Elf’s Healing Build for PvP Class Mechanics: Divinity Effective in Mod 5 [Works well in Mod 6 PvP/PvE] 16 May 2015

by Norisman on May 16, 2015
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Elf’s Healing Build for PvP Class Mechanics: Divinity Effective in Mod 5 [Works well in Mod 6 PvP/PvE] 16 May 2015

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Elf’s Healing Build for PvP Class Mechanics: Divinity Effective in Mod 5 [Works well in Mod 6 PvP/PvE]
Divinity can only be generated by at wills. Divine encounters will give a stack of empowerment which lasts for 10 secs (max 3 stacks). Casting encounters with empowerment stacks will gives empowerment effect to encounters. Under normal conditions, divine encounters does not generate AP. The only exception here is Sunburst with Gift of Haste feated, which we will get raw 5% AP before any AP gain bonus (usually we get 6% AP after AP gain bonus).

Extra divinity gain can be gained from a few sources. PvP sets gives 20-30%, heroic feats gives 3-15%, faithful feats gives 5-25% and class feature [Divine Fortune] gives 5-20%. However, although extra divinity gain is crucial but there are only three threshold you should bother about it, namely 30% and 80% (75%*).

30% more divinity gain
30% is pretty achievable with either wearing a profound set or having 25% from faithful feat + 6% heroic feat = 31%. For pvp tank clerics you will be slotting ASeal and BoB. At 30% extra divinity gain you will have to cast 1 BoB + 2 ASeals to reach 3 pips of divinity. Having lower than 30% divinity you will have to hit an extra hit to reach 3 pips of divinity while on the other hand, having more than 30% divinity gain, you still have to hit them thrice. So, it is better to cap our divinity gain at 30%.

80% (75%*) more divinity gain
Instead of the old 70% i stated, it is actually ranged from 79.4% to 83.8%. I had already figured out the real formula of divinity gain after days and hours of trial and error testing with my data and whistling’s data. The data appeared to use rounded-up-data and i finally found out the formula and no. of decimals rounded up in the system. [Divine Fortune] gives multiplicative bonus instead of flat bonus while the final divinity bonus is rounded up so we can leave our divinity bonus at 75% to get the maximum effect of it. So now there are a few conditions you can still achieve this gap in future (obviously not now), which are:

Condition 1:
You get at least 53% from your pvp set, heroic and faithful feats and equipping a R3 [Divine Fortune].

Condition 2:
You get at least 46% from your pvp set, heroic and faithful feats and equipping a R4 [Divine Fortune].

The Golden Formula of Divinity as below:

a= rank of [Divine Fortune]
b= rank of Bountiful Fortune
c= rank of Gift of the Gods
d= bonus from pvp set in %

The raw divinity gain per at will is as below:
Lance of Faith (normal hit): 40.8%
Lance of Faith (third hit): 68%
Astral Seal: 68%
Sacred Flame (normal hit): 40.8%
Sacred Flame (third hit): 47.6%
Brand of the Sun (initial hit): 54.4%
Brand of the Sun (each DoT tick*): 9.067%
Blessing of Battle: 95.2%

(credit to whistlingdixie)

*** These data and formula of divinity are generated from hours of data collecting, revising and troubleshooting. It is the end product of my work and should be exactly the same as the NW divinity system. If anyone feel uncomfortable or weird with my formula and data please point out as i may made a mistake in the calculations. TY.

Last note from me: Roundup rule only applies when you include multiplication factor. Add up the divinity of numbers and type of at-will you wanted to use and use 3 to divide it. That is your minimum divinity needed to achieve your at-will rotation. Using multiplication factor helps if you really need a high chunk of divinity boost because it will trigger the roundup formula in NW system.
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02-04-2015, 12:42 AM #2
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Race: Dragonborn or Halfling

For Mod 6, I recommend to boost our healing. Put all points in STR/WIS as you level instead of the old stacking CON meta. Personally, I am waiting for devs to leak the pvp set bonus. If our new pvp set gives at least 31% to 33% divinity bonus then respec to human is better. Once the limit pass over 34%, you can enjoy the “BoB+ASeal” combo for 3 pip of divinity without needing extra heroic feats from human but you will have a weaker cleanse. Now, since we dont have set bonus in level 70, we can only use the 30% divinity cap from 6% heroic and 25% faithful feats. This will stay in our feat page until we get our set bonuses.

With the significant boost of hp from our lvl 70 gears, maxing CON and DEX is not necessary but merely wasting points. The best roll now is 16 STR 16 WIS as we are focusing on healing in Mod 6 meta.

Heroic Feats:

Universal Heroic Feat choice, nothing special.
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02-04-2015, 12:43 AM #3
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Faithful DC
Paragon: Anointed Champion
At-will: [Astral Seal] [Blessing of Battle]
Encounter: [Sunburst] [Bastion of Health] [Astral Shield]
Class Feature: [Healer’s Lore] [Anointed Armor]
Daily: [Hallowed Ground] [Divine Armor]

ASeal and BoB will be the core of my build. Their perfect synergy at 30% divinity cap and 75%* divinity cap simplifies our divinity management. For sunburst, its main purpose is to repel other DC away from circle or repel someone off cliff. It also apply a Dot and Hot in divine version to strip off others shield. However this is not the main purpose of having sunburst in our rotation. Its main property as a dual-healing spell (Divine: HoT, Normal: Burst) makes it shine when we spec our feats correctly.

Sunburst is the only skill that isnt modified by any paragon feats. Unlike Divine Glow which will be converted into burst heal by faithful capstone, sunburst remains its HoT counterpart in divine version while its normal and empowered version are still strengthened by faithful feats. When we unlock virtuous feats after we get access into faithful capstone, sunburst can provide us mitigation buff and free AP in divine mode to all of our teammates. We will do these very often after we store enough healing in our Gift of Haste. This is also the reason i try to reduce the duration of divinity gain because with more healing and AP we will win the game, especially if you have two TRs in your team.

Bastion of Health is the opposite of sunburst (Divine: Burst, Normal: HoT). Its main usefulness is to heal and cannot do other things other than heal. Thus, BoH provides a huge chunk of hp per cast and even more in empowered version because it is based on missing hp percentage.

Astral Shield is a staple skill in pvp. With our increased max hp, AS becomes a core skill in pvp. Never try to cast this without getting 3 stacks of empowerment, which you will never do with this build because building and spending divinity is so easy to be managed.

I decided to put in Healer’s Lore instead of new class feature. If you tested that in preview you will be very disappointed against NW devs team. Reason?? My ASeal heals me more than per tick than that 3 sec. I really hope it is not the final version, that is our level 65 class feature…

The rest is quite self explainary so i will just skip them.

Paragon Feats:

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02-04-2015, 12:43 AM #4
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Virtuous DC
Paragon: No limitation
At-will: No limitation
Encounter: [Divine Glow] [Bastion of Health] [Astral Shield]
Class Feature: [Healer’s Lore] + [Anointed Armor] or [Foresight]
Daily: [Hallowed Ground] [Divine Armor]

I will only give a rough concept on this build. You should take those feats i had mentioned and pick the rest depending on your liking. Have to admit, DO virtuous with foresight feat is better than AC virtuous, but the divinity management is harder than AC. Gift of Life and Desperate Restoration is also a good choice for AC Virtuous for last 2 feat choices.

Paragon Feats:

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02-04-2015, 12:44 AM #5
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May 2013
Righteous DC
Paragon: Divine Oracle
At-will: [Sacred Flame] [Brand of the Sun]
1. [Divine Glow] [Bastion of Health] [Astral Shield]
2. [Break the Spirit] [Chains of Blazing Light] [Astral Shield]
Class Feature: [Healer’s Lore] [Foresight]
Daily: [Hallowed Ground] [Divine Armor]

There are 2 types of righteous build: One cross with virtuous while another cross with faithful. The first one is more leaning towards pvp campaign completion while the second one giving AP like mad. The second build took away Burning of the Gods and use 3 virtuous feat instead of faithful feats. Because of time being i will just left them like this and i hope you all understand what i said. Righteous can be played defensively by exploiting Avatar, our Righteous capstone for 10 sec Astral Shield cooldown. You have to build some ArP if you want some kills but i rather debuff enemies than kill them myself.

Paragon Feats:

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