Sharra Del’Armgo’s Archery DPS/Cover Fire build

by Vera Dias on November 10, 2014
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Sharra Del’Armgo’s Archery DPS/Cover Fire build

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Sharra Del’Armgo’s Archery DPS/Cover Fire build

So, in the past Sharra was more a single-target “sniper” as I’d called her, but after running alongside a DPS-heavy archery build before ToD, I decided to shift gears a bit, resulting in the build I’m about to show you.

To start, let me give you a crash course on my build. I am built to deliver massive damage as suppression fire while also staying alive really effing well. Since I specialize in cover fire, I am NOT a PvP build. Pure and simple, I stick to PvE. As such, my key stats are:
– Power
– Crit & Armour Pen
– Recovery & Lifesteal

Those are the tiers of magnitude. the general goal for progression is:
– Get crit to ~35-40% and pen to ~24
– Start stacking power
– Get lifesteal to ~10%
– Start stacking rec

Recovery is important as most of my dmg comes from encounters.

Gear wise, I use Grand Warden with CN weapons. I would mix sets for 2-piece bonus, but there is yet no other set that covers these same main stats (Exception: I think DR T2 set might, but VT is still locked)
Weapon Enchant – Lesser Plague Fire
Armour Enchant – Lesser Soulforged
Sigil of the Hunter
Bloodcrystal Raven Skull
Lantern of Revelation

My current lineup is:
Seismic Shot
Disruptive Shot

Aspect of the Falcon
Twin-Blade Storm

Split the Sky – hits multiple targets, long cast time
Rain of Arrows – small area burst, high dps
Thorn Ward – hits 1 target at a time in area, lowers armour

Rapid Shot
Aimed Shot

Split Shot, in theory, should work better than Aimed Shot, but I’m a sucker for the latter.

As I said, I’m built around suppression, with the exception of my pet favourite Aimed Shot

Regardless, I’ve finished top in Paingiver on any run without a CW or similarly specced & better geared HR, with damage scores reaching as high as 17 mil (ToS is great for the ego).

As for my feats, well:


hmm… okay. Here’s the feat info as an image:


Why not invest in Stormcaller’s Arrow? Well, right now, Split the Sky lasts just shorter the the cooldown, so there’s no real issue, which allows me to boost damage further.

My boons further contribute to large amounts of damage.

Pretty straightforward.

Two points:
– DR 1: Strength over Gambit. Power is constant; critical is a chance. Always choose the more basic option, which is power.
– DR 5: Consumption over Madness. Remember what I said about staying alive? Here’s where it comes into play. I sacrifice potential damage to survive better and I’m glad I did. It allows me to solo mobs or more difficult areas. I just drop Rain of Arrows and burst damage becomes burst steal with chance of 3x steal

There’s no really good IWD 5 boon for Archery, but Avalanche works, because mobs.

As you can tell, I’m not finished, but I can tell you what I’ll pick:
– ToD 3: Armourbreaker
– ToD 4: Greed
– ToD 5: Fury (Thirst is an option, but I’m not sacking damage that much)

Any questions?

After reviewing with Dangu, I’ve made the following changes:
Split Shot in for Aimed Shot (for the aforementioned reasons)
Stormstep Action in for Aspect of the Falcon (because, when DPS is on the line, cooldowns > range)

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