Teribad Guide for a Guardian Fighter!!

by [email protected] on April 8, 2014
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Teribad Guide for a Guardian Fighter!!

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Teribad Guide for a Guardian Fighter!!

Here I will explain the main purpose of a Guardian Fighter, including my personal build. I will also be explaining on how to be more versatile and a great team player. Because in the end you are playing the Guardian Fighter and it is your duty to do that for your teammates, to guard and defend. Placement and tactics are very important for a guardian fighter. So, let us begin.

First off, I will talk about the powers that are currently most effective in PvP and how they should be used. Also note I do use all these skills in a match, I do a lot of fast swaps to be as effective as possible.


Frontline- You Knock back your enemies, sending them prone, allowing you and your allies to seize new ground. This is the biggest prone power that they can give us. This can be used to take down up to four targets. Also, frontline is not meant for just the use on one person, wait until you have a nice line up and then use it against multiple players. Getting use to frontline, can take some time, but once you figure it out it is not only your best friend, but your teammates will love you for knowing how to use it properly. It is also great to use against GWFs as you can push them off the node to keep gathering points. Also, note: The radius of frontline is wider then what it really shows. Prone time 3s.

Bullcharge- Rush your foe, violently Knocking them back, leaving them Prone. This is your best friend, and every casters and long range as well. This can be used to bounce people off a subject that they are attacking or even yourself, so that you can gather your self together or your teammates can move away from danger. Again this is your duty to do so. In addition this could replace Lunging strike since the 60 percent increase that they gave has in all become the second Lunging Strike.

Lunging Strike- This is a gap closer, but don’t let it fool you it does some pretty sweet damage. This can be used against those long range casters to get near them and quickly finish them off with one cycle.

Anvil of Doom- Your weapon collides with your enemy’s skull, dealing double damage if your target had 25% or less health. Since the update the animation is now quick and effective.  This is still my favorite Anvil of LoLs.  This could take the spot of lunging strike as I use bullcharge as the new lunging strike.

Knights Challange- Challenge your target, temporarily locking them in 1 on 1 combat. While challenged, you and your opponent deal double damage to each other and half damage to anyone else. This power I flip a lot with Frontline. K.C. is an amazing power that they have given us especially against a range class, makes light work of most builds in 1-2 shots. Using it against the range class lets you get back into the battlefield where you are needed most.


Crushing Surge-  A series of slow satisfying attacks. The third strike deals additional damage and will Heal you. Since the update the animation is faster making it equal to cleave but with more damage and individuality.  Though currently, I do not use this.

Threatening Rush- Rush to target and slam into them with a painful looking attack. Your target and those around it are temporarily Marked. This was given to us with no cool down!!! For what reason, no Idea but hey I’ll take this any day! This is also another great gap closer. Allowing you to move quickly around the board between multiple targets. Allowing you to get into better positions for setting up prones or catching up to that run away victim to finish him off quickly.

Tide of Iron- This is pretty sweet. Smash your shield into a single foe and reduce their Damage Resistance. Recovers 10% of your Guard meter. This is amazing against all classes, even more so against GWF and TR. Allowing you to regain your Gaurd meter, making your survivability that much longer. I will combine this with Threaten Rush to debuff all players that are close to me dropping their Resistance, making the team more effective. Since tenacity release, this practically takes tenacity to the ground. *Note* When making contact with enemy player it can not be dodged.

Mark- Mark your target. The challenged foe will have lowered Damage Resistance, and you build twice as much Threat while striking him. Guarded attacks will not remove your Mark.  You would be a fool not to use this constantly.  This is a must on every target that you are fighting combining it with Tide of Iron= Win Win


Aggravating Strike- Stab your foe over your shield, Taunting them to engage you. Always good to be able to continue to do damage.

Shield Slam- Slams your shield into your foe without leaving you vulnerable. Recovers 5% of your Guard meter. Again, another way to gain more gaurd meter making you more tanky. I can’t begin to tell you how many GF’s I see that don’t use this feature. This is by far one of my favorite things to use for more tankness.


Villain’s Menace- With valiant fury you smash the ground, damaging foes around you. In your temporary fervor, you deal increased damage and gain immunity to disabling effects. This is your PANIC BUTTON to use when your in those sticky situation! EX: You vs the team when everyone else has died allowing you to survive and hold that ground until your teammates can hurry back to help contest that node.

Fighters Recover- You steady yourself and gain vigor for the fight to come by temporarily Healing for a large portion of the damage you deal. This power giving you 300% life steal is great against those 1v1s when its you vs a gwf to keep you alive longer saving that artifact and potions giving you time for atleast 4 cycles before having to hit that artifact, if you haven’t killed them already.

Indomitable Strength- Pummel your target with a rain of blows, Knocking them away and leaving them Prone. Combining this with other prones, you can have them on the ground for roughly 10 seconds.

Terrifying Impact- Giving an exultant battle cry, you pulverize the ground. Foes hit by the upheaval are Stunned. A lot of GF may not know but this interrupts unstoppable also goes through block, ITC, Salvage Advance, Marouders Retreat, Fox, Duelist Fury, Maelstrom of Chaos, Path of Blade, and any other ability that grants CC immunity. If you are stuck on the node fighting a GWF I would most likely have this slotted. To break unstoppable to continue my prones. This daily is great even in group fights as not only does it reach out in front of you but also there is a radius behind you to stun people as well.


Combat Superiority-For 5 seconds, deal 10% additional damage to foes after they hit you. This is great to have against those tanky groups making your prones that much more powerful.

Ferocious Reaction- When your Hit Points drop below 15%, you regain 10% of your Hit Points, the foe that hit you takes that much damage, and you gain a Damage Resistance buff for 5 seconds. This can only occur once every 5 minutes. This is fantastic, and at times a big life saver.

Shield Talent- Increases your Guard meter by 5% This is awesome again for those sticky situations or strong 1v1s.

Trample the Fallen- When a foe is affected by control powers, deal 15% more damage to it. This is pretty awesome not only does it give the bonus towards your prones but other class CC as well.
What I use:
At Will:
Threatening Rush
Tide of Iron
Anvil of Doom
Frontline Surge
Combat Superiority
Trample the Fallen

Next I will explain to you how to defeat the classes that are present as of now.

Trickster Rogue: Timing and location of a TR during stealth is primary.  Throwing Frontline Surge and Bull quickly makes them an easy target.  Closing the gap and hitting them with Tide of Iron will make wonders for you.  Watch their health melt as you finish the off with Anvil of Doom.  Against top TR a GF will loose sad but true but using Tide of Iron will allow you to build guard meter allowing you to last longer until reinforcement arrives.

Great Weapon Fighter: Timing around Unstoppable is easy a day.  Using your knock back/downs and using Tide of Iron regenerating that Shield meter turns you into the GWFs worst Nightmare… Timing your abilities and being patient with this class you will win all day.  Soon as they fix their Sprint cancel they will no longer be a threat for GF.

Hunter Ranger:  Don’t get caught with your pants down and this class on your ass.  Make this guy your priority, getting around his roots is frustrating, switching Bullcharge to Lunging Strike to close those far gaps quickly and allowing you to easily prone them to finish them off with Anvil of Doom. Taking this target out is essential in a pre vs pre.

Control Wizard: Control is what they are known for and closing the gap between you and a cw should stay as close as possible.  Putting pressure on this class and proning him to the ground is what you want to do.  Take a cw for granted and he will become your worse nightmare.  Secondary to HR, take this target out asap in a pre vs pre.

Devoted Cleric: Not much of a threat but can be very tanky and hard to kill.  Putting pressure on this class and constantly making him move around makes it harder for him to do his job as a healer.   Throwing prones and a quick Anvil will surfice against this class.  Do your self and your team a favor and take this class out before any tank class.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen players fighting a Tank class and not being able to do anything because a healer is just hanging around and GIVING HEALS.

Guardian Fighter: A long battle this would be and timing your abilities are essential to defeat this class quickly, but don’t mess up or it could be you who is defeated.

In Addition:
As a Guardian Fighter, it is very important to time your prones and debuff opponents so that you are effective for your teammates. It is also your duty to protect your long range classes. They should not have to become more tanky if you would just do your job and be that, a Guardian Fighter.

Power and Feats

Tenacity is a new stat to all existing and upcoming PVP equipment. Tenacity increases resistance to various effects caused by players including control powers, like stuns and knock backs, critical hits, and damage. Tenacity on your equipment to reduce Damage from players, Control Effects on your class and increase your Control Resist. And it will be a crucial stat to have along with Armor Penetration, Critical Strike, Power, and other stats.
Tenacity Gear:
Stats and info:
Reasons for not using full Tenacity Gear:
I Decided not to go full gear of tenacity as 20 percent is more then enough needed for a GF.  Note- reason for my not hitting full 20 percent is the fact that some of the bonuses that I receive from the other gear are just to good to drop.
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  • carlos
    April 11, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    hi great guide… one question, what abributes you put in this build? i mean strenght and that others stuffs is my first time as a GF

  • April 12, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    There are a couple of things I need to update I will add it in there once they confirm the edit.

    • May 13, 2014 at 1:28 pm

      I’m sorry I didn’t notice that you didn’t had permissions to update the post. I updated your permissions you should be able to change it now.

  • Sylark
    April 16, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    Hi, nice guide! Good job. I wish to know, how about boons in your GF. Congratulations again for the guide.

  • @hattyhattington
    April 20, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Whats your max hp?

  • Shieldbash
    May 1, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    You got 5 point in Cruel Cut Style, but then don’t even level up or use cleave? You have Take measure but do not take wrathful warrior which go hand in hand?

    This is a bad spec!

  • anthropos
    May 4, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    The stats view is sadly buffed with a Companion; with all the stuff of that toon one is unable to reach 1400 Regeneration while keeping offensive stats up. :/

  • markos
    May 10, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    Why you dont use cleave?

  • Sumdumguy
    May 12, 2014 at 9:34 am

    You forgot to mention your companion, enchantments (I’m guessing Vorpal / Soulforged?) and maybe you should point out that this is a PVP guide.
    Copy-pasting ability descriptions does NOT mean you wrote a good guide.

    Ferocious reaction has a 3 minute cooldown. On average FR will kick in maybe 5 times in a pvp battle.
    Terrifying Impact has a very distinct animation which will make anyone not blind on both eyes dodge out of the way.

  • psycobilly
    April 17, 2015 at 2:08 am

    hardly good spec/guide

  • Mak
    January 22, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    Does jagged blades from the conq branch count as a control power?

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