[Xb1] Mod6/7/8 Indy’s “Team Slayer” PvP GF Build

by Indy on September 18, 2015
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[Xb1] Mod6/7/8 Indy’s “Team Slayer” PvP GF Build

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Updated: 2/27/2016

Disclaimer: when i say this build is designed for pvp, it will shine in all formats, but the companions are all specifically for Icewind Dale world pvp.

Attention Guardian Fighter brethren, Indy Is back with an updated build. Welcome to mod6, i now bring you a new twist on being a meatshield, this is The “Team Slayer” PvP GF Build, this is not finalized and will evolve as my character does, much like my last build. Now before i get started huge credits go out to Rokuthy and Azrael. These PC players pioneered the way for us with many many good ideas and I’ll do my best to consolidate them all here. So lets get started:

Character Creation

Race – Half Orc or Dragonborn – Straight out the gate i’ll tell you dragonborn is better on paper but i cant live without a helmet so I chose half orc. 5% crit severity vs the 3% crit and 3% power. Its not a huge loss but like i said, one is clearly better than the other.

Stat Roll – Roll Str to 18, Dex to 14, all points go into Str and Dex every 10 levels.


Passives – Steel Defence and Shield Talent or Combat Superiority

At-Wills – Iron Tide and Weapon Masters Strike

Encounters – Bulls Charge, Into the Fray, and Anvil of Doom

Dailies – Crescendo and Villians Menace

Passives – So were still sticking with the Shield Talent just like last mod, even as a DPS GF, your shield is still your backbone. Steel Defense is a new addition i love, this gives us alot of flexibility in pve and pvp with our dailies. When getting overwhelmed in PvE, pop a Daily and this will instantly stabilize your health pool. Now in some situations you will find you have an excess of stamina, this is when you will want to swap over to Combat Superiority for the DPS boost. This will depend more on you and your personal ability to manage your stamina.

At Wills – Starting with Iron Tide, its our “Stamina regen” and we’re still keeping it in mod8. Weapon Masters Strike is the new At-Will i have slotted to replace Crushing Surge, i feel it brings more damage to the table with its 2 part attack, also it applies a nice debuff that increases encounter damage on your next rotation. To be thorough, il mention Aggravating Strike and Shield Slam again. Aggravating Strike is less commonly used in this build because you dont fear incoming damage from most enemies and it helps charge up alot of your dps. Shield Slam is very rarely used because if you are in a situation where you are shielded up and trying to survive incoming damage by extending your stamina, you’ve already gotten into a bad spot.

Encounters – Oh how i love our new encounters. Lets start with ITF, still a very strong skill for the team buffs, as well as the personal buffs. Its still a large dps boost for yourself, but don’t forget it gives a bit of temp hp (used to activate some feats) and it also gives a crucial speed boost that makes our 1 rotation kills so deadly. More on this later. Next up we have Bulls Charge, this is what you will open on targets with most often to get them proned and vulnerable. It has a decent charge range and it can be used to dismount enemies trying to push for a back cap. Finally we have Anvil of Doom, our grand finisher. Iv seen it hit from 40k, to 200k in pvp. Its a very deadly skill. Anytime you see an enemy at 40% or lower, test their dodge frame with an at-will and if it hits, bury them with an Anvil!

Dailys – Crescendo Crescendo Crescendo. I love this daily even for all the times it fails me when its misused against a TR or GWF, the key is to always be testing for dodge frames. This move also doubles as a great gap closer after a bulls charge if you’re dealing with a sturdier target that wouldn’t die to the 2 hit kill combo. Fighters Recovery has been dropped for Villians Menace. I use this skill as more of an “ignore smokebomb” daily so i can chase a TR around a node without worry, also its worth noting this increases your dps as well so it can be used in conjunction with ITF for very strong AOE swipes with WMS.


Feats Link: http://nwcalc.com/index.html#/gf?b=23ci:k6rwk5:8dep:5tb7d,13f356i:1zu5051:1000000:1z05000&h=0&p=smr

Strength Focus 3/3 – 15% str means more dps and stam regen

Toughness 2/3 – cant go wrong with 6% hit points

Shielded Resurgence 3/3 – heals you for 4% after being crit, with the loss of regen in combat, all longevity is important now.

Armor Specialization 3/3 – 15% defense and AC is a must.

Powerful Attack 5/5 – 10% encounter damage and at-will damage is right up our alley, gotta max this.

Grit 1/3 – another skill that’s not worth maxing but 1/3 is better than skipping it in my opinion. 1% of ur max hp as temp health after getting healed.

Weapon Mastery 3/3 – 3% crit for 3 points.. Sign me up boys!

Paragon Feats

Improved Vigor 5/5 – gain 10% more AP below 50%, with a health pool at least 100k Hp deep, you have a lot of wiggle room to take advantage of this feat without feeling like you’re in danger

Take Measure 5/5 – when crit, gain 5% max hp as temp. This and the next feat have awesome synergy.

Wrathful Warrior 5/5 – deal 15% more damage with you have temporary HP. Great due to Take Measure, Into the Fray, and Grit.

Jagged Blades – ooh boy this is a good one, cause the target to bleed for 750% weapon damage after a crit over 15 seconds.

Tactical Superiority 5/5 – turns your combat superiority class feature into a constant 15% damage buff.

Reckless Attacker 1/1 – get hit 5 times, and you’re sporting a 25% damage bonus and 10% crit, truly the bread and butter of being a Conqueror GF.

Fight On 5/5 – 10% off encounter cds is huge for getting your rotation back faster.

Crushing Pin 5/5 – 10% more damage to prone targets makes all your rotations more potent

Rousing Speech 5/5 – 5% more Ap gain for you and your team, I’m considering swapping this for plate agility in protector but for now I’m sticking with daily generation.


Illiyanbruen Warden Training – 400 Power

Illiyanbruen Scout Training – 400 Crit

Illiyanbruen Warrior Training – 1600 HP

Illiyanbruen Sentinel Training – Heal 20k

Illiyanbruen Champion Training – 10% Stamina Regen

Thayan Apprentice Technique – 250 Power and Movement

Thayan Initiate Technique – 400 Life Steal

Thayan Adept Technique – 3% Resistance Ignored

Thayan Master Technique – 20k Heal

Thayan Grand master Technique – 10k shield

Icewind Wanderer Skill – 400 Combat Advantage

Icewind Scavenger Skill – 400 Stamina / Guard Gain

Icewind Survivor Skill – 2% Crit Severity

Icewind Hunter Skill – gain 2000 power

Icewind Hero Skill – 10% AP after a kill

Form of the Dragon – 400 Power

Power of the Dragon – 400 Crit

Will of the Dragon – 400 Armor Penetration

Spirit of the Dragon – 400 Life steal

Soul of the Dragon – 10% Healing

Dragon Affinity – 5% Crit Severity

Dragon Mastery – 3% Life steal


Depending on which guild you are a part of you may not have much choice here. I run the Guild Defense Boon and Armor Penetration Boons full time, in PvE i switch to Power of course.


Underdark Power – 400 Power and 1600 hit points

Underdark Critical Strike – 400 Critical Strike and 1600 hit points

Underdark Healing – 1200 Regeneration

Underdark Stamina – You now regain Stamina 5% faster

Demonic Knowledge –  gain +10% Damage versus Demons


Armor – In mod 8 if you haven’t unlocked the Lionsmane armor with your guild, you will still be using a Burning Executioner set. These are the only two sets for PvP armor outside of the blue quality Guild Armor. This is often better than nothing on a fresh 70 thats new to PvP, just keep in mind your target for tenacity is around 2000-2200.

Weapons – Now that Mod8 is here we have 6 Artifact sets to choose from. I personally went for the drowned set for PvP (50% healing over 30 seconds, every minute) but other viable options are the Wind set, the Twisted set, and the Fire set. if PvE is your main focus you may find the other 3 more beneficial but for a pure PvP tank, we need that healing to help sustain us in long fights.

Jewelry – so with mod 6 we’ve finally gained access to the full Lostmauth set. Its set bonus has resulted in an extra 4-10k dps on my rotations and I’m quite pleased with the results.With the release of Underdark, we now have access to a variety of new rings I’ll start with a few of my favorites. Ring of Ambush +4/5 allows you to become invisible to anyone after 1/2 seconds of movement. This is an awesome new toy i encourage everyone to acquire and test out. it can be used in conjunction with Knights Challenge to deliver a fatal bulls charge directly from stealth. Another very strong ring, essentially the counterpart to the ring of Ambush is the Ring of Vision +4/5 this will reveal all stealth enemies around you for 8/10 seconds every 30 seconds. These two rings have become basically the core setup for more PvPers. Other rings I have tested but found to be lack luster include Vanishing Presence, Sieging, and Rising Power. On paper they look great but for us GFs, they just don’t shine enough to be viable. Finally we also have 2 new sets of gemmed shirt and pants. Look for the Warrior prefix and get yourself the set.

Artifacts – out with the old, in with the new! As well as a 4th artifact now that we’re level 70. First up is the Horn of Blasting, a must have due to the set bonus above. Now instead of telling you what to use specifically, id rather make you aware of alot of viable options including the CW, SW, and GWF sigils, the thayan book of the dead, possibly even a Lantern would all make great filler artifacts to help you build your stats. Remember, you can always fine tune the specific stats you need using your enchant slots, companion, and armor kits. Also before i forget we have 2 great options for Active artifacts. The DC sigil which gives you a full daily (at transcendent it has a 1min CD) or the Wheel of Elements (which has 4 incredibly strong effects). Im not gonna say which is better yet as i have alot of testing to do, but both of these came in at the top of the list. As of 2/5/2016 my current Artifact loadout is still DC sigil, Horn, Thayan book, and GWF sigil. if you find a better combination let me know and I’ll gladly test them, but these deliver the high amount of armor pen we seek for PvP

Enchants – This section has been entirely rewritten. I am using Dark 12s in all my Offense slots and Utility slots, and Azures in my Defense slots. Previously i was testing Lifesteal on a GF but it didn’t deliver like i had hoped, so i have gone back to stacking pure defense and supporting my ITF to increase my damage output. My weapon enchant is still a Transcendent Feytouched and my armor enchant is still Transcendent Negation. Others have tried Elven Battle / Terror but i still find these to be an inferior choice.

Reinforcements – I am all reinforced with +200 armor pen on armor and +100 Action Point gain on my rings/neck/belt.

Companion – this is one of the sections that will need more testing than most. Il provide you with a list of what im aiming for, but feel free to give me your own feedback on what you find is best.

Acolyte of Kelemvor – this is my new active companion i stacked with perfect bonding runestones. She also buffs with 10% damage resist which means a more potent frey.

Blacksmith – On Damage Taken 15% chance to reflect 10% of damage taken. If the same target is hit 4 times it will reflect 3 times the damage taken. – I’m still in love with this guy, in a 1v1 situation, hes all but guaranteed to proc.

Pig – 1% hp while controlled – now at epic this companion regens 2%, and 2% of 100k is quite significant when combating the new HR stun meta. From the summer festival so snag one if you see it appear on the AH.

Young Yeti – 5% damage increase when enraged – This is a great option for a bonding companion, it has a 0 cooldown attack that can proc up all of your bondings in a matter of seconds, he also doubles as a great tank in PvE. This guy has never left my bar since i got him.

Galeb Duhr – deal up to 10% more damage based on damage taken – i love this guy, in IWD when im below 30% i notice how hard people will tunnel vision for a kill, disregarding their own defenses completely. This is one of your secret weapons that’ll make jaws drop when you 2 shot kill people as you’re fighting with your last breath!

Pseudodragon – 20% chance to gain stamina from attacks – again, this still isn’t in my personal loadout but iv heard many others live by this pet in their active bar. Extra stamina always helps when your shield is your only defense.

Panther – 10% damage to proned targets – since our build is focused on killing people who cant fight back, either they’re on their back due to a bulls charge or stuck in a crescendo, this companion will always add a 10% punch to your rotation.

Air Archon – 5% damage to targets not at full HP – after a WMS to debuff, or even an enemy triggering a blue dragon glyph will activate this active bonus giving you 5% damage in nearly all situations.

Rust Monster – 5% damage debuff that stacks on your enemy 3 times – I’ve recently replaced my Galeb Duhr with this because a 10% damage increase at maximum potential, seems to be less return than 15% damage reduction from my enemy. I am still testing this companion to decide if its worth it to supplement my defenses or to go for pure offense.

Chicken – when hit for 25% gain 40% run speed, and debuff enemy damage – this companion gets switched with my bonding companion as i see fit. in IWD its quite common for an enemy to kill your companion and execute it before attacking you, this companion is my go-to when my enemies try this. Its also quite nice for Demogorgon in PvE.


Armored Axe Beak – +4000 Armor Penetration – This is our first go-to mount for PvP, once equipped, you will immediately notice a jump in PvP DPS. if you haven’t already got one i suggest purchasing one before Mod9 when the full mount changes hit.

Coastal Flail Snail – 25% AP Generation after Daily use – if you don’t have an axe beak, this is your second best choice. some argue this bonus has a higher impact than 4000 of any specific stat value, and depending on the situation I’m inclined to agree. If you can afford both, get both.

Gas Spore – 20% stamina  if you cannot afford one of the previous mounts, this is your budget option to get the most out of your mount slot. find it on the tradebar vendor or the AH.


Well here we are again, but on the other side of the fence. Now we dish out punishment instead of redirecting it and absorbing it. Your primary rotation is ITF > Bulls > Anvil. This will put a huge amount of damage on any target but its important that ITF is first. Iv found without it you move too slowly and your enemy will have stood up from the prone effect if you aren’t running on ITF. Next up you can use ITF > Iron Tide > Bulls Charge > Crescendo > Anvil, this rotation will put a huge dent in even the sturdiest GF or Gift of Faith DC. Outside of these primary rotations, you have alot of great tools to use in pvp, but they’re a bit hidden. Bulls Charge is a great tool to prone, but also to bait skills. To explain imaging you’re chasing a TR and he keeps dodging and dodging, now when you know his stamina is low, double tap bulls charge to force yourself to cast the animation without casting the skill. Even a reasonably skilled TR will panic and roll, now you got him. No stamina and you still have your bulls ready to rock. This is a little trick iv been using to fake out my opponents. Other ways to do this includes using crushing surge to test for dodge frames just before using bulls charge. There will be much more added into the synergies and playstyle section in the future but for now i have to do some practicing myself!

Update1: So after a few weeks on PvP and 2x RP to get me going, I’m around 3100 item level, and have had an incredible amount of success fighting every class 1v1. I will take sometime to break down how the fights work vs each class and what to be aware of:

Hunter Ranger – The new TR of Mod6, they’re everywhere and they are the main class thats going to give you an issue in a 1v1. keep that shield up and don’t let them get a root chain up. to counter a HR watch their dodge frames, once you’ve seen them stop phasing in and out, hit them with an At-Will to remove cunning and follow it up with a bulls to prone them, finish with anvil. if you get caught in a root chain, your only hope is popping fray and latch onto them with a Crescendo > Anvil > Bulls for a kill.

Great Weapon Fighter – a new rough contender in the pvp arena, Iron Vanguards are the ones to look out for as their threatening rush makes them very mobile, and FLS that can put you into a dangerous rotation. when first engaging remember their Unstoppable is their bread and butter, so lets give it to them early. ITF > Bulls > Anvil will almost always force an unstoppable, and they will immediately go full offense when its up, take advantage of this and soak up all that damage into your shield as your CDs are coming back. once you see them shrink down to size, hit them with a crescendo, because now they have no way to break it and they’ll be stuck in your rotation again. this is almost always enough to finish the tankiest of GWFs.

Control Wizards – oppressor build CWs are becoming more of a pain, they can put you into a frozen state almost instantly, so keep that shield up and make sure you are counting their teleports and estimating what their stamina bar looks like in your head, your stamina should easily outlast theirs if you keep pushing towards them and forcing them to get antsy. a common giveaway that a CW is out of stamina is 3-4 teleports, then they will begin to dump encounters, you should see 2-3 immunes in quick succession and you know you’re in the clear to kill them. prone and anvil them and be careful if they’re spamming repel, don’t let them use the map to their advantage with it.

Oathbound Paladins – there is two ways this fight goes down, you will either crush them like a soda can, or you wont dent their temporary HP with a full rotation. if the latter happens, walk on and ignore them, its not worth your trouble.

Trickster Rogues – depending on the personal skill level of the TR, this fight will be endless/unwinnable or over in 5 seconds. if you see a TR burn impossible to catch early on in the fight, hit them with a daily on the next window in their dodge frames and its a done deal. however if they are perma stealth and only scratching you while building up a shocking execution, your only shot at killing them is when they come to kill you, find them in stealth and prone them out of it before they even though about putting up a dodge frame.

Scourge Warlocks – this fight is surprisingly one of the more challenging ones, if the SW is playing aggressively and trying to kill you first, put him into your standard rotation early and tank up, dont let him gain HP with his life steal between rotations. they have no dodge frames, but they can gain ALOT of HP back after your initial rotation if they aren’t forced to run or sprint defensively. Also its important to note, dont daily the puppet. iv done it a few times now and i feel like an idiot every time 🙁

Devoted Clerics – the tanky heal variety can be killed in a 1v1, but its not worth your time unless you’ve got atleast 1 friend to help with the lock down. if its a DPS cleric, kill them before they kill you. do not play passively at all. a DPS DC is at its weakest when they’re scrambling to survive. also never burn your rotations into astral shields. hitting for 0s with 150k worth of damage is infuriating.

Guardian Fighters – 1v1ing one of our brethren is now one of my favorite fights, watch their shield, and note if they use iron tides or ITFs early on to keep their stamina up. Always connect the Bulls Charge from behind and follow it up with a quick anvil, they switch back to defensive and scratch them from behind with WMS for the debuffs. this 1v1 will be decided by the GF who gets their opponent in a position where they are proned, below 20%, and ready to be anviled. never burn your daily into the front of a GF as well, the prone effect will be immuned by their shield. keeping your HP high, and preemptively blocking your opponent’s rotation are the keys to success here.

Mod 8 PvE Breakdown

Now that Underdark is Live, many of us PvPers are finding ourselves more obligated to return to dragon slaying, at least as a part time hobby. I’m going to go through what Feature, Encounters, and Armor pieces i change to adapt for PvE without compromising my PvP Loadout.

First We’ll start with Features, Exchange Steel Defense for Steel Blitz. next we drop Anvil of Doom and Bulls Charge, replace them with Lunging Strike and Commander’s Strike. For your daily powers, Fighters Recovery vs Villians Menace is a choice that comes down to personal preference, I like using Villans for an AoE dps Daily, but you may find the healing FR gives may outweigh that.

Next i change out my Helmet and Boots from Lionsmane to Dragonflight. This increases our power and recovery at the cost of tenacity and armor pen. its the perfect trade. next if you have a +4/5 Ring of Brutality and a +4/5 Ring of Rising Power/Precision, these will suit you nicely. Next, send that Armored Axe Beak to the stable, and grab out your Coastal Flail Snail. Lastly replace your guild Armor Pen boon for your guild’s Power boon. With these few simple changes you can swing your Armor Penetration stat from as high as 21,000 to 10,000 or lower.  I’m able to land anywhere between 2-4th on the DPS Leaderboard for pug edemo groups, putting up anywhere between 25-30m Damage.

Conclusion – as always appreciate the kind words and support from the community, but more importantly i need criticism and feedback on how to make this build better. Please let me know if theres any improvements or additional info you’d like to see. Also if you enjoy what i do and want to join me live at Twitch.tv/indygoinlive I stream pvp and pve weekdays from 6pm and the weekend streams start at 4pm, id love to answer your questions or help you fix up your own builds. As always happy slaying!

Edit1: added screenshots, fixed stat roll, and feats. added more info on play style aswell as a 1v1 class by class break down.

Edit2: added new screenshots and updated info throughout the guide as well as mod8 Info for Rings, Artifacts Weapons, Boons, and Mounts.




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  • Andy
    September 21, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    What artifact sword did you end up taking? What special powers did it have? Same goes for your off-hand

    • September 21, 2015 at 8:52 pm

      Mod 6 is a little different as far as artifact weapons go. Each class only gets one of each and you unlock all the powers on each with cubes of augmentation. For my mainhand i use irontide for extra stamina, and my offhand has steel defence. I’ll update this above in the guide.

    September 21, 2015 at 8:44 pm

    steel defense and crescendo is for gwf isnt

    • September 21, 2015 at 8:53 pm

      Both of them are actually exclusive to the Swordmaster Paragon path, which both Guardian Fighters and Great Weapon Fighters share. So we share a handful of skills.

  • Andy
    September 22, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    How do you get a sigil for a character that isn’t your own? i.e., how can my GF get the DC sigil? Can you collect multiple sigils from that campaign? Sry, just hit 70 last night, don’t know these things.

    Do you run the lostmauth set on GF and the double slotted rings on your companion or vice versa? No, ioun stone? I was always surprised the Ioun Stone of Might never made your list for the 2% stamina. Of the new slotted rings, which did you find to be most accommodating to your build?

    Is the burning executioner PVE friendly or do you swap gear?

    Also I found it impossible to roll 18/15, i had to settle for 18/14. And I think, you need to take out 1/3 grit…. I think that was left over from your last build. I wasn’t able to get 21 heroic points Ha. Glad to see Darks making at least two your utility slots. I was running darks there in mod 5 instead of dragon hoard considering I never got kills. But now, I’m not sure, Peridots or movement?…. I like movement.

    • September 25, 2015 at 12:11 am

      All the sigils are obtained by having two lvl 70 chars, one of which being a DC or whichever sigil you’d like.

      I run the lostmauth set on my Gf and every other slot is filled with a double slotted ring/neck/belt on myself and my companion, and Im not a fan of ioun stones this mod, im running more summoned companions with bonding runestones.

      I use burning executioner in pve but I certainly dont maintank outside of elol.

      You’re correct about the stat roll and i do keep 1/3 in grit, i actually use 2/3 toughness to compensate. My utility slots are 1 fey blessing, 2 dragon hoards, 1 tymora, and 1 dark enchant.

      • Andy
        September 25, 2015 at 4:55 pm

        Dang… Course my second character is a HR. Guess I’m SOL.

        Yep, just picked up the Acolyte of Kelemvor and Galeb Duhr. Had the blacksmith from Mod5. Still running the Skeleton dog and rocking the Ioun Stone of Might because I’m running Steel defense at the moment.

        Shoot, I must of misread your guide I put 3/3 toughness… hope this isn’t a game changer to much.

        Thanks for answering

  • Gent1eGamer
    September 23, 2015 at 1:27 pm

    I use Bulls Charge, Flourish, and then AoD. How do you do the fakie for Bulls Charge? I’ll like you to clarify.

    • September 25, 2015 at 12:07 am

      Theres two ways iv found, double tapping bulls charge does cancel the effect while still triggering the animation. The other way to use this is switching to your blocking stance directly after casting bulls, the idea is to stop the skill from triggering before the cooldown starts.

  • Daniel
    September 23, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    List of transmutation? Can you make one

  • Tyler
    September 25, 2015 at 2:54 am

    I have been following your PVE build you made in May, but since the new XB1 mod 6, is pvp armor, powers, and stats good for Pve or will you be updating the pve guide for mod 6?

    • September 26, 2015 at 11:17 pm

      I’m gonna try to explain mod6 GF tanking with a metaphor. We are your average peddle bike, nothing special, nothing fancy, but we can get you from A to B, then you have OPs who are like a BMW, they look better, they last longer, and they dont make you tired. So you CAN get from A to B tanking on a GF, but the amount of effort and struggle involved makes it alot less appealing for everyone involved. If there is a patch that will be coming that will tune GF mitigation for pve, id be open to trying to tank again, but for now were simply outclassed.

  • Andy
    October 2, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    When you get a chance could you please post pics of your current stats? Always helps to have a visual.

    Have you figured out a successful way to run Knights Challenge in Dungeons and PVP? I see some GF’s using it in PvP, and it destroys. I was wrecking Lostmouth using KC, until he got a lucky pop shot on me and that was it for me…. to bad for that take double damage huh?

    I’ve also stacked dark’s in every slot that I possibly could for that AP but now I found myself lacking crit… about how many Dark’s did/do you run in relation to azures and radiants.

    Last question…. on average what would you say is your final damage dealt in say Elol or Kessel?

    I mean how can we compete with GWF, CW, and HR’s in dps damage delt when they’re averaging at least 19 mill to my…..

    • October 5, 2015 at 7:13 pm

      Posted pics with the new update.

      i don’t like Knights Challenge, if i’d use it, i would substitute it with ITF and use it but it always worries me when i buff myself, but also buff the enemy, i’ll use it more in pvp and see what i think after a few days.

      I run darks in every offensive and defensive slot on my tanks armor, my summoned companion runs all radiant in offense and darks in defense for power + lifesteal coming from my companion’s bonding runestones.

      I don’t really shine in pve anymore. with WMS and our strong single target, we seem viable with a haste cleric or OP feeding us encounters/dailies but i would never seek to top the charts, other classes will always do what we do a little better, but we’ll survive the punishment a great deal better so remember the trade off of being a GF.

      • Andy
        October 6, 2015 at 2:08 pm

        Thanks once again Indy,

        I finally got my BE chest piece this weekend and let me just say, your build is beast mode in PvP. I’m having a blast with it. Even if the opponent seems to have more tenacity than me, I’m slaying them, even melting them. Got my first triple kill like it was nothing. Gaining glory is easy but those one a day Seals of Triumph make completing the BE gear set slow going. Can’t wait to see what my GF can do then.

        Could you please post up what PvP campaign boons you are picking… I never know with you being a team player an all, I could easily see you picking the boon that buffs the whole team rather than yourself. I picked Crit and power last night for my first boon unlock, just not sure what to select for the next 2.

        So true…. the only stat people seem to care about is most damage dealt. Yet I’ve noticed that I finish with the least amount of deaths 97% of the time in dungeons.

        Ha at squealjoy

  • Daniel
    October 23, 2015 at 5:51 pm

    I have noticed that on your stream you have done a Race-ReRoll if you find out anything new please add it to this build. 🙂

  • eaze
    October 28, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    can you post pics off your powers page as the link to the neverwinter calc doesn’t show powers only feats

  • Andy
    November 13, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    Looks like Indy is keeping his build a secret now that the game is pvp. Can’t have to many GF’s knocking his style.

    • November 13, 2015 at 7:02 pm

      Nothing has changed believe it or not, the guide above is for doing the most damage possible as a guardian fighter in pvp. My personal race change is due to a meta change in domination/gg, but not for dps. I will add some info on the coastal snail as im still getting used to the right situation to use it in, but really overall its the same conq build, but with mod7 our damage went up again.

      A sidenote: i am very busy leading my guild in SH, trying to stream daily, and my own personal life. But il do my best to get an update posted in the next week.

  • Andy
    December 1, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    Hey Indy,

    Any thoughts on how to push forward as more guilds start to unlock more and more ArP, Defense, and Power boons? If our guild is maxing these out, should we be replacing some of our Power/ArP/Defense enchants for crit, recovery, and deflect? Is that the ultimate goal? Or are we still trying to push ArP to 100+?

    If I can get most of my Arp from my artifacts, guild boons, armor, main-hand etc, would it be wise to start inserting say deflect and recovery enchants? We’re we only stacking Darks in the beginning until your stronghold was more built up?

    Does PVP have an caps on Stats? I heard 80% Arp is the cap for PVP… is this true?

    Sorry to hear about LGPG….

    • December 11, 2015 at 5:01 pm

      I plan to keep stacking armor pen. Im on break from NW so I haven’t done much with the ap/stam drain glyphs but stats wise i would keep stacking armor pen, the bigger debate now is defense vs life steal as iv heard. I plan to stick with armor pen and life steal as they work best for my playstyle of sustaining and insta kills. If u want faster rotations and more durability when not proned, go ahead n try deflect and recovery, its just not what i would choose.

      And duno what u heard about lgpg as were still the #1 SH guild on xb1 NW 🙂

  • Andy
    December 15, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    Ha Genocide > LGPG, nah what I meant by sorry to hear about LGPG, was there was a bunch of rumors spreading around about why you actually left NW…. I think Asylum saying they top guild these days…. smhhh

    Thanks for the advice per usual. There’s some pretty interesting tank builds out there these days. I was comparing your build to Azreals build…. I did notice the differences in boons and feats; he mostly always chose deflect and he opted out of the AP gain for the whole team. I could careless about deflect, but that recovery would be nice… a 15 second cool down on AoD sucks! And then there’s so many different type of tank builds in-between. No two GF battles are the same for me, which is great.

  • Andy
    March 1, 2016 at 4:34 pm

    Nice. I really enjoyed WMS yesterday after testing it out. Maybe it was just my imagination but I felt I was critting a lot more while using WMS. Glad to see you dump life steal and stack azures. How much HP is good for Dom? I have one brutal and the rest are azures. Was thinking about maybe putting in a radiant for hp? I see some gf’s stacking like 150k hp. I’m at like 112 hp but then again they lack defense.

    But let’s talk critique…. So I can’t help but notice you kept some life steal boons and a 2% crit severity boon. I would consider swapping these out for regen where applicable because you chose that 1200 regen boon. I took the 10% combat advantage boon to coincide with my lantern (at 1000 combat advantage) and I noticed a 1000 dmg increase to my rotation when they’re marked. It was a tough choice because I’m at 800 regen already because I swapped out life steal. Could of been at 2000 regen. I feel the only thing my build lacks is incoming heals bonus, which is huge in this day an age

    My current artifacts are wheel, lantern, heart of black dragon, and horn. I really enjoy all the arm pen with that setup. My ap gain is lacking without snail so I stacked recovery kits plus heart of black dragon and a recovery ring. Sry but the wheel is op and I’m sticking with it. It can no longer be called a band aid with an artifact set out there that heals you for half health every 1 min or whatever by simply doing nothing. Also I’m sticking with the old weapons artifact set. I can’t believe you settled for crit, DEFLECT, and power. Three useless things for a tank just for heals which can be found elsewhere.

    Also i have some feat changes for you…. From your stream I can tell you didn’t update everything on here but Dump fight on and rousing speech and that deflect boon And take the boon that makes you take less dmg when stamina is low and pick 5 points to Armor class.

    Well that’s all I got for now.

    • March 1, 2016 at 4:53 pm

      If you stack HP, you don’t have much synergy backing it like Defense. HP shines with lifesteal or when playing Iron Vanguard, but for SM Conq I don’t see any upside to dropping defense and lowering value from ITF.

      I only have the crit sev boon in ToD, i’m 5/7 boons there. Not much intrest in the other 2 until i can Q 25 LGPG into tiamat.

      I have considered the combat advantage but my artifact loadout for pvp is Horn, Sigil, Thayan Book, and GWF Sigil, so my Combat Advantage is too low to benefit from 10% CA although if i were to try running my mythic lantern it could be quite viable. However this is a pure pvp build and I chose regen for passive healing on rotations, especially with ambush rings being so prevalent, this allows alot of opportunities to gain massive chunks of HP during rotations.

      If you like the wheel more power to you, but I benched mine in favor of the drowned weapon set which compliments my race change to halfling. As now with no apparent stat investment in Deflect, i have 20% deflect chance. If anything my biggest issue with the drowned set is the Crit, i feel its excess.

      Also i notice you mention the wheel as a viable alternative to the drowned set but its much less reliable to pop an artifact and walk into a circle to activate healing, rather than being on the full offensive with multiple dailies from DC Sigil, and still gaining healing while you attack thanks to the drowned set, maybe your build isn’t fully purpose built for pvp though as i notice you also said you reinforced recovery which i would never consider over Armor Pen.

  • Andy
    March 2, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    Recovery is faster encounter cool down and ap gain. Course im sacking recovery where I can. Especially without a DC sigil. I also have one extra artifact than you that stacks arm pen, so I chose different reinforcement kits.

    I did like what I saw yesterday from watching your build. Looked like it still hit pretty hard. Eventually I might make the change to the drowned shores. Right now it’s just sitting my bank vault.

    And luckily I still have 2 winterfest tokens to test out regen over CA.

    The crit is excess in a good or bad way?

    • March 11, 2016 at 2:21 pm

      Crit over 5-6k seems like a waste of stats but I’m up to 7k now with the drowned set so I’m looking at dropping my thayan book but that means I would need to replace it with an artifact that has 600 ap gain too.

  • Andy
    March 11, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    The links to your pictures don’t seem to be working properly… not sure if it’s an issue on my end, yours, or mmominds.

  • Kier
    April 17, 2016 at 3:01 am

    I have 2 questions

    1: Do you yourself still use this build or something relevantly close to it?

    2: If I start a character from scratch, will I still be able to follow this build closely or will I have to wait to finally build ’till 70?

    • Kier
      April 17, 2016 at 3:14 am

      Also, for Paragon Paths, should I be Swordmaster or Iron Vanguard if I’m planning to do both PVP and PVP?

  • Artreuis
    July 15, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    Indy just started a gf pvp and I was curious if u have tried the seladrine set in pvp yet for the gf mod 9?

    Artreuis GF
    Reagents of Death

  • John
    May 16, 2018 at 7:24 am

    Could you please explain why you use Tactical Superiority as a feat but Combat Superiority is not one of your active class features? Would it not be better to use Menacing Impact as a feat?

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