Hunter Ranger PvP 50/50 Ranged-Melee Hybrid Build for Neverwinter Mod 4

by Norisman on October 13, 2014
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Hunter Ranger PvP 50/50 Ranged-Melee Hybrid Build for Neverwinter Mod 4

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Hunter Ranger PvP 50/50 Ranged-Melee Hybrid Build for Neverwinter Mod 4
Race: Wood Elf
Ability Scores: DEX to max/1st highest, WIS to 2nd highest, STR to 3rd highest, Con to 4th highest, Int & Cha at base min.
Primay Focus/Spec: PVP
(3/3) Rapid Shot/Rapid Strike: Not as good as I’d like, but the only decent single-target At-Will power that the HR has at its disposal currently.
(3/3) Split Shot/Split Strike: This power is beautiful, and will generate most of your damage in dungeons and other PvE situations. It does notable amounts of damage to a large spread of targets.
(3/3) Marauder’s Escape/Marauder’s Rush: This power should be used in every build set, it is that good. Marauder’s Rush does outstanding damage, and Marauder’s Escape is great for movement as well as generating A LOT of Action Points.
(3/3) Rain of Arrows/Rain of Swords: This power is ONLY useful for boss fights where the boss is large and rather stationary. Otherwise, the AoE is too small to be useful. Additionally, Rain of Swords generates some decent DoT for longer boss fights.
(3/3) Constricting Arrow/Steel Breeze: This power is especially handy in PvP. When maxed out, Constricting Arrow interrupts the target THREE TIMES. This makes it EXTREMELY annoying for enemies to try to attack you. Steel Breeze is also a nice touch if you are low on stamina.
(3/3) Split the Sky/Throw Caution: I rarely use this power. It’s moderately helpful in PvE and PvP to set up an advantageous zone for you and your allies to fight in, but the slot is typically better used if replaced with another power. Throw Caution allegedly increases your damage output, but the buff is not very noticeable and doesn’t last nearly long enough.
(3/3) Fox’s Cunning/Fox Shift: THIS SKILL. It’s literally the icing on the cake that is Hunter Ranger. The ranged and melee stance version complement each other extremely well. I will go into more detail on this later in the build.
(3/3) Aspect of the Serpent: This passive feature is meant for hybrid builds. While in each stance, you buff the next 5 attacks of the other stance. Excellent if you switch between stances as often as you should be.
(3/3) Stormstep Action: Maxed out, this feature reduces all your cool downs by 3 seconds every time you use a Daily Power. At first glance, this doesn’t seem that impressive. I mean, it takes a while to gather enough Action Points to use a Daily Power, only to have them all drained away, right? Well true, but the Hunter Ranger is given a Daily Power that only uses 25% of your Action Points. With all the stance changing you’ll be doing, and thus all the encounters you will be using, you will ALWAYS have at least 25% AP by the time that Daily Power is off cool down again. This feature is a must-have.
(3/3) Twin-Blade Storm: This feature is an alternative ONLY to Aspect of the Serpent. You gain an extra 12% damage whenever you hit more than 2 enemies. In the long run, that is a TON of damage. Especially useful in dungeon runs.
(3/3) Seismic Shot: This is our only ‘moderately’ strong AoE Daily Power. It can be useful in our secondary Daily slot.
(3/3) Forest Ghost: This power can be very useful to drop aggro in both PvE and PvP. In PvP, opponents will easily lose track of you in a crowded situation.
(3/3) Forest Meditation: This power can only be utilized well if you max it out to resist control powers. I rarely use it, but if you want it, max it and throw it in your secondary slot.
(3/3) Disruptive Shot: For ALL combinations, this power should always be in your primary Daily slot. This skill may not do an impressive amount of damage, but it only uses up 25% of your Action Points. This power will make it feel like your Encounter Powers don’t even have a cool down!
(3/3) Cold Steel Hurricane: This power does less-then-moderate AoE damage, but slows all enemies it hits. Useful for dungeons that have massive crowds of enemies.
(3/3) Weapon Mastery: +3% critical chance.
(3/3) Toughness: +9% hit points.
(5/5) Swift Footwork: +10% stamina regeneration.
(3/3) Endless Assault: +6% Encounter Power damage.
(3/3) Lucky Skirmisher: +3% deflection chance.
(3/3) Disciple of Dexterity: DEX gives you +6% more damage.
(5/5) Black Arrow: +10% critical severity for ranged attacks.
(5/5) Bloodthirsty: Ranged Encounter Powers make the next melee Encounter Power deal 15% more damage.
(5/5) Correcting Aim: Each non-critical hit boosts your critical chance by 5% until you crit.
(5/5) Nature’s Grasp: Ranged attacks have a 5% chance to apply grasping roots.
(5/5) Sniper’s Aim: Increases your damage by up to 20% at max distance from the target.
(5/5) Prime Critical: When you crit, Encounter cool downs are reduced by 0.5 seconds.
(1/1) Master of Archery: When you critically strike with a ranged attack, your next Encounter Power will crit.
Paragon Build #2 – Melee
(5/5) Seeker: Melee attacks generate 1% of your stamina.
(5/5) Agile Hunter: Melee Encounter Powers reduce the cool downs of ranged Encounter Powers by 1 second.
(5/5) Lethal Hunter: Melee attacks deal 15% more damage.
(5/5) Elusive Hunter: In Melee Stance, your deflection chance increases by 10%.
(5/5) Bleeding Precision: Increases critical chance for melee attacks by 10%.
(5/5) Expert Skirmisher: Increases your run speed by 10% in Melee Stance.
(1/1) Master of Combat: Melee attacks have a 17% chance to strike twice. The damage from the second attack cannot be mitigated.

Power Combinations & Cycles: PvP Combat:
At-Wills: Rapid Shot, & Split Shot
Encounters: Marauder’s Escape, Fox’s Cunning, & Constricting Arrow
Features: Stormstep Action, & Twin-Blade Storm OR Aspect of the Serpent
Dailies: Disruptive Shot, & whatever else you want

Start out each confrontation in Ranged Stance, then repeat this rotation:
RANGED STANCE: Constricting Arrow -> Fox’s Cunning ->
MELEE STANCE -> Marauder’s Rush -> Fox Shift -> Steel Breeze ->
RANGED STANCE -> Marauder’s Escape -> Disruptive Shot ->
*Mix in your dodges and Split Shots accordingly.
If for some reason your ranged powers are still on cool down at the end of this rotation, spam Split Shot from a distance.
Ratings: Soft Caps’ and Hard Caps’
These limits are derived from the fact that as you apply more points to a certain stat, its effectiveness follows a sort-of logarithmic curve.
At low ratings, each stat will gain larger benefits than they would if they were already higher ratings.
For example, if you have 200 critical strike, you’d get around 1.8% more critical chance if you add another 200 rating.
However, if you have 4,000 critical strike, you’d only get about 0.37% critical chance for adding the very same 200.
The stats affected by diminishing returns:
critical strike,
armor penetration,
life steal,
*Special Note:
Power: *is a purely linear stat, and never diminishes despite how much rating you put into it. Out of the diminishing stats, movement is the only one that will never approach its ‘soft cap’ rating. I keep referring to soft caps and hard caps, but I haven’t exactly defined them yet.
soft cap:
is when the stat starts to make a notable decay in its effectiveness.
This limit is very loosely defined, and many players push past it for stats that are more useful to their build.
hard cap:
is essentially a point where you get virtually no benefits from adding more rating to a stat. Hopefully you never commit enough to one stat to ever reach this limit, because that would be a waste.
Each stat has a different soft cap (using the tooltips provided by Neverwinter) roughly approximated soft caps for every stat that has one.
Critical Strike: 2,800~3,200
Armor Penetration: 2,400~2,600
Recovery: 2,600~2,800
Defense: 2,400~2,800
Deflection: 2,000~2,200
Regeneration: ~1,000
Life Steal: ~1,400
As mentioned earlier, these soft caps are not absolute limits.
For example, with this build in particular, I push the boundaries of critical strike and armor penetration to about 3,600 and 2,900 respectively.
I am not getting as much for each point I put into them, but they are more essential to my build and therefore benefit from a little extra attention.
Regeneration and Life Steal,
You should strive to reach the soft caps for because both of these stats are very helpful and have low caps.
Critical strike and armor penetration
should be your main offensive stats. These stats can be pushed a bit past their soft caps if necessary.
should be ignored for the most part; this build produces a ton of cool down reduction as it is. If the gear you want comes withRecovery, it’s not that big of a deal.
Deflection should be your main defensive stat, with Defense as the secondary.
*This is because, especially in PvP, other players with high armor penetration essentially cut through the defense stat like butter. Getting defense to its soft cap should be sufficient.
Power and Max Hit Points.
These stats are great because they never diminish. They might not be as effective early on, but once all your other stats are at soft cap diminishing return limit-
Power and Hit Points
start making a much bigger impact on your performance.
PvP Gear
With the introduction of Tenacity in PvP, we are given limited options as far as PvP gear goes.
We cannot wear our typical gear in PvP and expect to be an even match for all players. Look at the different armor and weapon sets, and trinkets, under the ‘Grim’ tab at the PvP vendors.
Do not even give a second glance at the ‘Profound’ tab.
That gear is a waste of your hard-earned Glory and Seals of Triumph.
There will be 3 different kind of sets for weapons and armor, and 6 different kinds of each neck, waist, and ring pieces.
Pick whichever ones give you desirable ratings.
At level 60, equip yourself with the rank 7 versions of whatever enchantments you decided would help fill in your ratings, and then save up for higher ranks later down the road.
Weapons and Armor Enchantments
#1 Vorpal are ideal.
*The extra critical severity from Vorpal is really hard to pass up.
#1 Soulforged adds that extra bit of survivability that we’ve been longing for.
#2 Plague Fire is also another decent weapon enchantment that you could look at.
#3 Or anything that deals Necrotic Damage!
is damage that cannot be mitigated by neither defense, deflection, nor any other means.
Companions: Keep in mind, however, that companions and their effects are not available in PvP.In your companion tab, you’ll notice you have 5 ‘Active Companion Slots’ at level 60. However, you can only have one companion summoned at a time.
Each companion has what is called an ‘Active Bonus’ that applies to you even when they are not summoned.
As long as they are placed into one of your 5 active companion slots, you will receive the active bonus.
You will want to pick companions that give you desirable active bonuses for these 5 slots.
Additionally, the companion that you have summoned should be an Augment-type companion.
When an Augment is summoned, you gain all of the stats that the Augment has.
For example, if you equipped your Augment with a Profane Runestone, Rank 10 in its offense slot, you would receive the 300 critical strike that your Augment receives.
This is an excellent way of filling in any ratings that are lacking a little.
From progressing in the Dread Ring and Sharandar campaigns, you get to choose from each tier of boons, can only choose ONE.
Sharandar Boons
• Tier 1
o +250 Defense
o +250 Power
• Tier 2
o +250 Deflect
o +250 Critical Strike
• Tier 3
o +700 Max HP
o +2% Action Point Gain
• Tier 4
o When being struck by a foe you have a chance to heal yourself for 400 HP.
o When striking a foe you have a chance to deal 400 Arcane damage.
• Tier 5
o Your Stamina or Guard Meter regenerate 10% faster in Combat.
o When you Deflect an attack you deal 400 damage to your attacker.
o When you kill a foe you gain 20 Power for 45 seconds. This buff stacks up to 30 times.
o Potions now heal you for 10% more.
*For Tier 3, you will want to go with the HP boost because our AP gain is already efficient enough. For Tier 5, you will want the bonus to deflection, because we’ll be deflecting a lot of attacks and therefore dishing out a lot of extra damage.
Dread Ring Boons
• Tier 1
o +125 Power and +125 Movement
o +125 Critical Strike and +125 Movement
• Tier 2
o +250 Life Steal
o +250 Regeneration
• Tier 3
o +3% Deflection Severity
o +250 Armor Penetration
• Tier 4
o When taking damage you have a chance to heal 1000 Hit Points over a few seconds. After this effect ends you have 250 more Defense for 10 seconds.
o When dealing damage you have a chance to deal 1000 Necrotic damage over a few seconds. After this effect ends the target receives 25% less healing from spells for 10 seconds.
• Tier 5
o When taking damage you have a chance to generate a shield that absorbs 500 incoming damage and redirects that damage to a nearby foe. This shield lasts 6 seconds.
o When you deal damage you gain a stack of “Madness”. When you reach 50 stacks of “Madness” you gain 600 Power, 300 Life Steal, and 300 Regeneration. 10 seconds after gaining this bonus your stacks are reset. You may only gain on stack of “Madness” per second.
o When you steal health from your Life Steal stat, it has a chance to steal 3 times as much.

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