[Mod 6] Twisty’s Anointed Champion Build (PC)

by TwisTy on July 24, 2015
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[Mod 6] Twisty’s Anointed Champion Build (PC)

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Twisty’s Anointed Champion Build (Healing)

Updated: July 22, 2015


1. Introduction

This build is used for mostly PVE but it could work for PVP as well.

I started playing this game a month after the game came out, I started with a Trickster Rogue got it to 60 as the level cap was that when the game first started. I then rolled out a Devoted Cleric and used it as my main. What I like the most about the Devoted Cleric is the clutch heals they have if you build them right.  I love when I throw down a heal and it brings them from 25% to 100% Health.  Anyways let’s move onto the actual information. I hope you enjoy reading this guide.


1.1 Class Role/Race Selection

Class Role – DC is very flexible and they have more than one play style, but today we are focusing on healing due to the hard hitting mobs in mod 6 epic dungeons.

Race Selection – It is more a personal choice when you are choosing a race. I went for half elf because it grants +1 to a non-class ability score. It also grants you +2 Con and a choice of +2 Charisma or +2 Wisdom.

Human – Defence is 3% higher than other races, +2 to any ability score, and you gain an additional heroic feat at level 10, 15, and 20


2. Ability scores, stats and boons


2.1 Ability scores

I messed up my ability roll at the start. This is how it should have been at the start 20 WIS/13 CHA/13 STR. I would put most my point in CHA and WIS, for increased bonus heals and action point gain. Once you hit 70, You should be at 29 WIS/ 21 CHA/15 STR.

If you want to be a bit tankier like me I would put a few points in CON and DEX for AoE damage resist/Deflection Chance. The rest of the points should get put into WIS and CHA. I started off with 20 WIS/ 16 CHA/ 15 STR. At level 70 you should have 27 WIS/ 19 CHA/ 17 STR.

Here is what mine looks like:

2.2 Stats

Power, Defense, HP, Deflect
Crit or Recovery (You choose
Regen is somewhat important too, because it boosts the effects of the heal you cast on yourself.

2.3 Boons

I will add boons later as I finish each mod

3. Gear, artifacts and companions

3.1 Weapon and Offhand

Elemental Fire Holy Symbol: You will get it when you are finished the vigilance quests in Spinward Rise.
Elemental Fire Icon: You will be able to get this from Sgt. Knox when you hit 70.

3.2 Gear set

For PVE:
Elven Restoration or Burning Elemental
You can get the Elven Restoration set by completing epic dungeons and obtaining “Seals of the Protector.” Each piece costs 400 seals but the armor costs 600 so for a total of 1800 seals you can get the full set, also there is no set bonus which sucks.

For PVP:
Once you hit 70 you can buy Blue gear from the Auction House called “Battlescarred” for cheap each piece average around 500-1000 AD. To find this gear open up the Auction House type in “Battlescarred” Level ‘70-70’. Quality ‘Rare’, and ‘Pick your class’ then press search. If you have the artifact weapon, offhand, belt, and neck don’t bother buying the blue items for those slots.

Burning Medic (It can work for PVE as well but I prefer to have 2 sets)
You can get this set from a vender in the “Trade of Blades” In Protector’s Enclave. In order to get the pieces you will need a certain amount of Glory and Seals of Triumph which you can get 1 daily for a win. You will need to get 20 Seals and 80k Glory to get the full set.

3.3 Belt/Cloak

for the Cloak and Belt it is best to get an artifact set.
I have the “Greater Lathander’s” set on.

Here is a picture of the set bonus:

3.4 Rings

The best rings in my opinion is the Jewelcrafting ones you can make at level 25. They are called Personalized Rings.

I am currently leveling up my jewelcrafting to 25 and I am planning to get 2 “Personalized Adamant Ring of Regeneration.”

Enchantment slots:

Defense – Azure Enchantment, Rank 6 or 7

Offense – Radiant Enchantment, Rank 6 or 7

3.5 Artifact

I recommend using the “Sigil of the Devoted” because the stats are good and the active is very useful. You will also need to get the artifact that is in your set in order to get set bonus. For the rest of the artifacts I would get ones that give you the stats you need.

3.6 Companions

I don’t know that much about companions but I am currently using “Ioun stone of allure” for PVP and the “Fawn of Shiallia” for PVE because it heals you.

I’ll add more information here as time goes on.

3.7 Weapon and Armor Enchants

Utility Slots – This is your choice but I have the dragon hoard enchants in because you have a chance of a refining stone at your feet after killing a foe.

Offensive Slots – 2 Silvery, 1 Radiant and 1 Azure. Rank 7/8s

Defenses Slots – Silvery for deflection

Overload – Greater White Dragon Glyph

I am showing you what the normal enchants do but I currently have the lesser enchants on my character right now,

Weapon Enhancement – Holy Avenger

“You deal an additional 14% of weapon damage as Radiant damage with your powers and you have a 10% chance on each swing to improve your allies’ damage resistance by 15% while healing them for 10 seconds. The amount of damage and healing is scaled to your weapon. This effect can only activate every 60 seconds.”

Armor Enhancement- Soulforged

“When you fall in combat your Soulforged armor will resurrect you and heal you for 5,017 and 929 every second for 3 seconds. This effect can only trigger once every 85 seconds”.


4. Power, skill and feats


4.1 Powers- at will, encounters, class features, dailies

4.2 Heroic feats

4.3 Paragon feats


5. Setups


5.1 Dungeons

Class Features: Healer’s Lore and Anointed Armor.
Daily: Divine Armor and Hallowed Ground or Anointed Army.
Encounter: Bastion of Health/Astral Shield/Divine Glow or Warding Flare.
At-Will::Blessing of Battle and Astral Seal or Sacred Flame.

5.2 PVP

Class Features: Anointed Armor and Divine Fortune.
Daily: Guardian of Faith or Hallowed Ground and Anointed Army.
Encounter: Exalation or Healing Word/Bastion of Health or Sunburst /Astral Shield.
At-Will: Astral Seal and Lance of Faith or Sacred Flame.

5.3 Solo/Dailies

Class Features:Anointed Armour and Divine Fortune
Daily: Hallowed Ground and Anointed Army
Encounter: Divine Glow or Break the Spirit and Daunting light (Bread and Butter Spell for damage) and Soaring light (try to get mobs aligned up)
At-Will: Astral Seal and Lance of Faith


6. Miscellaneous

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it helps you. I will be continuing to add more information as my character progresses. If you have any other questions or suggestions for things to add feel free to message me in game [email protected] or comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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  • vx342
    August 7, 2015 at 8:39 pm

    “I started off with 20 WIS/ 16 CHA/ 15 STR.”

    How do you did that ?

  • Thea
    September 1, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    What paragon path did you take?

  • Grem
    September 3, 2015 at 8:56 am

    “This build is used for mostly PVE but it could work for PVP as well.”

    Heroics Feats:

    Domain Synergy 5/5 -> 5% recovery, for e.g. 7k recovery -> 350 => near 1% recharge speed ( 0.1 sec boost ) and 2% AP.
    While: Healing Action 5/5 => 5% AP or Repurpolse Soul 3/3 -> 15% free Healing

    Initiate of Faith 2/5 -> 0.4% but 5/5 -> 1% … for 20k Power => 200 Crit stat -> near 1% Crit Chance. While Weapon Mastery 1-3% Critical Chance. For 60-80k Power -> 5/5 Initiate of Faith = 3/3 Weapon Mastery 😉

    Cleanse 1/5 -> 1 point is waste for PVE = almost no DoTs. Useful for PvP ( 1 point enough )

    Bountiful Fortune 2/5 and Gift Of The Gods 0/5 – no 15+25% Divine Power Boost ?! Its near 5(w/o) vs 3(with) at-wills for full divine.

    Paragon Feats:
    No Gift of Haste 0/5 – > no 5% AP per skill for you and party

    Exaltation 5/5 -> was useful for GF tanks in PvE at the beginning of mod 6, but GF usually get killed by shield bug… In PvP Exaltation rarely used because of its mechanics.

    Shared Burdens 0/5 and Repurpolse Soul 0/3 – healer that ignore additional free healing …

    Player Powers
    Warding Flare = extremely long CD, also it works like empowered Astral Shield, but AS with 9%HP => 7650 DMG (for 85k HP DC) and WF 5×1500 = up to 7500 DMG (for Legendary)…. While some mobs do 60-80k DMG and Boses 100k+ DMG 😉

    Lance of Faith < Blessing of Battle = LoF is less dmg and Divine Power, not grant additional power from feat, the only benefit: it cast animation is faster ( but the DPS is still below BoB )

  • Thea
    September 3, 2015 at 12:49 pm

    Which paragon path did you take for your dc?

  • Jb
    September 7, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    @thea. It’s in his title lol

  • Angel Collins
    November 14, 2015 at 1:42 am

    hmm thats strange I followed your power build placement but I came up
    1 short to do the 60 one because you don’t have the 45 power stats on there..

    those two is called Break the Spirit and divine glow

  • Echo
    November 16, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    Is this build still effective as of Nov 2015? I just started playing and I don’t want to screw up my spec and have to spend zen to respec. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the net and there are so many different builds. Is it better to focus on being a strong healer with less dps or a dps healer with not as strong heals. There’s so much back and forth out there. This is all for pve I’m not even trying to get into pvp until I have a good handle of the pve side. Thank you

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