Ackter’s PvE Buffalot Guardian Fighter (updated for the Maze Engine)

by CactusJackter on February 14, 2016
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Ackter’s PvE Buffalot Guardian Fighter (updated for the Maze Engine)

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NOTE: Once the upcoming changes to Into the Fray hit, this guide will probably become obsolete so I’ll stop updating it. If I carry on playing I may post a new build once all the changes are in. Cheers.


Hey there, and welcome to my PvE Guardian Fighter buff guide. This is an Xbox One guide but there’s no reason it shouldn’t also work on PC.

The emphasis of this guide is on 3 things:

  1. Survival (for both you and your party)
  2. Buffing the Party
  3. Debuffing Enemies

If you are interested in DPS, this is not the guide for you. You will be finishing at the bottom of pretty much every scoreboard ever. However, you’ll be happy in the knowledge that you’re seriously buffing your party and that good players will appreciate just what you can do.

Please note that this is an end-game build. As such, it probably won’t be much use to you until you have at least a 2,500 Item Level and a decent number of boons. A load of AD will also be helpful 😉

The main aim for this build is to maximise your Damage Resistance so you can pass it on to your team as a Damage buff. Your Damage Resistance is invisibly capped off at 80%,so even if you have 100% Damage Resistance, you will only actually have 80%. However, Into the Fray uses the full Damage Resistance figure to buff so you want to keep going past the 80% and aim for as high as you can.

Here’s a .gifv of my build in action:


There are a couple of choices here, which I’ll list alphabetically:

  • Dragonborn (+2 Con, +2 Dex) comes with good incoming healing and a little extra (uneeded) power
  • Dwarf (+2 Con, +2 Str) has decent traits, if they work, with reduced knockback and increased DoT resist.
  • Half-Orc (+2 Dex, +2 Con) is wasted with Crit Severity, but the speed boost on entering combat is decent.
  • Halfling (+2 Dex, +2 Con) has great traits in 3% extra Deflect and resistance to CC.
  • Human (+2 Con) has an extra 3% defence, but the 3 extra heroic points aren’t needed.

Overall, Human is the most suitable race as you just can’t overlook that extra 3% Defence. Halfling is the next best race.

Starting Rolls

For the best results, roll for:

STR 13 (Stamina Regeneration and DoT Damage Resist)

CON 18 (AP Gain and HP)

DEX 13 (Deflection Chance)

INT 10 (Recharge Speed)

CHA 8 (Control Resist)

WIS 10 (Companion Stat Bonus)

Attribute Point Distribution

If you’re Human, the +2 should go on CON. If you’re one of the other races, choose CON and DEX. When levelling up, put 1 Point into CON every time, then spread the other points between DEX and INT.

Paragon Path

Your chosen Paragon Path does not matter for this build as we will be using none of the powers from either. I chose Iron Vanguard as it sounds more suitable.

Heroic Feats

Action Surge 1/5 – 2% AP Gain when Guarding

Strength Focus 3/3 – increases Guard and DoT resistance

Toughness 3/3 – 9% extra HP

Distracting Shield 5/5 – debuff attackers for 5% less damage

Armor Specialisation 3/3 – 15% boost to Damage Resistance gained from Armor Class and Defense

Ubiquitous Shield 5/5 – 25% combat damage effectiveness against you

If human:

Powerful Attack 3/5 – 6% damage increase to your Encounters and At-Wills.

Protector Path

Plate Agility 5/5 – 5% extra Deflect chance

Shield Defence 5/5 – extra 5 AC

Tactician Path

Fight On 5/5 – 10% Encounter cooldown

Daunting Challenge 5/5 – Marked targets debuffed by 10% damage against your party (but not you)

Rousing Speech 5/5 – 5% AP gain to your party

United 5/5 – 5% Damage Resistence buff to your party when within 30′ of you

Inspiring leader 5/5 – extra 5% buff to damage from Into the Fray

Surging Tide 5/5 – 10% damage debuff on enemies from Tide of Iron

Martial Mastery 1/1 – all damage you take is turned into AP Gain for your party, boosted by your Damage Resistance


Here I’ll only mention the powers that will actually be used. There aren’t many of them. However, there are so many points that you’ll be able to pretty much max out most of the powers as well.


Cleave – you won’t be doing much damage, but this allows you to add your Weapon Enhancement debuffs to more enemies.

Tide of Iron – this adds a nice debuff to your enemy’s damage resistance and recovers 10% of your Guard meter. The Surging Tide Paragon feat also adds an enemy power debuff to this attack.


Enforced Threat – taunts and applies a lesser Mark to all nearby enemies and restores a substantial amount of your Guard Meter over time.

Into the Fray – your first 70+ point should go into maxing this out. This power is the most important part of your build. At 4/4 it increases your group’s (including your) Run Speed and AP Gain, while transforming 100% of your Damage Resistance stat into increased damage for everyone.

Knight’s Valor – This power is what will keep your team alive. It intercepts half of all damage your team takes and applies it to you instead. You also generate threat based on the damage you take.


Fighter’s Recovery – This is the only Daily we really need. It’s a life saver. If you do end up taking a load of damage, firing this off will turn your hits into HP. It’s possible to go from 10% to 100% HP with a well-timed Enforced Threat, for example.

Villain’s Menace – If you’re confident enough in your team, you can use this to increase your outgoing damage and become immune to Crowd Controls effects for approximately 8 seconds at 4/4.

Class Features

Shield Talent – your second 70+ point should go into maxing this out. This considerably slows the rate at which your Guard is depleted.

Enhanced Mark – Coupled with our off-hand artifact powers, this will seriously debuff your marked enemies.

Other Useful Powers

Lunging Strike – allows you to close distance quickly when playing solo

Griffon’s Wrath – stuns and interrupts enemies and has multiple charges for playing solo

Bull Charge – knocks players prone and leaves them vulnerable in PvP

Anvil of Doom – one of your biggest damage dealers that deals double damage when the opponent is under 40% HP



+400 Defence

+400 Deflect

+3% AP Gain

Elven Tranquillity for a chance to heal 20,000 HP when hit

Fey Thistle deals 3,000 damage every time you deflect an attack

Dread Ring

+250 Power and Movement

+400 Life Steal

+3% Deflect Chance

Enraged Growth for a chance to heal 20,000 HP and gain 4,000 Defence when hit

Endless Consumption to triple the amount of HP you heal whenever you trigger Life Steal

Icewind Dale

+400 AoE Resist

+400 Stamina Gain

+400 Recovery

Cold Shoulder for a chance to decrease incoming damage

Avalanche to deal a 15,000 damage AoE attack every 20th hit you take

Tyranny of Dragons

+1600 HP

+400 Deflect

+400 Defence

+400 Life Steal

Dragon’s Thirst 3/3 for 5% increased Life Steal

Guild Stronghold

Armor Penetration Bonus which is your main source of Armor Pen. If you don’t have access to this boon, you’ll need to get your hands on an Axe Beak for the 4,000 Armor Pen that gives you.

Defense Bonus for obvious reasons.

XP Bonus to get those extra 70+ power points as quickly as possible


+400 Defence and 1600 HP

+400 Life Steal and 1600 HP

+1,200 Regen

5% shorter CC effects

5% less damage from demons

The Maze Engine

+5% Life Steal Severity

5% shorter CC effects

+3% AP Gain

Displace Fate


Legendary Shieldmaiden (+300 Deflect)

  • 3x Bonding Runestones
  • Girdle of Adorable Rolls (Personalised Aberrant Belt of Recovery if you cant afford the Girdle)
  • Any of the legendary Underdark rings with two defensive slots, such as the Ring of Rising Defence +5

(See “Companion Alternatives” below for more choices for a Legendary companion)

Epic Frost Mimic (+300 Defence)

Epic Book Imp (+2% Recharge Speed)

Epic Phase Spider (+25% resistance to Combat Advantage damage)

Epic Rust Monster (Debuff enemy attack by up to 15%)

Companion Alternatives

With the release of Mod 8, the New Life lockboxes contain several double-defence companion-only items. Any item which contains “Adorable Rolls” within its name will provide Defence, Deflection and two Defensive enchantment slots. There are now obviously best-in-slot for a full-on defensive companion. So far, both the neck and waist items can be found with Adorable Rolls.

At some point in the future, Companion’s Gift will be changing. Instead of individual stacks, it will simply gift one stack which includes the total of your Bonding Runestones. This lasts for 20 seconds, has no cooldown and can be refreshed before it ends. As such, nearly every single Companion in the game is now a viable alternative as long as it has the correct slots. Here is a list of the companions who can slot full-on defensive setups:

Apprentice Healer (Neck, Ring, Ring)

Shieldmaiden (Waist, Ring, Ring)

Cave Bear (Waist, Neck, Neck)

Fawn of Shiallia (Neck, Ring, Ring)

Intellect Devourer (Neck, Waist, Waist)

Portal Hound (Neck, Ring, Waist)

Rimefire Golem (Waist, Neck, Waist)

Dancing Shield (Waist, Waist, Waist)

Pewter Golem (Waist, Neck, Waist)

Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow (Neck, Ring, Waist)

Priestess of Sune (Neck, Ring, Ring)

Red Slaad (Waist, Neck, Waist)

Earth Archon (Neck, Ring, Waist)

Galeb Duhr (Waist, Ring, Waist)

Out of all of these, the companions most likely to proc quickly are:

Shieldmaiden (95′ Lunge)

Intellect Devourer (50′ Lunge)

Portal Hound (60′ Lunge)

Dancing Shield (36′ Lunge)

All others require you to be already in amongst the combat before they attack. The above 4 will lunge into combat as soon as you apply Mark, proccing Companion’s Gift before you’re even in combat range yourself. Obviously, I’d still recommend the Shieldmaiden as she has the largest lunge distance, which is only 5′ smaller than the range of your Mark.

It may also be worth looking at the Healer companions mentioned above, as they will apply their moves to either you, your allies or themselves. This could proc Companion’s Gift immediately on entering combat, but I have not tested any of them to confirm.


The Stable

Any mount you have in your equipped to your character will offer its powers and movement speeds to you. These can be set from the Current menu of the Mounts screen.

Combat Power

Only the Legendary Mounts currently have combat powers. There are only three which will directly affect your ability as a buff and debuffer, but the cost is astronomical. These are the three that currently benefit our tank:

Armored Bulette (reduces damage output of enemies in front of you by 10% for 8 seconds)

Armored Griffon (reduces damage output of nearby enemies by 30% for 6 seconds)

Tensor’s Floating Disk (amongst many other great buffs to yourself, it also increases your armour class by 2 for 12 seconds, marginally upping your Damage Resistance)

Equip Power

The ultimate Mount here is the Emperor Beatle, which awards +4000 defense. These are the others worth considering:

Armored Bulette (+4000 Deflection)

Champion’s Armored Bulette (+4000 Deflection)

Skeleton Steed (20% HP gain over 10 seconds when using a Daily Power)

Bulette (+2000 Deflection)

Dusk Unicorn (+2000 Life Steal)

Gas Spore (+20% Stamina Regen)

Giant Beetle (+2000 Defense)

Giant Crab (+2000 Defense)

Heavy Inferno Nightmare (+2000 Life Steal)

Heavy Mystic Nightmare (+2000 Life Steal)

Lord’s Armored Polar Bear (+2000 Defense)

Owlbear (+2000 Deflection)

Striped Owlbear (+2000 Defense)

Yeth Hound (+2000 Deflection)


Legendary mounts grant 140% Mount Speed. Epic mounts grant 110%, Blue mounts grant 80% while all others grant 50%.

The Stable

There are many Insignia bonuses available, but the most useful to the tank are those which trigger HP gain. As such, here is a list of bonuses I’d recommend, along with the mounts that can grant them:

Artificer’s Persuasion (Grants increases to Recovery, Movement, AP Gain and Stamina Gain for 15 seconds when you activate an Artifact power. This increase is equal to 10% of your Power). Requires two Barbed and one Illuminated Insignia. Mounts which grant this include:

Armoured Giant Strider

Black Ice Warhorse

Coastal Flail Snail

Skeleton Steed

Axe Beak

Flail Snail

Leopard of Chult

Rage Drake

Tiger-striped Owlnear

Medium Waterdeep Horse

Champion’s Return (Heal 20% of your HP over 10 seconds and instantly regain 20% Stamina whenever you are reduced below 50% HP). Requires two Enlightened and one Illuminated Insignia. Mounts which grant this include:

Armored Giant Strider

Beholder Personal Tank

Skeleton Steed

Tensor’s Floating Disk

Apparatus of Kwalish

Gas Spore

Heavy Mystic Nightmare

Silverback Bear

White Owlbear

Neverwinter Champion’ Charger

Reanimated Destrier

Oppressor’s Reprieve (When you are stunned, knocked or immobilized, you regain 4% HP over 4 seconds). This requires two Illuminated and one Crescent Insignia. Mounts which grant this include:

Armored Axe Beak

Armored Bulette

Armored Giant Strider

Armored Griffon

Champion’s Armored Bulette

Skeleton Steed

Elite Shadow Wolf

Giant Strider


Heavy Inferno Nightmare

Striped Owlbear

Medium Snowswift Horse

Survivor’s Blessing (Every successful Deflect triggers 3% HP gain over 4 seconds). This requires two Crescent and one Barbed Insignia. Mounts which grant this include:

Armored Axe Beak

Armored Bulette

Armored Griffon

Black Ice Warhorse

Champion’s Armored Bulette

Coastal Flail Snail

Black Owlbear

Heavy Howler

Heavy Twilight Nightmare

Medium Adventurer’s Horse

Yeth Hound

Armored Ghost Horse

Medium Pharaoh Steed

Vampire’s Craving (3% HP gain over 4 seconds whenever you trigger Life Steal). This requires two Crescent and one Regal Insignia. Mounts which grant this include:

Armored Axe Beak

Armored Bulette

Armored Griffon

Champion’s Armored Bulette

Emperor Beetle

Imperial Rage Drake

Armored Bear

Black Owlbear


Heavy Twilight Nightmare

High Forest Bear

Frozen Demon Sled

Hell Hound


Each Insignia comes in different varieties. For example, a Barbed Insignia of Aggression or a Barbed Insignia of Skill. Each variety can also come in three different rarities (green, blue and purple). Each variety offers a set bonus to a primary and secondary stat – the level of this set bonus is dependant on the level of the Insignia. As such:

A purple Insignia offers +200 of its Primary stat and +100 of its Secondary.

A blue Insignia offers +100 of its Primary stat and +50 of its Secondary.

A green Insignia offers +50 of its Primary stat and +25 of its Secondary.

These are the different varieties and their stats:

Barbed Insignia of Aggression (Armor Pen, AP Gain)

Barbed Insignia of Skill (Critical Strike, Combat Advantage Bonus)

Crescent Insignia of Courage (Defense, Incoming Healing)

Crescent Insignia of Evasion (Deflection, AOE Resist)

Enlightened Insignia of Mastery (Recovery, Control Bonus)

Enlightened Insignia of Vigor (Movement, Stamina/Guard Gain)

Illuminated Insignia of Aggression (Armor Pen, AP Gain)

Illuminated Insignia of Mastery (Recovery, Control Bonus)

Regal Insignia of Courage (Defense, Incoming Healing)

There are also special Insignia which offer bonuses of varying amounts, but are only stop-gaps until you find something better:

Insignia of Prosperity (Glory, Gold and XP Gain, Maximum HP)

Insignia of Gond (Maximum HP, Recovery)

The Insignia of Gond offer larger bonuses in comparison to other Insignia of the same level, but are incredibly rare and far too expensive.


Here I’ll be listing the ideal combination of equipment to maximise your Into the Fray. I will also highlight the important attributes on each item. As you work your way up to these, just stick with whatever the best Defence item you have is.

Dusk Ward Helm (9520 HP, 840 Defence)

Dusk Ward Sabatons (9520 HP, 567 Recovery, 840 Defence, 851 Deflection)

Set Bonus: Dusk 2/4 (1000 Defence, 1000 Power, 5000 HP when in a party)

Elemental Dragonflight Ward Breastplate (21937 HP, 14 AC, 1010 Recovery, 1353 Defence)

Elemental Dragonflight Ward Gauntlets (10968 HP, 902 Defence, 974 Deflection)

Set Bonus: Dragonflight 2/4 (2000 HP)

Twisted Spathe (968 Deflection)

Twisted Aspis (8 AC, 982 Defence, 774 Deflection)

Set Bonus: Twisted Weapons 2/2 (Paranoia)

(Paranoia gives you 140 Defence every time you are hit (up to a total of 24 stacks), but you lose a stack every time you attack an enemy. With Knight’s Valour you’ll be taking so many hits that you’ll spend most of your time near the max 3840 Defence boost from Paranoia.

Until you get the Twisted Set, the Elemental Fire Set is a good alternative.)

Greater Lathander’s Cloak (8 AC, 530 Recovery, 530 Defence)

Ring of Rising Defence +5 (Gain 135 Defence for 4 seconds when you are hit, stacks up to 10 times)

Ring of Sudden Defence +5 (+4000 Defence for 10 seconds every 30 seconds)

(Until you get these rings, the Personalised Recovery Rings or any rings with a Defensive Slot will do).

Greater Plated Band of Constitution (3383 HP, 4 CON, 530 Defence)

(An alternative is the Greater Belt of Seldarine, which gives you 2 CON, 2 DEX, 530 Deflection and 530 Life Steal)

As you can see, we’re not going for an Artifact set because the artifact bonuses are very underwhelming for a tank.


The best combination of Artifacts are as follows:

Bruenor’s Helm (1000 Defence, 1000 Life Steal, 600 Incoming Healing)

Emblem of the Seldarine (1000 Defense, 1000 Life Steal, 600 Companion Influence)

Oghma’s Token of Free Movement (1000 Defense, 1000 Deflect, 600 Companion Influence)

Sigil of the Guardian (1000 Defense, 1000 Deflect, 600 AoE Resist)

Bruenor’s Helm is a free Artifact for completing Underdark and is your best bet for a slotted artifact. Activating it gives your party 2% Defence, 2% Life Steal and debuffs enemy speed by 25% (most enemies) and 50% (demons) when they enter the radius of the holographic Throne. This effect lasts 30 seconds and can be activated every minute at Mythic quality.

The Sigil comes from completing the Vault of the Nine quest at level 70, while the others come from Lockboxes. The Eye of Lathander artifact, which can be found in the Gauntlet chest in the Dread Ring lairs, also gives 1000 Defense, 1000 Life Steal and 600 Incoming Healing, so can easily be substituted for the Token or Emblem if you have it.

Fine Tuning

Overload Slots:

  • Greater Green Dragon Glyph (800 Deflect on proc)
  • Greater Blue Dragon Glyph (800 Defence on proc)

Two of the same Glyphs don’t stack, so you can’t get 1600 defence for example. Each Glyph lasts for 20 seconds and can only proc once per minute. The Black Ice version of these last longer but are also a lot more expensive.

Armor Enhancement Slot: When you’re levelling up, the Negation enchantment is the best here to up your survivability enough until you no longer need it. After that you can basically choose whichever you like as none of them are particularly suitable. I went for the Bloodtheft because it looks cool and can be a life-saver if you’re not careful with incoming damage.

Weapon Enhancement Slot: Only one choice here, really: Terror. At Transcendent it debuffs your enemy’s Defence and Power by 40% and also has a 10% chance to root an attacker once every 30 seconds.

Utility Slots: Dark Enchantments for the movement gain (I also have one Dragon Hoard for the drops)

Defence Slots: Azure Enchantments and nothing else. Huge Defence boosts from these.

Offense Slots: Silvery Enchantments to boost Recovery, you want to fire off Into The Fray as much as possible.


  • Major Defence Armour Kit on Head, Armor, Arms and Feet.
  • Your Neck, Rings and Waist should be tailored to what you need the most (AP Gain, Stamina Regen or Regeneration)

Main Hand Artifact Powers: Cleave (Increases damage by Cleave and your shield stab move) or Iron Tide (Increases Stamina by 6% after Tide of Iron and your shield slam).

Off-hand Artifact Powers: Enhanced Mark (adds further debuffs to your enemies) and Stamina Regen (as close to 400 as possible). You could also roll for Companion Influence to boost the amount of stats you get from your companions.

Combat Tactics

Make sure Knight’s Valour is on at all times. It can get knocked off if you’re stunned, disabled or dead.

Mark your main target with RB as soon as possible, this will cause your Shieldmaiden to lunge at the enemy and hopefully proc Companion’s Gift. Hit Into the Fray to boost your team and then close in on the enemies with your shield up.

Always make sure you position yourself so that all allies are in front of you. By doing this, you’re likely to trigger Combat Advantage for them but, more importantly, all damage they take will be directed through your shield before it hits you. If someone takes a big hit when standing behind you, you can easily lose a large chunk of health.

While your shield is up, start jabbing your enemies with your sword which will proc Terror on them. Only drop your shield to trigger Into The Fray, Enhanced Mark and Enforced Threat, which will cause your stamina to regenerate. Every ten seconds or so, also make sure to hit them with Tide of Iron to apply the debuffs and increase your guard.

If you get into trouble, hit Fighter’s Recovery to get your HP back quick.


I think that’s everything. I’m now close to getting 40,000 defence with Companion’s Gift proccing, which adds up to nearly 120% increased damage with Into the Fray. I’m hoping to pass that mark once I make the changes in Underdark.

Hope this guide helps some of you.


Ackter – Filthy Casual

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  • Shazza
    February 21, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    Very nice guide. Thank you for sharing. One small correction – the Portal Hound does have one ring slot. Not as good as two, but …

  • Pepperpots
    February 25, 2016 at 7:11 am

    Great guide. I just want to know if the additional deffence provided by a negation enchantment would make your Into the Fray better.

    • February 25, 2016 at 12:13 pm


      The Negation enchantment appears to apply its damage reduction to the damage before it hits you, in the same way that your shield does, so unfortunately it doesn’t increase your Into the Fray. The same goes when using Lunging Strike and any other move that increases your Damage Resistance.

      Basically, unless it actually changes your Damage Resistance Stat on your Character Sheet, it doesn’t apply to Into the Fray. The only exceptions to this appear to be the Damage Resistence buffs applied by Devoted Clerics, which do seem to have an effect on Into the Fray.

  • Pepperpots
    February 25, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    That is good to know. Thank you

  • Gent1eGamer
    February 29, 2016 at 4:25 am

    HONESTLY, this could be approved on greatly. Plague over terror, terror procs on one enemy at a time. Weapon master strike over cleave. Like seriously, cleave is just the worst at will. Not good in damage or anything really. Look guys if your on this website looking for a gf build, go look at rockstars build. He covers the top notch stuff, the best gf will be running most of his things.

    • February 29, 2016 at 11:47 am

      This build isn’t about dealing damage yourself, I thought I made that perfectly clear. If you want to maximise your buffs for your team, you use this guide. If you want to solo content, use a different guide.

      Terror procs on multiple enemies, it just can’t be refreshed until the previous one has worn off. It’s also guaranteed to proc with every hit. This makes it way more useful against big bosses because it’s constantly on and at full buff/debuff. Plague fire requires multiple hits to stack fully.

      Weapon Master’s Strike is only useful if you want to deal damage yourself. I have no interest in dealing damage, that’s not what a Tank is for. Also, you do realise that rockstar recommends Cleave?

  • Mr Manrovescio
    March 12, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    Great guide Tnx for sharing
    So the maximum dmg resistance is 80% write?
    Only one question…is not good the stones companion (like ioun for example)?

    • March 26, 2016 at 8:18 pm

      The maximum working damage resistance is 80%, yes. But anything over 80% still applies to the buffs you give via Into the Fray and other feats.

      An augment like the ioun stone will give you 100% of its attributes at all times.
      A regular companion with Companion’s gift, however, has the potential to give you over 300% of its attributes for 20 out of every 30 seconds.

      If you don’t have Bonding Stones, then an augment will be better.

    • April 19, 2016 at 6:56 pm

      Stones will give you 100% of its stats 100% of the time.

      Companion’s gift, stacked three times with Rank 12 Bondings, will give you 285% of your companion’s stats for 20 out of every 30 seconds.

  • AcridBird74
    March 28, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    This is an excellent build and I am having a lot of fun bringing my Guardian Fighter out of retirement since the pre-Tiamat days. It’s a lot of fun. Leveling and daily quests can be challenging and definitely take longer than with a DPS character. But overall it is a lot of fun and is generally very effective as a team buffer in my guild.

    I’ve got a couple of questions. First is about the Armor Penetration. You say to get the Axe Beak. Why? If we’re not supposed to do a lot of damage, is 4K Armor Pen really necessary? Is there something about high Armor Pen that makes our build more effective? I just want to understand why this choice would be a good one for this build.

    Also, I’m using the Dread Warrior companion at the moment. I’m also lacking the Phase Spider, but I’ll get that one soon because the active bonus is great. The Dread Warrior stats are pretty good and seem to work well for a GF — 10% chance to become enraged, increasing threat generation by 15%. Plus, you grow really big when enraged, like when you have a yeti, and it’s awesome.

    Will this companion choice eventually take away from the build? I feel like my recharge speed is fast even at a low level. But I’m also not entirely sure what recharge speed exactly does? Is it recovery? Is it AP gain? Both? Is it for procs and cooldowns? 2% doesn’t seem like a big hit. Could tidespan potions work better?

    • iLag
      April 5, 2016 at 8:21 pm

      Armorpen wouls be good if you’re running solo. I personally doesn’t have the Axe Beak but I do have 4K from guild boon so yeah, it does make differences.

      Recharge speed is for your encounter cooldown time. Recovery contribute to that.

    • April 19, 2016 at 6:54 pm

      RE: Armour Pen

      What I suggest in the guide is the minimum you need to get 40% resistance ignored. This allows you to more quickly deal with solo play. If that doesn’t bother you at all, you don’t need armour pen.

      RE: Dread Warrior

      Slot both him and the Yeti and it can super-size you. You can end up bigger than Lostmauth sometimes 😉

      If you like the Dread Warrior, stick with him. He’ll only let you down if you want to make him your Legendary companion as he has two offensive rune slots.

      • AcridBird74
        April 19, 2016 at 9:27 pm

        The Shieldmaiden is at epic now and will eventually be my legendary companion. I like the way she procs those bonding runestones. It seems like I constantly have companions gifts up, which is great because of all the defense she gives me. She is a great little tank for my little tank!

  • iLag
    April 16, 2016 at 9:01 am

    Hi, just got my Twisted set. What artifact power should I use on it? You didn’t mention that in the guide.

    • April 19, 2016 at 6:51 pm

      Though I had.

      Cleave gives you ore damage output, Tide of Iron gives you better Stamina management, so either of those will do depending on how often you use them (both of those also apply to the moves when you’re in Guard, which is great).

      Enhanced Mark reduces the damage resistance of marked targets by 5%. Great for letting your team do more damage.

      • iLag
        April 19, 2016 at 7:10 pm

        If you did then my bad, I didn’t see it. For stat increase, right now I have the ShieldMaiden with 3 R10 bondings, 2 rings and belt but no enchants yet. So should I go for stamina regen first and change to companion influence later when I get the companion fully equipped?

        Thanks again for the reply.

        • April 19, 2016 at 8:25 pm

          Entirely up to you as none of those make too much difference in my experience. I currently have it set to Control Resist 400 but can’t tell the difference.

  • Kha_Beleth
    April 16, 2016 at 8:15 pm

    I start game few weeks ago and all time play GWF but i like tank. This guide is very helpful. THX great job!

  • Kha_Beleth
    April 17, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    Ppl what do you think about lead figure (tin golem) as companion?

    • April 19, 2016 at 6:49 pm

      He’s not available on the Xbox yet so I haven’t been able to test him. Do you mind posting here with his powers and what range and cooldown they have? Thanks.

  • Kha_Beleth
    April 25, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    Hi again which boons you choice in “Elemental Evil”?

  • XxGolden1xx
    May 3, 2016 at 4:28 pm

    40% RI is important for solo play and team play it will help you keep threat if you deal damage your threat increases. As far as your companion choices, I believe you have a great foundation laid before the community. I also recommend the book imp recharge speed increase is very helpful. The rust monster is great as well for the debuff. I would recommend the blacksmith though, also the dancing shield.

  • Matt
    June 24, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    Do you have any recommendations for tanking Orcus with this build? My GS is only 2,500, so that could be my problem, but I’m having issues getting one shotted too easily.

  • Theo
    June 27, 2016 at 8:01 am

    As for tanking Orcus, I have found it effective to lunge in, shield up and retreat taking a hit on the way back which fills up AP then hit a daily which, when you have steel defense as a class feature, make you invulnerable for 6 seconds giving you a chance to hit the tide of iron buff, hit with a cleave/weapon master strike to get the defuff then run back and hit into the fray on your teammates.
    As an aside, does anyone know how long into the fray lasts?

  • Theo
    June 27, 2016 at 8:09 am

    I meant to add, is there an easy way to see what DR stat is being taken by ITF. I am trying all manner of combinations with powers to see what is most effective. KV tends to cause BAD lag in WOD and I get all manner of complaints/abuse from other players there if its on, so I am trying to see what other powers help. I thought that lunging strike and the other charge (bull charge I think) increase your DR by 50% for a 3 second period so I hoped by lunging and then hitting then with both strikes and then hitting ITF the DR would have stacked. Is this not the case?

    • NotSoProGamer
      July 17, 2016 at 3:13 pm

      These don’t work with ITF as ITF uses your damage resistance stat not the buffs applied to you.

  • September 8, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    I was wondering what is your max health with this build

  • kabulujug
    September 21, 2016 at 11:43 pm

    I used your build but made some tweaks as far as companions go. Even with the recent ITF changes this build still works really good. I do thank you because at one point in time my previous build just didn’t stood up to random CN parties. I would always get the “Why Tank Soft?” schtick. I got really tired of it and saw your build. I like the idea of taking a sip of coffee while I’m tanking Orcus and would only worry about putting down ITF or Enforced Threat if needed. Although we’ll have to see how it goes once Mod 10 drops. But this is still a pretty solid build.

  • Klinge
    October 13, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    Is this build still viable after the class balance (link below) or does anyone have a link to a good tank build after the class balance???

  • David
    November 6, 2016 at 5:30 am

    This build is great before the ITF changes but as of now there is no need to load up on Defence But what I did is get about 25K Defence with 10K Deflect and moved a few things around and I made this build work great as a Deflect, Threat, Buff, GF and you will not need a healer to help you at all, I hope CactusJackter see this and changes a few things to help Mmmominds GF Builds. But just a note, one of the best GF builds I have ever used so thank you

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