Elias Grunt’s Pure Healing Build

by @EliasGrunt (Neverwinter Handle) on May 13, 2014
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Elias Grunt’s Pure Healing Build

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Hello, and welcome.

Firstly thanks for taking the time to read up on my build.

Secondly you must be hear to find out more about being a cleric or maybe even interested in making one. So here is my build and my view on a Devoted Cleric (DC)

Lets start with the feats that I chose, and with each feat i will give an explanation as to why I have each feat. So lets start:


Healing Action 4/5 – Gain 4% more action points whenever you use a healing ability – I put 4 points into this as with companions and my recovery i don’t need the 5th point for the Action point gain. and with the majority of my spells being healing I tend to build action points really fast.

Greater Fortune 3/3 – Your wisdom now grants 3% more healing – Well of course with a healing build you would want this for the heals. I think this one is common sense to choose when making a healing build.

Domain Synergy 5/5 – Gain 5% more recovery – With this you gain more recovery allowing your powers to come off cool down faster and also helping your action point gain.

Battlewise 3/3 – you generate 6% less threat – As a healer your healing spells will cause enemies to target you more than most other members in a group, simple logic, if the healer is down it will make the rest of the group easier to kill, so generating less threat means you wont get many enemies coming at you, thus allowing you to heal, think of it, if your running about trying to shake enemies off your back you cant really be healing. So this is a must have to be effective when healing.

Bountiful Fortune 4/5 – You gain 12% more divine power – Your divine power is important, your most effective heals come from using divine power, and with divine power your heals are more potent.

Cleanse 1/3 – When you heal an ally you have a 10% chance to remove a negative effect on them – This is here if your in a dungeon where enemies can poison you or your teammates, when you heal them you have a chance to remove that poisonous debuff.

Moving on to paragon feats, I chose the Faithful Paragon Path, as that path gives out the best feats for a healing build:

Paragon Feats (Faithful):

Deepstone Blessing 5/5 – when your target ally is affected by temporary hit points your heals are 10% more effective – This is great for the GWF(s) that you may have in your team, as when they activate unstoppable they gain temporary hit points so healing them when they activate that will make your heals 10% more effective on them. Also any other party member that may have those yellow temporary hit points will gain 10% more healing from you.

Linked Spirit 5/5 – When healing powers channel divinity, you link with every ally you heal increasing their stat ratings by 5% or your stat ratings for 10 Seconds. Healing multiple targets at once will increase the bonus all targets receive – This one is good to have an a must have, it helps your group a lot, increasing their stat ratings. Its like your sharing your stats with them to boost their damage. This one is a buff you will be giving to your group.

Invigorated Healing 5/5 –  Sunburst, Bastion of Health and Astral Shield apply invigorated healing. After 6 seconds invigorated healing expires and heals the target for 2.5% of their HP – This is another must have, with your two main powers being Astral Shield and sunburst every time you use those 2 spells together you will heal your group as well as giving them 5% of their hp back every 6-12 seconds depending on how high your recovery is.

Power of Life 5/5 – Astral Seal now heals for 10% more and sacred flame now grants 10% more temporary hit points – With your main at will being Astral seal this will help your group regenerate lost HP – Astral Seal (Encase your enemy in an astral seal, you or any other ally striking the target will regain hitpoints) – therefore this is a must have as you will use astral seal as your main at will when all your healing encounters are on cool down.

Mark of mending 5/5 – Healers Lore gains a 5% bonus to its effect and your power is increased by 5% of your recovery when healers lore is active – With healers lore maxed out at 3/3 your heals are 15% more potent and with this extra feat incresed that 15% to 20% making your heals 20% more stronger. Plus with power your heals are more greater so this feat is also increasing your power for that bit more increase in heals.

Moon Touched 5/5 – Allies affected by your Hollowed Ground also gain 5% of their maximum hit points every 3 seconds – this is another must have as Hollowed Ground will buff your allies offence and defence as well with this feat also giving then HP, my rough estimate is this daily lasts around 10-12 seconds giving your targets 15-20% of their HP back whenever they are affected by this daily.

Lastly – Greater Divine Power 1/1 – Grants a 4th pip to divine power. When starting as a DC at level 10 you are granted 3 pips that you can fill when attacking, when you use an encounter power when in divine mode it uses a pip, with this feat you gain 4 pips instead of 3 allowing you to use your divine power more often. As i said above your most effective heals come from divine power so this one really helps when using your heals in divine mode.


I wont go through every power cause guaranteed you wont use them all at the same time of course. I will list the main powers and what they do when used and how to use them.

Astral Shield (Q) – This power is also known as blue circle – When placed at the target location your allies mitigate 20% of incoming damage but that is when used in non divinity. This power should ALWAYS be used in divine mode where the circle on the ground where you cast it appears blue. This spell when used in divinity mitigates 20% of incoming damage as well as a good Heal over Time (HoT). Healing and damage mitigation is good for all allies in the circle. I try at least to cast it on the majority of the party so most members are covered with this spell.

Sunburst (E) – This spell is a great heal as this works in tandem with Astral Shield. Remember the Invigorated Healing feat we talked about above, well with astral shield in divine mode your giving a defense buff and a heal over time plus that invigorated healing which after 6 seconds will grant you and any other allies affected by astral shield a 2.5% of your HP back, using Astral shield in divine mode then using sunburst in non divine mode will generate 2 stacks of invigorated healing, giving members 5% of their hp back as well as the heal from sunburst and the heal over time from astral shield. using these 2 spells together in tandem will give out a good decent heal.

Forgemasters Flame (R) – With this power it grants a small debuff on the target slowing their movement speed as well as some damage. Using this is divine mode will heal any allies close to the target for a good amount of HP. This power mainly should be used in divine mode. this is where the 4th pip comes in effective, since sunburst will not be used in divine mode or even rarely used in divine mode because of its knock back effect when used in divinity this power is rarely used in divine mode. So with using astral seal and sunburst you will generate enough pips to use Astral Shield and Forgemasters Flame in divine mode for a good heal over time as well as the heal from Forgemasters Flame when in divinity.

Boons: Boons are earned though progressing through 2 campaigns when at level 60. Sharandar and Dread Ring. Progressing through the campaign allows you to pick what is called boons to increase your stats, which contribute to your healing.

Sharandar: I currently don’t have the last 2 but i have listed below all the sharandar boons that i will be taking.

Dark Fey Warder – You gain an extra 250 points to your defense stat increasing your defense and reducing the amount of damage you take

.Fey Precision – You gain an extra 250 point you your critical strike stat increase your crit for better heals. Yes heals can crit healing for more than they usually would. More crit means more chance to crit meaning bigger heals more often.

Elven Haste – You gain a +2% to your action point gain allowing you to gain action points more faster. Meaning you can activate your daily power more often.

Elven Tranquility – when being struck or attacked by an enemy you have a chance to heal yourself for 400 hit points.

Elven Resolve – Your stamina regenerates 10% faster when in combat allowing you to dodge enemy attacks more often keeping yourself alive.

Dread Ring:

Conjurers Gambit – You gain an extra 125 crit points added to your stat and an extra 125 movement.

Illusory Regeneration – you gain an extra 250 points added to your regeneration stats. This helps you regenerate HP when in and out of combat.

Illusion Shimmer – you gain a +3% deflection severity meaning when you deflect an attack it deals an extra 3% more damage to the attacker.

Enraged Regrowth – When taking Damage you have a chance to heal yourself for 1000 HP over a few seconds. Then after that has ended you gain an extra 250 Defense for 10 seconds.

Burning Guidance – Your healing spells have  chance to burn enemies near the target for 120 radiant damage. Since your spells will be all heals this will proc a lot of the time, helping your group with DPS a little with the added sunburst also dealing damage helping out your group.


NOTE: I use a Soulforged and Vorpal Enchantment – Currently my vorpal is is use by my GWF that in working on.

Although it is debatable on which gear is best ive found that using 2 piece from one set and 2 from another grants better bonuses than using a 4 piece set.

2 Beacon of Faith (Head (Dark Enchantment for movement) and Armor (Azure Enchantment for defense)) giving a +450 Power Bonus to your stats.

2 Miracle Healer (Gloves (Dark Enchantment for movement) and Feet (Dark Enchantment for movement)) giving a +450 Recovery Bonus to your stats.

Symbol and Icon of the Dread Legion (Main hand (Radiant Enchantment for power and Off-hand (Radiant Enchantment for power) giving a further +450 Power Bonus to your stats. But this set should be changed to the Fabled Ilyanbruen set. I don’t have the main hand yet as it needs to be crafted but the benefits are the same only giving you an extra few points added to your power.

Neck – Ancient Fugitives Neck of revolt with Radiant Enchantment for power

Rings – 2x Ancient Slavemasters ring of control both with Radiant Enchantment for power

Belt – Ancient Slavemasters belt of control with Azure Enchantment for defense

Shirt – Gemmed Exquisite Shirt with Radiant Enchantment for power

Pants – Gemmed Exquisite Pants with Azure Enchantment for defense.

NOTE: Most of my Enchantments are Rank 7 with a few being Rank 8


Bloodcrystal Raven Skull – Purple Quality – Mines is currently at level 63 giving +300 Regeneration, +192 Recovery and +184 Stamina/Guard Gain.

Lantern of Revelation – Purple Quality – Mines is currently at level 60 giving +300 Critical Strike, +183 Armor Penetration and +166 Combat Advantage Bonus.

Waters of Elah’zad – Purple Quality – Mines is currently at level 60 giving +300 Recovery, +183 Defense and +166 Regeneration.

Companions: Having active companions do grant bonuses, the companions dont need to be summon, they just need to be in the active companion slot. Here is what i have:

Ioun Stone of Radiance – Blue Quality – Bonus is +105 Life Steal and +105 Deflect – With 3 Empowered Runestones at rank 6 giving me power. As with a stone when summoned it grants all of its current stats to the user. When i figure out how to edit the pictures in i will add the screenshots for you to see more clearly.

Green Slime Companion – Green Quality – gives a +200 defense when you are being controlled

Moonshae Druid – Green Quality – gives a +220 hit points and +55 Recovery

Flame Sprite – Green Quality – gives a +1% Action point gain

Renegade Illusionist – Green Quality – Gives a +55 Life Steal and +55 Deflect.

Link – A visual like to the powers and feats i use can be found at http://nwcalc.com/dc?b=nlp:1wo0fw:16f5jg,1r0u0j4:100000:1uu5zv:100000&h=0&p=dvo

If there is anything i have missed out or anything you want to know please leave a comment in the comments section and i will edit the information in and I will answer your questions.

Thank for reading and I hope you enjoy testing/playing this build as for me it is fun.


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  • Argantes
    May 16, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    Good guide. I prefer Kaelacs build that maximizes party DPS and mitigation over pure healing.

    I tried a pure healing build before and wasn’t happy with the results. Here are some excerpts from Kaelacs guide…

    Firstly you will do less overall healing, simply because there is less incoming damage as stuff dies fast and you are not there to overheal and top everyone’s HP all the time. Secondly you will increase party member healing as your debuffs will boost their lifesteal.

    You will do lesser damage proportionally because you are buffing the DPSers to do even more and they usually get cleaned up in 1-2 rotations. Yes, party members may need to use potions during the fights, but improved clearing speed nets you much more than a few silver’s worth of potions.

    This build ensures that you will be an amazing healer when played right, providing tremendous support and healing to the party via both damage mitigation and maintenance healing. Damage mitigation is an important concept to bear in mind, by reducing the actual damage taken you’re lessening the chance of spike damage killing the group and lessening the actual healing required to bring party members back to full health.

    The counterpoint is that the best defense is a solid offense. By boosting the party’s DPS capabilities, you make fights go significantly shorter, meaning less damage dealt by mobs, less damage taken by party, less damage you have to heal, less kiting and less chance something can go wrong. In a few boss fights, going all out DPS is the best strategy and where the DC can make the biggest difference.

    This is also the number 1 reason why I will use the High Prophet set over anything else- who wouldn’t want a significantly shorter boss fight? If you actually need the other set bonuses for more healing because everyone is getting hurt badly then your party is going to have a hard time no matter what.

    • May 19, 2014 at 9:11 pm

      I also have the High Prophet set stored in my bank, but as a DC you need to be keeping those DPS’ers alive to do the DPS. My usual party setup is myself as the DC and others more likely are 2 GWF and 2 CW. When i do dungeons i need to make sure the “squishy” people don’t get squished. My heals as a full Healing DC keeps those DPS’ers alive during boss fights.

      For example, Temple of The Spider – Last Boss, there are a lot of adds that spawn and do ridiculous damage, if i was to be a buff/debuff DC then more than likely my heals would not be strong enough to support my party. Therefore we die. DC dies = party dies (if they cant survive without a DC) So my point of being a full healer rather than a buffer / debuffer is quite valid.

      Now with Module 3 you are given the chance to earn power points (Max of 20) and calculated that should give you every possible power, encounter – at will – class features and so on, making it more easier for classes to be versatile, which is what my next goal is, to earn the powers, get the High Prophet gear some good enchants, and become a versatile DC that can switch between pure healing and buff/debuff.

      Thanks for your input its much appreciated. As my DC changes and becomes more versatile i will update this page adding in my buff/debuff side of things. But your comments and input is very much appreciated. Im glad you liked reading this build and took the effort to leave a reply.

      Elias Grunt@EliasGrunt

  • Argantes
    May 24, 2014 at 12:19 am

    Hi Elias,

    I see your point and I dont think I have ever done ToS. I guess if your not running with a GF who is good at holding aggro, then you would def need some extra healing power to heal DPS tanks.

    I’ll have to run ToS using my build to really see how it works out. If I fail, then I may try yours out 🙂

  • Ira
    August 5, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    Hi OP.
    Not taking the forsight buff is questionable at best. You mentioned ToS. This is a good example where your +11% feated damage resistance of forsight is helpful.

    Also your understand of Linked Spirit is simply wrong. That’s not your fault, since the feat is bugged.
    Astral shield does not proc Linked spirit ( the buff icon is visual only, no stats are transferred) and it’s not a percentage of your stats but rather a percentage of their stats being added to theirs.
    Forgemasters Flame is the only viable way of procing it.

    It’s missleading, I know.

    The fourth pip isn’t needed at all. Saying you start with 0 divinity, your divine power will cap 2 pips, 2,5 at best. After that your encounters are ready to use.
    If you have a hard time – picking up dead mates, dodging- you won’t have too much divinity anyways and if you have an easy time you won’t need it.
    I do recommend Etheral boon instead of this false friend. You really should take some points into righteous. Divinity for crit is awesome!

    Last but not least, Divine Glow buddy! Use it and you will see that your party survives even big booms.
    It’s your best damage source besides Burning Guidance btw.

  • Ryonas
    August 22, 2014 at 12:53 am

    The gear is somewhat good and Stats distribution in this build, that is good stats

    However Fomorian Set is better than dread ring life steal is useless so i would prefer wearing Fomorian over it , of course in module 4 Astral Seal Artifact legendary is better now

    ALSO your feats choice are very very very bad

    because you did not invest in Toughness and could have more HP , also you did not choose the most important feat in the heroics and that is Repurpose Soul Feat this is the best feat for DC among heroics what is the benefit of critical strike you invested in critical strike without benefiting from it because you did not select Repurpose Soul

    Also you did not invest at least 1 point in Rising Hope 15% Bonus Power and Recovery that is huge for us in healing during Dungeons i would rather get rising hope over Faithful Caps feat

    not bad gear but very bad feat choices that disorients DC to perfection at Tier 2.5 and Tier 3 Dungeons

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