Scourge warlock pve Build Mod 8

by Jack on February 14, 2016
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Scourge warlock pve Build Mod 8

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First Main focus build Armor pen atleast 8 k next is crit and power…..

i chose tiefling good subistute would be dragon born or sun elf and half Orc I prefer tiefling

next for my heroic feats I chose

2/5 Energizing curse

3/3 weapon mastery

none in toughness bcuz your just gonna be one shot In a dungeon any way

1/5 in shadow fold

3/3 empowered rituals

1/3 in battle wise no need for less threat really not enough to make a difference

5/5 In determined casting

2/5 in blood pact of cania

3/3 in devasting crit

I choose DAMNATION for my paragon path And I’m a soulbinder Sw

5/5 in parting blasphemy

1/5 in relentless curse

5/5 in syphoning  curse

5/5 in mocking spirit

5/5 in spirit fire

5/5 in warding spirits

1/5 in Burning puppets

5/5 in ghastly commander

5/5 wrathful souls

1/1 in the capstone



I mainly use


Essense defiler And Dark spiral aura for my ap gain NOTE i have it activitated I don’t use it I just let the things circle my body

Personals / class features

Deadly curse and all consuming curse

Encounter powers

Dread theft!!!  Always use !!! Best power !

Soul scorch when fighting boss

Fiery bolt for an Aoe attack

Harrow storm is amazing

Hadars grasped is another power I use when fighting a boss

That is my Sw build Enjoy 🙂


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