Rolling with a Tank Sentinel { PvP } , Mod 5 Viable

by NezRaaL on November 12, 2014
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Rolling with a Tank Sentinel { PvP } , Mod 5 Viable

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[Guide] Rolling with a Tank Sentinel { PvP } , Mod 5 Viable


Hello and welcome to my first guide. I played GWF since I started playing Neverwinter and this is my main class. I just want to share my experience with you. If you think there is something I can improve upon, please point them out to me so I can also learn from them. This build is currently in Mod4 and viable for Mod5.


I have tried playing different kind of builds, a Tank Destroyer both as Executioner (TD,IBS,FLS) and as Runner (TD, IBS, BF) and felt I was running short. Against high end team vs team I felt I was lacking sufficient contribution. Most of the time, I was hitting, harassing and running for pots to survive. My hands are relatively slow and my page ranked plunged below Page 200 in Mod4. But I loved to PvP. To suit my style of play, I was looking for something a little more damage resistance with well rounded damage. I feel, I found a build that suits me and gives good result. As GWF, my page rank currently varies between pages 15-35.

What does page rank mean ? Nothing really, but I suppose getting to the top 30 pages or requires a correct build, technique and team play, which is what this article is all about!

The Build

4x Purified B.I Set, re-enforced with Power
GPF (not Vorpal)
Golden Dragon Wrath (not Ferocity)
CON belt (not DEX or STR)

I spread my STAT, all in CON, some in STR and some in DEX

Why a Tank Sentinel

Going with 2xCorrupted (Helmet and Chest) & 2x Purified or 4xCorrupted B.I Set is the choice of most Sentinel. Their power goes to around 10k+, most focus on Vorpal enchantment and a RI% around 38. This is a perfectly viable build and the top GWF (in first 5 pages) prefer it. However, it’s also a Kamikaze build and for someone with slow hands like myself, getting caught in CC spills disaster.

4xPurified & Wrath

4xPurified Set and the set property combined with the Wrath blade help me attain approximately 46% RI, a lot of health and the purified ice set bonus! Going to Mod5, where the value of Intimidation is reduced o 35% means the high power surge does not scale as it does currently. Furthermore with decrease in CW and HR piercings and reduction and a new +8AC neck the value of DR holds stronger value.

The stat defense value of Wrath also gives better return than Ferocity. As Sentinel, on this build, relies more on tank and encounter damage at-will damage has lesser priority.

GPF over Vorpal

If you go with a DEX belt, 2xCorrupted Set and Ferocity it is possible to push the critical rate between 28-32. However my build, for reasons above, go with purified set and ferocity, has a low critical rate I have opted to use GPF. If you go with Vorpal on this build, it means you have to sack a significant amount of ArP or Power.

CON Belt

Going with 4xPurifed Set means roughly 800 loss of power and 500 Arp. Because I rely more on raw damage and survival this belt is the best option for me. +4 CON benefits this build because it helps boost RI% and the belt contributes to additional HP and DR% directly and indirectly. I still prefer this belt in our future mod5.

Basic Stats

8k Power (in-game take a major potion of force & PvP Boon)
40% RI
20% Critical Rate
44k HP
46% DR
18% Tenacity



HP > Power > Armor Penetration > Defense > Critical Rate > Regeneration > Stamina > Deflection


Ideally, TR > FLS > CAGI > DS
Slot Weapon Master & Trample the Fallen
Avalanche of Steel (vs. mob) and Savage Advance (1v1 or if an opponent is trying to escape)

Because the build relies more on AOE Ranged Encounter Damage and less on at-will power or close range encounters like IBS, it does not require a high stamina. Slotting Weapon Master makes sense because of 4th Sentinel Column. But why Trample the Fallen?

TR (marks target) > FLS ( range, activates Trample) > CAGI (brings target closer) > DS (20′)

Proof that this build works

My death and kill column in ladder rank is terrible, but that’s mostly because I have been experimenting with different builds. This is the reflection of my past 10 PvP games. Some were pre-made, some solo and some duo. Note that even in my loss game (mostly vs. Exodus members) I was able to still pull a 15-6.

169 Kills – 52 Deaths – 193 Assists


+ Highest Defense Tank Build for GWF with viable damage
+ You can act as a shield for HR, CW and SW in your team
+ You can hold enemy flag point for a longer time
+ Well rounded AOE Damage
+ Does not require high stamina
+ Most economical end game gear build for GWF
+ Almost immortal with a good DC or GF sharing KV in team


– Lacks chasing power because of low run speed and stamina (for using weapon master and trample)
– Unlike 2 Corrputed / 2 Purified or 4/4 Corrupt build, it does not have extraordinary Critical Damage
– Power is around 8k instead of 10k+
– Unlike Destroyer build it lacks CC
– Encounters can be dodged, if you are not careful
– Encounters have a high cool down
– At-will damage is significantly lower than the Destroyer tree

Some evidence of the efficiency of this build:
GG PvP 22-3

Hitting 20-6 in a 1000-229 LOSING GAME vs. a full premade

RULES of PVP Conduct

+ Never engage in a fair fight, always look for a damaged opponent
+ Through intimidation aoe, we prevail (try to hit more than 1 target)
+ Bluff & watch for the opponent to dodge, execute your rotation with confidence
+ Don’t neglect flag capture, it’s more important than getting a kill
+ The daring shout is merely an encounter used in sound proof rooms (it has a short range & high cd, careful)
+ Success is measured in how many CW,SW & HR you have harassed and killed

Side Notes

+ If you are new try for the roll that maximizes your CON (target 29 CON)
+ Half-ling, Human, Orc or Dragon born
+ Mod5 I am going with the 8 AC + Defense Neck Piece
+ Sigil of Devoted is a better choice for Slot 1 over Vanguard Banner
+ 2x PvP Ring is better, I have 10/10 (Dominion Champion) but was lazy with GG
+ Apart from the 4xPurified Set, keep a corrupted Helmet and Chest piece as backup for pug games

Also see

+ Defense vs Damage Guide

+ CAGI Calculator by NezRaaL (helps you balance between RI and Power)

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  • L0vetechno
    November 13, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    The build is proven to be effective both at dealing damage and withstanding the hits from CW, HR, and also SW even though I still haven’t reached the desired stats.

    However, I have a question as to how you use this build in PVE situations? I find it difficult to manage in PVE.

  • Mike
    November 14, 2014 at 9:59 am

    So is this build decent at PvE as well?

    • L0vetechno
      November 19, 2014 at 2:04 am

      I’ve been using the same format for PVE but using Avatar set and it works alright. Very little damage but still ok and decent defense. Sometimes when the enemy is too strong I use Restoring Strike instead of FLS.

  • Tostes Bomber
    November 19, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Can i use Currupted Black ice set?

  • Martello Grande
    December 21, 2014 at 12:58 pm

    Good morning. I have been using this build for quite some time; even before I read this post. I really enjoy it in PvE, since it is a great tank build. We may not top damage charts, but we survive the longest. I have used this build in PvP also. It works well; but I a. Having a diifficult time with 2v1 against 2 TRs since their significant and well served upgrades. How do you handle this situation? Also, can you update your post to reflect any other artifact gear you use? I read you were using one of the new cloaks with +8 AC. Are you using Lathander or Seldarine. Thanks for the great post and it is nice to know there are still IV Sentinels still viable out there.

  • January 12, 2015 at 5:08 pm

    Excellent guide, very well thought out and well written too. This build is fun to use.

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