[Mod 6/7] Viral’s Perma-Daily Pally Build (Protector)

by Viral on November 1, 2015
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[Mod 6/7] Viral’s Perma-Daily Pally Build (Protector)

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Hello everybody, and welcome to Viral’s OP build. This build can be independent and if built correctly, does not need a haste cleric to be viable. Don’t Believe it is possible?




My Current Item level is 2797.



I chose Dragonborn, which allows you to chose +2 into any ability score. . Ideally Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn would be better because of the 3% increased Hit points if your were min/max kind of person.

Runner Ups in order of preference:

  • Human – Would be a little more tankier. Bonus in defense 3%. Also three extra heroic points could be an option.
  • Sun elf – 2% AP Gain +2 charisma is excellent


Ability Scores

This is what your stat rolls should look like if you are a dragonborn.

10 STR – 18 (16+2) CON – 10 DEX – 10 INT – 12 WIS – 18 (16+2) CHA

Constitution contributes to Higher life pools. Charisma is mostly for Action Point Gain.


General Powers

Sanctuary – Push down on left analog stick – Brings up the shield with a 15 foot radius. Increased Damage resistances while shield is up. Also heals for a minimal amount. Immune to Control affects while using Sanctuary (Shield).

Oath of Protection (Paragon Path) – Damage resistance increased by 10%, Generate 500% more threat. When you take damage, you gain power proportional to the amount of damage being taken. This power Caps at 10% your Max HP in power.


  • Divine Action 5/5 – Activating Divine Call (RB) fills up AP 5%, Which through my testings is actually bumped up with my pets and my AP Gain / Recovery.
  • Toughness 3/3 – Increase Max life 9%,
  • Lights Shield 1/5 4/5 (If Human) – Just a random point to get to next tier
  • Exemplar’s Haste 3/3 – 6% recharge speed on encounters
  • Impassioned Pleas 3/3 – Generate Divine Call (RB) 6% faster
  • Steadfast 5/5 – 2.5 % increase from each point of CON, Currently with 28 points in con, this gives my character 45% more Max HP.


After reaching level 30 you will get to choose your Paragon Path. Oath of Protection or Oath of Devotion.

You’re going to want to choose Oath of Protection for the Daily Power, Divine Protector. Which we will discuss in the powers belows.



Justice – This tree helps with reducing the cooldowns on encounters, which allows me to loop my Divine Call (RB) and Encounters. Where (RB) Reduces cooldowns, and Encounters Feed (RB). 

  • Swift Flash – 5/5 Increased movement speed 30% when struck by a foe. Honestly it is the lesser of the two evils as far as our first choice goes. It’s convenient in PvP when you have to get away in a hurry. That is about it.
  • Flash of Light 5/5 – Encounters powers have a 25% chance to reduce the cooldowns of your nearby allies by 10%. This works well for the entire group regardless of composition, but it’s potent with another Paladin in the group.
  • Radiant Champion 5/5 – Having two other allies near you (30 feet, which is easy during a dungeon) everyone gains 25% movement speed. This part helps with getting to the first node at the start of a PVP match. I mostly picked this mostly for the 5% Cooldown reduction.
  • Echoes of Light 5/5 – Your at- wills have a 5% chance to trigger Echo. Echo makes your next encounter power instantly recharge all your encounter powers. When this procs with this build, that is an automatic daily.
  • Purifying Fire 5/5 – 10 % per stack up to five stacks of Purifying Power. Flat damage bonus while we wait on cooldowns. We Pick this over Prism, because with this build, no body is going to be taking enough damage that heals are required.
  • Vengeful Judge 1/1 – Applies Judge. This is while my encounters are on Cooldown and i finished a rotation, I hit RB one time. Increases my damage by 35%, which interacts with Purifying Fire. This also reduces the cooldowns of my encounters by 35%. Judge also have a chance to proc “vengeful judge” Which automatically gives you an extra Divine Call (RB). It does not explain exactly how often it procs vengeful judge. From my testing I would gamble it is in the 5-10% range. Which gives me another free daily. There is no internal Cooldown for this, but i have seen it proc back to back, not often but possible.

Light Paragon Path – Just to get Aura’s Gift honestly

  • Gifts of Light – Heal for 10% more. Effects the shield (Left analog stick)
  • Warrior’s Bastion – 10 % for Defense from equipment.
  • Aura Gifts – 5/5 – The main Reason I chose Light path for my last 15 points. Allies within 30 Feet of me gain 25% of my power. Which stacks with the Oath of Protection class mechanic. They must remain within 30 feet for six seconds, which is very easy in dungeons.








At Wills

  • Valorous Strike 3/4 – When the 3rd long swing connects increases Damage Resistance by 5% by granting Valor. Valor lasts for 15 seconds. Each third strike refreshes the 15 second timer.
  • Radiant Strike 3/4 – 20 foot blast so it’s a decent AOE. Armor Penetration and Damage are increased by flat 5%.
  • Shielding Strike 3/4 (level 35 PVP) – Grants a shield after the 3rd strike that lasts for eight seconds. Shield can be broken with enough strikes doesn’t matter how strong those strikes are.


  • Smite 3/4 – Amazing damage output, AP Gain and Divine Call gain.
  • Bane 3/4 – Very exccellent buff and debuff – three charges at 10% per charge. With a 60′ range, pulls the mobs to the group.
  • Templar’s Wrath 3/4 – 30′ foot radius around the player. Gain Temp HP equal to 300% of the damage dealt, more targets hit equals more Temp HP.(this is affected by Crit chance and Crit Severity)
  • Binding Oath 3/4 (4/4 after becoming more geared) – Force all targets to attack you for six seconds, taking 50% of that damage and reflecting 20% to all foes within 30ft. a.k.a. the nuke.
  • Cleansing Touch 3/4 (PvP) Used to heal allies and remove Crowd Control affects. Cannot be used while being controlled. I’ve seen it heals for 5k up to 45k, results may vary.
  • Vow of Enmity – 3/4 – Not used very much, but marked targets receive 20% more damage from you and are forced to attack you for 60 seconds. If target dies in that 60 seconds, Cooldown is instantly refreshed. Mostly used in fresh 70 builds (if used at all) if you are finding yourself having a hard time maintaining threat or want to kite a scorpion in ELoL.
  • Relentless Avenger 3/4 – Rush target, mostly in spiders with multiple targets. Pros – AOE attack, highest Action Point generating encounter we have. Con – Has a bulls charge distance type knock back. Main target stays put, anything around the target gets knocked back. Does not generate any Divine Call.
  • Circle of Power 3/4 – 30′ wide circle – increased damage resistance by 25%. Also increased damage by you for 30%. Used for bosses if you feel as if you might be a bit squishy, or running with squishy friends.


  • Divine Judgment 3/4 – Strong single target, medium aoe damage daily. Used a lot when running solo.
  • Lay on Hands 3/4 (PvP) – Used to heal during 1v1.
  • Divine Protector 4/4 (FIRST EXTRA POINT GOES HERE) – 20 second bubble, Absorbs all damage from anyone linked and all damage is reduced by 80%. 150 foot radius, so you should have no problem getting someone linked. However if you and your allies are not the same height on the map, the bubble sometimes does not link them.

Personals – These can be rotated depending on your activity at the time (pve, dungeons, PVP, etc.)

  • Aura of Courage 3/4 – increased damage for the team.
  • Aura of Truth 3/4 – Used when under geared and need help surviving, 10 % damage debuff to foes within 30′
  • Aura of Vengeance 3/4 (pvp)- 35% of weapon damage as reflection damage. Using this ability with end game gear, able to hurt / kill enemies by just being in proximity.
  • Aura of Wisdom 3/4 – Always slotted – 20% increased recharge speed.
  • Aura of Protection 3/4 – You and allies within 30′ have 10% increased damage resistance. Mostly used if you or group is under geared.



All the stat increase boons I chose were Offensive type boons, at this point I am not currently having issues staying alive. Currently do not have all the boons, but my future choices are circled in red





Stat prioritization in order PvE :

  • Recovery
  • Power
  • Hit Points
  • Defense

Stat prioritization PvP

  • Deflection
  • Regen
  • Defense
  • Hitpoints



Weapon – > In order would be Pure Terror or above, Plague fire of any kind, Normal or higher Lightning.

Armor -> In order would be Negation best you can afford, Soul forge of any kind, Briarthwine of any kind.

Offensive slots -> Silvery enchantments to maximize recovery. More recovery means more Action points gained and shorty Cooldown on rotation

Utility slots -> Dragon hoard, Fey Blessings or Azure depending.

Defensive slots -> Radiant enchantments for the hit points. More hitpoints equals more power gained thru Oath of Protection class mechanic, thus more power shared. Every 1000 HP is 100 more power, which is 25 more power shared. 100,000 life = 10k power = 2500 shared power.


Alliance – Restoration Armlet, Couters, Poleyns and Ward Cuirass as it’s more defensive and neither boost recovery.

Elven – Restoration Armlet, Cuirass, Couters and Ward Poleyns. Looking for the Recovery. Not sure it’s worth Black Ice Shaping Elven gear at this point. The Cost vs. Gain in my eyes are not worth it.

PvP – Gladiator set to stack as much defelction as possible.

Main Hand – Artifact main hand, unlock the feature for Valorous Strike. Increases the damage of V.S.

Off Hand – Artifact Off hand – unlock class feature for aura of wisdom. Adds one % of total AP for every three seconds while in combat. (Similar mechanics to artifact neck) Also roll the Artifact Stat increase to Action Point Gain.

Shirt – Warriors gemmed exquisite elemental chainmail

Pants – Warriors gemmed exquisite elemental Chausses

Rings – Personalized Adamant rings of recovery x2

Neck – Greater Imperial Dragon cloak

Belt – Greater Plated band of Constitution



Sigil of the Devoted – AP Gain when used

Heart of the Black Dragon – Recovery and Action Point gain are two stats you need, Arp pen.

Wheel of Elements – Max HP – Power – Stamina (Good for PvP)

Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin – Max HP – Power – AOE Resist

Other options could include

Waters of Elah’zad – Recovery – Defense – Regen

Sigil of the Great Weapon Fighter – HP – Power – Armor Pen (more endgame for a more offensive build)

Sigil of the Hunter – Power- Recover- Stamina Gain

Symbol of Fire – We do not currently have it, Power – Def – Recovery



Pets / Companions

Icosahedron Ioun Stone (zen market) – 10XP gain, With OP’s being so new to Xbox, the time it takes to get an overlevel and to get power points. Double slotted Ex. Adamant Rings of Recovery and a doubled slotted Adamant necklace of recovery. Arcane Runestones – best you can afford for the recovery in the two Offensive slots, Defense slot would be a Eldritch Runestone for increased pets ratings. Cheapest Ion stone to upgrade to Legendary as it already starts at purple.

Blacksmith (zen market) – Active bonus On Damage Taken, 15% chance to reflect 10% of that damage. If the same target is hit four times, it will reflect three times the damage taken.

Flame Spirit (auction house or Battle of the Bridge) – 1% Ap gain at green, 1.5 at Blue, 2% at Purple (not sure if it’s worth the AD for 1more % AP Gain)

Final two would be Rust Monster and Lillend but these are not currently available on Xbox.

Once available, The Flail Snail and it’s coastal variant are a Huge Priority Item to get. It’s more important to the Build than rank 8+ Enchantments, or Legendary artifacts. So make sure to focus on getting it ASAP.



Power Setups


At wills : Valorous Strike & Radiant Strike

Encounters : Templar’s Wrath, Relentless Avenger & Smite

Daily : Divine Judgment 100 % of the time

Class Features : Aura of Courage & Aura of Wisdom


At wills : Valorous Strike & Radiant Strike

Encounters : Binding Oath, Templar’s Wrath, Smite

Daily : Divine Protector 99 % of the time

Class Features : Aura of Courage & Aura of Wisdom

(To maintain the Pally Perma Daily, you have to stay on point with your rotations. Lead with Radiant Strike, Full set of encounters Binding Oath / Templar’s Wrath / SMITE, Divine Call (RB) once. Valorous Strike until encounters Cooldown, all Encounters again, Divine Call (RB), Radiant Strike and Valorous Strike. Repeat Divine Protector when it’s available/appropriate)

Xbox button combo looks like : LT, X,Y,B, RB,LT,RT,RT,RT,X,Y,B,RB,LT,RT RT RT

Depending on the group composition, the following changes can be made:

-With haste cleric and/or 2nd Protection Paladin, exchange Smite for Bane.

-With Packs of mobs, exchange Smite for Relentless Avenger.

If under geared – Dungeons

At wills : Valorous Strike & Radiant Strike

Encounters : Templar’s Wrath, Vow of Enmity, Circle of Power

Daily : Divine Protector & Divine Judgment

Class Features : Aura of Truth & Aura of Protection


At wills : Shielding Strike & Radiant Strike

Encounters : Templar’s Wrath, Binding Oath, Cleaning Touch

Daily : Divine Protector & Lay on Hands

Class Features : Aura of Truth & Aura of Vengeance



Thank You for reading, if you have any questions, or are confused about anything then you can message me.
GT: Its Viraaal
Twitter: @itsviral97


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  • Arn
    November 11, 2015 at 1:44 am

    Love the build dude, alot of great ideas. Never saw the value of truth and vengence till now, im now truly a pvp stone wall, lol

  • john
    November 23, 2015 at 1:14 am

    Hello. The other day. I saw you in protectors enclave with different abilities score and stats, why the sudden change? Are you going to update the guide?

  • jim
    November 24, 2015 at 3:11 pm

    thanks a lot

    December 6, 2015 at 4:36 am

    Hi dude great work ! but just a question, in pvp, boost Deflection is good with Binding Oath ? and what’s your order in pvp ? (sorry for my english im french)

  • Andrey
    December 19, 2015 at 1:04 am

    Human feats?

    • Shadowblade
      June 16, 2016 at 4:05 am

      I’d say the ones that use CHA for Critical Strike

    • Shadowblade
      June 16, 2016 at 4:17 am

      Good job you left out Prism, as that thing can Lag Tiamat to a freeze frame.

      But your suggested races: Dragonborn is one of the best races for any class (from and attribute starting roll point of view), but you seem to have forgotten that you can get exactly those starting stats with a TIEFLING, and the racial bonuses are only slightly less useful than the Dragonborn’s:

      10 STR – 18 (16+2) CON – 10 DEX – 10 INT – 12 WIS – 18 (16+2) CHA

      Tiefling is an excellent choice for those without access to the Dragonborn race, and is a good choice for any class or build that needs CHA and CON.

      Or even CHA and INT.


  • Dusan
    December 22, 2015 at 8:33 pm

    Still work ?

    • LokiShinigami
      December 27, 2015 at 7:11 pm

      yes it still works. Viral is currently trying out different adjustments with his build right now though to make it even stronger, so he may not reply for a while. Im one of virals friends that helped theorycraft, type and edit the guide for him.

  • Nchantra
    January 2, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    Great work, going to retrain my half elf pally to your stats here and see how far I can go with her.
    Wish I had known about this site BEFORE I retrained the first time, then I wouldn’t be needing to do it again.
    Best of luck, and skills!

  • Nchantra
    January 6, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    Me again, I did your rebuild with my pally, and lost most all of my unlocked powers. Now its only 5 points, 5 spent, leaving the others locked and inaccessible from level 10-70……
    I tried 2 times to correct this, yet the results are the same. I am not a mmomind, but followed you through the steps, and my current level did not change either, still 1829. Now I guess I just unlock the rest as I go, because after 2 times with same results….Im stopping there. I should have just left my pally alone the 2nd time, least all my powers I chose were unlocked.
    Oh well, live and learn!! I deleted a perfectly good level 53 Trickster,AND all its companions for this pally, so now I’m just really disgusted over all the time and money wasted.
    Thanks for the guide,
    I hope it works better from scratch!

    • Nchantra
      January 6, 2016 at 10:41 pm

      Still working on retraining, its GOT to work somehow!
      Maybe I should start another instead ( another email address) and see if it works from scratch, instead of retraining a lvl 70…..
      Thinking about it

      • Nchantra
        January 7, 2016 at 8:30 pm

        No, I’m just going to play my pally through, she still works even though most of her powers are locked, but using the Xbox button sequence gives me all I need in the T1 dungeons, as a matter of fact I won an achievement award with her last game! Building your build from scratch is probably the way to go, since the retraining token didn’t get me anywhere near your stats, plus, I’m not Dragonborn, just half elf…..
        Anyways, maybe we will see each other in a T2 dungeon one day, and I can tell you how we’re progressing in the retrain.
        Thanks for the inspiration!

      • Shadowblade
        June 16, 2016 at 4:45 am

        Oh, by the way, if you want the same starting rolls after choosing different ones when you first created the character, you have to use a Race Reroll token, keep the same race and change the initial rolls. It’s the only way.

        If you did not go for the base 10, 16, 10, 10, 12, 16 first time, the only way to change those rolls is to use a race reroll and keep the same race. For a Half-Elf, you then put the racial +2 in CON and CHA. Half-Elves also get a +1 in one non-class stat, depending on class chosen

        If you want to make a Dragonborn out of your Half-Elf, you need the Dragonborn race unlocked and also a race Reroll Token and reroll starting stats.

        But Retraining should work for a level 70 Half-Elf Paladin. Are you sure your powers are locked? Before you can unlock any, you have to spend some points on the lower powers first. That’s why the higher ones are ranked, 10 points spent, 20 points spent etc.

    • Shadowblade
      June 16, 2016 at 4:28 am

      You should NEVER delete a level 53 ANYTHING. Use it for Invoking and Professions, and the odd farming AD from dungeons and skirmishes!

      And as a Mule to hold stuff for your Mains!

      You say you are disgusted with how much money you wasted? You could not trade some AD for 300 Zen, or pay a few measly dollars/pounds for Zen and get TWO NEW Character Slots? You delete a perfectly good Leadership Mule?

      AND all its Companions!?!?


      If you retrained a character that was higher level than 10 but now cannot access higher level powers and spend Power Points, contact Support. There have been problems in the past with respecs messing up. They should reset things for you. Do NOT spend any more repec tokens on that character if it is bugged.


  • Jas
    February 25, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    In the video posted, there is not even a pally present… the only tank is a guardian fighter. So i am a little confused.

    • Jayy
      March 10, 2016 at 5:33 pm

      Huh? The Tank Paladin is the guy popping the bubble over and again. It kinda looks like a GF bc of the visuals on the mace and shield.

  • Jake
    April 11, 2016 at 5:09 am

    Would love to see an update when u get the chance 🙂 Im currently running a cleric and really want to start an op. But I don’t want to pour a bunch of time and money into a bull I you plan to change it :/

  • Austin
    July 24, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    Still work Mod 9?

  • Stephen
    January 14, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    Amazed at how this build still rocks with current mod. As a F2P player I am level 69, 0 deaths in battle, and can tank/solo everything. Using blue gear, runes and the sorts are lvl 6( to hard to get higher without money). Artifacts are 30. Only purple I have is a levelless sword. Getting over 3 mill damage on dungeons as well. Great build for person who doesn’t have a lot of time/money and still compete and contribute to any team.

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