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RACE CHOICE- If I had to choose 3 I would rank them in this order: (1) Dragonborn (2) Sun Elf  (3) Human.

Currently I am a dragonborn and have played as all 3.

HEROIC FEATS- Honestly the Heroic feats are personal preference, and since the the heroic’s are so bad for the cleric you really can’t mess up here.

3/3 Greater Fortune- More healing

3/3 Toughness- More HP

3/3 Holy Resolve- Our points have to go somewhere, if you need recovery go Domain.

3/3 Weapon Mastery- More crit chance

3/3 Repurpose Soul- This is a must.

1/3 Cleanse-  There’s no reason to max this out at 10% I see this proc plenty.

4/5 Bountiful Fortune- More Divine which is great, If you are Human max out cleanse and Bountiful.

Paragon Path- Go Divine Oracle simply because of Benefit of Foresight.

NOTE- I will go ahead and say this now, if you constantly play with a tank that is decent I feel that the Virtuous Paragon is better. With that being said this is a FAITHFUL Build.

Paragon Feats

5/5 Lasting Wishes- You heal for 10% more.

5/5 Resounding Beliefs- Your non HoT powers heal for 10% more. Gift of Faith makes it so your powers don’t heal over time at all, so this is great.

5/5 Desperate Restoration- You heal for 30% more if you or the target are below 30% HP.

5/5 Benefit of Foresight- Defense bonus from Foresight is increased by 5%. This along with the Foresight personal gives you and your allies a 11% dmg resist when healing them. This Cap can be increased to 16% in the Virtuous Paragon.

5/5 Shared Burdens- I’m honestly thinking about switching this out with Chaplain’s Strength being that I’m always somewhat close to the enemies and Chaplain’s Strength has no cooldown.

5/5 Test of Faith- This is the best feat in this Paragon. In most T2 dungeons Test of Faith is healing me for more than the enemy is hitting me, and it stacks 20 times!

1/1 Gift of Faith- To summarize this basically every time you heal 25% of that heal is stored away as Gift of Faith and will proc when the target is below 45% HP. I’ve gotten up to 200k heals with this which is pretty useless but still cool.

Encounters- Now I mostly play eLoL so you can switch this around as you like.

NOTE–  If there is a tank who is using Knights Valor (Which they should be) your main concern should be to buff your teammates and debuff the enemy.

My setup for eLoL (with a tank)- Bastion, Divine Glow. and Break the Spirit.

My setup for eLoL (without a tank) – Astral Shield (which should NOT be used at the final boss its useless there) , Divine Glow, and Bastion.

When you have a tank using KV Astral Shield should be slotted out for Break the Spirit.

The reason I still slot a healing spell in with a tank is because I don’t have a tank I consistently play with that I can trust.

Divine Glow- Great buff and Debuff, I mostly use this in Divinity. Gives teammates a 5% dmg bonus and reduces the enemies dmg by 5% so 3 stacks gives you and your allies a 15% dmg bonus and a 15% damage reduction on the enemy.

Out of Divinity gives your teammates a 10% defense bonus and reduces the enemies defense by 10%

Astral Shield- This should be used if you do NOT have a tank, and should only be used up until the final boss in eLoL. Places like Castle Never and other T2 dungeons with alot of ads keep it slotted it’s amazing. I would never use this in divinity unless you are trying to get empowered quickly. The empowered version of this is amazing use it!

Healing Word– Honestly I can’t use this in the Faithful Paragon it doesn’t heal all that much and with the content that is out right now all you need to heal with is Bastion.

Break the Spirit– This as a buff to your teammates is amazing don’t use this in divinity, only use it in its base form and in the fully empowered form. Fully empowered gives your teammates a 30% dmg bonus! In its base form it reduces the enemies damage by 20%.

Bastion of Health– This is your number 1 healing spell. Use this mostly in divinity since out of divinity the animation is too long.

If I were to use it empowered or base form it would be to predict HP loss on teammates, for instance when the rage drake spins in eLoL.

These are pretty much all the encounters I use besides playing Solo.

AT Wills

Brand of Sun- Quick animation and build divinity over time which is insane.

Astral Seal- Pretty much a OP version of lifesteal for you and your teammates always keep this slotted.


Foresight- Always have this slotted due to the Benefit of Foresight feat.

Your other slot is personal preference choose between Healer’s Lore and Divine Fortune.

Dailies There are only 2 worth slotting when playing with a team Divine Armor and Hallowed Ground.

Hallowed Ground should be used the most due to the offensive and defensive boost, Divine Armor is more of a clutch save with a really quick animation.

BOONS- Power, Deflect, Defense, Lifesteal, and Increased Crit Severity.



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