Prochilles – GF PVP/PVE 2Shot Build

by Anthony on May 23, 2015
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Prochilles – GF PVP/PVE 2Shot Build

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If you wish to see this build at work before building  this is a 1 min PVP  example.

*note* My gear score is only 10.6k so the worth of this build is only going to rise.


First off this is definitely one of the harder classes to build sense there are no real current build guides and a lot of powers become worthless in PVP.  Example:  ‘Front line Surge’ will not knock down enemies in PVP making it pretty much worthless. Some like it, I don’t. I’ve respec’d about 6 times making this do what I want and be worth actually playing this Character.


Build Pros :

2 hits pretty much kill any enemy


Has good damage and defense for being constantly on defense while on offense

Cons : 

Attacks are combos so you can only use Encounters to attack every 13 seconds.

If there are 2 ‘Hunter Rangers’ and they both spam  ‘Fox’s Cunning’  (lvled all the way up, lets every close member on their team 100% dodge chance) makes your combo almost worthless, but its rare to find that, but heads up. Most don’t use it.  If they do use it use 2 basic attacks first and then use combo.



Your Role : Always winning is ahead of kills.   If games starts and 2 players head to (2) and 1 player heads to (1) you go long way to(3).

Pay attention no one is coming to block you or slow you down you can destroy any one trying to 1v1 you even TRs but main focus is (3). If enemy is coming wait till they hit a blind spot and you jump off and go quick route.

When on (3) Shield and get ready to Attack whoever is doing the most dmg to you unless there is a cleric. Cleric is always number 1 on hit list.

If you go 2 you aim for whoever is doing the most annoyance to team whether dmg/ or enemy healer.

Use Combo. Easy.


Your/My Build: 

Don’t enchant Crit chance! It is already very low and pretty worthless and with this build as you already do high enough damage to kill anyone it’s just overkill.  The most I’ve seen in other GF’s is about 20%, which is poop.

Do spec for power with enchantments and gear.  I also use in utility: movement, prob change to life steal maybe.


Ability Scores:  Ap Gain is worthless with this character the ‘Dailys’ are absolutely worthless in PVP, though some are less worthless.

            Build up:  Str and Dex   *both secondary  ;  forget Con: ap is worthless and Max hp is good enough.

Villain’s Menace: decent pvp as adds immunity to disabling effects, and a little dmg increase.  eh.

Fighter’s Recovery:The only one I will use PVP though you have to use near enemies while at low health, and if your near enemies at low health, by the time this is done casting your dead most likely.

Terrifying Impact: I can’t use this at all. such a little line ahead and I miss or they move about 100% of the time. Maybe just me.

Supremacy of steel:  Would only be worth it if you were immune to all damage for that brief moment it is activated, and then deal out what you would have taken.                    * This power does and doesn’t make sense. Your character can take alot of damage, somewhat, but any build or use of the shield is made to reduce that damage. So IDK.  I’ll fiddle with some more, but I don’t use.

Enduring Warrior: What is this? PVP or PVE probably the worst skill in the game.

Indomitable Strength: Definite maybe.

Ironvanguard:  this is the build for iron vanguard, there is a sword master build floating out there that’s awesome but I’m not paying more money to respec to figure it out.


Main Focus: Your pvp set

     At wills.

Cleave: 3

Threatening Rush: 3


Knights Challenge: only 1 point is necessary any more and it could be harmful.

Anvil of Doom: 3 points.

Bull charge: only 1 point.     WHAAAAT?!?  *in how to attack at bottom


Combat Superiority:3

Trample the Fallen:3


Whatever you want doesn’t matter. don’t really help.


On PVE I usually run: run with PVP gear full because of speed bonus. ads are nothing to train. mark as you run.

Frontline surge:3

Lunging strike:3

Into the fray:3



* This is perfect.

If you read each carefully it builds you up for a ult combo attack.

How to attack: Get used to marking enemies, for some reason this was difficult to me, but if you want to be awesome get that down.

1. Single out target:  astral shields are silly now but catch enemy at edge if he is in it and you can cc them outside the radius.

2. mark;

3. Knights challenge on same enemy: must

4. Bull Charge:  is at 1 point because if maxed out it knocks them further away making Anvil of Doom harder to land. (Because they have more time to get out of cc)

5. Anvil of doom: while enemy is prone is a must. *Read Feats

6. if they’re not dead after combo spam  Threatening rush.      This is your run/roll cause you are slow, and this will allow you to catch the speedy enemies.

************************CONC / INFO************************************************************************

Now your  GF doesn’t suck.    Sticking with a Cleric teammate makes you invincible more or less, so if you have one follow him and protect him.

For  quick response message my Gametag: Prochilles








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  • Sol
    May 25, 2015 at 3:40 am

    Indomitable strike is not useless. Your dailies have to be timed correctly with rotation. running a conq build focusing on con/str will pop more often giving you 1 extra knock back. if you play smart you can 2-3 shot everything with mark only as opposed to using KC. which imo is stupid against a well armed tr, hunter, or sw. mark will give a huge debuff and if you close gap with lunging strike. Followed by 1-2 griffons wrath he will be in range for a Anvil of doom for close to 14-20k depending on tenacity. if you wish to discuss this or see in action im full grim, working on prof, my GT is En1gma Fr0st.

    also one more thing if you run high str, high con, and medium recovery, you’ll never run out of griffins wrath making you capable of ccing way more often so you can survive with 60% hp on average.

    • May 25, 2015 at 5:54 am

      your opinion contradicts itself. i love Griffons Wrath but a miss still takes the charge and a dodge is quite easy on it,, the single knock down anvil get in get out without all the other classes cc ing you is imo the best and most efficient method.

  • Sol
    May 26, 2015 at 12:18 am

    True but your down time is greater making you more or less a kiteable sponge. Where as using threatening rush + lunging strike, griffins wrath comes down to your hand eye coordination. My enemy engagement goes as follows mark, shield up until in range of lunging strike, Ls, threatening rush, Gw, Cleave, gf anvil, dead opponent. By the time your done with your first you have full stamina ls is back and your about ready with two more Griffons wrath. Anvils cd will be ready once you engage again. With any opponent in t1 or t2 pvp, dodge abilities would make you waste if not careful. Which is where timing comes in. And knowing other classes to see what cds have been blown. I not only gain roughly 10-20 kills my deaths are minimal based on my damage mit. I can keep 0-5 deaths based on playing it smart and plate fighting. I am almost always 1-4 on the endgame leader board as well. Against other gfs, it wastes my useful time to 1v1 as it takes long and with daily pops i heal myself through it. So I usually kite them around until I can get someone to ca and keep him stunned until anvil is useful. cw, tr, Hr, SW, and gwf, I engage immediately protect my healer, and can kill quickly, efficiently with no down time. But I am an aggressor, so my build works based on wanting to be in conflict. More I get hit more my stacks rise, more damage I do. Combine that with mark, and my rotation tenacity, deflect, defense can be bypassed with high power, damage resist debuff (mark), cc timing.

  • Sol
    May 26, 2015 at 12:21 am

    Also 1k tenacity prevents me from stun locks. Combining that with my shield usage I don’t stay down for long in any situation. Care to see add me and I’ll have no problem demonstrating in person 🙂

    • Anthony
      May 26, 2015 at 6:16 am

      I would like to see ur build In action. I’m sure are feats are sim. So I def. Plan to try it out. I have built similar, because as we’ve both mention attacking with my build is slowish, but it is the most effective I have used. My k/d I don’t think is as good as yours, but I also consider that I spend alot of time stalling enemy home flags and that will drive it down.

  • Anthony
    December 8, 2015 at 3:13 am

    Welp. Haven’t played in forever had to test run the new updates. Even though my build only has 2.5 stars I still love it I’m hitting 80k to 100k non crits on these fools now. ps I seen someone messaged me about my build but xbox auto deleted before I could reply. apologies and feel free to write my gamertag ‘Prochilles’. Peace.

  • December 8, 2015 at 3:35 am

    don’t see my last post.. I’ve been off since I posted this build .. eso.. Wanted to try out the new update a little and run some pvp this build is still wrecking though I was lvl 60 battle leveled to 69 I’m still hitting just as hard. Hit my first 100k noncrit I’m uploading to youtube now. I see this build is rated low (2.5) but I still love it and I won’t leave it. also someone sent me a message on xbox sorry I didn’t reply it got auto deleted. apologies and feel free to resend if you still had a question. GamerTag: ‘Prochilles’ , .Peace.

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