DC (buff/debuff) PvE only guide ( divine oracle )

by Alexander on August 1, 2014
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DC (buff/debuff) PvE only guide ( divine oracle )

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Here I want to show you how I have build my PvE DC. This build is not a standard high prophet build and contains of a lot of defensive stats and focuses more on buffing your allies rather than debuffing ur enemies. This build is only very effective with a high damage group because the amout of healing is very dependend on the other players damage.

General idea: This build focuses on buffing your allies with ASTRAL SHIELD and HOLOWED GROUND. Because we need our daily abilities to be up very often i use encounter powers that build up action points very fast. The main healing spells in this build are ASTRAL SEAL and ASTRAL SHIELD.

Race           : The choise of the race is not too important in this build, i personally chose the wood elf, because 1% crit chance is always nice and 10% resist to slows is not too bad either, but u could also take human for the extra feat points. Generally it is important to have as much WIS and CHA as possible in the end

Feats:           Healing action (5/5) : no brainer because we need as much action points as possible

Toughness      (3/3) : again no brainer in this build

weapon mastery (3/3) : crit chance is always nice

holy resolve (3/3) : This shield can save your ass if u drop low

battle wise (3/3) : eventhough we are very tanky with this build we dont need aggro from everything

cleanse (3/3) : can be really helpful when people are stunned or silenced

paragon: divine oracle is the choise here.

faithful tree: enduring relief (5/5) : works very good with astral shield and astral seal.

benefit of foresight (5/5) : Most OP feat the cleric has (11% dmg reduction is crazy)

linked spirit (5/5) : nice little buff that connects very good with astral shield

power of life (5/5) : increased healing and shielding, enough said

moon touched (5/5) : a heal effected for hallowed ground can come in very handy

mark of mending (5/5) : since I use healers lore this is a nice effect

greater divine power (1/1) : always usefull to have more of it.

You might want to swap moon touched for righteous rage if u experience having problems with your divine power.


Skills: http://nwcalc.com/dc?b=oe7:27ftq4:14fbgs,1ul30l0:100000:15z0zv:100000&h=0&p=dvo   here is how i skilled my devoted cleric, i will only explain the ones that will actually come to use

Astral seal (3/3) : main healing spell for this build, can pull out ridiculous amouts of healin  with a high damage group. In dungeons always try to put the seal on                                         every enemy. Works also very good with my terror enchantment.

Sacred flame (3/3) : best at-will power for us because it is good for stacking up divine power and for some small shields, however it wont be used too much because                                       we are busy spamming astral seal.

Encounter Powers:

Sun Burst (3/3) : I really like this spell because it gives a little bit of healing as well as AoE damage. Can also be used to pull the aggro away from a fragile                                                member of your party such as a CW.

Divine Glow (3/3) : AoE debuff for enemies that also gives us a Buff for our melee classes when cast with divine power

Astral Shield (3/3) : Best encounter power we have, because it gives all allies inside the circle 20% more defense as well as healing them. Make sure to always                                             cast this with DIVINE POWER to get the most effect out of it.

Dailies :

Hollowed Ground (3/3) : Very strong offense and defense Buff for all  allies in a large area which is crazy because it boosts the performance of your group to mad-                                               mode. Dont be shy to use this when it is ready because it will be quickly up  again.

Divine armor (3/3) : Good daily ability to save party members, however we wont use it too often.

Flame strike (3/3) : Can be used indstead of divine armor. gives you a bit of dmg as well as CC.

class features:

Forsight (3/3) : combined with benefit of foresight this is just a crazy buff and is the best class feature

Healers Lore (3/3) : more healing is always nice aswell as a little power buff with mark of mending. If u experience serious aggro issues u can swap this for sooth.


STATS:  Now we come to the important part of this build and where it differs from other builds i have seen. We wont stack ridiculous amounts of Power or recovery. We                  will put an eye on  stacking defensive stats like max. HP, defense and deflection. You can aim towards this general stat-line.

Critical Strike: ~2500

Recovery : ~3000, so your cooldowns are low, but you dont waste stats because more than 3k are not necessary and wont benefit you much ( shield CD ~15s).

Armor Pen. : this stat is not needed for our class because we dont want to deal damage mainly.

Defense : should be around 3k to 3.5k so you have very good damage resist, because a dead healer cant heal. Easy as that.

Deflection : should be around 1k so there is a decend chance to deflect some damage.

Regenerarion : around 1k is enough for some good regen

Max. Hp : It is very important that you have around 30k Hp or more because then your defense really starts working for you and you become nearly immortal if played                      correctly. Also holy resolve stacks with your max HP which makes you even more tanky.

Power : You should have al least 4000 power so your healing spells heal for a lot and u deal some damage. If u reached all the offense stats you should try to put the                   open slots for example into power.


Enhantments: Terror on weapen because it works very well with your sun burst as well as with astral seal. You could also use plaquefire if you like this one more. Holy                          avenger would be and option too, but i think the CD is way too high so its just not worth using. Vorpal would be the last option but i think the damage                              reduction from terror adds more damage to the group than more crit severity on you.

On armor is went with soulforget enchantment because it is good to get a second chance when you did a mistake. Brakshield is also an option for this                             tanky build. depends on personal taste.

My build right now contains of 4 offense slots, 5 defense and 3 utility slots. radiant for offense slots, 2 azure and 3 radiant for defense slots and dark for                           utility slots.

Equipment:   In my opinion to start this build with the miracle healer set is the best of the 3 T2 sets, because if gives u alot of healing power. I swapt around the armor set for black ice gear ( corrupted is better in my opinion) because it just fits better for what i am doing with my cleric and where i am aiming. on overload slots the purified black ice enchantments are very good because they give you a huge shield and a big defense buff so the adds will run into you like into a brick wall.

For rings I use priests ring of burning light because theymake you so much more tankier. for belt I use necromancers belt of undeath, because it gives the same stats as your rings. Brawlers necklace of guts is also used by me. All in the ancient version.

Artifacts: I use waters because the regeneration active can be very useful during pve fights and the stats arent too bad either.as secondary I use sigil of the devoted and sigil of the great weapon because they give some great stats to work with.


I hope this guide can help you to master the devoted cleric and to rule through dungeons like a real boss. Devoted clerics are very rare on the servers and i dont know why because i think they are a very intersting and fun class to play and should have more popularity. Excuse me for my bad english. I am not a native english speaking guy but i wanted to share this with as many people as possible.

If you have any questions or you would like to leave some featback feel free to comment or message me ingame ( else@eisi94). I would be very happy for some featback cause this is my first guide and i would like to improve for upcoming once.



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  • Paracelsus
    January 1, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    So what boons did you choose? A lot of these guides have those and I was wondering if you could also put those up?

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