Trickster Rogue Guide Real Wisperknife talk

by XiaRiser on February 25, 2015
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Trickster Rogue Guide Real Wisperknife talk

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Hi all, XiaRISER.

I wanted to make a guide for Trickster Rogues going into the WisperKnife Paragon. Give my personal feeling and strategies about this build. It is all opinion based, based on my play style and what I have found works best. I would assume that since your reading this, then like me, you googled TR Builds and were hoping to gain some insight on the what to do’s. So without further adieu….

Welcome to Wisperknife, Welcome to occasional Regret, mixed with Begging for a Respec.



I am sorry, lol i had to joke, but in all seriousness there will be moments of second guessing and wishing you had done something else.However, enough with the doom and gloom. In this guide I will hopefully shed some light on how to play this Path with some success in both PVP and PVE.


I will start by saying that if you have read as many guides as i have, then you would come to the conclusion that TR’s are incredibly OverPowered, we go 45-0 kill/death ratio in PVP and stealth slay everything in our path. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE. This is the leading cause of regret with the WisperKnife, it is highly unlikely that you will ever run a PVP Domination where you get more than 7-12 kills consistently. Also, you will die, IT HAPPENS.

Furthermore, as a WisperKnife, we require a little more finesse than our Master Infiltrator brothers. The end all difference between us is the Encounter Impossible To Catch. Complaint #2 of other classes towards our OP’ness. you will quickly learn that surviving without ITC is near impossible if your play style reflects the TR youtube 45-0 kill video on youtube. I guarantee the first time you rush into a group and go melee crazy YOU WILL DIE. PERIOD. Tell me if this sounds familiar…You go stealth, find a target just standing around La Di Da…super OP kill #1, Stealth-Lashing Blade- 32k crit-Game over- next target.

OH WHAT THE F*** big red 0 damage, your out of Stealth, Wasted LashingBlade, your stuck and dazed, choking and in a tornado. Control wizard 3 hits you and your dead. Thus ends the story of WisperKnife’s future on youtube.

So what happened? When you fight higher level PVP, you will come across Cleric’s and HunterRangers giving defense to their partners through various encounters that grant deflect or defense or simply (invincible to stealth lashing) type behavior. Guardian Fighters who cant die, Great Weapon fighters who cant die. that leaves us with TR who can die, very quickly and very easily if you have modeled your play from a Super Assasin perspective. Secondly, but more importantly, we DO NOT HAVE ITC. If you leave yourself open without stealth, you will become dazed stunned rooted and dead. simple as that.






Once you get past the horrors of PVP, Wisperknife can be fun and enjoyable. PLAYING “THE RIGHT WAY”

WisperKnife can be built simple and easy without needing to be super detailed and anal about how and what to do. LETS BEGIN


I am not pay to play at all, everything from here on out will be geared towards what is attainable and accessible while still being a respectable load out.

I am assuming that you have read hundreds of guides and builds, so i will leave out the cute pictures and colors, you’ve seen it, you know already.



Get full Swashbuckling Captain’s gear from the Auction House. Each piece currently is going for 16k AstralDiamonds (roughly). You say to yourself, that’s almost 80k AD!! At level 60, you will have your “Daily” challenges from Rhix at protector’s enclave and Daily PVP from Battle Commander in Trade of Blades. run these for 2 days and you’ll have enough to gear up.

During your daily PVP you will also obtain Glory. use this to buy your other gear items.

Swashbuckling Gear gives a good bonus when all 4 sets are worn towards power and recovery. It provides strong Power and Crit along with LifeSteal. Abslutely go with LifeSteal over Defense or Deflection. Here’s my reasoning, in PVP you are doing damage and your dieing. It’s a constant rotation of the 2. no matter of Defense, Deflect, or Lifesteal is going to significantly protect you from the dieing factor. however, from a PVE perspective, you are constantly doing high damage and rarely dieing, lifesteal will consistently keep your health up because as a TR your consistently dealing high damage.

Currently I am running with this gear

[Swashbuckling Captain’s helmet]                                                   [Ancient Excorcist’s Necklace of Blessing]

[Swashbuckling Captain’s Armor]                                                              [Grim Ring of Dominance]

[SwashBuckling Captain’s Bracers]                                                           [Grim Ring of Dominance]

[Executioner’s Grim Long Dagger]                                                             [Grim Belt of Dominance]

[Master Assasin’s Ornate Dagger]

[Swashbuckling Captain’s Boots]

Every slot is Rank 6 dark enchantments. Movement, ArmorPen, Lifesteal.

Some will say that with all the Boons and Artifacts and Vorpal, you HAVE TO STACK A SPECIFIC WAY. but lets be honest, by time i have enough AD to buy a Vorpal, I wont need anyone’s guide and build help. so my breakdown goes like this.

GearScore 11,160

Power 3,852

Crit Strike 2,632

Armor Pen 1,410

I have some Boons from completing the quests and playing the game, that stuff is accrued over time. I can not read a guide and immediately jump to 14k GS and 2.5k all stat distribution. this is an honest and reasonable expectations guide.

Currently I am working to get Dread Legion weapons, that would be cool. But that comes from game play, NOT FROM AUCTION HOUSE.



The joy of the game is that everyone has their own set up and prefered style. Whatever you prefer, the strategy remains the same…DONT DIE.

You will quickly find that however you distribute your power points, YOU WILL WASTE POINTS. It is a requirement to put points into powers you wont use just to progress to the next tier. I will list the powers that I use and why i use them.

LASHING BLADE- always slotted, this is the OP maker of the TR. Players fear the stealth LB. NUFF SAID.

BLITZ- I PVE 90% of the time, except for PVP dailies. Blitz is my bread and butter for trash. It seems that when you run through a location “the bad guys” are grouped in either 5 lower level trash, or 2 low level 1 high level. Stealth-run roughly in front of the group-Blitz-Crit- All DEAD-proceed.

Dazing Strike- Used until blitz and smokebomb. SB gives me daze and Damage over time, Blitz gives me a 1 shot on group targets. My arguement against Dazing Strike- yes it’s stronger-yes its AoE-but how often are the 5 Bad Guy groups sitting on top of each other to get wiped in 1 shot. Blitz wider range and still1 shot the trash.

SmokeBomb- SmokeBomb is great, especially in places like well of dragon or in situations where there is 3-4 high levels and 3-4 trash grouped up. Dazes and sucks the life out of Bad Guys while u work the high levels.

Deft Strike- PVP only, addressing the TR problem of moving targets. I want to get to you, do my damage and get out. used to either get to you/or get away

Path of Blade- an important key to TR is the ability to do high crit damage while stealthed and PoB is big on my boss fighting list. ADD’s kill in boss fight. ADD’s are the constantly spawning Bad guys. during boss fights I run PoB on every CoolDown. have to make sure that even when I’m on the defensive I AM STILL ATTACKING

Duelist’sFlurry- no exceptions this is a DPS machine. once you get used to it, it’s awesome. some say its too slow but I don’t care. Benifits* 1 click and hold, go along for the ride. i love DF. some bosses or Heroic encounter’s have Bad guys that move A LOT. bad for a TR to be chasing it’s prey. once DF latches onto the target, you can almost auto follow them where ever they run. super helpful in PVE

Disheartening Strike- #1 problem for TR in my opinion is a moving target. i wanna stand and dps you to death and I WANT TO DICTATE THE MOVEMENT OF WHEN AND WHERE. This leads to my main goal of doing damage even when I’m not defensive. Stealth-DS will crit and tick out 25k damage.over time. That’s devistateing.

Somebody somewhere will pick this build apart for all its faults. Namely using Wisperknife but not using any WisperKnife encounters. To be completely honest…WisperKnife encounters are worthless in my opinion. We can only have 3 slotted and i just can’t get around slotting something like vengeance’s pursuit. I’M ALL ABOUT THAT DISHEARTENING STRIKE THO.

here’s the game plan


Stealth Blitz the trash groups that just stand around in your way. generally I want to get to my objective quickly, the group trash is just in the way. takes time to actually fight them. just blitz the group and keep it moving.

1 BigBadGuy and some Trash-Stealth lashing the big guy 1 hit K.O., then drop SmokeBomb. kills trash for you. and keep it moving

2-3-4BigBadGuys/trash or no makes no diference- identify the mage or ranger in the group. stealth lashing blade him, drop smoke bomb. Duelist flurry nearest BigBad. what this does is allows you no to get wrecked by the mage or ranged, their AoE can send u packing back to campfires. Kill them in 1 shot. dropping SmokeBomb then dazes all the others who closed in on you,it begins to soften them up with its DoT while you Duelist’s the next Big Guy

Boss Fights- standard strategy don’t die. swap blitz for Path of Blades. immediately entering boss launch PoB, watch that cool down and run it ever time it expires. Go stealth and lash the boss, drop smoke bomb before ADD’s close on you, then dodge roll out of the pile and begin running like a track star. 1 big loop, dodge rool when the ADD’s Close on you and wait for stealth to build up. about 5 seconds or so. look for lashing cooldown to hit 3-4 seconds then enter stealth. hit boss with Dishearteninig strike, then lashing, then smoke bomb and repeat over and over till dead.




Again, the unavoidable point waste. you have to put points somewhere to get where you want.

my 3/3 and such are as follows.

toughness, weapon mastery, endless assualt and improved cunning.

then we get into the big boy toys


Artirial Cut, Vicious Pursiut, Last Moments, ShadowBorn, and finally

Shadow of Demise- this is my ultimate slaughter feat. Remember I want to be doing damage even when I am defensive. when I stealth i want to hit with disheartening strike(crits) and then hit with lashing blade(crits). on Bosses or PVP this is important. What will happen is Disheartening Strike will tick out about 25k damage(while I’m running away!), and lashing blade will hit with crit for about 32k(pvp insta kill) or deflect and do about 8k-12k maybe. again remember up top i said playing insta kill game and you will die. this is where shadow of demise comes in. it will hit for 50% of the damage you did while in stealth(about 3 seconds later). that means that during stealth your DisStrike crited out about 10-12k damage and you lashing(low end) did 12k damage. 50%of 24k is 12k. 36k damage in PVP is a delayed but still deadly kill. all while your 3-4 seconds running away. same as boss fights.

Remeber we do not have ITC, if we stand around we die.

Good luck.

Catch me in the game, I’m always open. XiaRiser


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