MOD-6 HR Archery/Combat 6.14 TIMES CRIT DMG feat hypothesis

by Billycraft on September 24, 2015
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MOD-6 HR Archery/Combat 6.14 TIMES CRIT DMG feat hypothesis

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          FIRST, this post is only a hypothesis, I’m only lv23 on my first hr and I’m still leveling up. If the build doesn’t fit your hr it’s not my fault. I’ll renew this post if I make any changes or just to tell you all this build is utterly useless. Also, I’m only going to talk about feats in this post.



        We know normal trappers look like this,13n3i0i:1000000:1000000:1uu5zzv&h=0&p=pfr

(ahh can’t insert picture)


      And now this feat:  

           Skirmisher’s  Gambit:   Your cirt chance is decreased by 10% and crit severity is increased by 50%.


      And the archery feat tree:  

           Ghost walker,  Quarry,   Longshot,    Unflinching aim,    Rising Focus,   and Predator.


      Means when you crit a daily, you’ll get:


       1(base dmg)*1.05(Quarry)*1.1(Longshot, about that weapon dmg is done)*1.2(Unflinching aim)*1.15(Rising         focus)*1.4(Predator)*2.75(crit+verpol+Skirmisher’s Gambit)  =  6.14 times the base dmg.



If u r a trapper your full buffed crit will do about 4 times the base dmg.

We are only counting the right half of the feat tree and a vorpal, no gears.   So this feat is really doable and should have a lot of dmg once crit, and can go for pve support pathfinder and pvp crit sniper.

Finally the feat link:,13n3i30:1u0uz51:150z000:1000000&h=0&p=pfr

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  • Sweet
    October 10, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    This build is shi,,. only HR Trapper is good :Fast, Power 🙂

  • Grem
    October 13, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    HR dailys is very weak* in any build ( * exception is Slasher mark due its mechanic)

    In any build Gambit(Archery or Trapper) is waste for unGEARed(<2.9-3 ilvl, overall dmg. The only chance for Archery/Gambit – is to go with a group which quickly kills the mobs or “hard AOE Boss fights” (Epic GWD/CC), because Trapper just will not have time to do the damage.

    And yes – Gambit is more useful for Archery, not Trapper.

    If you play with only with 1 tank support, then geared HR Trapper can take some points from Ancient Root (2/5) and Trappers Cunning (4/5 with hi crit chance ) and go for Bloodletting (4/5) + Stronghold boons + ToD boon = Life Steal 20-30%

    Assuming all In short, as Sweat said. 🙂

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