Urza’s GWF Destroyer Build

by Trent Waugh on May 19, 2014
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Urza’s GWF Destroyer Build

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(Before I even get started I need to apologize for the lack of pictures, they aren’t uploading for some reason. i’ll try again at another date and see if it works.)

Hey everyone, i’m Urza@santhus1114 and I’m here to show you my GWF destroyer build. I’m going to do a full run down of the class and show you what encounters feats etc, I like and why, and which ones I don’t like and why. Race honestly doesn’t matter, human is nice for the bonus three feats, but pick wichever one you like the best. For Ability scores, you mainly want Dex and Str, so try to get those to at least 16 each. So without further ado, we’ll start off with the encounters. (the 0/3 1/3 etc is how many points I put into each skill)

Reaping Strike 1/3– This is an at-will that I find completely useless, it is slow to charge, doesn’t deal a lot of damage for how long it takes, and is easy to interupt. The only reason I have a point in it is because it’s mandatory. I haven’t seen anyone with any use for this at-will, but if some one makes it work kudos to them.

Sure Strike 3/3 This is the GWF’s Bread and butter at will. Plenty of damage, works great for single targets, and now it hits multiple targets all the time. This is my Number 1 until i get wicked strike.

Not So Fast 3/3 This Encounter is one of my favorites, It acts as a control power (proccing trample the fallen if you are an Iron Vanguard) and does pretty decent damage. With the new changes in mod 3 I’ve hit up to 15k with this bad boy.

Spinning Strike 3/3 This is one of those dailies that I don’t hate, but rarely use. I see a lot of people using it and I suppose that’s just their playstyle, so this is one of those that if you want it, take it because it does pretty good damage, and it makes you near indestructable.

Destroyer 3/3 This is another Bread and butter one for a destroyer class feature. This baby will make you do mad damage, and with the rework it now gives 3.5% more damage for each stack. A must have in my opinion.

Mighty Leap 1/3 This is an encounter That I just don’t like. I can see the use for it, but Going for max damage as a destroyer, I just don’t think it belongs.

Restoring Strike 3/3 This is an encounter that can be a life saver, if you’re running a dungeon and the cleric sucks, or you don’t have one and can’t keep yourself alive, slot this.

Avalance of Steel 3/3 I mainly use this daily for PvP because it’s annoying as heck, and does good damage. I don’t see any real use for it in PvE other than not taking damage for a few seconds, but Spinning Strike Also prevents you from taking damage.

Slam 3/3 Once again a Bread n Butter. It procs Trample the fallen, interupts on the intial cast, gives bonus power, and it does decent damage. What’s not to love? Plus in pvp it slows those pesky CW’s and TR’s.

Takedown 3/3 Bread n butter for PvP, otherwise it’s a single target strike that won’t help you for PvE, so I ONLY use it in PvP

Bravery 3/3 This is the one you can slot to run faster in a foot race, or for pvp. It helps deflect crit and run speed, so it’s pretty awesome in pvp. Otherwise it won’t help you deal max damage in Pve

Steadfast Determination 0/3 I don’t feel like you gain enough determination from this Class feature to make it worth while, and once again, we’re going for max damage so no point in this.

Wicked Strike 3/3 Oh baby, this at-will is AWESOME It deals a ton of damage, reduces damage of whomever you hit, and is super fast whille unstoppable! This is the skill That I use AS SOON as I use unstoppable, that is the best time to use it as you swing super fast. It also is a life saver with enough Lifesteal, you can almost stand in one spot and just swing with this and stay alive. This is My favorite At-will to use in pve.

Roar 0/3 Only reason this skill gets a 0/3 is due to the fact that it doesn’t max your dps for this build. Otherwise it’s a pretty decent interupt and can really help out some of the tanky builds.

Weapon Master 0/3 The 0/3 might be a surprise to people, but with the nerfs to Deep gash and student of the sword, it simply isn’t the best thing for Maxing DPS. If you’re a sent build, Please max this one out, but for a Destroyer DPS build, it simply isn’t worth it anymore.

Daring Shout 3/3 This is one of the encounters that is awesome for tanking and can keep you alive forever, so I put 3/3 in it just in case. It builds DR based on how many targets you hit and builds threat. For DPS it’s bleh, but incase you need to tank might as well put the points there.

(This is the part Where I am Iron Vanguard, if you’re a swordmaster most of this doesn’t apply to you.)

Frontline Surge 3/3 This skill is awesome, tons of damage, knockback, and triggers Trample the Fallen? Can I get an Amen?? This skill can be a life saver and it’s always in my rotation.

Ferocious Reaction 3/3 This is another doesn’t apply to my dps but if I need to tank for some reason I’ll have it. restores a good bit of hitpoints, can be a life saver on tough bosses and or PvP

Threatening Rush 3/3 I only use this for The Frozen Heart kiting, and for PvP. In PvP it’s a boss, does good damage and constanly closes the gap, Other than FH Kiting for pve though, it’s kind of useless.

Come And Get It 3/3 This is a skill that I use just to see if I can get a 200k crit or something, it pulls everyone towards you and gives you a flat damage buff to your next attack. Not the best for everyone, so if I left something out you wanted, switch it for this.

Savage Advance 0/3 Maybe this is useful in pvp? I can’t see it working there though, So it gets no points for me. No use in PvE as it’s only single target damage, and that won’t help out overall dps.

Trample the Fallen 3/3 Bread n Butter class feature. This bad boy will increase your damage by a TON. If you have a control wizard within sixteen miles of you, every mob is already controlled. Plus 2/3 encounters I use provide control. Must Have for this build.

Battle Fury 3/3 In all honesty, this skill sucks. I took it because I like to run fast here n there. I can’t find any reason for it in a dungeon, unless maybe you can’t deal damage and just want to try to help out the group. Otherwise, it should just be a place to dump points.

Punishing Charge 0/3 This skill is pretty meh too. Does meh damage, and has to recharge 24 seconds after all three uses. not worth the three points in my opinion, take it if you have some strange love for it though.

Indomitable Battle Strike 3/3 This bad boy is the GWF’s version of Lashing Blade. (What rogues deal stupid amount of damage to you with.) This skill should always be your third encounter to use in the rotation, thus building up Destroyer, activating Trample the Fallen, and once you get it Avatar of War.

Indomitable Strength. 3/3 Good PvP daily, deals good damage and throws your enemy, otherwise it’s okay to try and use on a boss as a finisher.

Enduring Warrior 0/3 Not a very good class feature, Even with 30k hp it barely heals you for more than 1k hp, and in a dungeon you’re lucky to kill more than 200 foes. not worth it Imo

Stats– For stats you want to aim for 5k plus power, 2k ARP (If you have at least 15 con it will give you -5 resistance ignored, thus granting you 25% in total Aka the Cap) If you have Avatar of war and then one of the set bonus Swords/Knots you should be good to go on crit, (Between 2500-3500 will give you enough. You don’t want to try and get rings or anything with crit, it’ll just be a waste.) And then 2k defense, however much Deflect you want, and at least 1k Life steal. These stats are just aiming points, after you get those feel free to stack defense deflect or power.

Feats- I’ll start with the Heroic feats, going by Tier.

Unstoppable Action 0/5- I find that for max dps and suviveablity this isn’t worth it. It doesn’t really help gain ap that much, as it’s only during Unstoppable, and you should gain ap decently fast anyways.

Disciple of Strength 3/3- This is a good one, more effectiveness from strength, more damage!!

Toughness 3/3- I like Toughness, because the more hp you have, the longer you can stay alive to deal damage.

Tier 2

Fast Runner 0/5- You don’t need to have more sprinting time if you’re going for max dps, useless for this build.

Endless Assualt 3/3- more encounter damage, more overall DPS.

Armor Specilization 3/3- Since This build is kind of squishy, the 15% improvement really goes a long way. Helps for a lot more bang for your buck with defense.

Tier 3

Steely Defense 5/5- This Feat rocks, Just reall really helps you getting your 5k+ power without slotting all Power equipment.

Constitution Focus 0/3 or 3/3- If you are a human you can choose between this and Weapon Mastery. (Tier 3) I use it because my Crit is already at 33% without Weapon Mastery, this one is all up to you though.

Grit 0/3- Not worth it due to the cooldown, otherwise it would be pretty neat. Not much else to say about it.

Tier 4

Weapon Mastery 0/3 or 3/3- This is the one you can choose between if you’re a human. Extra 3% crit, or the 15% bonus to constitution effectiveness from Constitution Focus. your choice.

Devestating Critical 3/3- This is a must have, makes it so you practically always have a lesser vorpal (Lesser vorpal 12% this feat is 15%) up, so if you do have a vorpal, your crits become absolute monsters.

Ubiqitous Shield 0/3- nothing good to say about this one. If you like it, go ahead.

Destroyer Feat Tree- 25/31 points put here.

Tier 1

Great Weapon Focus 5/5- This bad boy can make your at-wills pretty mean, I like it and it’ll really help with dps overall.

Deep gash 5/5- Even after they fixed it to not bleed for the amount of damage you dealt, this feat still helps out a lot with DPS and can make a big difference.

Tier 2

Disciple of War 5/5- This is a feat that got reworked to be AMAZING. If you have roughly 2k ARP and 1.5k Recovery, you get around a 1k power bonus. For sure worth it.

Improved Reaction 0/5- This build isn’t for a tank so there is no point.

Tier 3

Executioner’s Style 5/5- This is how you get 120k Crits. This bad boy makes sure stike and IBS The ultimate finishing skills.

Relentless Battle Fury 0/5- This build doesn’t use those skills enough for it to be worth the five points.

Tier 4

Focused Destroyer 5/5- This makes it so you can get destroyer by hitting any number of guys, Making it way easier to constantly have stacks of destroyer up ALL the time.

Battle Awareness 0/5- Just not worth the five points for this build.

Tier 5- Capstone Feat 1/1, it kicks butt. End of story.

Instigator Tier 1

Student of the Sword 5/5- It’s still pretty good despite the huge nerf. Worth the five points.

Rotation- I Use Not so Fast, Indomitable Battle Strike, And then frontline Surge. Open with Frontline, then Not so Fast, and then maybe get a sure strike or two before Unstoppable pops, then Indomitable Battle Strike. After this Wicked strike until unstoppable is gone again, and back to sure strike. rinse and repeat.

Hope you like the build! I’ve had great success with it so far, so hopefully it can help everyone else out.

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  • July 17, 2014 at 12:17 am

    Hi there,
    This build has AMAZING dps,
    But for what gamemode is it?
    PvP or PvE?
    Good jobz, Deathbringer

    • July 17, 2014 at 2:59 pm

      I basically want to know what your set looks like in PvP.
      I was thinking like:

      Rmouse: wicked/sure
      Lmouse: Threatening rush
      Q: takedown
      E: frontline surge
      R: IBS
      1: indomitable strength
      2: avalance of steal
      Passive 1: Bravery
      Passive 2: Trample the fallen

      Is this a good setup or not??

      • July 24, 2014 at 6:07 pm

        @deathbringer, I apologize for taking so long to reply to you, I never got an email saying you made a comment. This Is mainly a pve build but it can be used in PvP. For PvP I use takedown, IBS, and frontline surge. Then at-wills, threatening rush and sure strike. Then bravery and trample the fallen.

  • July 24, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    Hi there mate , why is this build rated as 8+? sorry to tell you my friend but if u want dps … well u are doing it wrong Deep gash dosen’t need more than 1 point to help u get stacks …. Slam dosen’t give extra power as u stated unless u feated battle awarness which u later on say it’s not usefull for this build… u contradic yourself.. uhm want to ask do you neverwinter? cuz u are off by a few miles please remove this so people don’t take it seriously and waste time and AD on a broken build…. honestly this is very very bad ,… u don’t even mention best race and why you consider it to be the best or initial stat roll , sorry to trash you like this mate but uhm this is not a viable build or guide or whatever u tried to make …. best of luck

    • July 24, 2014 at 6:09 pm

      Ah yes, I forgot that it doesn’t give power unless you have that feat. That is a mistake on my fault. Otherwise I’m sorry to tell you, but this build works perfectly well. I am able to top the dps among everyone in my guild easily with this toon, I have given this build to others and they do the same. I don’t understand why you think it is not made for dps though, please do explain.

  • Eltin
    September 25, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but, I just made enough to respect my feats, and was sure you said that they nerfed SotS, so I was wondering, if I were to choose which feat to pick, should I put 5 feat points into SotS, Great Weapon Focus, or Disciple of War? ALSO, please answer this, if I am not a human and want to max out Steely Defense, yet also want to max out Devastating Critical, should I not put the 3 feats into Constitution Focus? Or should I just have 3 in it, and have 2 in Steely Defense instead? Because I don’t want to lose DPS, but I don’t want to die super quickly either, that would make me not be able to do any DPS at all.

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