Mod 7 – PVP GWF Annihilator (PVE Viable)

by Irfaan on October 21, 2015
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Mod 7 – PVP GWF Annihilator (PVE Viable)

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Lets try to keep this as short and brief as possible. It is my first build guide ever done so any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, any destructive criticism can be met in the arena 😉


Lets start from the beginning, the GWF is built for killing, it is a killing machine made for killing things and fast i might add. So naturally our main aim is to … guess what… kill. On that note this is a straight up guide for how to be just that for PVP and PVE.



A build that is going to give us great survivability with the DPS of a gunship… A TANK tank, not a bulky useless can’t do damage tank, a tank that actually blows things up.



I chose Human, reason being the +3 extra heroic points, i feel that it is better than an added +2 on any specific stat and you also get +3% defence… but it counts for nothing and I dont even know why i mentioned it.

Other choices are Half orc for the +2 to Str/Dex and +5% crit severity OR Dragon Born, with +2 going to Str/Dex and +3% damage bonus.



The beginning of the end, not for you, but for your opponent 🙂

I cant exactly tell you what to roll here, because I made a mistake with my initial roll when i strated the game, cant even remember what it was, but anyhow my base roll stats were and my current stats are (pic)

You are looking to have high STR and DEX, we will take care of CON with some of our feats PLUS get extra DR from our powers, feats and equips, so dont worry about CON.



IV IV IV – why IV? because I said so!!

Why IV? frontline surge was nerfed so its a bad paragon choice, NOPE. you’re wrong, one skill doesn’t make up a build. IV’s threatening rush is going to help us with closing the gap between us and our prey and to get a mark on our opponents, especially those irritatingly difficult TR’s or HR’s OR whatever other classes are just being dickish.

AND destroyer skill tree 🙂 will get to that in a bit




AT-WILLS: Sure Strike/Threatening Rush (These never change, even when doing PVE)

PVP Encounters: Hidden Daggers / Takedown / Indomitable Battle Strike

PVE Encounters: Hidden Daggers / Restoring Strike / Indomitable Battle Strike

Dailies: Spinning Strike / Indomitable Strength (These never change, even when doing PVE)

PVP Class Feats: Destroyer / Warriors Courage / (Bravery as a backpocket feat)

PVE Class Feats: Destroyer / Weapon Masters Strike


We are aiming for the best so we should try to get lionsmane gear… BUT that can be tricky to get as we need to be in a guild and to grind for strongboxes and keys.


the screenshot below is what we are essentially aiming for, get the guilds executioner pvp set to build up with and move on to the burning executioner while grinding for the lionsmane. Your enchants are stacked as dark for offense and black ice for defense.

The Dark enchants ArP will grant you power as well as armor penetration, BONUS: If you can get your hands on an axe beak mount with +4000 ArP then change up the offense slots with Savage enchants for the extra crit boost.

Weapon Enchant: transcendent feytouched

Armor Enchant: transcendent negation



Now this is really important so check this link for feat points,,1liiu3i:1000000:1zu0551:15u0u00&h=1&p=ivn



Build mechanics (what makes this work)


Tankiness: What really helps to drive this build home is the extra DR you get from countless scars, Warriors courage when below 50% HP and your negation enchant. Basically each hit on you grants you about 4% extra DR up to a maximum or 45% from the negation enchant and countless scars and a bonus 20% extra on top of that when below 50% giving you a solid 65% extra DR … but thats not all… A SUPER BONUS is the 18% damage you siphoned away from your opponent which makes them hurt you 18% less on top of all that DR… which really makes you a tough mother to kill.

DPS: Your powers and feats grant you bonus damage. ArP plus Recovery plus your defence are feated to grant you bonus power and ArP really helps in PVP with the added negation enchants and when going up against Paladins and GF’s. You’re feated for an additional 15% damage on marked targets, thank you threatening rush. Your Hidden daggers grant you 40% more damage, plus destroyer will grant 46.5% extra damage when fully stacked and destroyers purpose will grant another 50% damage when stacked.

Threatening rush will help you to get near to your opponents where you can stop them with a quick takedown and pummel them to kingdom come thereafter.

Survivability: Your life steal stat is not extremely high, neither is your deflect or your recovery… but they all come together in the end. Life steal coupled with endless consumption for a 3x life steal amount and 4% LS extra from ToD campaign and a good DPS will keep your HP up. your deflect stat is set to increase by12% if you ever go below 25% HP, scale agility grants you an extra 5% deflect and if you want to slot bravery that will increase it by another 12%, plus with “fey thistle” you do damage everytime you deflect an attack, add avalanche to that and you dont only do damage when you attack, but even when others attack you. Takedown and indomitable strength are your powers that keep the enemy at bay, with your recovery rate unstoppable action and lostmauth’s necklace they should be ready for the most part of the battle, a quick Hidden Daggers > threatening rush > Take down > Sure Strike> Indomitable Strength > Threatening Rush >  IBS can help to win battles on the fly.



The boons I want to bring up are the end boons.

Dread ring: Endless Consumption – When you steal health from your Life Steal stat, it has a chance to steal 3 times as much.

Sharandar: Fey Thisle – When you Deflect an attack you deal up to 3000 damage to your attacker. (Proc on every deflected attack. Debuff on attacker and his Damage Resistance affect damage)

IWD: Avalanche – When damaged by a foe, chance to gain a stack of Avalanche. At 20 Stacks, taking damage will clear the stacks and deal up to 15000 damage to nearby targets

ToD: 2x Dragons Thirst – Grants 4% increased Life Steal.

Dragons fury – Grants 5% increased Critical Severity.




And thats about it. Any questions can be directed to me in game ([email protected]) OR in the comments section below.

PS: I really wish I could show you this uild in full out action though this is not a build that I currently have, but it is the build that I am headed towards. I haven’t seen any PVP builds readily available online so I thought I would share one of my dream builds with all those looking to make a PVP GWF.

PPS: Currently working on a swordmaster build for PVP


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  • NoOffense
    October 22, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    This is a horrible build. 5/5 Deep Gash? What? This is absolutely NOT viable for PVE, unless you wanna do a TR type of DPS and be mediocre, it’s playable in PVE, but not viable. Make it a PVP only guide and it’ll somehow pass. I’d start checking with the top leaderboard GWF’s to get a better grasp of what it’s supposed to look like, posting a ‘dream-build’ is pretentious without testing and results on the live server.

    • Lixe
      November 15, 2015 at 11:46 pm

      use wicked strike instead of rush
      use daggers, daring shout and IBS
      use Weapon master + destroyer

      You’ll be all set for pve

      and yes, deep gash is not ideal for pve, but that doesnt make the build horrible

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