hindering Shot/Hindering Strike: Decent for solo PvE, but useless in all other situations. You may try to argue this instead of Constricting Arrow for PvP, but being able to interrupt the target is vital for most confrontations. Do not even try to replace the two, it is a terrible idea.

Thorn Ward/Thorn Strike: This skill is oriented towards wussy little nature-build HRs. They are all about buffing their allies and lowering their targets’ stats. I don’t know about you, but that’s just not my play style. If you want that, look for another build.

Boar Hide: Nature build, useless.

Hawk Shot/Hawkeye: Nature build, useless.

Binding Arrow/Oak Skin: Nature build, useless.

Commanding Shot/Stag Heart: Nature build, useless.

(3/3) Aspect of the Serpent: This passive feature is meant for hybrid builds. While in each stance, you buff the next 5 attacks of the other stance. Excellent if you switch between stances as often as you should be.

(3/3) Stormstep Action: Maxed out, this feature reduces all your cool downs by 3 seconds every time you use a Daily Power. At first glance, this doesn’t seem that impressive. I mean, it takes a while to gather enough Action Points to use a Daily Power, only to have them all drained away, right? Well true, but the Hunter Ranger is given a Daily Power that only uses 25% of your Action Points. With all the stance changing you’ll be doing, and thus all the encounters you will be using, you will ALWAYS have at least 25% AP by the time that Daily Power is off cool down again. This feature is a must-have.

(3/3) Twin-Blade Storm: This feature is an alternative ONLY to Aspect of the Serpent. You gain an extra 12% damage whenever you hit more than 2 enemies. In the long run, that is a TON of damage. Especially useful in dungeon runs.

Aspect of the Falcon: Only an option for ranged-only builds, and as we have already discussed, those builds are terrible.

Aspect of the Lone Wolf: Only useful for early-game solo levelling. Otherwise, not necessary.

Aspect of the Pack: As HRs, we don’t really benefit enough from Combat Advantage. This feature isn’t necessary.

Blade Storm: Seems like a good deal at first, but when you do the math, this is a waste of points. First of all, it only affects melee attacks, which is practically a deal breaker in itself. Second, it only has a 25% chance of dealing 15% extra damage around you when you’re hitting with melee? This is a deal breaker as well, because each melee attack by itself is not very strong anyway. Melee power comes from quick, successive strikes.

(3/3) Seismic Shot: This is our only ‘moderately’ strong AoE Daily Power. It can be useful in our secondary Daily slot.

(3/3) Forest Ghost: This power can be very useful to drop aggro in both PvE and PvP. In PvP, opponents will easily lose track of you in a crowded situation.

(3/3) Forest Meditation: This power can only be utilized well if you max it out to resist control powers. I rarely use it, but if you want it, max it and throw it in your secondary slot.

(3/3) Disruptive Shot: For ALL combinations, this power should always be in your primary Daily slot. This skill may not do an impressive amount of damage, but it only uses up 25% of your Action Points. This power will make it feel like your Encounter Powers don’t even have a cool down!

(3/3) Cold Steel Hurricane: This power does less-then-moderate AoE damage, but slows all enemies it hits. Useful for dungeons that have massive crowds of enemies.

Feel free to put remaining points into any powers you want to play around with.



(3/3) Weapon Mastery: +3% critical chance.
(3/3) Toughness: +9% hit points.
(5/5) Swift Footwork: +10% stamina regeneration.
(3/3) Endless Assault: +6% Encounter Power damage.
(3/3) Lucky Skirmisher: +3% deflection chance.
(3/3) Disciple of Dexterity: DEX gives you +6% more damage.

After allocating your Heroic Feats, there are two separate Paragon Feat builds that will work well with this build. Pick whichever seems more alluring to you. If you have the means, I encourage you to test run each build personally to see which best fits your play style.

Paragon Build #1 – Archery

(5/5) Black Arrow: +10% critical severity for ranged attacks.
(5/5) Bloodthirsty: Ranged Encounter Powers make the next melee Encounter Power deal 15% more damage.
(5/5) Correcting Aim: Each non-critical hit boosts your critical chance by 5% until you crit.
(5/5) Nature’s Grasp: Ranged attacks have a 5% chance to apply grasping roots.
(5/5) Sniper’s Aim: Increases your damage by up to 20% at max distance from the target.
(5/5) Prime Critical: When you crit, Encounter cool downs are reduced by 0.5 seconds.
(1/1) Master of Archery: When you critically strike with a ranged attack, your next Encounter Power will crit.

Paragon Build #2 – Melee

(5/5) Seeker: Melee attacks generate 1% of your stamina.
(5/5) Agile Hunter: Melee Encounter Powers reduce the cool downs of ranged Encounter Powers by 1 second.
(5/5) Lethal Hunter: Melee attacks deal 15% more damage.
(5/5) Elusive Hunter: In Melee Stance, your deflection chance increases by 10%.
(5/5) Bleeding Precision: Increases critical chance for melee attacks by 10%.
(5/5) Expert Skirmisher: Increases your run speed by 10% in Melee Stance.
(1/1) Master of Combat: Melee attacks have a 17% chance to strike twice. The damage from the second attack cannot be mitigated.

The reason we do not combine these two builds for our Hybrid build is simply because we do not have enough points to get everything we’d need. We NEED to either achieve Master of Archery or Master of Combat, as these feats are too good to pass up, and that leaves us with only 10 points to allocate in another path.

Power Combinations & Cycles


At-Wills: Rapid Shot, & Split Shot
Encounters: Marauder’s Escape, Fox’s Cunning, & Constricting Arrow
Features: Stormstep Action, & Twin-Blade Storm OR Aspect of the Serpent
Dailies: Disruptive Shot, & whatever else you want

Start out each confrontation in Ranged Stance, then repeat this rotation:
Constricting Arrow -> Fox’s Cunning -> MELEE STANCE -> Marauder’s Rush -> Fox Shift -> Steel Breeze -> RANGED STANCE -> Marauder’s Escape -> Disruptive Shot -> REPEAT

Mix in your dodges and Split Shots accordingly. If for some reason your ranged powers are still on cool down at the end of this rotation, spam Split Shot from a distance.

PvE: Solo

At-Wills: Rapid Shot, & Split Shot
Encounters: Marauder’s Escape, Fox’s Cunning, & Constricting Arrow
Features: Stormstep Action, & Twin-Blade Storm
Dailies: Disruptive Shot, & whatever else you want

PvE: Dungeons

At-Wills: Rapid Shot, & Split Shot
Encounters: Marauder’s Escape, Fox’s Cunning, & Split the Sky
Features: Stormstep Action, & Twin-Blade Storm
Dailies: Disruptive Shot, & whatever else you want

PvE: Boss Fights

At-Wills: Rapid Shot, & Split Shot
Encounters: Marauder’s Escape, Fox’s Cunning, & Rain of Arrows
Features: Stormstep Action, & Twin-Blade Storm
Dailies: Disruptive Shot, & whatever else you want

Gear, Ratings, Enchantments, Companions, & Boons!


In Neverwinter, there are what are commonly referred to as ‘soft caps’ and ‘hard caps’ for most stat ratings. These limits are derived from the fact that as you apply more points to a certain stat, its effectiveness follows a sort-of logarithmic curve. At low ratings, each stat will gain larger benefits than they would if they were already higher ratings. For example, if you have 200 critical strike, you’d get around 1.8% more critical chance if you add another 200 rating. However, if you have 4,000 critical strike, you’d only get about 0.37% critical chance for adding the very same 200.

The stats in Neverwinter that are affected by this diminishing aspect are critical strike, armor penetration, recovery, defense, deflect, regeneration, life steal, and movement. Power is a purely linear stat, and never diminishes despite how much rating you put into it. Out of the diminishing stats, movement is the only one that will never approach its ‘soft cap’ rating. I keep referring to soft caps and hard caps, but I haven’t exactly defined them yet. A soft cap is when the stat starts to make a notable decay in its effectiveness. This limit is very loosely defined, and many players push past it for stats that are more useful to their build. A hard cap is essentially a point where you get virtually no benefits from adding more rating to a stat. Hopefully you never commit enough to one stat to ever reach this limit, because that would be a waste.

Now, to make things even more confusing, each stat has a different soft cap. Luckily, I have already taken the liberty of plotting each stat rating versus its effectiveness (using the tooltips provided by Neverwinter). I have VERY roughly approximated soft caps for every stat that has one.

Critical Strike: 2,800~3,200
Armor Penetration: 2,400~2,600
Recovery: 2,600~2,800
Defense: 2,400~2,800
Deflection: 2,000~2,200
Regeneration: ~1,000
Life Steal: ~1,400

As mentioned earlier, these soft caps are not absolute limits. For example, with this build in particular, I push the boundaries of critical strike and armor penetration to about 3,600 and 2,900 respectively. I am not getting as much for each point I put into them, but they are more essential to my build and therefore benefit from a little extra attention.

For this Hunter Ranger hybrid build, I encourage you to play around with stats and ratings and see what works well for yourself. I will however make a few recommendations. You should strive to reach the soft caps for regeneration and life steal, because both of these stats are very helpful and have low caps. Additionally, critical strike and armor penetration should be your main offensive stats. These stats can be pushed a bit past their soft caps if necessary. Recovery should be ignored for the most part; this build produces a ton of cool down reduction as it is. If gear you want comes with recovery, it’s not that big of a deal. Deflection should be your main defensive stat, with defense as the secondary. This is because, especially in PvP, other players with high armor penetration essentially cut through the defense stat like butter. Getting defense to its soft cap should be sufficient.

If you have all your ratings how you like them, I suggest throwing some extra points into power and hit points. These stats are great because they never diminish. They might not be as effective early on, but once all your other stats are diminishing, power and hit points start making a much bigger impact on your performance.


From Tier 1 Dungeon Delves (for Epic dungeons only), you can get some less-than-ideal Tier 1 armor sets. Let’s skip past those and talk about the Tier 2 and Tier 2.5 armor sets.

Tier 2 Armor

Grand Warden Armor
• Power: 1,271
• Critical Strike: 1,271
• Armor Penetration: 574
• Recovery: 574
• Defense: 766
• 2-Piece Bonus: +450 critical strike
• 4-Piece Bonus: When you crit with an At-Will power, there is a 20% chance that your next Encounter Power will deal 1,735 more physical damage.

Royal Guard Armor
• Power: 1,271
• Armor Penetration: 1,271
• Defense: 766
• Deflection: 574
• Regeneration: 504
• 2-Piece Bonus: +450 armor penetration
• 4-Piece Bonus: When dealing damage to a foe you have a chance to reduce all your cooldowns by 30%.

Tier 2.5 Armor

Dread Legion Armor
• Power: 1,312
• Critical Strike: 637
• Armor Penetration: 1,312
• Defense: 799
• Life Steal: 637
• 2-Piece Bonus: +450 critical strike
• 4-Piece Bonus: When dealing damage, you have a chance to activate Illusionist’s Grip on your target. Illusionist’s Grip roots the target for 2 seconds. When this effect expires, Illusionist’s Grip jumps to a new nearby target. It will jump twice.

Fabled Iliyanbruen Armor
• Critical Strike: 1,293
• Armor Penetration: 1,293
• Recovery: 606
• Defense: 772
• Deflection: 606
• 2-Piece Bonus: +450 critical strike
• 4-Piece Bonus: Your direct damage Encounter Powers apply Strong Grasping Roots to their target. This may only occur once every 40 seconds.

Tier 2.5 armor is labelled as Tier 2 by the game, but has notably higher total stats than typical Tier 2. Thus, the community has labelled them Tier 2.5. The Dread Legion and Fabled Iliyanbruen armors can only be obtained through a lot of time dedicated to the Dread Ring and Sharandar campaigns, respectively. Do not expect to acquire these pieces quickly or easily. Focus on obtaining Tier 2 armor pieces first. Any of the sets mentioned above can work just fine with this build, as long as you accommodate for the missing stats with other equipment.

As far as weapons go, we’ll ideally want to acquire a bow and some blades that are part of a weapon set. Tier 2 weapon sets that can work with this build are listed below.

Tier 2 Weapons

Fallen Dragon Weapons
• Power: 1,872
• Critical Strike: 232
• Recovery: 232
• Life Steal: 434
• 2-Piece Bonus: +450 armor penetration

Fomorian Weapons
• Power: 1,888
• Critical Strike: 328
• Armor Penetration: 103
• Recovery: 103
• Life Steal: 328
• 2-Piece Bonus: +450 armor penetration

Ancient Trapper’s Weapons
• Power: 1,848
• Critical Strike: 442
• Armor Penetration: 206
• Deflection: 206
• 2-Piece Bonus: +450 armor penetration

Dread Legions Weapons
• Power: 1,866
• Critical Strike: 218
• Armor Penetration: 448
• Life Steal: 218
• 2-Piece Bonus: +450 armor penetration

PvP Gear

With the introduction of Tenacity in PvP, we are given limited options as far as PvP gear goes. We cannot wear our typical gear in PvP and expect to be an even match for all players. Look at the different armor and weapon sets, and trinkets, under the ‘Grim’ tab at the PvP vendors. Do not even give a second glance at the ‘Profound’ tab. That gear is a waste of your hard-earned Glory and Seals of Triumph. There will be 3 different kind of sets for weapons and armor, and 6 different kinds of each neck, waist, and ring pieces. Pick whichever ones give you desirable ratings.


When you first hit level 60, do not expect to reach highly-ranked enchantment for quite some time. Additionally, do not try to refine any enchantments past rank 5 unless you somehow got ahold of a coalescent ward. At level 60, equip yourself with the rank 5 versions of whatever enchantments you decided would help fill in your ratings, and then save up for higher ranks later down the road.

As for weapon in armor enchantments, Vorpal and Soulforged enchantments are ideal. The extra critical severity from Vorpal is really hard to pass up, and Soulforged adds that extra bit of survivability that we’ve been longing for. Plague Fire is also another decent weapon enchantment that you could look at, as well as anything that adds or deals necrotic damage. Necrotic damage is damage that cannot be mitigated by neither defense, deflection, nor any other means.


In your companion tab, you’ll notice you have 5 ‘Active Companion Slots’ at level 60. However, you can only have one companion summoned at a time. Each companion has what is called an ‘Active Bonus’ that applies to you even when they are not summoned. As long as they are placed into one of your 5 active companion slots, you will receive the active bonus. You will want to pick companions that give you desirable active bonuses for these 5 slots.

Additionally, the companion that you have summoned should be an Augment-type companion. When an Augment is summoned, you gain all of the stats that the Augment has. For example, if you equipped your Augment with a Profane Runestone, Rank 10 in its offense slot, you would receive the 300 critical strike that your Augment receives. This is an excellent way of filling in any ratings that are lacking a little. Keep in mind, however, that companions and their effects are not available in PvP.


From progressing in the Dread Ring and Sharandar campaigns, you get to choose from a handful of juicy boons. I’ll spend some time here talking about those. For the most part, you can feel free to choose whatever boons you want, though. For each tier of boons, you can only choose ONE.

Sharandar Boons
• Tier 1
o +250 Defense
o +250 Power
• Tier 2
o +250 Deflect
o +250 Critical Strike
• Tier 3
o +700 Max HP
o +2% Action Point Gain
• Tier 4
o When being struck by a foe you have a chance to heal yourself for 400 HP.
o When striking a foe you have a chance to deal 400 Arcane damage.
• Tier 5
o Your Stamina or Guard Meter regenerate 10% faster in Combat.
o When you Deflect an attack you deal 400 damage to your attacker.
o When you kill a foe you gain 20 Power for 45 seconds. This buff stacks up to 30 times.
o Potions now heal you for 10% more.

For Tier 3, you will want to go with the HP boost because our AP gain is already efficient enough. For Tier 5, you will want the bonus to deflection, because we’ll be deflecting a lot of attacks and therefore dishing out a lot of extra damage.

Dread Ring Boons
• Tier 1
o +125 Power and +125 Movement
o +125 Critical Strike and +125 Movement
• Tier 2
o +250 Life Steal
o +250 Regeneration
• Tier 3
o +3% Deflection Severity
o +250 Armor Penetration
• Tier 4
o When taking damage you have a chance to heal 1000 Hit Points over a few seconds. After this effect ends you have 250 more Defense for 10 seconds.
o When dealing damage you have a chance to deal 1000 Necrotic damage over a few seconds. After this effect ends the target receives 25% less healing from spells for 10 seconds.
• Tier 5
o When taking damage you have a chance to generate a shield that absorbs 500 incoming damage and redirects that damage to a nearby foe. This shield lasts 6 seconds.
o When you deal damage you gain a stack of “Madness”. When you reach 50 stacks of “Madness” you gain 600 Power, 300 Life Steal, and 300 Regeneration. 10 seconds after gaining this bonus your stacks are reset. You may only gain on stack of “Madness” per second.
o When you steal health from your Life Steal stat, it has a chance to steal 3 times as much.
o Your healing spells have a chance to burn enemies near the target for 120 Radiant damage.

There is only one boon from Dread Ring that is entirely useless to our build. Otherwise, pick whichever boons sound more helpful to you and your current stat layout.


That concludes the basic overview of my Hunter Ranger Hybrid build! I hope this build has at least helped you out in one way or another. If I have offended anyone by my brief PvP analysis, it was unintentional. Every class in Neverwinter has an equal opportunity to be ‘overpowered’ if they are played correctly, and likewise any play style has an equal opportunity to be effective.

That’s all guys! Thanks for reading. If you liked this build, that’s awesome! If you didn’t like it, that’s okay too. This is what worked for me, and it has worked extremely well so far.

See you guys around Neverwinter!

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  • Soldevi
    March 24, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    Great guide! I’m new to this game and naturally chose H/R. Can’t wait to try this build in PVP

  • Elddath
    March 30, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    I love it. I’ve fallen in love with the hybrid battle style and I’ve been considering something along these lines. It’s good to see someone with more knowledge laying it all out like this and solidifying some key concepts.

    Just one question: does anything change due to the recent nerfs on split shot and fox shift? I hear a lot of people complaining and saying that the class is ruined, haha. I’m not necessarily buying it, but before I use this build I want to know your opinion on things.


  • @hattyhattington
    April 20, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    No pictures?!

  • Pikson
    April 23, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    you say to not level up Aspect of the Falcon or aspect of the lone wolf, but tell me how can I level up next skills if i won’t have 20 points spent?

  • Dragosani
    May 2, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    Is this build still viable? I’m one of those purely ranged squishies who does well with a decent team but on my own I die fast, well sometimes. It truly depends on where I am. If I’m able to use the world to my advantage then I do well if not then I’m dead. I’ve been playing more and more with some melee attacks and I’m really digging switching back and forth. I think I’m going to switch.

    If you ever get a chance please update and let us know if anythings changed, what kind of pvp gear you’re using. I’m working in getting my T2 pvp set and I’ve been trying to decide on which to get for my belt and rings. I’m thinking recover and deflect since I have plenty of power and crit. Not sure if I should go with the one’s that give hp or defense too though.

    Anyway, excellent guide. Exactly what I was looking for and a good starting point for me. As soon as I get a respec token I’m switching over.

    • chris
      May 11, 2014 at 11:28 am

      just tested this build out, with my under geared HR, only have the pvp bow on him gs of 7k. completely destroyed enemy squishies as they couldnt keep track of my movements. buff and CC then dive and nuke. was able to get in kill one then escape and heal before they could track me.

  • Babzey
    May 8, 2014 at 5:34 am

    It would be great if you could update this with screenshots like on this GWF build.

    Thanks for the build though. 🙂

  • Flechette
    May 21, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    the new paragon pat is out! is this guide still applicable? will u be making a separate guide for the pathfinder (hybrid)? cus your guides are awesome and really helpful!

  • KaelemGaen
    May 23, 2014 at 7:02 pm

    I have a question about this build at the moment, I noticed in the Heroic Feats there is one called “Agile Combtant” which does 1/3/5% more damage for 5 seconds after a stance change. Any reason it’s not part of this build? I figured this build was for people who like switching between Range and Melee.

  • Seversn
    May 24, 2014 at 2:34 am

    /\ /\ /\ Ditto

  • Seversn
    May 24, 2014 at 2:57 am

    By the way, This build rocked (Paragon Build #2 – Melee).
    IMHO, The only way to get a real feel for how this class is and should be played (PVP).
    Nothing better than looking back over your shoulder to see that GWF or TR with his/her faces in the dirt. Hope to see an update to the build post nerf.
    Thanks Stevie.

  • ld
    June 2, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    Thanks heaps for this guide! I was playing the HR as a ‘stand and shoot’ but suspected I was missing something by not incorporating the melee moves into my playstyle. I tried paragon #1 build above and followed all the rest of the advice above, including the PVP rotation suggested, and my DPS has easily doubled. And I’m taking far less damage (consuming fewer pots). And having more fun. Really succinct, easy to understand and informative post.

  • George
    June 8, 2014 at 8:27 am

    Love this tutorial! It is how a tutorial should be made: Easy to follow complete, carefull about the details…Great job and thank you very much for this tutorial!

  • Greenleaf
    June 26, 2014 at 2:24 am

    How can i make my build like this, if the skill game system make me use my points at X number to unlock new skills, in this case i need to spent my points in unnecessary skills to this build… Help me please!

  • Greenleaf
    June 26, 2014 at 2:27 am

    Sorry about my bad english…

  • Rikoh
    July 3, 2014 at 10:00 am

    Great post, it helped alot but for the PvP gear I combine 2x Grim/Profound armor to receive the set bonus twice. Grim/Profound armor have roughly the same base stats.

  • Cosmin
    July 4, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    Bloodthirty is pretty much useless if you go for a an archery build. I use only range stance and rarely go to melee so for me bloodthirtsy sucks.

  • Amit
    July 7, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    Pikson right … cant do this build!

    • Ryuujin
      August 16, 2014 at 1:36 am

      “cant do this build” cause you dont know how to distribute your stat points ? He listed down the main skills that’s used. So just add what you need to move to the next tier. just make sure you have the skills listed at 3/3 when you’re level 60. besides. it’s not like you’re gonna be using ALL of the skills at one time.

  • katniss everdeen
    July 22, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    what enchants are you using? im having a hard time getting my crit to soft cap and my lifesteal also regen. please reply and weapon enchant should i use vorpal or other?

  • takimeta
    July 30, 2014 at 11:42 pm

    I love Love LOVE melee classes, and this build has made this my new favorite build, even over my TR perma-stealth main! Thanks so much for this!

  • Sinzter
    August 17, 2014 at 9:05 am

    Is this build still viable now after all the updates??

  • roman
    August 22, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    Well I feel definitely nerfed, Sinzter =\

  • Wiper
    August 27, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    May you update this wonderful build, now that module 4 is online and powers and talents are changed? Thanks a lot!

    I tried to respec with the new paragon trees, I think this build is perfect with the new trapper paragon tree because this tree mixes melee and range attacks and makes gasps even more powerful than before (gaps have longer duration, 500% weapon DoT added, they have effect on multiple targets, damage and deflection bonus when you strike a gasp, etc). Moreover, I think that now aspect of the wolf is essential for its 15% to 25% deflection add and then that also aspect of the serpent is even more a must have for this build now with the trapper paragon tree.

  • Rokkis
    September 14, 2014 at 9:10 am

    Insanely outdated, not sure but all the paragon skills seems to be changed name. And description.

  • InfernoSouls
    September 20, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    Due to the recent changes, i would like to ask if you think that the nature build is currently more viable to the hybrid build of the hunter ranger. i would like to thank you for such a good build as i have been following it before the nerf however i am always being one shot by scourge warlocks by a freezing skill followed by a tornado, i have never survived this combo at full health even. I would like to seek your advice in this matter. Thanks alot.

  • James
    September 21, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Love the bulid,… loved it more before the last nerfs. Now, not sure where to take it? Thank you for putting together a build that gave a MASSIVE amount of help,… both when I started building and now. Just wonder post mod4 with all of the changes how this can still work? Very best & thanks again! =}

  • strattos
    September 28, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    Any way the Original Poster can adapt this guide to the new patch?
    There were a lot of changes. . .


  • Max
    October 17, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    This build is awesome, but we need an update!!!

  • IFlayz
    November 10, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    From Florensia to Neverwinter, we made the same choise, StevieJ


  • Silvana Medina
    April 29, 2015 at 6:00 am

    Please update UR HR neverwinter hybrid build. 😀 I would love to test it out.

  • Stephano6524
    September 6, 2015 at 10:53 am

    FOR ANYONE WONDERING ABOUT AFTER UPDATES!!! I have to say even after all the updates this build is still amazingly OP.There was a second paragon path added for HR but i decided to stay with the original one and followed the moves and heroic feats exactly but for the paragon feats i went with the new Trapper ones, 5/5 fleet stance 5/5 Deft Strikes 5/5 Trapper’s Cunning 3/5 ForestBond 5/5 Ancient Roots 2/5 Swiftness of the Fox 5/5 Thorned Root and 1/1 Biting Snares.They added a new level cap of 70 recently so with my extra feats i am increasing the ones that are not maxed out yet and if i have extras i will work on archery and combat according to this but right now i am level 60 and am easily taking out level 61-64 without loosing barely any HP.I’m going to experiment with other feats and the other paragon path on my other HR to see if i can get better but right now this has been absolutely amazing and after 3 HR characters this one has most defiantly outdone them all.

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