Scourge Warlock Guide by Voltomey

by MMOMinds on August 23, 2014
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Scourge Warlock Guide by Voltomey

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Part 1 The Introduction

Hello all this is voltomey and i am Gonna give you a Three part in depth review Of the warlock class i will be sharing quite a bit of info on what to expect when you roll this class and go into a few of its mechanics now enough talk lets get it on.

Warlocks Class Mechanics
The class Mechanics for the Warlock are by far the most unique for a Neverwinter class. Its has a main and Secondary Mechanic and In its Main Mechanic is a Micro Mechanic now lets Go over them.

Warlocks Curse/Curses/Curse Eater
Are the main Mechanic for the warlock class They synergies with one another to do a verity of things. The warlock has so many curses at its command it makes Samuel L Jackson seem like a saint Lol

Warlocks Curse is the main Tab ability It will put a 20% dmg debuff on the target you may place your Warlock’s Curse on up to 3 different targets, but the damage bonus will be divided between them. This curse has many class feats and paragon feats associated with it so make sure you get use to using it.Curses are Basically Debuffs That do dmg Overtime and counts as food for power interactions.Curse Eaters Are Spells That interact with the many curse debuffs the warlock has at its command. Some will remove Curses and then put another debuff on a target some will eat the curse and then explode dealing double AoE dmg find out what Curse eater Combo you like and Have at it.

Soul Puppets
Are the warlocks Secondary Mechanic there kinda Like Companions they attacks targets and will follow you all over they last about 120 second and will vanish after 5 attacks. If you attempt to summon a Soul Puppet when you already have one active your current Soul Puppet gains a 20% increase in damage for 20 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times Puppets Can act like tanks at time grabbing agro allowing the SW to better position himself in a fight there a breeze to use in solo questing and when you go down the Damnation Path so many wonderful choices open up to you in how you want to use them. They have 80% damage resistance and 25000 Hit Points sense the last preview patch.

The SW has Two Roles That Of a High High High Like the sky DPS character and Then the Supportive Role By the use of sucking the life force from its targets and transferring it to his allies via the temptation feats it also fill that niche of DPS/Support Hybrid using its puppets The Three Feat Paths are listed below i will not go to in depth about them in part 1 But part two i will go over them more Thoroughly .

Feat Paths

Fury – A Fury Warlock destroys his foes with fire and death, cursing his foes and then decimating them with his most powerful spells, leaving them a smoking husk. This is The DPS Tree Plain and simple

Damnation – A Damnation Warlock controls a soul puppet to empower himself and destroy his foes, eventually making this puppet a permanent part of his arsenal.While his Soul Puppet is active he is a much more potent combatant who can destroy foes at various distances. This is The puppet master tree this makes the soul puppet a permanent addition to your team

Temptation – A Temptation Warlock binds the souls of his foes and his allies to steal the very life force from his foes to heal his allies. He also commands several auras that bolster nearby allies or weaken nearby foes. This is the support and healing tree need i say more

Th SW Comes with a Wide verity Of power and you know what there all ****ing fun as hell to use Lets get right down to it and lets learn about the rad ability’s we have

At Wills

Dark Spiral Aura: Fire a blast of dark energy at your target, expending your collected Dark Spirals. Note this is apparently a Curse eating at will when it eats a curse it gives you another dark Orb 

Eldritch Blast: A blast of eldritch flame scorches your target. The third strike also damages enemies around your primary target.Note Your main Bread and Butter at will its nice dmg and fast casting make it a no brainier.

Hand of Blight: You form necrotic power in your hand and hurl it at your opponent from range. In melee range you don’t form the projectiles and attack faster. In addition, these melee strikes create Blight the target temporarily reducing their damage. (Max 4 stacks). The fourth hit at either range deals additional damage, and the melee hit also adds an additional stack of Blight. Note This is a fantastic At will if you don’t like eldritch blast it debuffs the targets dmg but the only downfall to this at will is that it should have had some type of cleave to it melee portion

Hellish Rebuke: A fiery rebuke that deals damage and ignites your target with hellfire. If they foolishly strike you after the rebuke, the hellfire’s duration will be refreshed. Note that This is like a secret gem of a at will its a DoT that never runs out so long as your target keeps wailing away at you and if it crits can crank up a lot of dmg if you have the feat for this skill the target also deals less dmg to you not bad huh.Whats even better about this skill on temptation warlock is putting this on a boss will net a perma HoT group heal depending on how much LS you have this can heal for about 100HP a tick or more and that’s not bad at all thanks to its refreshing mechanic.


Curse Encounters:
Encounters that Apply a Curse Your Opponent

Infernal Spheres: Summon an array of infernal spheres, each waiting to shoot out towards nearby enemies This has a chance to put a lesser curse on any target hit.Note That even though the dmg early on is not impressive it can proc multiple lesser Curse’s and aiming for a cursed target in a pack of mobs can be annoying this skill almost never left my bar and probably will not leave yours. It combos well with Fiery Bolt cause if it manages to curse multiple targets Fiery Bolt secondary effect can pop off dealing massive aoe dmg if its consumes a curse.

Warlock’s Bargain: You forge a link between an enemy’s soul and your own, and then offer it to your dark patrons. You sacrifice 15% of your own health to steal life from your target over time. In addition, 15% of your incoming damage is redirected to your linked target. Warlock’s Bargain is considered a curse, but is not removed by powers that consume them. Note This Skill is staple in a few single target PvP Builds i run its a curse that will trigger Curse eater effects But never be removed. This skill and dreadtheft are brutal with one another along with Vampiric Embrace on demand heal temp hp and a nice massive dps boost from the deadtheft Buff and debuff.

Curse Eater Encounters
Encounters that eat curses and apply debuffs to targets

Dreadtheft: You unleash a dark beam that lances through your enemies. This power will continue to fire for up to 6 seconds or until you release the button.Note The skill and warlocks Bargain go hand in hands a single warlock bargain will make this Buff/Debuff stack a full 5 times. Also if you have Enough LS this skill will heal you for a nice amount it will probably never leave your bar its so good.

Fiery Bolt: You fling a ball of Eldritch Flame that explodes upon hitting your target, dealing reduced damage to nearby targets. When this consumes a curse the main target takes 35% more dmg and targets near it take full blast dmg. Note The skill can hit like a brick **** house Good when used with Infernal Spheres also a solid choice for single target dmg when combined with warlock bargain.

Vampiric Embrace: Rip the life essence from your target, dealing damage and converting 75% of that damage into Tempary Hit Points and healing you for half the dmg. Note If your In the Temptation Line this skill is staple for healing and again it will combo very well with warlocks bargain In pvp and Single target Boss fights.

Wraith’s Shadow: You summon shadows to smother your foe in a sickly mass of darkness, reducing their outgoing damage, and dealing damage over time you can also activate the skill again to stop the DoT and apply a immobilize .When this eats a curse It will Immobilize and debuff a target and any targets nearby the main target.Note In pvp This warlocks and Dread will kill you in no time flat.

Curse Synergy Encounters
Encounters that trigger When interacting with cursed targets so require you to use a curse when when there currently active on a target. 

Blades of Vanquished Armies: You create a swarm of shadowy blades that circle around you, damaging nearby enemies.when near a cursed target it will fling swords at said target. Note when you neer a warlocks cursed target Blade will fling themselves at that target

Harrowstorm: Call up a churning storm of eldritch power around your target, damaging them and enemies around them for a brief duration. If you use Warlock curse on a target while its active it will prone the targets for 4 seconds. Note This is a very clunky combination trying to get the prone out of this skill especially if the targets is moving also you have to stand still and wait for the animation to finish before the skill actually fires

Trigger Encounters
Encounters That trigger when reaching their Requirement 

Pillar of Power: Create a conduit of power at target location that grants additional damage to your powers. This conduit erupts in a blaze of hellish flame if an enemy moves over it. Note this will Trigger In a positive way if you stand in it giving you a dps buff and like its says it will blow up if a enemy steps in it. It can also be used to buff the tanks dps In a instance.

Cursed Bite: Deals damage to your cursed targets. Note for this to trigger a target must first be cursed its pretty lame don’t bother with it imho.

Killing Flames: You use you targets Suffering to fuel infernal flames around them the dmg is increased bases on the percentage of the targets missing HP and killing your target will spawn a soul Puppet and Builds 25% more ap. Note this will hit hard depending on how much missing hp a target already has get them below 30% and they will bite the dust and when it crits this skill can hit for as much as an ice knife on a low HP target But even though is dose high dmg it has a chance of hitting a very low end amount of dmg as well.

Class Features

Dark One’s Blessing: Gain life whenever a target affected by your Warlock’s Curse dies.Note I would not mind this skill if it healed more and was Not restricted to just my tab curse open it up to all curse types and it will have nice synergy with the damnation Line 

Deadly Curse: Your Warlock’s Curse deals damage when applied to targets not already affected by your Warlock’s Curse.Note have this turn warlock curse into a DoT and your in business IMHO other wise i really don’t use this its dmg is very low

Shadow Walk: You run 10% faster while Shadow Sprinting. Note This make you almost as fast as a t1 mount it probably be worthwhile for a temptation Warlock supporting in PvP being able to Shadow slip far far away from a GWF is nice.

Warding Curse: Targets affected by your Warlock’s Curse deal 4% less damage to you.Note If your temptation or damnation spec This is good you already have traits that make a targets do less dmg to you why not have your tab skill do it also.

Flames of Empowerment: Deal 8% more damage while your Action Point gauge is full. Note If you sit and Hold off on using your AP skill this is for you more dmg is good.

No Pity, No Mercy: Critical hits now briefly give you combat advantage over critically hit targets.This is NW for warlocks this will never leave your feature frame

Prince of Hell: Increases your Armor Penetration stat by 10%. Note this helps you get that AP cap a bit faster without having to stack to much of it over something more important.


Accursed Souls: Draw in the souls of nearby enemies, Healing yourself and corrupting their spirits which you then force back into their bodies. Affected targets are temporarily affected by corruption and will spawn a Soul Wraith if killed. Additionally, you spawn a Soul Puppet when you activate this power. Note When you first get this the heal and the dmg is kinda bad but around lvl 40 up this only gets better and better i believe the heals works off life steal. This also is a 2 hit daily when the targets souls are sucked out and when there forced back in in damnation builds this is particularly good at making the soul puppet even stronger.

Brood of Hadar: You overwhelm your target with shadows, holding them in place while dark horrors rise around them. Nearby targets take reduced damage from this attack, and all affected are slowed and will be attacked by the spawned horrors.Note The skill is nice in pvp its a single target CC that can unload a buck ton of dmg But this skill loses effectiveness when used in a pack of mobs *** Minion ai will make them attack any target they deem a danger.

Flames of Phelgethos: Liquid eldritch fire drips over your target, dealing damage over time. The intense heat deals 25% of its damage to nearby enemies.Note This is a fantastic daily by far my fave of any of them if the first DoT crits the rest of them will also The hot liquid Bling also deals 25% of the dmg to nearby targets.For Temptation Warlocks This is a nice HoT that can net smaller packets of heal should the daily dmg nearby targets.

Tyrannical Threat: Temporarily changes your Curse class mechanic to “Tyrannical Curse”, and upgrades any of your existing Curse effects. Those affected by Tyrannical Curse are damage linked, and deal 30% of the damage you deal to them to other targets affected by your Tyrannical Curse. Note if you curse Three targets in a pack of mobs with this then cast Harrowstorm on one of them OMG the dmg will fly between this target and the other two cursed targets and the mobs neer all three cursed targets this has the potential to be the most dmging daily we have under the right conditions.

Gates of Hell: Summon a hellgate at target location that spews a stream of hellish flame in your direction. Enemies killed by the blast restore some of your Action Points. In addition, players killed by this power may not be revived by other players.Note This can hit as hard as a ice Knife and it has a very deceiving telegraph Plant this daily ahead of a target not on it everything in between the spot you dropped the telegraph and were your standing will get hit with a huge amount of fire dmg its quite funny seeing some one back up out of the way of it only to get hit cause there standing in the kill zone.For A Temptation warlock this is a extremely large heal thats if it hits for its high end Crit DMG 

Shift Ability
Shadow Slip: Slip into the shadows, allowing you to move faster and granting you 30% additional damage resistance while shifted. You ignore control effects while shifted. Note that this can Bug and perhaps cause you to have a epileptic seizure Just warning you. Any way you ever see the movie Vampire hunter D Bloodlust The character grove appears to be doing shadow slip while blowing up packs of monster with Orbs of light. Back on topic this is a nice Shift skill its fast Gives complete CC immunity and with shadow walk you can move almost as fast as a t1 mount.

Part 2 Feats Builds Ability Rolls and Race Choices
Lets get back to were we left off ok guys lets talk about Feats Builds Ability rolls and Race Choices all important thing to decide when starting your SW lets get it started.

Scourge Warlock Heroic and Paragon Path Feats
Heroic Feats
0/5: Energised Curse: Gain 30% more AP when attacking a cursed targets
0/3: Weapon Mastery: Increase your crit chance by 3%
0/3: Toughness: increase your max hp by 9%
0/5: Shadow Fold: Shadow Slip Consumes 10% less stamina
0/3: Empowered Rituals: Encounters deal 6% more dmg
0/3: Battlewise: You create 6% less threat
0/5: Determined Casting:Encounter Cooldowns Reduced by 10%
0/3: Desperate restoration: When Under 30% Health Heals are 15% more effective on you
0/3: Soul reaping: Your lifesteal stats is increased By 4.5 per your charcter lvl
0/5: Blood Pact Of Cania:Increase the amount of bonus dmg Constitution gives by 5 %
0/3: Devestating critical:Increase Critical Severity By 15%
0/3: Scornful Curse:Increases the damage directly dealt by curse effects by 30%.

Fury Path Feats
0/5: Daughters Promises: when a target is killed you deal 100% of your weapon damg as necrotic damage to a target near the recently slain.
0/5: Critical Promises: After a critical hit your nect attack will Deal 10% of your weapon dmg as necrotic dmg 
0/5: Offering To The Prisoner: When a cursed target is killed you damage is incresed by 5% for 15 seconds
0/5: Gatekeepers Empowerment: Gates of hell now deals %5 more damag and generates 2% more AP for each target killed
0/5: Killing Curse: When attacking a cursed target you deal a additinal 5% of your weapon dmg
0/5: Executiners Gift: At-wills and encounter Powers deal up to an additinal 15% necrotic dmg as the targets health diminishes.
0/5: Brutal Curse: you warlocks Curse Increases your dmg aginst affected targets by an additinal 10%
0/5: Murderous Flames: Killing Flames deals 30% of its dmg to foes within 20 feet of the primary target.This damage is split equally among the affected targets.If there are no other targets the primary target takes all the dmg
0/1: Creeping Death:When targets affected by your warlocks curse take necrotic dmg from you they are affected with creeping death. Creeping death deals 100% of the necrotic dmg over 8 seconds creeping death stacks.

Damnation Path Feats 
0/5: Parting Blasphemy: When a curse is removed from a target deal 6% of your weapon dmg to that target.
0/5: Relentless Curse: When a target affected by warlocks curse is killed a nearby targets has a 100% chance to be affected whith a lesser curse
0/5: Syphoning Curse: When a cursed target is killed the slayer of that target is healed for 100% of your weapon dmg.
0/5: Power Of The Nine Hells: The dmg Buff provided by piller of power now last 5 seconds after you leave its area and allies now receive 50% of the buffs affect.
0/5: Warding spirits:While you have soul puppet active you take 10% less dmg
0/5: Burning puppets: your soul puppet have a 25% chance to apply lesser curse when they attack a target.
0/5: Ghastly Commander:While you have soul puppet active you deal 10% more dmg and life steal for 2% more
0/5: Wrathful Souls: Your soul puppets deal 100% more dmg and their attacks now life steal 15% of thier dmg healing yo
0/1: Soul Desecration:Your soul puppet is now permanent and will not dissipate after 5 hits. Targets maked By warlocks Curse are currupted and will spawn a soul puppet when killed. Additinaly every 15 seconds the next time you deal damage you spawn a soul puppet.

Temptation Path Feats 
0/5: Vengfull Curse:When damaged you have a 10% chance to apply a lesser curse to your attacker
0/5: Hope stealer: On critical Hits your lifesteal stat is increased by 10 points per charcter level for 4 seconds
0/5: Compounded soul: Striking Cursed foe has a chance to grant 5% of the warlocks max HP as tempoary hit points to allies near the warlock.
0/5: Hellish Condemnation: Target affected By your Hellish Rebuke atwill deal 5% less dmg
0/5: Aura of Despair:Enemies within 20 feet of you deal 5% less dmg
0/5: Aura Of Cruelty:Allies within 20 feet of you life steal for 5% more
0/5: Eldritch Momentom: You restor 5% of you stamina each time you take dmg.
0/5: Darkness:Enemies damages by Blades of the vanquished armies briefly deal 10% less damage to you.
0/1: Soul Bonding:your lifesteal stats now also heals allies for 200% of its value. The healing Component of you Vampiric Embrace now also heals nearby allies for 100% of its value

Ability Score Rolling

When creating a character, starting ability scores (prior to racial adjustment) are randomly determined by choosing from among several predetermined sets of values.
It is possible to reroll until desirable scores result. Each reroll randomly selects from the same pool of available combinations as the initial roll. 

Ability scores are not rolled individually. Instead, all six values are selected simultaneously, by randomly picking a row from the following table:

I color Coded the primary secondary and None Class Attribute rolls
None Class Attribute

1813 1310 10 8
1813 1310 8 10
1813 138 10 10
1714 1310 10 10
1713 1410 10 10
1713 1311 11 10
1713 1311 10 11
1616 1210 10 10
1615 1311 11 9
1614 1411 10 10
1613 1511 11 9
1612 1610 10 10
1515 1312 11 10
1515 1311 10 12
1514 1312 12 11
1513 1512 11 10
1513 1511 10 12
1513 1412 12 11

Order of the Scourge Warlock Ability Scores

The table above gives all possible ability score combinations for a generic character. Depending on a character’s class, the values selected will be automatically reordered as follows:
The primary ability score is always the highest.
The secondary ability scores are the second and third highest, in no particular order.
The remaining three scores (A B and C) will be placed in a specific ability, according to the character’s class:

Scourge Warlock:Cha Con IntWis Dex Str

1% Critical Chance
1% Companion Stat Bonus
1% Combat Advantage Damage

1% Damage Bonus
2% Maximum Hit Points

1% Resistance Ignored
1% Recharge Speed Increase

1% Control Bonus
1% Control Resist

1% AoE Damage Resist
0.5% Deflection Chance

1% Stamina Regeneration (or Guard Meter)
1% DoT Damage Resist

With the Said The Highest a Primary Stat can go is 26 thats with the racial trait and with campfire thats 27. The Highest A Secondary Attribute can go is 24 with racial Trait and with campfire 25. The Highest a None Class Attribute can go is 20 and thats with Racial Trait with campfire Buff Thats 21.

Racial Traits TY bazgc Fore the sexy new chart 
Are characteristics of given races that reflect the most innate strengths of members of those races. Racial Traits come in three typical varieties:
A +2 bonus to a predefined Ability Score. Most races have one such bonus.
A +2 bonus to a choice of Ability Score. For most races, it is a choice between two options, but Humans can apply this to any Ability Score.

Main Stat
Secondary Stat
+2 Any
+2 Any
Dragon Heritage (You receive 5% more healing from all sources)
Dragonborn Fury (You have a 5% chance when attacking a foe to apply Dragonborn Fury to yourself for 6 seconds, increasing your Power and Critical Strike by 3%)
+2 Dex
+2 Cha / +2 Wis
Darkfire (5% chance to debuff target’s Defense by 10%)
Trance (extra recovery at camp fires)
+2 Con
+2 Str / +2 Wis
Stand Your Ground (knock/repel resist)
Cast Iron Stomach (DoT resist)
+2 Con
+2 Cha / +2 Wis
Dilettante (broken atm)
Knack for Success (+1% Deflect, +1% Crit Sev, +1% Gold Find)
+2 Dex
+2 Con / +2 Str
Furious Assault (+5% crit sev)
Swift Charge (+10% run speed at start of combat)
+2 Dex
+2 Cha /+2 Con
Nimble Reactions (+3% Deflect chance)
Bold (+10% CC resist)
+2 Any
Versatile Defense (+3% Defense)
Heroic Effort (3 extra feat points)
+2 Dex
+2 Cha / +2 Wis
Faerie Fire (5% chance to debuff target’s Attack and Defense by 6% each)
Trance (extra recovery at camp fires)
Moon Elf
+2 Int
+2 Dex /+2 Cha
Wanderlust (+1% Stamina gain, +1% Action Point Gain)
Moon Elf Resilience (+10% CC Resist)
Sun Elf
+2 Int
+2 Dex /+2 Cha
Inner Calm (+2% Action Point Gain)
Sun Elf Grace (+10% CC Resist)
+2 Cha
+2 Con / +2 Int
Bloodhunt (+5% Damage to targets below half health)
Infernal Wrath (When you are hit, 10% chance to lower Power of attacker by 5% for 5 seconds)
Wood Elf
+2 Dex
+2 Int / +2 Wis
Elven Accuracy (+1% Crit Chance)
Wild Step (10% resist to slow effects)

Even Though Warlocks Rely On Int Race Traits give Ability Score Points to Con Or Cha also have a good foot into the ground when deciding Build choices for Warlocks.

Choosing a Race and Build for your Warlock!
Each Race has its own Unique Flavor when it comes to the warlock. So I am going to do this A lil Differently then when i did my HR Guide I am just going to separate the Builds Go over them Tell you guys what what ability score they require and and the pros and cons and then you guys can decide from there what race you will pick i already put each race ability score rolls above this post so check it out and make your own choice. Note below are my personal Opinions and thoughts on how each build is played if i am wrong plz correct me. 

Fury Builds
Fury Warlocks Requires A Balance between Int Con and Cha or High Con or Cha
Pros:High DPS Great Debuffs Good Self Sustain Loads of necrotic dmg their crit monsters 
Cons: No form Of Utility in the way of helpful supportive feats Little to No CC Very squishy
Recommended races: Half-Orc Tiefling Sun/Moon Elves Humans 

Fury Warlock Summary 
They Do Alot of DoT just with feats alone They also rely On crits to proc there necrotic dmg feats that in turn will activate creeping death i will get to the capstone in just a second. Fury warlocks Need a even balanced of Con and Cha to do there best dmg When playing the class i noticed you cannot neglect one of the ability rolls over another if you go high Cha you lose a nice bit of bonus dmg and HP from Con and To high Con you lose a lot of crit and Combat advantage dmg. But its your warlock so what ever you want to roll is up to you the Capstone feat of a Fury warlock is creeping death It will require you prep your target for it by first cursing them with your warlocks curse then hitting them with a constant flow of necrotic dmg. That is were Critical Promise and Executioners Gift come in the two feats will make sure you have the necrotic dmg you need to trigger creeping death on a warlocks cursed target no matter what encounters or at wills you use. Creeping death is just a DoT that can stack up to 100 times and deal necrotic dmg over time again giving you more hp

Damnation Builds
Damnation Warlocks use their soul puppet to empower themselves and dmg and debuff foes. They use the use a even but High Con and Cha to get the most from bonus dmg and combat advantage dmg.
Pros:Good Utility and Self sustain great for solo play Pets basically a second companion 
Cons:Pets need to priorities targets and attack what the warlock attack and switch when necessary. Build dose not kick off until about lvl 50 and you have the capstone and pets cant hold agro to save you life
Recommended race: Roll a race with a Con Or Cha Ability roll

Damnation Warlock Summary 
They are basically Pet masters they rely on the Soul Puppet they spawn to give them easy to access power interactions. The Soul Puppet for a damnation warlock is a walking buff machine its there to debuff targets Buff the warlock and grant him easy combat advantage due to the pets positioning. To add to the annoyance that is a pet class you will probably be doing 18% to 30% less dmg to them thanks to hand of blight warding curse and warding spirit and wraiths shadow. The Soul Puppet in this build will do up to an additional 200% dmg 100% of that is guaranteed the other 100% is applied over time Every 15 seconds and 15% of the dmg it deals is transferred to the warlock healing him. In PvE you effectively have 2 companions following you making higher lvl solo content a breeze.

Temptation Builds
Temptation Warlocks Require High Con to get the most out of feats well one feat. One feat in particular needs a lot of HP to shine
Pros: Heals the party Very Rapidly By DPSing. Gives Out Lifesteal Bonuses and Loads of Temporary HP. Capstone feat turns Every DP Skill on there bar into a heal skill Including daily’s.
Cons: Relies on having a High number of mobs to hit Lesser mobs means lesser and slower healing. 
Recommended Races: Halfling Dwarf Tiefling Half Orc Half Elves and Humans

Temptation Warlock Summary
They Heal By the way of DPS no seriously They Heal allies Buy making sure they output the most dps possible they can heal a group Very rapidly thanks to DT HS and VE. They can give a party 5% of their max HP as temporary hit points that’s why i believe having a high HP count with a temptation Build is key. If your Building a Temptation Warlock make sure you have a high crit chance because crits will only mean better heals. A few key feats for the build are Compounded soul The aura feats and the capstone witch Heals allies for 200% of your LS value also take the damnation feats Relentless and syphoning curse that’s more DoTs and healing for who ever kills a cursed target cant go wrong with that can you.

Part 3 Stats and Armor
I will be going over Stats and Armor choices with you in this post so hold on tight were going for a bumpy ride Remember every thing stated in here is my opinion based on testing and my experience of preview

Scourge Warlock Stats Overview
What stats the SW will stack will depend on what kind of Build you Chose to run See below for a detailed stats overview 

Offensive Stats
The Warlock is pretty straight forward in all the stats it uses But let me give you a over view of offensive stats this class uses some stats variy depending on the Build you run But lets get to it i am going to over the offensive stats in this section. I will breakdown the stat as a whole then go into each Build type and explain my best as to what stats is needed and why.

Recovery:This Contributes to AP gain and Recharge rate you mostly want to get this from gear and Artifacts because we have INT as are main ability score and we have a heroic feat that helps with encounter recharge. So i would get this mainly from gear artifacts and boons no need to use slots to stack this as i feel we should save slots for more important offensive stats. 

Fury Warlock’s: Recovery Is Not as important as it is to Damnation/Temptation warlocks cause even on CD are at wills Combined with creeping death and are Warlocks Curse can Unload some seriously good Consistent dps. Just worry about the recovery amounts on gear and the recharge amount you get with Int and you should be good.

Damnation Warlock’s: Recovery Matters just a lil bit more that you think when were on CD were relying on the Puppet and AT will dmg to fill in what Fury specs can get from creeping also the pet AI can get wonky at times so having your Skills off CD faster will be better for your over all dps and Surviverability in the long run.

Temptation Warlock’s: In the long run having Fast CD and AP gain is very important essentially every skill on your interface is a healing skill from your dailies to at wills so being able to charge AP and having faster CD will greatly benefit you and your party in the long run.

Crit Strike:This is are most Important stat it activates important feats such as Hope stealer and Critical promise 2 feats that are tied in directly with their feat paths capstone making high crit chance important. You can however get crit from gear artifacts and boons but i would stack it because you don’t want to get all your offensive stats from boons save some boons for important defensive stats.

Fury/Temptation Warlock’s : Crit Triggers Critical Promise and Hope Stealer Both skills Work hand in hand with there capstone feats so crit is very Important for them to provide the best dps and Self Sustained Healing Possible. 

Damnation Warlock’s: If the puppet held on to agro better i would say stay in the 20% to 25% range on crit and dont over do it But sense they don’t you can go as balls to the wall with this as you want on your warlock But if puppets get better at holding agro then we can reevaluate .

Power: Power Like crit is Tied directly Into Both are DPS and healing the more base dmg we do the harder we crit the more life we steal and will heal allies for. It comes on all are gear in good amounts so i don’t see you actually having to stack this to a major degree But hey some people love dat power. 

Fury/Damnation /Temptation Warlock’s: This is the second most Important stats goes hand in hand with AP LS and crit But you will get enough of it from gear alone unless your a power freak then stack till your hearts content.

Armor Pen: Now This stats helps power and crits slice though a targets armor but this stats also dose not show up on alot of gear so it would be worth your wild to stack this. However we do get prince of hell a class feat that gives a 20% boost in are armor pen stat and Resistance Ignored dose come with Int so stack only a little enough to get the cap for PvP and PvE you mite want to get it mostly from boons and gear set bonuses before you actually start to slot any.

Fury/Damnation /Temptation Warlock’s: Stack this depending on how much Resistance Ignore your Int gives you Hit cap and you should be good If you have to use prince of hell so be if not even better.

Defensive Stats 
Like Offence there are a few staples LS being one of them but i will go in depth about one individually

Deflection: This is the chance we have of deflecting an attack Its Only good If your a halfling and your rolling the temptation path cause it diminishes very fast and there not much on gear to get a real reliable deflection chance and we need the defense slots for More important stats.

Fury/Damnation Warlock’s: Stay away we don’t Have enough on gear to reliably get a good deflection chance

Temptation Warlock’s: It comes on Temptation warlock focuses gear and as a few set bonuses But if your rolling a halfling go for it if you desire to deflect more attacks.

Defense: Is a good state to stack and we have more then one feat that lets us reduce the incoming dmg we take so for some Builds its worth it to stake this.

Fury Warlock’s: If you Run Hand Of Blight or WC Class feature stack this if not don’t Bother with it there better defensive stats to focus on and the fury tree dose not provide us with any utility feats in the way of reducing incoming dmg and most the dmg reducing feats are balls deep in Damnation and temptation.

Damnation/Temptation Warlocks: Hand of Blight and Warding Curse Combined with Aura of Despair Hellish Condemnation and Warding Spirits lets use reduce the dmg done to use by a good bit so stacking this could be the way to go for some builds it depends on your preferance.

Life Steal:No build should be with out life steal its are main stat for self sustaining ourselves and for Temptation warlocks its the main stats used to heal are allies with the capstone feat. With that said you can get it from gear artifacts and boons 

Regeneration: This On any warlock will go hand and hand with Life steal it will give use even better sustain then with LS alone i will not even have to separate this into all three build will need this and can get the most from it from Pegasus seal vendors and artifacts it also comes on gear.

Hit Points: SW naturally have high health around 20k Or more This is more or less a personal preference.

Temptation Warlock’sThe feat Compounded Soul relies on this to be more effective if you use that feat you mite want to stack as much HP as you can to give you party more temporary hit points.

Scourge Warlock Armor and Weapons Overveiew
Ok all i know you ben waiting for this here are the armor sets i am only doing T2 sets cause t1 have all the same stats But have lesser 4 bonus effects ok lets get started .

Accursed Diabolist’s Armor
8 AC
1271 Power
1271 Crit
574 Life Steal
574 Recovery
644 Defence

Set 2 Bonus 450 Recovery

Set 4 Bonus Your Encounters Trigger Hellfire on foes. Hellfire last 6 second when it expires they take 6% of there max HP in dmg (Max 4000)

Malevolent Warlock’s Armor
8 AC
1271 Power
1271 Recovery
644 Deffence
506 Deflection
574 Life steal

Set 2 Bonus 450 Armor pen

Set 4 Your Encounter Powers Trigger Puppetmaster witch deals 4% Bonus dmg on a target as necrotic dmg This bonus is tripled if you have a soul puppet active

Nether Mage’s Armor
8 AC
1271 Power
1271 Lifesteal
1218 Deffence
574 Deflection

Set 2 450 Deflection

Set 4 Your Encounter Powers Realease a Burst Of Healing for 6% of the dmg they deal to allies within 30 feet

Empire Set
1160 Power
574 Crit
674 Defence
1330 Lifesteal 
652 Armore Pen

Set 2 150 AP gain

Set 4 You gain an aura the increses the life steal of allies within 50 by 3%

PvP T2 Profound Sets

Diabolist’s Profound Armor
546 Power
1162 Crit
1162 Armor Pen
657 Deffence
546 Lifesteal
760 Tenacity

Set 2 463 Armor Pen

Set 4 You deal 9% more dmg aginst foes below 20% HP

Warlocks Profound Armor
546 Power
1162 Crit
1162 Recover
546 Lifesteal
657 Deffence
760 Tenacity

Set 2 463 Armor Pen

Set 4 You deal 9% more dmg aginst foes below 20% HP

Bane’s Profound Armor
2182 Hit Points
1162 Power
1162 Life Steal
657 Deffence
546 Regeneration
760 Tenacity

Set 2 463 Armor Pen

Set 4 You deal 9% more dmg aginst foes below 20% HP

Part 4 A in depth Look On Builds Feats and Skills
I will take a closer Look at skills Builds and Class feats this means yet again i will be going over paragon path feats but this time but a extreme degree i am trying to see why some Player are having a hard time getting the DPS they desire with a SW any way lets get started.

Part 1 Fury Warlock’s
Fury warlocks are a Monstrous warlock they do nothing but deal DMG they be high dps they make big Numbers people to put it more bluntly if used right. With that said you mite wanna take a look at your skills selection again and see why your not unleashing the dps you want Lets go over key Fury warlock DPS Skills and feats. Cause being a fury warlock is not as easy as it seems and even though you think a spell mite do high dmg on it own getting the right feats and skills to flow like water is better then having a stand alone skill and i know alot of people think dreadtheft is are best dps skill and they will spam it like no tomorrow any way lets get it on. 

Important Fury Feats
Lets Go Over the feats I listed them in a Above part in this guide but i will go In depth about them here.Lets start By Listing 4 Important feats
All of the feats Listed here Proc Creeping Death The capstone feat in the fury Tree They are Daughters PromiseCritical Promise Executioners Gift and Avada Kadavera… i i mean Killing Curse tee hee hee any way they all proc necrotic dmg even though some don’t explicitly say so.

Creeping Death and You
Its The Fury capstone and it has a few mechanics i think you should Understand Lets start off it is triggered by any necrotic dmg as long as your the one dealing it and it can stack up to 100 times. Now lets go how creeping death works well every source of necrotic dmg a target takes will trigger 1 stack of creeping death This include life drinker enchants and all the traits listed above each will creat there OWN KEY WORD OWN creeping death stack. If you wish to test this for yourself go to preview and do not use any of the above traits i mentioned and take hand of blight it alone will produce 1 stack of creeping. 

Any way each stack takes 100% of the dmg used to create it and ticks it down on a target for 8 seconds and yes its a DoT effect lets say killing flames deals necrotic dmg instead of fire and i hit a high 15k crit the entire 15k of dmg would then tick down in a 8 second 1875 dmg DoT on the target hence the name creeping DEATH. Fortunately for you other classes killing dose not do necrotic dmg But Executioners will add an additional 15% to killing flames that will will proc it.

Let me Give you the short Version Creeping death is Basically letting you deal duplicate dmg of what ever necrotic dmg happens to procs it and it also stacks so if i used warlocks bargain and it’s crit over time for a total of 10k dmg each individual tick would produce its own creeping death stack and will tick down for and deal an additional 10k of dmg to a target Note just got a hold of a lightning enchantment and it can make Creeping death go past 100 stacks for sky high dps.This is a bug however it should not go past 100 stacks

Spreading Dem Curses
There is one damnation feat you want to look at for you fury warlock and it will net you higher dps over all and help with getting quicker power interactions. Its Relentless Curse: When a target affected by warlocks curse is killed a nearby targets has a 100% chance to be affected with a lesser curse. Lesser Curses are DoT effects that will only boost your dps and it synergies with daughters promise also you cant go wrong with dat This trait is a must for any Build tbh.

Murderous Flames
Ok lets talk about Murder and Fire well lets talk about Murderous flames another feat in fury line its also very important this trait effects are hardest hitting single target skill killing flames. It will take 30% of the dmg KF dose and distribute it in a AoE to foes near the main target if there are no foes near the main target the main target takes an additional 30% dmg. even with out the extra 30% dmg Killing flames having a AoE mechanic added to it is fantastic a good KF Can hit for 15k with out a vorple enchantment or the crit severity trait i am assuming you can get a easy 30k KF hit and 30% of that would hit nearby targets. Be warned KF can hit for low end dmg but that can be helped with thanks to dreadtheft and WC and the other dp boosting feats in the fury line.

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    Neverwinter Mod 4 Scourge Warlock Temtation PvP Role: Team Support DPS/HPS
    Race: Tiefling: +2 Cha +2 Con or +2 Int
    Ability Score Roll: Primary*CHA16 |Secondary*CON16 & INT12|wiz10|dex10|str10 at
    lvl60=(CON=16+2=18+6=24) #2 (INT=12+6=18) #3 (CHA=16+2=18)
    Enchantments: Purple Epic Dark Enchantment/Tenboros Nicrotic Dmg Rank 10’s
    Weapon/Armor Enchantments: Perfect Vorpal/Terror or Soulfordged
    Stat Type Priority: PvP Tenacity>Power>Max-HP>Armor Pen>Life-Steal>Movment-Speed>Critical-Strike>Regeneration>Deflection>Recovery>Defense.
    Gear Stats: Soft Cap/Hard Cap Stats:
    Critical Strike: 2,800~3,200
    Armor Penetration: 2,400~2,600
    Recovery: 2,600~2,800
    Defense: 2,400~2,800
    Deflection: 2,000~2,200
    Regeneration: ~1,000
    Life Steal: ~1,400
    Shift Ability: Shadow Slip
    At Wills: Dark Spiral Aura>Eldritch Blast>Hand of Blight>Hellish Rebuke
    Encounters: Curse> Infernal Spheres>Warlock’s Bargain>Curse Eater> Dreadtheft>Fiery Bolt>Vampiric Embrace>Wraith’s Shadow>Blades of Vanquished Armies>Harrowstorm>Pillar of Power>Cursed Bite>Killing Flames
    Class Features: Dark One’s Blessing>Deadly Curse>Shadow Walk>Warding Curse>Flames of Empowerment>No Pity, No Mercy>Prince of Hell
    Dailys: Accursed Souls>Brood of Hadar>Flames of Phelgethos>Tyrannical Threat>Gates of Hell
    Heric Feats:
    Paragon Feat:
    Temptation Role/DPS/HPS tree skills/powers can heal a group very rapidly,thanks to D.T. H.S. and V.E.

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    Got a question. did you test the feat murderous flames? The way it’s phrased makes me question whether an “additional” 30% is stacked if there are no other targets within range. It sounds to me like this feat takes 30% of the damage off the original target and splits it between other targets that are close enough. If there is no one else around then the original target takes the full damage like normal. this is a very crucial thing to consider IMO. If you have proven this one way or another then I would like to know. Thanks

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