[Guide] Lazalia’s Full DPS Build For SW Fury Mod 5

by Lazalia on December 27, 2014
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[Guide] Lazalia’s Full DPS Build For SW Fury Mod 5

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Note: Please, if you have any doubt or question, I kindly ask you to ask me in the Original Thread where I usually spend more time so I will be able to answer your questions faster, furthermore, there are tons of information about this build and SW in the threads, don’t miss that info!!



After playing for a long time with my GWF, I decided to play another class for new challenges and a completely different play style, I chose the Scourge Warlock aka SW (I named mine Lazaroth Dae’mon), which is very versatil: you can either play it as support healing your teammates while dpsing or you can go full DPS and literally destroy everything around you. This guide will be focused in the full DPS path, Fury.


The best race for SW is Tiefling, +2 CON + 2 CHA and 5% more dmg against enemies below 50% HP (which is translated into 2.5% more DMG). Another good option is Human, you can get +2 CHA and use your extra 3 heroic feats points in Blood Pact of Carnia for a balanced build, finally the Dragonborn that allows you to get +2 points in CHA – CON, even though the racial bonuses aren’t so good 3% power and 3% crit won’t make any difference even at very high lvl.

Starting rolls

18 CHA – 18 CON – 12 INT, including racial bonuses +2 CHA +2 CON, each additional point will be added to CHA-CON.

CON: Mainly for damage bonus, the HP isn’t really important for PvE but it’s a very good additional bonus.

CHA: Because it gives you crit chance and a few of the most important features in a SW depends on your critical chance.

INT: Even though is listed as secondary AS, it is not really important unless you are going to be full PvP, this stat will give you resistance ignored but there are many ways to get the same stat so investing in this area isn’t a good idea.

Which paragon: Hellbringer or Soulbinder?

Both paragon are clearly defined, hellbringer is much more ofensive than soulbinder whose class features are focused mainly in defensive functions. When comparing both paragons, most people tend to say that No Pity No Mercy is irreplaceable because it grants combat advantage when we crit for a brief time and that’s ok but mainly for solo play. During dungeons, HE, etc we are almost always with CA so what I would say is trully important in the Hellbringer paragon is Flames of Empowerment which represents a 17% increased damage but with the feat Gatekeeper’s Empowerment, we will have always an extra 5% dmg even if we don’t have 100% AP (Not Working as intended) so it is 5% always on + 12% which we will gain from 0% AP to 100% AP, Soulbinder only gives you 9% dmg with 30 soul sparks. A Fury warlock is all about DPS, there’s no point playing Soulbinder unless you are looking for a balanced build between dmg and defense but in my case, I love high crits and melt everything, so it is hellbringer.


Focused in single target during Dungeons or farming Dragons:

At-Wills: Hand of Blight / Hellish Rebuke.

Class features: Flames of Empowerment / No pity No Mercy.

Encounters: Killing Flames / Dreadtheft / Warlock’s Bargain.

Daily: Tyrannical Threat / Brood of Hadar.

AoE dmg / Clearing trash during dungeons:

At-Wills: Hand of Blight / Hellish Rebuke.

Class features: Flames of Empowerment / No pity No Mercy.

Encounters: Killing Flames / Dreadtheft / Fiery Bolt.

Daily: Tyrannical Threat / Brood of Hadar.




One of the most important things about a class is the mechanic which is the way how you play your character under specific situations.

You will hear from a lot of people that a SW is only about spamming Tyrannical Threat and Dreadtheft, that’s a very wrong assumption. You can, of course, simply use your TT+DT and do some dmg but if you follow the right mechanic, you will do HIGH dmg and this is the difference between good and bad warlocks.

  • There are a few things that you have to consider before using your TT, first check the enemies and how scattered they are, you have to focus your attacks on enemies who are closer to each other, check the floor around you it should be a flat zone without obstacles because you will need a lot of space when you start to move while casting dreadtheft, when you cast TT the next inmediate thing is use Sigil of the Devoted in order to increase your AP asap, therefore more DMG thanks to Flames of Empowerment, choose 3 enemies in this order (Bosses/Elites/trash) first cast Killing Flames in your main target, follow with a Fiery Bolt then Dreadtheft and start dancing and avoid red areas, once your DT is completed, you will have enough time to use again a KF and FB in any of the targets if they are still alive, choose carefully your targets because applying curse during TT takes longer than usual and every second that you lose means lower DPS. Some of the previous recommendations might seem stupidly basic but if you lose one of your attacks, specially DT, during TT you are losing your best daily, back to 0% AP = less dmg in every skill, personal dps and enemies will live longers which might be dangerous for your teammates, consider that using inappropriately your daily have too many negative points.
  • Sigil of the Devoted is your best friend because it will help you to keep 100% AP as much as possible along with the cloak which grants you with AP gain each x second. Always use it after each daily since more AP = more DMG. This sigil also allow you to use Brood of Hadar in single target fights without worrying about losing DPS, cast your encounters then use brood of hadar followed by sigil of the devoted, use at-wills and your encounters should be ready to use with your AP very close to 100% again.
  • The capstone in the fury tree is Creeping Death which is very nice! basically cursed enemies will receive double dmg when you cast necrotic spells, very useful for single target fights because we will have double dmg for our Warlock’s Bargain and Dreadtheft, however, this isn’t so good it looks during dungeons because our necrotic spells aren’t so strong besides dreadtheft, using Fiery bolt properly will deal much more damage in long term than using a weak necrotic-based encounter + creeping death, also most mobs will be already dead before the 8 seconds.
  • Don’t forget that your encounters have a special effect when used on cursed enemies, like Never cast Fiery bolt without casting Warlock’s Curse on your target first.
  • When you feat Murdering Flames in the fury tree, killing flames becomes AoE, try to cast it always in the mob with lowest HP in order to increase the dmg received by the enemies around your target.
  • There are many more, remember just don’t smash buttons, be smart and youwill have success, one single encounter can make a difference for your group and you.


Stat points


  • Aim for 3k crit, plus feats and CHA, you should have at least 40% critical chance.
  • Our INT is low (14) and we receive only 4% resistance ignored, we will need to get our Armor Penetration up to 1.8k – 2k, depends i.e if you use potions of heroism, campfire bonus, etc, just aim for a max of 24% resistance ignored.
  • Recovery will vary depending on the sets that we decide to use, it should be around 1.5k if you use Fabled Iliyanbruen and around 2.5k if you use Accursed Diabolist.
  • Defense is going to be similar to recovery in the sense that will vary according to the set, close to 3k with FI and 2k using Accursed Diabolist.
  • Life steal soft cap is 1.4k = 10%, anything between 1.2k and 1.4k is more than enough thanks to Endless Consumption. If you are above 1.4k, switch life steal boons to regen and apply Greater Regeneration Jewels in your accesories including Ioun Augment companion, regen isn’t so bad in the SW considering his high HP pool for PvE.
  • Combat Advantage 700 stat points = 7%.
  • AoE resist 700 stat points = 7%.
  • Run speed bonus is very useful, you will run fast when you sprint and helps you to avoid red areas with ease, at least 1187 points will grant you with 10% extra speed.
  • Deflection’s soft cap is 1.2k = 10% also considered as 5% damage resistance, it’s a cheaper way to add some resistance to your character instead of adding more Defense.
  • Power is the dump stat, just throw in everything there if you don’t need anything else.

Offensive slots: Only Radiant enchantment.
Defensive slots: According to the previously mentioned stats you can use Azure, brutal and radiant enchantments, combine them.
Utility slots: Dark enchantment.



The Scourge Warlock has 2 very useful t2 sets, Accursed Diabolist is great for dungeon runs/clearing trash and Fabled Iliyanbruen or MC set (Malabog Castle) amazingly good vs enemies with large HP pools like Dragons.

Belt: Plated band of constitution, I prefer this belt over Sash of Charisma because I do get more benefit from +4 CON for 4% dmg than 458 power / 166 = 2.76% bonus dmg, extra HP is more useful than deflection and life steal isn’t a problem for a SW since both t2 sets have this stat already. Even though CHA means more crit %, it would be better than CON only after 51% crit when we do much more crit than white hits, increasing our crit chance from 40% to 44% won’t make any difference, also our base dmg is very high and gets much more benefit from dmg bonus.

Main hand: The SW doesn’t have very good options among the Golden Dragon’s weapons, IMO the best one is Golden Dragon’s Hellbringer which increase our Hellish Rebuke At-Wills by 15%, stats Rec/Crit, I find it very good because it allow us to work our stats easier and it does increase our dmg, the other one is hand of blight but it is focused on debuff our target’s dmg and we don’t need this, we want more dmg!

Off-hand: Golden Dragon’s Grimoire with the artifact class feature that upgrades our “No Pity No Mercy” lowering our target’s damage resistance by 5%, tested and working fine.

Artifacts: Mainly Sigil of the Devoted, allow us to keep 100% AP as much as possible. Token of Chromatic Storm, so far it’s the only artifact with Power and AoE resist, it’s a very balanced artifact in his stats and also his active bonus is very useful too, I’m using it during Heralds so everyone gets benefit of the debuff -44% resistance to physical dmg (debuff bonus will vary according to your Power and other selfbuffs and seems to increase other abilities not based in physical dmg) and the when the meteors (usually 6) hits the dragons can do up to 45k each one so we are talking about 200k – 300k dmg done with this artifact. Last one is Heart of the Blue Dragon, very good stats for our
character: Combat Advantage plus our Offhand should take to our soft cap 700 or 7% CA / Crit and Recovery, just like our main hand weapon.

Accesories: Personalized Archmage’s rings 250 Power / 250 ArPen with 1 Offensive slot + 1 Defensive slot, BIS rings atm. Imperial Dragon Cloak, try to get this item to legendary as soon as possible, this AP regen granted by this item is around 50% of your total AP regen during a battle.

Weapon and Armor enchantments: Vorpal enchantment but if you don’t have enough AD, you can also use Terror which procs Creeping Death or even Lifedrinker, however, keep in mind that we are looking for DMG and vorpal is a must. For your armor, Soulforged but if you feel like you are not going to die then use Fireburst which can be around 2% of your total DPS.


(Augment) Black Dragon Ioun Stone is the best one imo, not due to the active bonus which is lame but the fact that you equip 3 rings (personalized Archmage’s Ring). Other good options Ioun Stone of Might/Radiance.

Epic Erinyes of Belial 10% critical Severity.

Epic Blink Dog will boost our dmg since we will be continuously with CA.

Fire Archon, increase your dmg 5% when you hit enemies below 30% HP, this can be translated to 1.5% more DMG and it has a good synergy with your racial bonus if you are Tiefling, also boosts our finisher encounter killing flames which deals more dmg if your target is close to die.

As 5th companion, you can either use Wild Hunt Rider (At green lvl it’s about 1 proc per minute, giving 10% dmg to our encounters, it’s a lot for Dreadtheft and Killing Flames) also Epic Dancing Blade (5% crit sev) works good too. You can make your own combination between Fire Archon / Wild Hunt Rider and Epic Dancing Blade.


My AP gain is very slow, what can I do?

The SW is one of the classes with the lowest AP gain per encounter in the game but this will change as soon as you get your Sigil of the Devoted and Legendary Imperial Dragon Cloak.

In our encounter feats, we have Energizing Curse after 5 points invested we will gain 30% more AP when attacking cursed targets with our At-Wills sounds great but unfortunately it isnt, consider that our AP gauge counts up to 1000 points, each one of our At-Wills will add in average 15 points to that gauge, 15+30% = 19.5%, so as you can see, it’s barely noticeable, just like AP gain stat, works in the same way: i.e Warlock’s Bargain, Killing Flames and Dreadtheft adds each one of them 75 points to the AP gauge which is 7.5%, if you have an extra 7% AP gain means 75+7%= 80.25% so if we try to fill our AP gauge with 75 points per encounter, it would take us 13.3 encounters, if we add 7% AP gain, it would take 12.46, not even 1 less. You can use AP gain as dump stat but never focus your character on it.


Feats / Boons

There’s nothing really special about our heroic feats. Very important to get Devastating Critical 3/3 then last points to Blood Pact of Carnia, if you are human 5/5.

Fury path: Just avoid Daugther’s Promises and Killing Curse, both are completely useless for this build.

Final stats:

Just like I finished my previous guide, I know It is not a very cheap build and this can take long time to accomplish but I really love the results. You have to work with what you have and try to get the best possible result, test everything by yourself and don’t forget that this is only a guide, a few steps that will help you to develop your character, once you have gathered enough knowledge, you will be able to create a style that will fit better the way you play.

If you find any mistake, please feel free to send me a message, english isn’t my main language and there must be some sentences poorly redacted, your help will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Patryk
    December 30, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    Nice build, can you update it with the skill tree images, it helps a lot !!!

  • Shaan
    January 17, 2015 at 1:12 am

    What is the best way to get the gear required for this build?

    • Zack
      March 16, 2015 at 10:50 pm

      It is pretty king in PVE, almost always top damage charts, but it is average as far as PVP goes, but that is mainly just a problem all warlocks have. Just don’t try to 1v1 a TR or CW and you should be alright. Stick with your teammates and you can dump out sick amounts of damage and crush in team fights.

  • Nathan
    January 26, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    Whats is the powers of pvp? This build work for pvp?

    • Zack
      March 16, 2015 at 10:51 pm

      It is pretty king in PVE, almost always top damage charts, but it is average as far as PVP goes, but that is mainly just a problem all warlocks have. Just don’t try to 1v1 a TR or CW and you should be alright. Stick with your teammates and you can dump out sick amounts of damage and crush in team fights.

  • Mike
    January 30, 2015 at 12:54 am

    Good overview, but I’m wondering if you played with soulscorch on soulbinder sw much? I agree that the class features generally aren’t as good at dps, but you are able to fully tool necrotic dmg. My combo usually goes something like bargain followed by dreadtheft, which if there are enough ppl (average mob packed well) will get me near full stacks of sparks and ready to burn eveyone with soulscorch. I use this combo with hubris of dragon for max ap gain from spirals (which will one shot powries etc even at only 14 k gs) and essence defiler to fill up on sparks while everything else is on cd. Played a skirmish with a guildie sw who built like you recommend, and my 14k gs out dps his 17k gs. Also, why not go with the black ice accessory set? %10 unresistable damage was too tempting to me… 🙂

  • Exar
    March 16, 2015 at 3:44 am

    Hi, I know it may be too early to ask but how will this work in mod 6 with the re-work of life steal?

  • Achos
    April 22, 2015 at 12:28 pm

    first i need to say i live the build , im about to hit 30 and its great . i just have a question for you.


    Power is the dump stat, just throw in everything there if you don’t need anything else.”

    then why would u use these in all ur off slots?
    Offensive slots: Only Radiant enchantment.

    just curious , again i love the build ! did an amazing job.

  • madmartigan
    June 25, 2015 at 10:13 pm

    Are you going to update this build for Mod 6?

  • kieron prothero
    July 28, 2015 at 6:11 pm

    hi ive been using your build for a month now on xbox and its awesome, I was wondering if you have done a mod 6 build ?

  • Bouyou
    November 1, 2015 at 8:09 pm

    Hey ! Please do a image of your skills tree !! I tryed it on a virtual skill tree but i don’t really know how to do this with correct skills !
    Do it here: http://nwcalc.com

  • lio
    May 4, 2016 at 6:19 am

    hey, nice guide, I do have 2 questions for you tho
    1: why do you use Brood of Hadar and not Gates of hell as dailie?
    and second, why do you use Hellish rebuke and not Dark Spiral Aura as at-will?


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