[XboX Mod6] Elitecloud04’s Haste DC

by Elitecloud04 on October 21, 2015
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[XboX Mod6] Elitecloud04’s Haste DC

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Hello everybody, welcome to Elitecloud’s Hasty Devoted Cleric build.

I want to take a quick second, and thank reddit.com/u/TehPuppy for helping me collab on this. And Zelink, Viral and Vex from

<Look Good Play Good>.

This is my first published build, it may not be 100% to your liking, the boon choices may not be exactly correct.

I went with what i thought would help the group as far as my boon choices. I’m a semi-casual player, I don’t have the best of anything but I promise this build will work for high end to low end and everything in between. 🙂


What is a Hasty Cleric? Well we build Action points for the team, which is a great pairing with Oathbound Paladin’s because thier bubble keeps teams alive. With a few of our feats and powers, we can also bump up damage resistance and power thru the roof.


Currently sitting at 2505 Item Level, so mid range gear so far.




I went with Dragon born, a good substiute would be Sun Elf or Human.


Stat Roll

I went with a base roll of

18 STR – 10 Con – 10 Dex – 10 int – 18 Wis – 13 CHA

With Wisdom and Charisma bumped up all the way.

ending with 20 – 12 – 12 – 26 – 20

Keeps me pretty balanced, Could roll Higher charisma for faster recharge and more AP gain, but i didn’t want to spend the 1400 zen ATM.

Heroric feats

  • Healing Action 5/5 – 5 % more AP whean using a healing ability (we spam healing abilities)
  • Greater Fortune 3/3 – 3% more healing
  • Toughness 3/3 – 9 % more HP — it’s important enough to stack – if we get hit we are usually dead anyways.
  • Weapon Mastery 2/3 – 2% crit chance, points kinda gotta go somewhere..
  • Repurpose Soul – 3/3 – 15% extra i want to say 100% proc on crit
  • Bountiful Fortune 4/5 – wtih this at 12 % (and divine fortune at 4/4 – i build full divinity in 3 hits)


Paragon path – Annointed Champion is the route i took, with Annoited Army (daily) and some of the power sharing feats & powers i’m using, i’ve jumped party members up to 47k power, it spikes up and down do to thier proximity, if a Paladin is sharing his power and some other factors i may not be fully aware of. It seems to hover around 8 to 12k extra power on a semi-regular basis. 

Virtuous –Where we get our healing and that ohhh so saught after haste 

  • Lasting wishes 5/5 – 10 % healing when we have to heal
  • Battle Fervor 5/5 – 15% more power from our at will *drool*
  • Gift of Haste 5/5 – Heal over time powers 5% Action point gain — the bread and butter of this build.
  • Purity 5/5 – 10% chance to heal for an extra 200% (this is not dependant or weapon damage this is just a flat 200%)
  • Cleanising Fire 5/5 – 50% chance to apply Heal Over Time (HoT) with a damaging encounter “divine glow / sunburst / break the spirit”
  • Shield of the divine 1/1 – Applys a HoT – which applys Haste when a party member takes damage. Also Healing word / Bastion / Divine Glow no longer heal directly just applys a heal over time. This is what makes this diffrent from the Faithful path, we no longer have a “OH CRAP YOU NEED A HEAL” stack enough heal over times, it will catch them up to where they need to be.


Righteous Path These are purely for the personal AP gain, AP gain after my daily ends for the team and increased power sharing. 


  • Furious Intervention 5/5 – AP Gain when dealing damage for self
  • Ancient Warding 5/5 – 3% heal when Anoited Army ends, that’s ok, i’m more about the 5% AP Gain when it ends tho.
  • Weapons of Light 5/5 – 30 foot radius 10% of my power shared for entire party.

At wills

  • Astral Seal 4/4  – Applys life steal every 4 seconds
  • Blessing of Battle 4/4- Decent amount of damage – Increases Damage resisitance and because of Battle Fervor also increases party by 15% of my power. Kinda slow on the casting times but it builds Divine Power so quickly.


  • Sunburst – 4/4 (not sure if this increases the AP Gain being maxed, might be ok not taking it to 4) This is my AP generating machine. Casted 99% of the time in divinity. It’s quick but close, you have to get in next to who you want. If you cast it empowered, and it hits the target and your ally at the same time 25% more AP is generated. This can piss party’s off due to the knock back. So keep that in mind. Bosses can’t be knocked back so 🙂
  • Healing word – regular or empowered but never in divintiy as it only applys temp HP, not haste or a heal.  a good strong heal over time – 3 charges medium cooldown. mostly used inbetween pulls when i need to “charge” the paladin’s bubble. Reach out and touch someone who needs that heal.
  • Chains of Blazing 3/3 – For solo
  • Daunting Light 3/3 – For solo
  • Divine Glow 4/4 – HoT (HASTE!!!) damage buff and debuff, the overall all around awesome sauce of encounters. Doesn’t debuff as well as break the spirit, but it’s another haste machine, when empowered it applys a debuff and huge range for HoT / Haste.
  • Break the Spirit 4/4 – Only casted empowered – 30% increased damage to party, and less damage output from the target.
  • Astral Shield 4/4 – Never know when you need that extra damage resist if you don’t have a paladin around.
  • Bastion of health #/4 — i have 3/4 into it, i don’t use it often anymore, it’s a huge radius but the casting time on it is horrible. The strongest heal we have by far, but regular and empowered are the only verisions that apply haste. Divinity version does not. For that I don’t slot it.


  • Divine Fortune 4/4 – 20 % increased Divine Power. this along with 4/5 in bounitful fortune, i get full dinvity in 1 Astral Seal and 2 Blessings of Battle.
  • Hastening Light 4/4 – 4 second cool down for allys within 50′ of thier recharge times, after i cast a daily. Which is very very often.
  • Annoited armor – For when your running solo.


  • Hallowed Ground – 0/4 – Increased Damage Resistance and Increased Damage. Does not build AP while you have the daily up, trash
  • Flame Strike – 4/4 – used when running solo, actually like this better than hallowed, knocks targets upwards and down and does a considerable amount of damage, i’m digging it.
  • Anoited Army 4/4 – Increased power – more damage resistance – immune to control effects – plus it’s feated from Ancient Warding for the AP Gain.

Boons  — This part needs some work 🙁 — I just picked things that would give me more power (to share) and more crit strike

Offense -> Radiant Enchants – More power means more power shared, Maybe Black Ice for balance.
Defensive -> Radiant Enchants – More life i’ve been told. you’ll get more bang for your buck with life over stacking DEF.

Elven Restoration set Power Critical Strike are what we are shooting for. We have no need for Armor Pen.

Main hand you’ll want to unlock the feature for Astral Seal, I strongly thing that it’s better than the 9% damage from BoB.

Off Hand –  Feature of Hastening Light – So when you pop a daily -4 seconds of cooldown time for the party, but also 10% of thier Action Points as well. ( i havn’t gotten a chance to roll for this but it can get expensive at 4 cubes a pop )

Shirt & Pants – Want to shoot for the Prelate’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Combo – Find a friend – make it yourself – or buy them. POwer and Crit strike.

Rings –

I went with Personalized Adamant Rings of Regeneration for the bumps in life, a dead cleric can’t apply haste. You could also go with Adamant Rings of Recovery to boost some power / recovery.


Neck / belt / artifact set.

I went with full lathanders, If i soulforge or get picked up i’ll heal everyone else who’s still alive 50% of thier life. With the Eye of Lathander you can use it to pick someone up across the battle field. Super nice if someone died in the fire on Lostmauth, or it’s chaotic and noone seems to stop what they are doing to pick up someone. Mostly used for the OP if they take a major spike RIP.



Well, Sigil of the devoted isn’t really all that necessary – Hasty’s make more AP in a shorter amount of time.

I use wheel of the elements, it’s cheap atm and the utility of it is pretty awesome. HP and Power

Sigil of the trickster – just a fill in at the moment.

I like

Tiamat’s Orb – Power Crit – Recover – AP GAIN!!!!

Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin – Hit Points and Power

Sigil of the Hunter – Power Recovery

Sigil of the Great Weapon – Power – Max HP (not as much as OP tho)



Pets / companions

Ion stone of radiance – can slot 2 double slotted rings in it, and a double slotted belt. 1000 zen and it will have all it’s slots open

3 Bonding rank 8 bonding stones, my ion stone is currently giving me 2831 Power all the time. And i don’t have all double slotted rings in it yet.



Flame Spirit – 1% AP Gain, more AP = More Power and more power shared.

Earth Archon, a great little tanky pet, cheaper to buy it at purple than to upgrade it ATM. Defensive slots, throw bondings in there and he will tank and tank and tank. I’d like to check out the Young Yeti, but for now these are my two regulars. The other’s are just scrubs and don’t deserve to be mentioned.


Ion Stone for dungeons with a paladin.

Tank Pet (Earth Archon) for when running solo or dailys, you need something to take some of that heat off of you.




So this is how it all comes together. For insane AP Gain – Dungeons with a new Protection Paladin this is my go-to.

Astral Seal x1 – Blessing of Battle x2 = full divinity

Then RB / Tab to enter divinity mode, Sunburst x3. This is the fastest encounter in divnity mode we can cast.

Once empowered, you can cast divine glow or break the spirit, depending on what debuff you want.

then a regular sunburst for the AP gain, healing word for AP Gain or just get back into the rotation of Seal x1 & BoB x3.

When your daily is up, pop Anointed Army.


For a group that doesn’t need as much haste and you have strong DPS i switch it out to a buff debuff rotation

Divine glow x 3, Break the Spirit fully empowered, healing word still want to keep that AP up.

Daily. (now that the op’s are getting more and more geared and are not as fresh when this build was first made, this is usually the go to rotation. Keep the AP Generation one in mind just in case you run into a pally that needs more than the ‘buff debuff’ rotation can provide)

For solo – it’s gonna be tough – pop that tank pet and prepare for a long fight.

Sunburst to knock things off of you.

Chains / Daunting light for damage output

Swap Hastening Light for Anointed Armor for more D.

Flame Strike for your daily, does a large AOE. My newest addition- might even respec to get 4 points into this instead of hallowed…



Well i think that’s it for now, I think i covered most of it guys. Thank you so much for your time and support. Peace.







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  • October 28, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    I love this guide. I changed from a heal-specialized DO to this and it rocks!

    I was afraid that i might not heal enough anymore, because all my +heal talents weren’t included anymore. I have to say, that i do not heal quite as much as before, but i gain so much in return, it doesn’t even matter.

    My team kills way faster cause of the AP and power gain, i get AP a million times faster than before myself, buffing my team so they kill even faster. The mobs die before they can deal much dmg, so the missing heal (which isn’t much anyway) won’t affect the gameplay at all.

    Try this build, it’s awesome!

    • November 2, 2015 at 7:12 pm

      So glad you like it 😀
      it’s a bit tough to solo things, I can do feed the mead in about 6 minutes, but it’s light and day for dungeons and pvp 🙂

      • Vestivius
        November 3, 2015 at 3:16 pm

        I’m actually pleasantly surprised that it hasn’t been that bad to solo yet (currently Level 57) but I imagine once past 60 it will be a bit of a slog.

        Do you have any suggestions for after 60? Also, I noticed that you have 83 points spent for power. I know pre-Mod 6 you could get additional power points for overloading 60. Does this still occur for overloading 70? If not, how would you re-distribute/prioritize your power points?

        Thanks for the great build and guide!

        • November 9, 2015 at 10:05 pm

          I’ve mained a cleric for a long time, is why i have so many points.
          Pre mod 6, it was every few days you would “overlevel” and have a chance at a new power point. Now it’s taking me a week at least.

          I would suggest less points in sunburst, more points in Both dailys (A,A, & Flame Strike) divine glow / healing word / shield

          at wills can wait, i don’t think it will bump up the power shared having it at 4 points, just as long as it’s active.

          I’m actually thinking about a respec to take some points from hallowed, and put them into flame, cuz flame is rocking my socks off right now.

  • BrawnyBiscuit88
    November 2, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    Played with this guy in a dungeon and flew through it. The de/buffs were great and helped immensely. If you are looking for a good guide for DC this is one of the best ones. Thanks for posting

  • Xx Clizz xX
    November 4, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    This build is perfect to haste. I respecd to this and will never go back (unless bubble is patched out). B4 my respec I provided minimal haste, now I’m an AP batterie and have every pally I’ve run with on my friends list. If you follow this build you will be sought out when ppl realise how good you ap gain is. Ps sunburst on EToS is godly, just know the mobs off the cliffs =D

    • November 9, 2015 at 10:13 pm

      even if bubble is patched out, haste for the rest of the team is still pretty nice, but yes once pallys you run with can solo bubble, a pure buff debuff cleric might be in order.

      Only time will tell 🙂

      P.s. – LOL Batteries 😀

  • MyFist3YourFace
    December 9, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    great to see one of our main guildies get a build on here! I run a Perma-paly build and this haste lets me spam 2 Hammers between each bubble consistently… a treasure in dungeons and the stronghold Dragons fights… great Man/ great build…
    PS- now its even more OP!!!!

  • Tesaurous
    December 10, 2015 at 6:00 am

    What base equipment would you suggest for this, I started playing again a day ago, and have just respecced my level 60 cleric to get this going. I’m not hugely knowledgeable with NW, so if you can shoot some equipment suggestions for 60-70> it would be appreciated, thanks!

    • Jake
      March 2, 2016 at 12:14 pm

      Between 60-70 u wouldn’t worries touch about gear because it’s going to become irrelevant once you hit 70 so just use whatever you grab (the seed quest stuff is ok) but once u hit 70 every thing will be elven and dragon flight

  • Maga Hothelma
    December 15, 2015 at 11:01 am

    I’ve a similar build, played since May 2015 on the PC version and now I’m a 3.7K cleric.
    Here my comments: you can consider them as a variation of this build.

    “Bountiful Fortune 4/5 – wtih this at 12 % (and divine fortune at 4/4 – i build full divinity in 3 hits).”
    I suggest 5/5 BF + 4 Divine Fortune. Why? With 3 Blessing of Battle (BoB) you’re fully recharged, but this at-will power is very slow. With 5/5 + 4 DF, you can cast 1 BoB + 2 astral seal and you’re recharged: definitely faster.

    A substantial difference with my build is the recovery stat and the companions. This is a haste build, i.e. to increase the AP of the team mainly, but it’s even stronger in you increase YOUR AP stat ( I’ve +95% AP gain). Currently I can cast 2 Anointed Army in seconds, you can forget astral shield and this daily becomes a good alternative to the OP bubble. You can cast 2 consecutive hollowed ground in seconds: the team I play with sits on HG 90% of their time.
    Looking at your stats, your build is lacking recovery. I would suggest to increase power and recovery first and later crit and ArmPen. A good choice is to have you recovery as 50% of your power. For the same reason, I suggest to have 5/5 on domain sinergy. Crit is a secondary stat in a haste build, it doesn’t influence the level of the haste, while the cooldown is very important to haste frequently. Furthermore recovery increase A LOT, your AP gain stat.
    Just to give you an idea of the cooldown @ 13,5 K recovery:
    SB – 6,5 sec
    Chain BL – 8,7 sec
    DL – 7,6 sec
    BoH – 9,9 sec
    BtS – 6,5 sec
    DG – 8,7 sec
    In PvE, every second gained can save your life and the life of the team. You can buff and heal really fast, DG in particular.

    Concerning companions, I’ve chosen the 3 sprites: flame, ice and normal sprite to increase the AP stat.

    Witth such a setup (high AP gain stat) this build can be played in two different ways in PvE:
    – Buff Mode: passive (divine fortune + holy fervor) + HG + DG + BoH + BtS
    – Healer/AP gain mode: passive (healr’s lore + holy fervor) + AA + HW+ BoH + DG
    You don’t need Anointed armor in PvE thank to AA.
    As you reported correctly, AA and HG must be always slotted.

    “Off Hand – Feature of Hastening Light – So when you pop a daily -4 seconds of cooldown time for the party, but also 10% of thier Action Points as well. ( i havn’t gotten a chance to roll for this but it can get expensive at 4 cubes a pop )” -> Currently this feature is bugged on the PC version and it doesn’ work. It has been reported many times but not addressed yet. Be sure that it’s not the same on the xbox version.

    “WThen RB / Tab to enter divinity mode, Sunburst x3. This is the fastest encounter in divnity mode we can cast.
    Once empowered, you can cast divine glow or break the spirit, depending on what debuff you want.”
    I use 3X DG. It’s fast, it buffs, it heals and..it gives GoH (yes, it does). SB recharge the AP fast and mostly..nothing else. Irrelevant in terms of damages and heals. This is just my personal preference, nothing really important.

    “Astral Seal x1 – Blessing of Battle x2 = full divinity”. As said, with divine fortune 4/4 and bountiful fortune 5/5, it can be 1BoB + 2 AS, definitely faster to fully recharge. The BoB buff is quite long and you don’t have to care about it.

    Concerning solo, if you have a high AP gain stat, you can sit on your own Hallowed ground: this compensates a bit the lack of dps.

    • Just Curious
      July 3, 2016 at 5:53 am

      So wait, In regards to your feats then. What do you put your points into if you take 5/5 Domain Synergy?

  • Davinci
    December 15, 2015 at 11:40 am

    how did u manage to get your stat roll 18 18 12 ??
    especially on sun elf ??

    • Elitecloud04
      April 3, 2016 at 8:58 pm

      Iam dragon born 🙂 see the attached pictures of my character 🙂

      • Elitecloud04
        April 4, 2016 at 8:17 pm

        Iam thinking I didn’t take my belt off when I took that screenshot, then Lathandrs beltis bumping up this numbers Iam sure.

  • Nihil
    January 29, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    Davinci +1!!!

  • Jake
    March 17, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Absolutely love this build. I had been running a trickster rouge for a while and since I never really built him toward anything specific, so I wanted to make a character with a specific build. Recently hit 70 on my cleric and I’m currently making this my new main. The only questions I have is what to go with in terms of artifact weapons? Should I stick with the onest you get for completing main storyline? Or is there a specific set I should aim for?

  • Kel
    April 2, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    I’m a noob and apologize for the question, but I wasn’t able to figure out how you got these numbers. My friend, a little more numerically wise, also couldn’t figure it out. We were wondering if it can from gear or something. I’m missing a point somewhere:
    Stat Roll

    I went with a base roll of

    18 STR – 10 Con – 10 Dex – 10 int – 18 Wis – 13 CHA

    With Wisdom and Charisma bumped up all the way.

    ending with 20 – 12 – 12 – 26 – 20

  • Bluu
    January 20, 2017 at 12:42 am

    Is this build still viable? Working on a fresh Cleric. Looking for something to work up to. Would like to buff/debuff/heal. DPS would be a bonus for leveling.

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