PvE Iron Vanguard Destroyer Mark Spec

by Lady Darhana on July 10, 2014
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PvE Iron Vanguard Destroyer Mark Spec

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Race: Half Orc

Initial Rolls:

20 str
13 con
15 dex
10 int
10 wis
8 cha

After Lvl 60:

26 str
15 con
21 dex
12 int
12 wis
10 cha

Recommended Minimum Stats When Finished:

Power: 10000
Armor Penetration: 1700
Critical Strike: 3600
Recovery: 1300
Defense: 2000
Deflect: 900
Life Steal: 900

Powers / Feats on NWCalc


Avatar of War Set
Ancient Fugitive’s Necklace of Revolt
Smiting Valiant Ring x 2
Smiting Valiant Belt
Gemmed Exquisite Gambeson
Gemmed Exquisite Trousers
Dread Legion Weapon Set (Set from chest at the end)
6 Dark Enchantments Rank 9/10 (1 Offense 2 Defense 3 Utility)
6 Radiant Enchantments Rank 9/10 (All Offense)


Lantern of Revelation
Sigil of the Great Weapon
Kessel’s Spheres of Annihilation

Ioun Stone of Allure:

2 x Lesser Bonding Runestone
1 Eldritch Runestone
Smiting Valiant Ring
Smiting Valiant Amulet
Icon of the Grand Templar
Radiant Enchantments on Gear

Recommended Pets for Active Bonuses:

Laughing Skull (500 power & 500 recovery for 25 seconds on combat start)
Fire Archon (5% damage increase on targets below 30% health)

Dungeon Loadout:

At Wills:

Threatening Rush (Always), Wicked Strike (Sure Strike for bosses)


Indomitable Battle Strike, Restoring Strike, Frontline Surge


Avalance of Steel (Spinning Strike for large mob groups), Slam (Indombitable Strength for bosses/single target)

Class Features:

Destroyer, Weapon Mastery


This build works extremely well.  The idea is to keep your targets marked at all times by using Threatening Rush.  This is also a great skill to attack from a bit of a distance and move from mob to mob easily.

Obviously as a GWF you will be aiming to do AoE damage rather than single target damage.  However when burning bosses you will swap Wicked Strike for Sure Strike and also put in Indomitable Strength for a really nice 2 hit attack.  Try to have the bosses marked when using your encounters/dailies so you maximize damage.  Learn which attacks to get hit by so that you don’t die but take enough damage to proc Unstoppable so you are constantly doing more damage.  For example on Draco, get hit by the knock back AoE, hit Unstoppable, run in, Threatening Rush, Restoring Strike to gain all your HP back, Indomitable Battle Strike, and Sure Strike away.  Use Frontline Surge as a continuation to keep Avatar set proc’d.

For the Avatar of War set to stay proc’d you’ll need to make sure you are using an encounter power every 10 seconds.  This is very important for maintaining those big hits and faster cooldowns.

Another point to make is that this build is always a good damage build, but really starts to get away from the pack once you have all rank 9s or higher and your artifacts to legendary.  The extra power you get at that point is what does it.  But still at 13k I was doing more damage than 15k GWFs and at 15k I was doing more damage than 17k GWFs.

Also, the enchantments will change as your artifacts level up and your enchantments increase in rank.  You want to get your armor pen / crit / other stats up to where they need to be before power.  Power should be your last stat to max.

You could fool around with the build to suit your play style.  Another option that I see right away for a slightly tankier build would be instead of 4/5 on the action point % while unstoppable feat would be putting those points in to Toughness & Armor Specialization .  Also the Ioun Stone of Allure just happens to be the cheapest.  You can use the augment pet of your choice.

Enjoy the damage and have fun 😀

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  • Elquardia
    July 10, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    Very nice build I was wanting to play a gwf I have a cw and a dc now I can add a gwf this build utilizes mobs too to me we have to get the mobs out of the way then concentrate on main boss and on pve This build is probable the best build for me and how I play I am not a frontliner but I love to help all others out for survivability I know if they go down I will soon follow. I see a lot of dps builds I like aoe and mob control. Thx for this build

  • July 10, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    Thanks! I can tank just the same, I’m always in the paint. Very survivable if you use your restoring strike and unstoppable correctly. Glad you enjoy it. It seems to give the most damage of any build on here for GWF.

  • Bodhy
    July 24, 2014 at 9:36 am

    Well this build isn’t for a destroyer but vanguard it would be nice if you would title it that way.

  • Dougie
    July 24, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    Umm, this is destroyer, since he/she has destroyer tree as their main. What is Bodhy talking about?

  • Izwor
    August 16, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    It was very nice build, untill module 4 ;/
    Now srontline surge and threatening rush are nerfed.
    Im thinking about respec to swordmaster and drop sentinel line (marking is useless now, becouse threatening rush have 3 uses and marks only one monster at the time) and put more points in destroyer or insigator.

  • Baszun
    September 29, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    keep trying

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