Angels guide to all things DC

by Angel on April 30, 2014
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Angels guide to all things DC

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This is not a build but a guide to help other DCs create their own, based on my experiences with being both a PvE and a PvP DC.

Armour sets

Tier one

High Prophets

Amazing debuff 4 set bonus. If you’re running with a group which are goodly geared and skilled, this is the way to go along with a greater plaguefire if you don’t have one already in the group, if you do, a terror enchant for debuffing would be good also. Personally I would not use in PvP.

Sacred hand

The set bonus from this to me is just not worth running unless you’re a fresh 60 and just buying the gear from the AH in order to get your gear to a tier 2 level. Useless in PvP.
Divine Emissery
Nice 4 piece set bonus for use at lower end PvE. Would not run if a teir 2 option was available though. Not worth running in PvP.
War Prophets:
Life steal is the most useless stat ever for a DC, we do not do enough DPS to warrant having it above 0 and as a main stat for this gear set, it’s a big no. Tenacity and life steal make this the biggest no for PvE for a DC.

Tier 2

Miracle healers
Amazing 4 piece set bonus and the 2 set bonus is very useful too. If you stack HPs then this set will never do you or your team wrong. If you can get your HPs to 30 + plus with enchants and gear, this set is the best you can run for you and your team especially with no internal cooldown. Just as amazing in PvP as in PvE, however you will need to stack HPs to around 34 + K and have your main, off and other gear stacked with tenacity to balance the lose of tankiness as opposed to a full tenacity DC.

Grand templars
I personally like the 2 set bonus from this in PvE as my PvE DC is a crit build. However, I wouldn’t go the full 4 piece, I would much rather run Miracle Healers. I wouldn’t run even the 2 set in PvP.
Beacon of Faith
If somehow your power isn’t very high, this is a good 2 set bonus to help until you can stack more power, however I would preffer to have a crit or recovery 2 piece bonus. The 4 set bonus is not worth it compred to the miracle healers, again. Useless in PvP.
Grim/Profound Faithful
The best Tier 2 set for a DC. The hit points, deflect and defense along with tenacity will make you extremaly tanky, especially with greater rings of health. It’s still possible to heal in dungeons with this set also, I’ve ran CN on my PvP healer while wearing this set, however a PvE set would be better as you lose a lot of stats for tenacity which is a stat that only is active in PvP. You can stack HPs right up to around 38/40 K with this set and radiants in defense slots.
Grim/Profound Righteous
When compared with the Faithful set this falls behind from the lack of HPs. You can build your character to be tanky without the added defence this set gives. Probably still viable in PvP but no where near as good as PvE gear.
Grim/Profound Virtuous:
The 2nd best set of PvP gear available to a DC. I would, however still run with the full Faithful set over this. The defense is nice, but I personally don’t feel the need for crit in PvP. I think pure power healing provides a much more consitent base healing which is needed to keep your team up rather then playing the crit gamble game.

Tier 2.5 gear

Dread Legion
Useless because of the fact it’s main stat is life steal. Probably would be useful on a DPS DC, but then if you’re running a DPS DC just go and re-roll a CW.

Fabled Iliyanbruen:
I love the 2 set bonus of this. I’ve tried the 4 set but it falls short when compared to the Tier 2 Miracle Healers. For a crit healing build, this combined with the Grand templars set is amazing. I personally run this 2 2 set bonus combo on my PvE DC.

Weapon sets
Dread Legion

Don’t waste the resources to make this set. The 2 set bonus is rubbish as it’s lifesteal as are it’s main stats.
Fabled Iliyanbruen:
Nice to 2 set bonus on this, 450 power is nice any way you look at it. The stats on the gear itself are also nice on a DC.
Love the power, crit and recovery this set gives as a whole. I run this on my PvE DC and would also run it on my PvP DC combined with tenacity gear.

At wills 

Astral seal

In my opionon, the best at will for a DC in both PvE and PvP. If you’re a PvP DC running the feat that debuffs the damage from enemies in the Rightous path then this is amazing especially when holding a point. Getting this on as many mobs as possible is a good thing to do in PvE for yourself and your team.

Lance of faith

I personally don’t use in PvE or PvP. Probably would be useful for a DPS DC, but again, like I said earlier, just reroll as a CW.

Sacred Flame

I personally have never ran this, but would probably be useful in 1 vs 1 situitations with another DC however I would run astral seal over this. Would not run in PvE.

Brand of the sun (Divine Oracle Path):

Lovely little debuff for 1 vs 1 suitiations especially with the added feat in the Rightous path. Switching between this and astral seal with the feat for Astral sweal is a very very nice damage debuff on the enemy. I wouln’t run this in PvE, I’d rather use astral seal.

Blessing of Battle (Annointed Champion Path)

I’ve done a little testing of this in PvP, but I always go back to Astral seal. The defensive buff isn’t that large as far as I can see. Would not run in PvE.


I personally don’t like this encounter in PvE, it caused a lot of agro that we could do without. I know a lot of DCs do run this however and I think it’s all down to personl prefence. I do, howver, love this for in PvP. It provides a nice boost to healing, and if used from divinty in a group of the other team or 1 vs 1 it buys time to get healing off or put down an astral shield.

Healing word
In my view, our best healing enounter aside from Astral shield. If you have a PvE crit healing build, you can get this up to 2/2.5 K + a tick with a Greater or Perfect vorpal. With healing depression, this encountedr has lost a lot in PvP but is still one of the best heals you can provide.

Searing light
I use this for solo play such as dailies and also for leveling. It does nice damage. I’ll use this in 1 vs 1s with other DCs also.

Chains of blazing light
I personally don’t likethis encounter but I can see it’s uses both in PvP and solo play. It’s annoying as hell when another DC uses it on me in PvP as it does damage and locks you in place but it is easy to dodge through when it’s on the ground.

Daunting Light
In my view, the best single DPS encounter we have. I wouldn’t have it on my bar in a PvP match, but it’s a must in solo play and 1 vs 1 with another DC.

Forgemaster flame
I hate how so many DCs have an obession with this. In my view, I’d rather use a healing word or a bastion of health from divinty then use this, as it only heals those up close to the target and our job is to ethier debuffor heal depending on the group or the dungeon, not do DPS. Saying that, I have used this in ToS on the final boss as in that boss fight it’s very important the whole group, including ranged, are up close to the boss to stop her from teleporting but I only used this as I was on my PvP DC at the time and she does not have bastion of health. I would use this in a PvP 1 vs 1 with another DC as I once had a DC beat me using this encounter combined with chains and is the only reason I have 3 points in this.

Bastion of health
Amazing in PvE. Can heal for 10 K + on a crit DC. The casting time is slightly long, but at the same time, using it from divinty means it’s instant and provides a massive amount of healing to the group. I would never run this in PvP for the casting time as divinity can be hard to build and there’s much better, instant heals available to us.

Break the spirit
Nice debuff for solo play and PvP 1 vs 1s. I would not run this in dungeons unless I was debuffing a boss or in a 1 vs 1 in PvP.

Divine Glow
A lovely debuff, I use this for 1 vs 1s and for debuffing bosses. When used from divinty, it also boosts allies damage ouput which is so worth it.

Astral shield
A must for Dungeons, skirmishes and PvP. I never take this off unless I am debuffing or doing a 1 vs 1 with another DC. It should always be used from divinty as obbessed to any other healing encounter, as the healing it provides when done so is amazing and the encounter itself lasts for a large amount of time compared to it’s cooldown.

Exaltation (Annointed Champion encounter power)
A good heal, and a nice immunity when used from divinty. I find this power useful in final VT boss and if I wasn’t running Feytouched on my PvP DC, I would use this in place of sunburst for PvP.

Prophecy of Doom
I have to admit to quite like liking this encounter in solo play and while leveling. If used correctly, you can pretty much always have a daily up as it gives a large amount of APs. I like this using this on low HPs mobs and then using Daunting light to ensure it’s effective. I would never run this in PvP however as it’s a waste of a slot.


Hallowed ground
Very nice in all boss fights, and in PvP for the offensive and defense buff. The area of this daily is massive too so you’lll always get all team mates on your point in it and all team mates in PvE as long as they’re not stupid people who stand a million miles away from the healer. If you’re a faithful feat path healer it’s a very good idea to put into the moon path feat that means this daily provides healing also.

Flame strike
I always use this in solo play. In PvP matches where you’re against a weak team where a defensive daily isn’t needed, this is also good for trying to steal a few kills.. I mean totally to help the team.

Divine armour
In my view, a must have for all Divine Oracle DCs. When I have my PvP DC as OC I use this dailyfor the massive boost to defense that it gives. It’s also better then annointed army for a AC DC in PvE for getting your whole team in hard boss fights such as final VT boss and final CN boss where the tem is generlly spread across the boss room.

Hammer of Fate (Divine Oracle Path)
I love the DPS from this daily in 1 vs 1s with other DCs and in solo play vs bosses. However, I wouldn’t have it on for PvP matches or group dungeons/Skirmishes. It only damages a single enemy which makes it fall short when comparedtoflame strike in general solo play.

Annointed Army (Annointed Champion Path)
In my opinion the best defensive daily we have. When on a point, this is amazing in giving your team that devensive buff they need when outnumbered. It’s also amazing in boss fights such as VT if the group are all together within range of the daily.

Class Features.

Healers lore
5% added healing, plus an extra 5 for each extra point placed in it. A must have in PvP if you’re able to keep your divinty up and should always be in place for group PvE. I wouldn’t run this in solo play though as you should have no need to use healing spells.

Divine Fortune
Additional Divinity gain is just lovely in my view. I use this pretty much the whole time on my PvP DC as in tough matches it can be really hard to build up Divinity due to spending most of your time ethier rotating and only shooting off healing spells, or due to kiting on a point. I also always tend to use this in PvE as some groups require a lot of baby sitting.

Now I personally see no need for this class feature, but my DCs both seem to handle agro extremaly well pulling little to none in dungeons. I have seen other DCs constantly die due to their agro however so if your character can not handle the agro from mobs, I would say this is a good class feature for you to keep on.

Holy Fervor
While action point gain is nice, there’s enough ways of building them up in our feats so I personally don’t see the need to have this on the bar. Healers lore and divine fortune are both more useful in PvP, and either foresight or annointed armour depending on your path in PvP.

Foresight (Divine Oracle path)
I love this class feature, not only does it increase your defenses but also those of your allies. If you’re a DO and doing some PvP, put this on your bar every time. The only time, however, I would choose to put this on in PvE is in tougher boss fights such as ToS final boss, VT, MC, CN etc etc or when in debuff mode.

Terrifying insight (Divine Oracle path)
A good class feature for 1 vs 1s with the boost to DPS. I, however, would never put this on for PvP or for PvE.

Prophetic Action (Divine Oracle path)
In theory, this is an amazing ability, to shield one whole attack completly every 40 seconds if you have 3 points in it… However, compared to other class features, they provide more usefullness over time. In PvE I would never have this on my bar, but if I can keep up my divinity in a PvP match, why not? Having said that, this does seem to have the unfortuneness of procing for at wills, and not for encounters put on me.

Annionted Action (Annointed Champion path)
Looks good at first, but then after thinking about it, you kind of realise that actually we have much better class features available then a little increased DPS and a little decresed damage taken after using a daily. I would say it’s good for a 1 vs 1 with another DC in PvP though, especially if you’re having trouble finishing them off after using a daily.

Annionted Holy Symbol (Annointed Champion path)
I do see the draw to this class feature with the temporary hit points, but in all honesty, they are so few that running healers lore is more much more effective in my view. In PvP, there’s much more useful class features then this, same with PvE.


One of the best Artifacts available to us at the current time for both PvE and PvP. The Recovery and defense is a major boost in PvE and the regen is useful too, but all 3 in PvP are needed so I would strongly suggest choosing this from the quest at level 21 and the healing when used is good in both sides of the game.
I run this artiact on my PvE healer for the critical strike, but all in all, this artifact is not a good fit for us at all unless we’re using it in our artifact active slot as a debuff.
While I do like the deflect on this artifact, it’s not worth having as the other 2 stats are basicaly useless. There;s artifacts that give a lot better then movement and gold gain.
Blood Crystal
I love this artifact for both PvE and PvP. Stamina regain, recovery and regen. I’d strongly suggest picking it up as soon a you’re able to spare the 24 K glory. The active power is also nice, though I’d go for waters above this generally.
Now… I have a lot say about this artifact in terms of the way it’s been used. I’m fully glad they;re nerfing, in my view, if I can’t keep my team up without this then what sort of a healer am I? After the nerf, this artifact will be basically useless being used in the active slot, and the stats it gives, while the defense is nice, I’d say are not worth it.
Eye of Lathander
While I’ve been saying life steal is useless, the incoming healing bonus from this is deffiantly useful, especilly in PvP with healing depression and our rightousness class feature. Another defense stat make this artifact a good choice for a DC both PvE and PvP.
Shard of Valindras Crown
The control bonus and life steal combine to make this artifact totally useless for us in both PvE and PvP. As nice as the active use for this seems in PvP, waters would be much more useful.
Thayan book of the Dead
I’m undecided on how useful this artifact would be. Armour pen isn’t needed, but the action point gain and crit could be useful on a PvE DC. All in all however, I’d say you’re better off going with an artifact that gives better stats overall.
Heoric feats
I’m not going to go through every single feat, that would take far too long but I will say some that I feel are nessacry for PvE and PvP. You should always put all 3 points into Toughness on any class if they’re being build for PvE or PvP regardless. The heoric feats are a little hard to set in stone though, as they can all be affected by so many stats. I once respecced my PvE DC not to include the recovery from Domain Synergy only to find her astral shield was on a 8 second gap from finish to start which is just too long. You’ll get a general idea of what your character while you play them, respecs are fairly cheap so I’d suggest just playing around until you find a way that suites you and your character.
Virtous Path
This path to me takes on a more DPS route, so there for I’d strongly urge all PvE and PvP DCs to stay away from this path (going back to the whole, roll as a CW if you want DPS thing). There’s not a single feat I consider useful in this in ethier PvE or PvP.
Faithful Path
I love this path for PvE, it really is the way to go. I also spec my PvP DC to include Enduring Relief and Linked Spirit. I have all paragon powers in this tree on my PvE DC as a lot of the feats from these are just amazing for the additional healing on so many of our core powers. Again, which feats you actually spec into are down to you, and how you feel they will work best for how you play. Just take the time to read each one carefully, adapting the build to suit you. 4 pips of divinity are just amazing too.
The best path for PvP, healing step feat is just amazing and has saved me more times then I could say. This path is just like faithful, spec into what you can make work with how you play. You can debuff the enemys damage output very nicely with this path along with a feytouched which is useful for holding a point 1 or 2 vs 1.

Stat distribution

PvE healers go ethier one of 2 ways, a lot of power or a lot of crit. Personally I preffer stacking a whole ton of crit and whacking on a vorpal. Power DCs have a more constant base of healing however, so I can also see the draw point to that also. Recovery is a very very impotant stat for us, the more we have, the less time we have inbetween astral shields going down which is our base move. Armour has no use on a DC as far as I can tell, so I’d say go more for power, crit and Recovery.
It’s important for a PvE to be able to take a hit, especially in harder dungeons such as MC, VT and CN where even tanks can be 1/2 shotted, never mind a low base defense class such as DC so defense and deflect ideal should be around 1200 + each. Regen isn’t so much of an importance for PvE DCs as for PvP DCs, you can take a pot every 10 seconds as oppessed to the 2 minutes in PvP. Forget lifesteal all together, keep it at 0. We do not do enough damage to have this stat make any difference to us staying alive in a dungeon.


Our 4 most important stats are: Tenacity, Defense, Deflect and Regen. As long as you have around 34 K + HPs, you should stack into these 4 stats. Deflect seem to be a bit gimped since the PvP patch though so I’d suggest a good distrubition would be:
34 K + HPs
2 k + defense
1 K + deflect
1.2 K + regen
In offensive, I would strongly urge to go more power healing then crit healing for 2 reasons. Tenacity affects the crit from healing and you need to have a strong base healing rather then praying for a crit all the time as your healing is only good on a crit. I don;t feel armour pen is very useful but recovery is just as important in PvP as in PvE, if not more.

Ability scores

On a PvE DC, I’d say whole heartedly to start off with high Wisdon and Strength. On my PvE Dc, I do have all addional points in con and dex however, but she had very low starting rolls in these. They help her to stay up a lot longer, which is more useful to the team as a whole in my opinion.


A PvP DC should be a halfling with starting rolls of high con and dex (14 I beleive being the highest possible to roll with the halfling bonus) with all addional points put into these. A DC is focused first in PvP generally, so you need to be able to take the hits and con and dex 100% help you to achieve this.

Armour enchants
I would say go Soulforged for both PvE and PvP so I won’t go into any more detail. A negation is nice on a PvP DC but the cooldown is just too long, a SF makes better sense as it’s a free rez every 90 seconds instead of a little bit of damage negation.

Weapon enchants.
If you have high crit, a vorpal is the way to go. On my PvP healer I’ve been runing a Feytouched and I can honestly say I love it. Plaguefire is also good on a PvP DC and is 100% needed on debuff runs or a Terror if you have another plaguefire in the party.

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